August 6th, 2012


Zukan Sales - Unsealed (but great condition!)

Hey guys, Zukan sales today! Everything here is unsealed with the proper base and pegs with one exception (Starly had a missing peg, so I subbed one in!). When I ship out every piece will be bubble wrapped and pegs will either be taped to the bottom of the base or wrapped up as well if too long. Conditions looked very good on everything (especially the expensive lines), but I will still double check figures before any confirmation :)

Older lines include: Pidgeot, Lapras, Raichu, Nidoqueen, Starmie, and many many more!

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12 Metal Pokemon to go!!!!!

Until I finish Gen I!!!

This is how I feel after Caffwin's auctions just ended X)

If anyone can help me with these last few I would LOVE to hear from you!!
21. Spearow 30. Nidorina  38. Ninetails 73. Tentacruel  80. Slowbro  104. Cubone 128. Tauros 134. Vaporeon 135. Flareon 136. Jolteon 139. Omastar 141. Kabutops 

Help please!

I feel terrible for asking, but I'm stupid. :I Can anyone please help me with making a wants list? Not the list itself  but making one, do I use a website or what? I honestly have no clue what to do. I would love any help. I just really want to compile all of my wants at once, in the easiest way. I've tried researching but no luck. I apologize if it's not, but I still think this is an on topic problem. xD Any help is very appreciated, thank you!~ (:

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kids and old cards sales + Magikarp sub re-auction

Hello PKMNcollectors! I hope you are all having a nice start to the week. Today I have some Kid figures and older cards for sale. I am also going to try to auction off the Magikarp sub again

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On a final note, I won't really be buying much pokemon stuff (a cute, black-haired detective has stolen my heart again) for a while but I will still be on here everyday so I don't miss any payments
Hope you all have a nice week full of Pokemon collecting 

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Super fast stamp GA shipping + GRAIL GET!!

Ok, first -- shipping time for the Super fast stamp GA! Shipping cost includes packaging materials, cost of shipping, and PayPal fees. If you're in the USA, shipping will be $3.00. If you're in another country, shipping will be $4.50. Please let me know if there is a problem with this. Check the spreadsheet here. Please send payment to emurii[at]

Secondly, as you might know, this GA contained the last piece of my grail!

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Thanks to everyone for all of their support in reaching this goal ♥ As always, my wants list is here, so please let me know if you have any Glooms that I don't. ♥

Gum and Stickers Sale!

I went to Mitsuwa Marketplace the other day and picked up some Pokemon noms! I bought two different packs of gummies, and this long gum packet with stickers. I opened the last one on the end, and I'm not a fan. It is a typical Japanese gum, so it has a subtle minty/lemon flavor that is smooth and great for blowing bubbles. Has anyone had the gummies before? I'm pretty sure I will like those, but as for the gum I'm going to pass. :P

Here are my gets. I tried to drape the gum around so you could see how long it is!

Now on to the small sales(below the cut)...

Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 10/29/11
Here is my feedback.

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Also, please check out my permanent sales post! I have a special on shipping for the month of August for US buyers.
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Lots of MPC GA!

Me again with another MPC GA!
I seem to keep finding these lots, which is good I suppose since I love them to bits X3


Brought to you by torrid_phoenix and myself this time! This is a fantabulous looking lot indeed!
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Something occured with the GA, and we are attempting to resolve the issue. Worst case senrio, we've lost the lot. Best case, we haven't! At this point though, there's no way we can really tell.
Apologies to everyone for your understanding and patience while we try to sort this out!!

We won the B&W GA! still need a few payments.

So as a posted as a small note on my post yesterday, WE WON the B&W GA.


I sent messages out to all the winners with what they owe and the majority of them have sent payment already, but I am still waiting on a few:

goldenfennec - Payment 1 $4.46
snow_skitty - Payment 1 $10.69
zoruaplush - Payment 1 $6, waiting on tracking info that you sent the money.

You all were given messages with where to send it to, so I won't post that here. But please, you have until about 8pm EST until your 24 hours to pay are up and I don't want to have to leave any negative feedbacks. =[

As for feedback, I will leave those AFTER payment 2. =]

On a plus side, I DID just pay for the lot, so it is paid and will ship out to me soon. Expect to be messages with what you owe for payment 2 right away after I receive the items.

Lastly, a side note about my new GA I'm hosting. It's HUGE! It's the Super Massive Toy and Figure GA. And it is HUGE HUGE HUGE! We have about 3 days left on it and we are going well but not quite there. I've been doing some tallying as things go along, we are getting close so keep up the good work everyone! =]


To be transported to the GA, simply click HERE, the pic above or the link below.
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mini figs?

Hello again!
So, since joining the community, I've come to discover many tiny pokemon figures I didn't know existed, such as vulpix, venonat, umbreon, and others.. And by tiny, I mean the itty bitty <1" ones like this:
mini pika fig
My question is, I don't recognize them from any playsets, and they aren't the 151 or PokePacks models, so where did they come from? Also, because of course I think they're adorable,  does anyone have some for trade or sale?


Please note the "OBO" next to some items. Those are there in case I have made the item too overpriced, since I'm not 100% certain of it's value.

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**I might add more things later, so make sure to check back!
Galvantula and Joltik

Special mention!

Hello there!

First, my apologies that I haven't been as active as I have always been, I have been busy with a friend from Japan coming over and especially, because my allergies are killing me (hopefully I can make it to the allergy doctor this week, because apparently, I need a blood test first) and giving me no motivation to do anything properly. However, I am feeling much better today, so I finally could make it to the PO and sent out the first batch of packages. The next batch should go tomorrow, and I should be done hopefully this week with all of them (because I will be gone for a week with my mom). Everybody who asks for feedback, please please no pushing and have a little more patience, I state in my rules every time that everybody gets their feedback once their package is sent out and I even inform about them. So please don't ask anymore. Thank you lots!

Now to my special mention! I have one special merchandise that I have had for about a month now and this piece of merch really deserves to be called one of the best made merch out there....have a teaser pic!

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So this is my mention of well made plush.
s there any kind of plush that you feel so about as well?
It doesn't have to be frmo your own personal collection, but it can be from a random Pokeplush that you just decide to get it out of curiosity, or because it was cute. Let me see your opinions!

Thank you guys! <3

Pickup Payment #2, and Mini Sales

For everyone who was involved in the pickups I recently held, here are your totals:

Sales permission granted on March 2nd, 2012 by entirelycliched
-Feedback is here:
-I ship from Rhode Island, USA
-My home is dog-friendly
-I use USPS for shipping. If you would like tracking/insurance with your package, please let me know. I am not responsible for items once they have been shipped out.
-Prices do not include shipping unless otherwise noted.
-I accept PayPal.

zakiax1 [PAID]
nigelpkmn [PAID]
pokabubu $12.49 [If this sounds WAY off, I'll double check with the post-office about this]

noraluvr58 $4.17

Please send all payment to areica96[at]yahoo[dot]com and include your username in the memo. I should have it shipped out by the end of the week~

Also, I have a MWT Dialga and Palkia from Nintendo World. I'd rather keep them but I need the money at the moment. ^^; I would like to sell them for $20 each plus shipping, but I'm open to a bit of haggling.
Can't take photos at the moment, but if photos are the issue, I will provide some!~

Broken Neck Syndrome?

Sorry if this is the wrong place to write, but can anyone tell me what it means? I've seen a few Pokemon plush that say great condition, but has "broken neck syndrome"? how much does it affect the plush? Does it just mean that it has a wobbly head, or something else? Thank you!

bootie plushies

I'm pretty new to collecting and I'm a little confused as to how to tell authentic plushes from bootleg ones. some of them I have seen look really good and i dont know how to tell the difference!
any help would be appreciated :)   

i also thought I'd share the birthday cake my boyfriend got me! its a giant cupcake with an edible Mew and pokeball mini cupcakes. it was mew-tastic :D
mew cake

zukan auction final round!



Up for auction are some great zukans from diferent sets and 2 starters bases: Blastoise line base and Mudkip line base.In good condition, check the pictures for details under the cut.

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If you have a question, please feel free to ask in the “question/comments” thread!
 All the threads are set. Good luck!!

11 Umbreon canvas on eBay?? :O

Who has seen all the 11 umbreon canvas listings on eBay? What is that? Do you think they're authentic?
I just missed one this morning when there was suddenly a single canvas listed (it's the first I've seen this summer), not from the same sellers that have listed all the 11. I was also outbid on a Mc Donalds Umbreon promo card the other day while sleeping xP haha sleepy head misses her auction. That's so me in a nutshell. So I'm looking around on eBay just incase and then this evening I find listing after listing of Umbreon canvases. Not with the bootie picture, it shows one that looks authentic, the pokemon center tush tag is showing and everything.

What do think? It seems a little too good to be true :/
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Quick Wants for Friend's BDay!

Hey everybodddyyyy~ I know I said I'd be back with Vaporeon and Charmander collection shots but I keep finding things I didn't know I had for Charmander, and my Vaporeon stuff keeps coming in the mail! He's a slippery devil. >3< ((Also you guys successfully broke my Photobucket which hasn't gone over its viewing limit over the many many RP communities and virtual pet sites I've been a part of. How did you do that. In ONE DAY? Welp. Guess I'm going to Imgur now.)) So I'll have those later this week.

Speaking of later this week, I have some quick wants - I can't pay immediately, since I don't get money til Friday. (Hence my wild bidding on all the auctions ending then cause aahhh paychecks!) But I can pay as SOON as Friday hits, and I'd just like to see if anyone even has these available. My BEST BUDDY'S BIRTHDAY is coming up, and I need to get her some Pokemon items! Wanting to make sure I have time for them to ship, since I know things can randomly take awhile. I am most interested in...

Meowth & Persian Zukan
Meowth & Team Rocket Zukan
Lugia Zukan (depending on price??)
Lugia Pokedoll ("Loved", maybe?)
Persian Kid
Lugia Kid
Meowth & Persian PC charms
Lugia PC charm (either version!)
Meowth Plush charms

I am also less interested (or maybe more if you have an interesting item!) in anything Persian or Lugia, or with Team Rocket & Meowth. Those are her FAVORITEST OF FAVORITES, if you know what I mean. I've already gotten her the Lugia TOMY and a custom Lugia artwork magnet, so I'd like to get her some Persian stuff as well. Turn her into a collector, since she already collects OTHER things. ;D I bet I could drag her on here no problem.

EDIT: I forgot to mention - in the case of things like figures, charms, and the like, that one would display, I'm looking for minty-ish condition. For the plush, I'M ACTUALLY LOOKING FOR LOVED! I want to give her one to snuggle!

So if anyone is willing to help out, hold some things until Friday, I would LOVE YOU FOREVER. If you don't wanna hold, and someone else buys it before then - thank you so much for letting me know about it, or letting me know something exists that I didn't know about. I'm sure she'll appreciate it too.


Needlefelted Jolties (Jolteon + Joltik) Auctions!

Hiya comm! I am bringing two little customs for auction today!


Little Jolteon and shiny Joltik are needfelted with 100% wool and are looking for new homes :'D

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Also, just wondering if anyone is interested in taking this tiny Phanpy charm (about 2cm long) home? He's $6 shipped anywhere and will come with a cell phone strap. 
Sold thanks!


Jolteon Canvas Sale

Okay so the previous person who was going to buy this from me hasn't replied for the last couple of days. and i need to sell it desperately so i can buy my grail! So i want to get $160 Shipped for it! But willing to haggle down maybe
Heres some pictures: 

Thanks for your time. Please help a bro out! 

impmoni&#39;mwithstupid--by me

(no subject)

Please tell me I'm not alone in this. It seems like every few sales I try to make, I end up having to tell people that I can't find something. Sometimes multiple things. I have like one place where everything goes, by category, and yet things just suddenly aren't there! It's like they walk away on their own! Things I know I have!

It makes me feel awful, and it happens so much.
bidoof; ^_^

Small Sales

Hey guys! :D Today I come with a few sales items. I haven't had my sales open in a long time, but after much deliberation, I've decided to part with a few items due to various reasons-- mostly due to lack of space ;__; I'm hoping that you guys can give them a better, more spacious home! :D

Below you will find various items including a MWT Reshiram Pokedoll, a Latios chess figure, a custom plush, and more!

This sales post will be closed by the end of the week, which is when I am planning to go to the post office :)

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Any tips to getting rid of matted fur?

I'm sorry for the boring post! But I was just wondering if anyone has any tips to smoothing out matted fur. I find that matted fur happens if you put a plush in the wash and dryer, and I have a plush on the way who's been through the washer and has a bit of matted fur. So does anyone have any tips on how to smooth it out? It is not minky, more like velboa, I believe, and I just can't stand matted fur!! It's just one of those things. So yes, any tips are greatly appreciated.

Again, sorry for boringness, but I have a ton of packages on the way, so I figure I'll post an update once I recieve all of them. However, my website is constantly being updated if you want to check it out