August 17th, 2012

end of summer sales!

In a bid to free up room space for impending boxes of stuff that will find their way into my room in the months to come, I'm having a small end of summer sale! MPCs, boxed kids, little straps, stampers, pins, battrios, badges and other bits and bobs. =D Take a look! ^^

Have a great weekend ahead!
sailor moon


Hello all you wonderful Pokemon collectors! My name's Kasey, 17 years old (almost 18), starting my senior year n high school, and I'm new to this comm, making the typical welcome post :) What is there to say? Hmmm... Well, like most of you, I've been a fan a Pokemon since it first came out here in the US. I can remeber the Christmas when my brother and I got our first games, I got Blue and he got Red. I can also remember the first time I ever watched it, I was going to Preschool and the episode The Path to the Pokemon League was playing. From there it just evolved into collecting more of the games, some Pokemon cards, and little thing here and there (I was big into keychains and little knick-knacks). I've just recently decided to start collecting Pokemon items, and I don't really have a main focus for my "collection" yet! Along with my new collecting of Pokemon, I'm also big into collecting Sailor Moon items, and Monster High dolls, along with random items from different anime that I like :) To wraap this post up, I'll show you guys a picture of my favorite item of the very few I have! I hope to have a great time here, and I hope you'll all take me under your wing and guide me along the path of Pokemon collecting!

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Can someone help? - Pikachu 3DS LL (Japanese 3DS XL)

Hi everyone :D So, as of a few minutes ago I saw on various sites that a Pikachu-3DS LL is being released in Japan. Now, I am a collector of all sorts of things, and consoles/handhelds are one of those things. However, I do not live in Japan, I live in the US. I generally import japanese handhelds from Play-Asia, but I don't know if they are going to be getting any of these in or not.

So, I was wondering if there is someone out there who could help me get one of these beautiful 3DS LLs to the US?

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Auction reminder plus new sales!

Hi everyone! I'd originally planned to post my new sales on Saturday, but I realized that I've got other plans for tomorrow morning, so I'm posting them a day early. Also, I'd like to remind those planning to bid on my bell plush, stamps, and other items that they've got just about 5 hours left! Naturally, standard community anti-sniping rules apply. Please click below to go back to the auctions!

If you're done looking at the auctions, I've got some new sales to share too! It's mostly items from my collections, including most of my items of Vanillite and Azelf, and a few things from other Pokemon I still collect. There are also a few Pokemon shirts (including one tournament winner shirt up for offer) and I'm taking requests for Pokemon furikake packs. You can find that here!

Thanks for looking! ^_^

First Sales!

Hi everyone! I've been a (pretty quiet) member of the community for wow maybe like...4 or 5 years now....I've purchased things from the community a while back but haven't sold stuff yet! I got sales permission from Gin a long time ago...I think even back to when her username was Heerosferret lol. Anyways, I just purchased something expensive and wanna make room in my house so please feel free to browse my stuff. if anyone would like any info or a larger image of anything specific please let me know and i'd be happy to help. thanks for looking! Paypal only, please!

Black & White 2 Guides

Hey so I just noticed that the Pokemon Black and White 2 guides are pre-orderable now (at least on, but I'm sure other places have them available too). 

Here's the regular edition and the collectors':

The regular edition will be a two-parter like last time, so the Pokedex will be in vol 2 by the looks of it. Hmmm it appears that the CE doesn't come with a PokeDex like the last one, although it might just not be detailed. The only exclusive listed (via Amazon) is "The Collector’s Edition is hardcover and individually numbered, comes with a removable lenticular and four-color end sheets, and contains special Collector’s Edition-exclusive content: an interview with one of the members of the company behind the design of the games, Junichi Masuda of GAME FREAK, as well as unique art assets."

Well, I know which one I'm getting^^ (I collect Pokemon guides as a side collection...)

Spin! Spin!

Still selling!

I have these left over from my small sales not too long ago:

It's a lot of 56 Latin American postcards from 1999, most of them in near mint condition, some with slightly damaged corners, but barely noticeable. They include interesting things like Gym Leader's teams in postcard form, including Lt. Surge and Giovanni!

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Also, Custom sales/commissions reminder, since nobody bought anything yet! (:

pics of currently ready-for-sale stickers that are still available
lick on any of the pictures to be teleported~


So, I know I said I'd have the payment 2 list today, but there is just SO much, I am only about half way through sorting everything and packing for shipping. So tomorrow some time, I promise. =]

Also, I am calling out ZORUAPLUSH! You need to contact me ASAP, I have sent you a few PMs and I've yet to hear from you or see the money for your other payments. You have 24 hours to contact me before I leave negative feedback. I never got a tracking # or anything.

That's all for today. *gets back to work on sorting and packing*

quick wants

firstly i'm looking for a pokemon themed 2013 calendar. i think a few are around, they can be in whatever language.

secondly, i lost my nidoking ring while i was in hawaii. it's plastic and derpy and i'd like a new one. i'm calling the hotel tomorrow but chances of them having it still are pretty low. :U

just name your price! i'm in canada.

see you all next post

not sure how fast i can reply to comments, my work computer is butchering LJ right now)

Charm Auction Reminder

Just a reminder that my auctions for shiny dragon pokemon charms and custom slots end in less than 2 hours.  Dratini, Bagon and Axew still have no bids, and have had their starting bids lowered.  Most of the custom slots are still at starting bid, and this will be the last chance to commission me for a while as school starts up again in early September.  So bid while you can!

Click either pic to go to the auction page!

Card News Issue #2 - 08/17/2012


A lot can happen in a week.... Especially if WORLDS had happened...

This issue has DRAMA, CHAOS, and of course CARDS...
Well okay maybe not DRAMA or CHAOS, but lots of cards

Without further ado, I present Issue #2!
- I can include card shop links in the bottom of every new issue, of course not banners, just text links.. So if you'd like to be a part of this, post below as well...

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Pokemon - DJ Chatot
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☇ custom plush auctions ☇ bug zappers

Long time, no plush! I've had these and many other plush ideas swarming around my head, and because I'm in need of cash, I'm making them a reality!

Up for auction today are are two Unova BUG ZAPPERS- not the kind that zap bugs (well, they might!), but rather bugs that will do the zapping themselves: a minky Pokemon Time Joltik and a Genesect bell plush! In addition to this, I'm opening up two bell plush commission slots if you would like a bell plush of your own choosing!

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As always, I will gladly combine any items listed in my regular sales (now with leftovers from my Japan trip) with any of the above items!

Please wait until this sentence is stricken out before commenting! Thank you for looking! :D
Jynx loves you!~

Multipurpose post! Lots of gets, questions, and a few wants!~

Hello everyone!~ I hope your summer is going wonderfully! So today I bring you some pictures of my recent gets (some are quite adorable! <3), a few questions, and a very small wants post. :) So lets start out with my gets at this first cut! Beware very image heavy (about 30) with some pretty big images.

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I will put my wants here instead of below the cut. I am looking for a few specific items for my Jynx and Vileplume collections:

For Jynx I am looking for the following:
-Jynx soft keyholder
- older Jynx kid with orange dress (currently bidding on one)
-Jynx FCS using Lovely Kiss
-Jynx 151 badge (my #1 want at the moment!)
-Clear Jynx kid

and for Vileplume:
-Vileplume bell plush
-Clear Vileplume kid
-Vileplume FCS
-Vileplume pencil sharpener
-Vileplume Blox (I need one to go with my Jynx!)
-Vileplume 151 badge
-Vileplume Metal figure (#1 with my Vileplume wants!)

Thanks for reading my post! I hope the best for everyone else and their collections!I even drew a lame picture for the community thanking you all for helping me expand my collection more than I could have ever dreamed! <3
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Who is this mysterious person that hasn't been on in ages?

Hey, everyone! Not sure if any of you remember me or not, but it has been quite some time since I've bought anything here xD; I've been trying to stifle my collecting as it was becoming quite out of hand x.x

But, I have returned and I have wants! Sadly, though, I cannot provide pictures of everything because my laptop crashed a few weeks ago, taking all of my saved pictures with it ;^;

Anywhoozit, I am looking to get some Lillipup, Herdier, and Stoutland merch!!! :D

Here is a link to my Flickr set that has my current collection in it! I'm looking for anything I don't have that you may have including customs! Here's some things that I know that I'm after:

Lillipup figure strap (clear and non-clear)
Lillipup MPC
Stoutland MPC
Herdier MPC (Is this released yet?)
Herdier mini-bento
All three restuden stamps
Lillipup tile (and any other tiles of this evolution line)

I know there is a lot more, but, that's what I've got off the top of my head!

Also, I LOVE CUSTOMS! So, show me what you can do! :)

And, I also have some side things I'm looking for:
Gengar FCS figure (the clear one that is a blue-ish color)
Ponyta/Rapidash mini-die

That should be it for now, but keep an eye out for a sales post that should be up in the next week or so! Also, if you're interested in trading because you have some Lillipup/Herdier/Stoutland (or any pup Pokemon stuff), let me know! :)
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Poke plush pile Payment 2+3 , Auctions,and Sales

After only 3 days our stuff is already here O:.
Please try to pay within 3 days,I always get touchy when I haven't paid for shipping yet and it arrives XD;.
Send all payments to Sockmehard(at) with your username and what you won in the title/description.
Let me know if you want any extras :3

I'd like to thank all the people who claimed the extras we managed to drop the shipping each an astonishing 85 percent
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articuno, pokemon

Shop Update: Dragons Exalted

I finally got my hands on some Dragons Exalted booster packs! I've updated my shop with them, as well as a TON of cards from the earlier Black and White sets, a lot of reverse-holographic trainer cards, and many others. Even if you've looked through my sales post before it is worth looking again!

My two biggest finds today were these bad boys:
The very first pack I opened had the full art Ho-Oh ex in it! Lucky~ The other wasn't far behind. I almost want to collect Ho-Oh now! The card is just so gorgeous. And embossed! I hope that is a trend in the TCG that continues. I do not collect Ho-Oh, so these two and a lot of others are for sale in my sales post: (the full art Ho-oh has now been sold, but the other is still available!)


I'm also interested in doing some card trades! Anything in my sales post is fair game, and I have a lot of cards from classic sets to trade as well. I'm just five FOUR cards away from having the complete original base, jungle and fossil sets. Specifically, these five:

Any traders? I have a lot of other cards I"m looking for as well, here in my wants list. Edit: these do not necessarily need to be first edition! As long as they are in relatively good shape, holographic, and not from base set 2!