August 11th, 2012

Random post of sweetness, ahoy!

Hey guys! Among this battlefield of auction-running and sales post managing and OOH OOH LOOK SHINY THINGS!, there is one thing on many of our minds....prison sentences le school. That place where, for a good chunk of a year, you gotta make the best of boring classes, bullies, annoying people, and best friend mischief times. Where are you going with this, Suicune?
Well, I'll tell you.

How are you going to show off your Poke-loves this year?
I've seen backpacks, and keychains, clearfiles and pencils, pens and oodles of other things that we use every day in that one place very few of us enjoy. So, in the spirit *shot* of the very rapidly coming school year (some of you may even already be in school! D:), I wanna see how you're gonna show off your love for the Pokeymans! I myself have bought t-shirts, Pika-socks!!! and even this...

So please take pictures of your school supplies, maybe even shoes that you've poke-fied, t-shirts or other clothing you plan on wearing to school, or maybe even a Poke-buddy that will be residing in your locker! Let's see it! :D
Edit: Forgot something! Also, what grade are you going into? What year of college, maybe? :D I'm gonna be a senior in high school... OLD

Side note: Speaking of pens and such, would anyone happen to have some Pokemon themed pens and mechanical(this is important) pencils they'd be willing to sell? I'm talking cheaper here, as they will be used. XD No specific pokemon, but just something cool or cute. :3

Card News Issue #1 - 08/10/2012


I've decided while (sitting here like a loser) watching television, and lurking the
community that there is a LACK of pokemon card news here. Well I've decided to
start a "news" that every week or so, highlight some of the week's highlights to
the Pokemon community...

Without further ado, I present Card News!
- I can include card shop links in the bottom of every new issue, of course not banners, just text links..
**If this is allowed; mods say nay/yay 

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Big Back from Japan Sales and Auctions!! ^^

How's everybody doing?! So I'm back in the US again after another 4 months in Japan on study abroad and I brought back a TON of stuff to sell and auction!
Also, I wanna thank denkimouse for hosting such an amazing pkmncollectors meetup while I was there! It was so much fun meeting everyone and seeing the new movie together!! Hopefully I'll be back again next summer so I can join you all again so thank you so much Gin!! ^^
And now onto the sales!!:

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Collection Update!

So, I've managed to aquire a ton of things since I've joined here! I'd like to share them with you. Here is the first picture of my memo board collections of charms and flats that I posted, back in June ish I believe.


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I Made A Pokemon Collection Video Of My Bedroom!

yay i finally got unlazy and did this at like 3 in the morning X'D so i apologize for messing up a bit. i get nervous on camera X3 also the quality isnt too good as its a cell phone video so in some parts it also skips or lags so i apologize :C

if this video isnt working heres the link <3

also have some pictures of my collection:
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Quick pan sticker sales :)

Good morning, pkmncollectors! (it's morning here, anyway)

Today I bring you some quick pan sticker sales. The first four gens are featured (sorry, no 5th gen, but I'll have some soon since I needed Tirtouga myself).


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Stickers may be combined with items from my regular sales (warning: lots of pictures). If you recently made an order, I might be able to combine but keep in mind that all but a few packages have been shipped.
Glasses Shift

Custom Walky Pokemon Coasters

Hey everyone~
I'm opening up a few slots for custom coasters, in the style of the Walky Pokemon promotion. They're not hard like the actual promotion coasters (I assume?) but quite soft; fabric with a rubber backing. (Found out the official coasters are just paper).

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Slots are full - no more now~     

To everyone who's bought from my sales, all packages have been shipped out (unless I've told you otherwise)~ I'll be replying to individual PMs and leaving feedback shortly. Thanks everyone! ^^

Also, I've finally got back to working on my Slowking collection site (which also doubles up as a shrine/place with lots of tl;dr info xD). Will hopefully be opening it up in a week or so's time, so watch out for that~

sales! flats/plush/figures

plush, figures,flats etc.


i was granted sales permission on 07/02/11 by dakajojo.

applejack 80&#39;s

PokeMomo Snorlaxes!

First of all I am so excited to do pickups for the new fall lineup!!! ;u; It looks so good!!!!


PokeMomo Snorlaxes Secured!

They actually are much bigger than Wailords o____o Therefore if you guys are agreeable I am going to add 6$ to each total for the extra shipping cost. If anyone has an issue or needs more time just let me know. Hope it is okay ;u;

Otherwise, Please send 116$ total to denkimouse (at) with your LJ name and "snorlax" as the SUBJECT.

01. darkangellilith PAID
02. chespin PAID
03. nagaineko PAID
04. xreni PAID
05. kingwillko PAID
06. dinosaurgomeow PAID
07. tsuiling PAID
08. silverhawk33 PAID
09. starscream8 PAID
10. amandajo567 PAID
11. hamburger PAID
12. encas PAID
13. silvercelebi PAID

I also still require AEON badge payments from the follow members. Payment info is here!

poprock_grey PAID
natsume_85: Oshawott, Scraggy ($10) +$5 shipping = $15
lucario PAID
scarsofsunlight: Axew, Onondo, Haxorous, Sandile, Volcarona ($25) +$8 shipping = $33

tapir love equals this post...

i've been in europe for the past month, and while here i've either been traveling to random countries or studying animal anatomy at the zoo. while i was there today i just fell head over heels in LOVE (and seriously, i mean love) with TAPIRS. all day i've been babbling about them, so excited. i had seen pictures of them before but, my god, were they adorable in real life!!! if you don't know what they are, look them up on google (baby tapirs are the CUTEST!)

and yes, even though it hasn't seemed like it so far, this post has to do with pokemon collecting... did you guys know... DROWZEE IS A TAPIR. i came home, and started sketching them and thought 'hm, maybe phanpy or donphan are based off tapirs? no no no, they're elephant pokemon...' and then BAM. DROWZEE! i always have thought drowzee was adorable. such a cute and stout body shape, and cute little nose. but yes. although it's not related to fire pokemon, i'm going to start a mini drowzee side collection because, well, tapirs are amazing, and drowzee merch doesn't seem to be too expensive or overwhelming to collect (competition-wise) so here i go c: 

so, to start, i've compiled a little wants list of drowzee stuff i'm looking for. hopefully you all have the cards for cheap, as i know they aren't rare and most are quite old. atm, i can't purchase super expensive fire pokemon plush, but i CAN buy my little psychic tapirs :):):)

Drowzee Wants - Small
EDIT: i found the two cards in the first row in my boyfriend's binder of cards, so i don't need them anymore 

aside from cards, the figure-ish things i'm looking for are the BK plush, tomy, charm, kid and the zukan figure, also! 

let me know if you guys have anything! and be prepared for a final and cheap sales post after i get back from europe


all the things

SOOOOOO!!! My name is Sam.  I started watching this group about a month ago....and Ive been collecting only a few things here and there mostly because my mom comes down on me hard about buying toys and not saving money............ BUT NOT ANYMORE *dances* lolol

I dont wanna go too crazy buying BUT i probably will :3 My favorite pokemon are Vaporeon and the Gardevoir/Gallade Family

Lol i literally just took these pictures...i was looking at the background i had two large posters there that I was meaning to take down for a while.....and i tore them down today once I realized they were ruining my photo :3 haha im probably gonna fill the space with perler.  My boyfriend and I are crafters, well im more a crafter he's a perler machine (perler=beadsprites,hama everyone calls it different things) and I make plush and buttons and sculptures and all kinds of things.  We hope to get enough feedback to eventually start selling our things :3 I think theres a link to our facebook group with pictures of our conventions on my livejournal o.0 i dont know if im allowd to post the link so yea....thats all....

on a side note

im looking for suicune and chikorita things (not crazy expensive maybe 30$ and under) to fill a giant box for my boyfriends birthday...which is in december haha so i have time :3

and for me I WANT A GALLADE PLUSH DX and a cincinno...i love chinchillas i have one myself :P

EDIT: did anyone see my massive pictures XP lol tried to fix that as fast as possible


Update, thankies and... binders?

First of all, I deeply thank you all the guys who welcomed my entrance in the community! Such a sweet welcome, it was really appreciated. I also got the chance to pick some goodies, payments are already sent for two members while I'm waiting the +Pokébox+ orders to be all stored up, so we can actually begin to pay for the merchandise (man, all good stuff. Seriously awesome!)

Mr. says that my copy of Pokémon Conquest will arrive in two days, I'm not quite sure but let's hope it does! Finding this game here was a real pain and I got outbidded in an auction ended for 50$, only to find it for 34$ with shipping included. Awesome.

Also, almost got the Shining Mew I introduced to you some days ago. Which reminds me of the current problem: I definitely need a TCG Binder (I think they're called that way?). I saw some of them pretty sweet but incredibily hard to find in stores, expecially these ones:

Anyone who has a clue about where to pick them/has them for sell/knows other Eevee and Eeveelutions binder? If that's the case, feel free to leave a comment! I'll reply as fast as I can.

Have an awesome day!

Calling out a few more people.

Almost everyone has there payments in that won something in the Super Massive GA. Except 2:

zoruaplush (I know we have something worked out, just waiting on tracking when you can get it.)

You all have about 7-8 hours left to get those payments in before the 48 hour deadline. Please do so soon. =]

Also, many people have asked, yes, I WILL be selling off the remaining figures when they come in. =]

Reminder: There are only 18 hours left on the Little Bit O' Everything GA, I will be posting the big and only reminder post tomorrow when there are a couple hours left. Hopefully we can get this one too! =] Link below.

Sorry, no picture today. XP That is all for now. =]
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An...interesting new get!

Good news, everyone! *insert Futurama reference here*

Haha annnyways...I stopped at my favorite comic store over in Berkley, MI today, and I found something strange in amongst the talking Pokemon figures behind the glass case. But there's some mystery to this.


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Introduction, Collection Pictures, and a Question

This is a multipurpose post if I've ever seen one, oh well.

Hello there, I am Vinnvonn or Vinn, whatever you wanna call me!  I'm FINALLY getting around to doing an introduction post on here.  I've been an actual member for like.. 6 months I believe?  Whatever, too long without introducing myself is more like it! I am a Media Arts and Animation student and I love Pokemon to pieces.  I never thought to do focused collections until my friend introduced me to this place a while back.  And then my Pokemon collection kinda exploded from then.  I used to just have misc stuff, a handful of figures and a pile of plushies.  Now I have more focused collections.  I don't have huge, awesome collections like some of y'all, but I'm aspiring to be there one day. I'm also planning on doing a site sometime, but for now I just have general pictures. :D

I collect: Giratina, Audino, Porygon line, Maractus, Cacturne, Roserade line, Bonsly, Toxicroak line, Victini, Jirachi, and I want to start collection Heatmor and Genesect (when they start making stuff of it).  (Varying levels of commitment, half of them are more casual collections.)

It's a Preview

Pictures under the cut (IMAGE HEAVY!)

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Also, I had a question for all ya collectors, why do you collect the Pokemon you do?  Do you just like it? Nostalgia? From a team?  Character based?  I'm really curious!  Almost all of my collections are based from gijinka characters of mine or my Friend's, with the exception of Bonsly, that was a spur of the moment thing.

Sales and Help??

-Granted Sales permission by Allnia ^^ 8/8/12
-Feedback is here
Other feedback can be found here (My personal journal, GSJ, and eBay.)
-I ship from the US and will ship world wide.
-I take paypal only.
-I am not responsible for lost/stolen/or damaged packages. 
-Please let me know if you would like other pictures.
-I live in a smoke free environment but I do have two dogs and two cats. (Although they don't really lay on my pokemon collection, but you know...)
-You're free to haggle. I am still new at this so advice is welcome too ^^

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Also.... I know this might be a little weird.. But I was possibly looking for someone to work with to help me with collecting and selling and questions ^^; Like, I'm a bit clueless on some things but I am trying to learn fast. I know you're thinking "You can always just do a post here with your questions." B-but I have like.. Lots.. And I don't want to spam the group with questions that seem obvious to them... I can't really do much in return... 
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Looking for...

A few weeks or so ago there was a sales post that included a Cobalion lot. I've gotten bitten with the Coby bug, and I would like to buy several of my wants from a single seller, so I'd like to take a look at it if it's still available. If you are the owner of this lot or if you know the location of the sales post, please let me know.

Pikachu ^_^

Video game collectors!

Hi, I'm Lindsey, or Lindz, whatever is fine. I joined the community 1.5-2 years ago and just this summer I've gotten back to collecting since I had to take a break during school because of my lack of a job there. I wasn't exactly willing to sacrifice my food money for Poke merch, haha.

So my question for all you guys is how many of you collect MIP versions of the Pokemon video games? I've decided to start collecting mint in plastic video games and various editions of different consoles such as the yellow Pikachu version of the Gameboy Color and the Pikachu N64.

Today two of the first pieces of new collection arrived: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red and Pokemon Puzzle League for N64. Both of the prices combined equaled less than $50, which worries me a bit. Especially for Puzzle League. I was suspicious of it when I first saw the listing, but I figured why not? The worst I thought would happen is that the game would arrive and the box wouldn't have actually been sealed and I would've been okay with that with such a reasonable price! Having one out of box to display would've been pretty cool. But, I was expecting an N64 game to go for much more, especially a Pokemon one MIP. So I BIN'd and it was shipped the next day and as I said it arrived today. It came in the same clear plastic box/container pictured and I could see that it was, in fact, MIP except for one little opening on the back of the box where there was a tiny tear in the plastic. Nothing big, so I don't really care, but would that really warrant such a price drop? From what I saw other N64 games were priced for AT LEAST $200, most of them more and when I checked the seller's other listings he had other games for older consoles for sale as well, all of them having more believable prices for MIP games.

So another question for fellow video game collectors: I would like to know what you make of this situation? Am I just over thinking this or could I possibly have a re-sealed box on my hands? Obviously I'm not willing to check, haha, but I don't even know if that's a thing that happens or what. Also, I don't know if this is worth noting, but there was also a 2 in red marker next to the tear in the plastic. I don't know if it means anything or not, but I'm kind of shrugging it off for now, it's the least of my worries, haha.

Anyways, I'm going to do a proper re-introduction post in maybe two weeks! I'm going to be moving back to school next week, so most of my Poke merch is safely packed away right now. Another post for another day =) But I am really interested to see what other video game collectors have to say! Maybe tips on what to look for price wise concerning MIP games? I'm assuming most would go for at least $100, but I could be wrong.
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Kids auction

I've returned from yet another convention, so that means it's kid auction time again! As usual, all kids will start at $2 (except the Growlithe and Oshawott). The auction will end next Saturday, August 18th, at 10pm EST.I'm shipping from the US. More pictures below the cut!

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Also, have a shameless plug of my sales post: