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I'm Search Man, okay?
08 August 2012 @ 12:16 am
Hey guys, a very miscellaneous sales today. I am trying to clear out a whole bunch of used stuff. There is still some nice stuff mixed in like V-Trainers (Charizard and Suicune), high quality Jakks (including Jolteon & Eevee!), and some chess figures that I have at regular prices. On the other hand, I put some things like Tomys, BK, Hasbro, and other random figures at very decent prices including lots at $1-3, so come take a look!

I was granted sales permission in 2008 by lineaalba.

EDIT: when I tried to crop pictures something REALLY weird happened, they looked horrible! so sorry Venusaur & Poliwhirl, the zukans you see peeking in can still be found in this sales post http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/12875162.html

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08 August 2012 @ 12:35 am

I'm not actually THAT far from completing my bird pokemon kids collection! If you know how many bird kids there really are you would know! Dx I'd like to but them preferably in box. But I know thats not the case for the older ones. But MIB i'll pay around $4-$5 each for! I should be able to get any B & W pokemon in box. Here's my oh so extensive list!

Fearow | Spearow | Swanna | Attack Torchic | Unfezant (M) | Pidove | Tranquill  | Staraptor (Wings out) | Farfetch'd (w/ tan belly) | Articuno (w/ tail wrapped around bottom) | Attack Articuno | Pidgeot (w/ Funky head feathers) | Mandibuzz | Attack Starly | Skarmory (w/ one wing out) | Skarmory (w/ both wings out) | Flying Skarmory | Flying Staraptor | Archen | ANY Piplup | ANY Empoleon| Prinplup | Attack altaria | Moltres (w/ both wings out) | Hoothoot | Regular combusken. | Attack Delibird | Golduck | Chatot (Wings down) | Attack Pelipper |  Attack Zapdos | Attack honchkrow<33333 | Movie Chatot |

ANY CLEAR BIRD POKEMON KID. Except Combusken. c:

Shiny: Torchic,combusken,Blaziken,taillow,swellow,piplup,empoleon,

Unbelieveably, That's nothing compared to all the ones I have. xD

But i'd like to thank everyone who has helped me with everything iv'e gotten from here!~

Lastly a question: How do you guys display all of your kids? ^-^

Thank you for reading!~

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08 August 2012 @ 12:47 am
I am in need of funds so I gotta get rid of some items that I don't really use.

And More...

Sales...Collapse )
Youngster Joseph
08 August 2012 @ 01:50 am

Hey guys, I hate to be suucchh a newbie here (but hey, I am!) but is there a guide to reliable AMAZON sellers? The ones I was looking at, specifically at this time, are "TOYS AND GAMES OUTLET", Innovative Designs, and Funtrade, though there were several others. T&GO was "fulfilled by Amazon", but neither of the other two were, which kinda scares me. o_o

(EDIT: Sounds like T&GO is generally safe, and is at least fulfilled so easier to get a refund on. ID is a bootleg seller, and no one has info on Funtrade so far... still listening for opinions and lookin' for a list here, lemme know guys!)

So yeah, teal deer - is there a list of Amazon sellers someone's compiled? I've seen like SIX Ebay ones, but I do a lot of Amazon shopping to begin with. Be helpin' mes? <3

EDIT: Hey, also, uh. I realized. A hole. In one of my plans. I wanted to get a Zebstrika and Sawsbuck MPC, and then a Girafarig plush to tie in with the makeshift family in one of my "storyline as you play" things from B/W. Prrrroblem. There... was never... a Girafarig plush... was there... (GOSH DARNIT I keep liking the obscure Pokemon! It is a curse, I tell you!)

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08 August 2012 @ 10:43 am
(Sorry for a wordy entry)

Soo... a while ago, I was looking on ebay, and found a grail of mine (for rather cheap too!). It's nothing super rare, but I have been looking for that for ages. It's from the UK so shipping was fairly expensive even for the cheapest airmail option ( >$15 after paypal's currency conversion)
On Monday, I received a rather strange note from the PO. It just says "Please call Mr. X at the PO opening hour, phone number as follows.... ". It's really strange, because it didn't say what it's for. Of course, seeing it's from the PO, it must have something to do with packages, but normally it would be really clear about what it's for (i.e. collecting a package or letter etc.). Anyway, the PO was already closed by the time I got the note, so I phoned them the next day.

Turns out that, there was a package from the UK. HOWEVER, on the package the sender didn't write my flat number somehow. Luckily, the people at the PO somehow managed to find out that the package was probably meant for me (I guess because there was another package that I have to collect which happens to arrive at the PO the same day)

Ugh, I am not sure what to think, obviously it's a mistake that shouldn't even happen in the first place... should I still write a neutral feedback for that ebayer? I mean, ultimately the package arrived to me despite them not writing the address correctly, but I just called myself lucky...
Thanks for the input, I think I will just send them a message first.


Also, I sold my first ebay lots recently, and have sent everything. They have been holding my funds and I actually have to take money out of my pocket to ship the packages (which wasn't a small amount), AND they even already asked me to pay for their fees despite me not actually getting any money. So instead of earning money from selling, I actually had "spent" around $60 instead >_>

So, I have sent everything, and marked everything shipped. But how do I add the tracking number to ebay items? I think I might need to do so before they actually give me my money?

Answered, thanks n_n

To make this post more cheerful, my grumpy Kyogre arrived and is having fun with my super-loved dolphin (: Thanks ladylale for doing the pick up!

Anyway, I will post about my grail soon, just need to wait for another package first though :D
08 August 2012 @ 11:08 am
Pokebeach just released the image for the new Keldeo boxset that will be out in October sometime, and retail for $15.99 (I'm liking the price!) I'm looking forward to it :D Also love how the promo card (assuming it IS a promo) and jumbo cards are different this time :) I had a feeling they would release a localized Keldeo bottlecap here... 


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Hello fellow collectors :) !

I am currently searching for both vulpix and growlithe canvas plushies mint with tags at a cheap price. Anyone here willing to part with em? Thanks everyone! 
08 August 2012 @ 01:11 pm
Let me start off by asking this.
Don't you hate when this happens?
photo (3)

But to the real reason to this post!
I just got granted Sales Permission by the awesome allinia today, (8/8/12)
And the first thing I want to do with this privilege is trade this Squirtle plush for the Bulbasaur version.
If anyone has him, please help me get my hands on him!!!
photo (4)

EDIT: I think this is the guy I'm looking for.
08 August 2012 @ 01:39 pm
This is the one reminder post for the Super Massive Toy and Figure GA. It ends in about 22 hours, so a little less than a day. This is your last chance to get any bids in before it ends.

Remember: It ends on Aug. 9th, 2012 at 12pm EST. Here is the countdown clock.


You can be transported to this GA by clicking the pic above or the link below. =]


On a side note: The Little Bit O' Everything GA is still running and we need a lot more bids if we are going to win. We still have a little over 3 days on it, so we have time, but the clock is ticking.

To be transported to the Little Bit O' Everything GA, CLICK HERE.

Just a reminder that I still have gum and stickers for sale over in this post.

Shipping is only $.65 for US orders! Gum is only $.45 each! Cute art on the packages!

Also in my regular sales post I am having a special for the month of August, free shipping for all US orders over $1. Click here or the tiny banner to go to my permanent sales post.

Free shipping for all US orders!
- Plush
- Figures
- Straps
- Stickers (Korean exclusive)
- Erasers (Korean exclusive)

On a small side note, for my Pokemon amigurumi commissions I think I will be opening slots sometime next week. I can't say for sure when, but I will try to give a heads up beforehand!
08 August 2012 @ 01:50 pm
Hi everyone! I was just going through my TCG and found some cards including jumbo ones that I do not need or collect and want them to go to people who really want them in their collection. I really just want these gone. Also, I have a ton of Black and White series cards (some almost complete sets) that I really do not want to collect anymore and was wondering if anyone was interested. I'm not looking to get much out of them, so I won't try to sell them for a ton like people on ebay do. lol But you can find my sales post HERE:


I am also selling this Eevee card in my post if anyone is interested. I haven't seen one selling yet, so maybe it is kind of rare. It's up for offers. I'm not looking to get alot for it though. lol Just a couple bucks is all. Thanks guys!!!

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08 August 2012 @ 02:08 pm
I finally got Sale's Permission today Aug 2012 by . Yay! So for my first sale's post I decided to weed out some pokemon card collection since right now those are the only things that are organized and have been photographed. So please check it out. :D

08 August 2012 @ 03:25 pm
Click for some awesome goodies!Collapse )

And my question is, I'm thinking of auctioning off my huge Sleepy Snivy plush. I love it so much, but I just don't have space for it, and could use the money. :(
What would be the best way to ship such a large plush without it getting damaged? Has anybody else shipped one of the large sleeping plush? What method did you use?

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Hi community! Now that I am more settled at home after my holiday in Japan, I started documenting all my loot, and here are the fruits of my labour.

Ichiban Kuji prizes! Keldeo! MPCs! Banpresto Plush and figures! Pan stickers! Zukans! Clearfiles! Eeveelutions (?)! These are the stuff I managed to photograph today, and I didn't even bother taking pictures of everything, including my TCG card sets and non-Pokemon stuff. ^^

Here's a sneak preview, and no it ain't a Y!J listing. XP

Well, then, let's go!

More picture heavy than an Excadrill's behindCollapse )

Whew, that was all! Thank you so much for reading til this far, and hope you have a great week ahead. =D
Hi community! I've been going through a lot of my things lately, and this includes my Pokemon stuff! I will be slowly weeding out my collection again soon... It's unfortunate that this hobby requires so much space. ;A; But I guess that's part of the fun in a way!! I also never got around to putting all of those remaining things on eBay from my last sales, so expect to see those up for sale again in the near future. In the meantime, here are two absolutely adorable Pokemon up for auction!

Follow Cut #1 for larger pics and auction info!Collapse )

I also have a few things for straight sale!

Follow Cut #2 for straight sales!Collapse )
08 August 2012 @ 05:04 pm
I don't often make posts about things I've gotten in the mail, but I got SO MANY PACKAGES WITH SO MUCH COOL STUFF I went a bit photo nuts :P

Featuring my Scalemate Scratch, who by no means is any part of Pokemon, but no less adorable.


Also a reminder about the LOTS OF MPC GA which ends in about a day! Get those bids in!
08 August 2012 @ 05:14 pm
DSC_0955 - Kopia - Kopia

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08 August 2012 @ 05:37 pm
Does anyone remember the Collector's United post, created nearly 3 years ago? We have an amazing collection of buttons representing collectors of all kinds... however, it has become a little forgotten, and there's a slight lack of Gen V! So with denkimouse's permission, today I bring to you an updated version of

Gin's original post said it best, so I quote it here:

"Ask yourself a question: Do you know your fellow collectors of the same Pokemon? How do you feel about them - rivals, friends? Do you hate their guts? XD

I was inspired by my fellow Raichu collectors to start this idea. We are rivals but we always go out of our ways to help each other if we can and have always had a wonderful and friendly relationship (at least the ones I know!). Even in frustrating times like after bidwars between each other we continued to help each other out. With the biggest Raichu collection I would expect to be thought of poorly or with lots of jealousy by other Raichu collectors, instead, they always show me things on auction I don't have yet or come forward to offer trades for items I don't have that they found. You guys are just amazing!

On the other hand though, although in general this community does NOT have a lot of hostility or drama (compared to other communities anyway), nor do I feel the majority of our members need to be scolded for this, I've still seen some rivalries for other Pokemon become very sour, bitter and hurtful, too. I still see folks using very downright mean methods for hurting their rivals, which I don't want to go into detail, but you guys should be know enough to know what is just plain not nice! I also know that in general some very hard feelings form between rivals and I know how hard this can be to overcome.

This is why I propose Collectors United! The idea is collectors of the same Pokemon can make a button or buttons to put in their LJ profile. The button could link back to this post, and putting the button in your profile means you PLEDGE! The pledge is this!"

"I will do my best to treat my fellow collectors as I wish to be treated."


Here's the updated list, with over 300 collector buttons now......Collapse )
08 August 2012 @ 05:58 pm
I am currently away but have been expecting quite a few packages most of them being plushes. My mum has been collecting them for  me and one arrived today. She doesnt really know pokemon names so when I asked what was in it i got the reply "its a half fox half shark and its red" 
Can anyone guess which pokemon it was?? 

It took me a while to figure out what it was :P
08 August 2012 @ 06:11 pm
Hey guys! Didn't know I'd be posting again so soon, but a really, really rare and exciting opportunity for one of my collections just came up, and I've decided to part with a few more rare items from my collection to make some more funds for it.

I've combined the remaining items from my last sales post with this one! In this post, I am offering for straight sale: MWT Reshiram Pokedoll, Plusle/Minun 2004 Velboa Pokedolls, and MWT Leafeon Canvas, and a custom plush.

Haggling is welcome, as I could really use the space :3

I am planning to ship either tomorrow, Friday, or Saturday! nameless5555 and chaltierx, I will be shipping your figures then as well! :D

Onto the sales!

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08 August 2012 @ 08:18 pm
Hello community! Today I have a small set of auctions for you, including 21 very rare minicots (Eeveelutions too!), chess pieces, clearfiles, posters, Pokemon Time merchandise, and a couple other oddball items. Check everything out under the cut!

Sales information . . . Collapse )

August Auctions . . .Collapse )

Thanks for checking out my auctions! I'll have an actual sales post up around Monday next week. If you participate in the auctions you are free to combine shipping. :3 
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08 August 2012 @ 08:37 pm
Hi Community :D
Hope you guys are doing good.
Sorry I haven't been around much, since I started high school (Freshman :3) its been sucking the life out of me Dx
(Which then leads me to my wants, at the end of the post)
BUT! I did recently get a mini-grail!

Yessss! Chubby Milotic Squirter! Finally I have my mini-grail! :D
I've been after this little guy for some time now.
Once I heard that a fellow community member had gotten theirs from larvitarscar , I asked if they had one more and they did :D
I was so happy! But they said they were going to put it for offers, and I was so lucky no one else offered >o<! 
Totally worth what I paid.

And a huge thanks to everyone who notified me this guy was for offers (Even though I knew :3)
noraluvr58danielsard2 Thanks guys!
(I think there was more people who let me know, but those two are only at the top of my head-derp)

And here is a picture of my Milotic Collection!
I'm so proud to have gotten this far into collecting my favorite Pokemon!
Thanks a lot community c:

Ok, as you guys may have read, I'm a freshman in highschool, and I want to show off my Pokemon lover side!
Sooo, can you guys tell me if you have any Pokemon Keychains (Mostly looking for Pokeballs and Starters)?
Leave an offer and we'll work out a price!

Thank you for reading : )

08 August 2012 @ 08:38 pm
Okay! After that crazy post about my superinflated Croagunk collection, of course I had to take inventory to see what I still needed to get to complete my collection! Though really I think a true complete collection is impossible ^ ^"

Do continue to my wants post! Maybe you have some of my gunky needs...!
Croagunk used Poison Jab!Collapse )

In other news I got sales perm today, so expect details about ordering customs from me in the future!
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The last payment I need is from noraluvr58 (I also need payment from pokabubu but we've worked something out for later).
If you're reading this, the payment owed is $4.17 to areica96[at]yahoo[dot]com. Just let me know whenever you've paid.~
For everyone else, your plush will most likely be shipped on Friday. ^^

As for my TCG sales, basically everything is last call. I'll be sticking up a bunch of lots on Ebay in less than a week to make room and some extra cash for the new Dragons Exalted set. Please ask about what's available, there's stuff that I've sold/traded that I haven't marked yet. I'm totally willing to make deals to rid rid of this stuff. XD

I also have all of my custom Duct Tape Wallet slots open. If you're interested, go ahead and take a look~

Click the banner to go to my sales directory~

08 August 2012 @ 11:09 pm
Well, now that I'm properly back from otakon/vacation, hello all! I hope I didn't miss anything too exciting. Today I'd like to show you a nearly completed collection of mine: Mini-cots!

Check it out!! Almost all 60 of them!Collapse )

Here are the mini-cots I still need:
#7, Pikachu (arms up)
#20, Deoxys (attack)
#41, Treecko
#52, Absol

If you have any of these figures I will be happy to buy them from you!! :)

Also, good news for those who were involved with my Eeveelution Clear-file GA! It finally arrived!!! :) I will be directly commenting to those involved for the final payments. Thank you to everyone who was so patient!