August 21st, 2012

girafarig time

WANTED - Blaziken & Sceptile Pokedolls (+Bell Plush)

I am wanting to buy the Swampert, Blaziken, and Sceptile Pokedolls. I have been wanting them ever since the Pokemon Center NY days, and I've decided now is finally the time.

I am especially hoping someone has a Swampert they'd be willing to sell -- it is my most wanted Pokedoll of all. Tags not necessary. (For Swampert, I'd actually prefer none as I'd like it to be my travel buddy!) Swampert GET! :D

And I am always looking for any MIB bell plush you might have to sell!
Thank you all!! ♥

yard sale find and info help on a charmander?

Hey guys! Tis me <3

I went to a yard sale this sunday, and I found this awesome lot of plush for $15!

there are some super rare plush here, like mirage charmander and the clip plush rucksack sandshrew <3 The psyducks are awesome, they yell in japanese and vibrate when you squeeze them XD

Most of these will be for sale at some point soon in a sales post! If youre interested in any I might be able to work something out

However, there is one charmander I'd really like a hand with...its apparently from mcdonalds, but doesnt light up!

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first shipment made, tracking and those who still owe $

So as promised, I went out and made the first shipment from both the B&W and Super Massive GAs. I cannot beleive how many packages there were and it wasn't even everyone because not everyone has paid yet! O.O

I took a pic of the HUGE receipt from the post office on my couch for comparison.


If you paid for your shipping before this morning, your items were sucessfully shipped and you can find your tracking # in the list below:

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As for those who still owe payment for shipping, your items will be held until I receive payment 2. I MAY consider making another trip to the post office today if the majority of the people left pay payment 2, but if not, I will not be making another trip to the post office until Friday morning. So please get your payments in. And remember, if it passes a week and you have not made payment 2, negative feedback will be left. =[

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I will leave feedback for this GA this weekend, look forward to that.

Also! Extras sales have photos taken and are ready, I will be posting sales for those in a few days. Most likely friday. =]

I think that is all for now. ^^
Pokemon - Flaaffy!!!!

Some finds from cleaning this weekend

Hello there!  This is kind of a reintroduction post since the last one I made was over two years ago, oops!   I go by Christine and I'm 26 years old and work at a local hospital as a Medical Laboratory Scientist.  I've convinced my boyfriend to make an LJ account for this community.  You may or may not see him around, but his LJ name is woopahfan.  I have successfully hooked him and his daughter into the Pokemon fandom.  His favorite Pokemon are Wooper (duh) Sandshrew and Sandslash.  His daughter's favorites are Pikachu and Umberon.  Mine are Flaaffy, Sneasel and Weavile.  

I was into Pokemon when it first came out, but took a hiatus from it for some time because I became overwhelmend with it.  I started playing the games again about three years ago and the collection just followed!  I was really upset because I had a tackle box with my old Pokemon things in it that I put up years ago knowing that one day I'd be back into it and want the old stuff.  I was looking for yarn in my attic on Friday and guess what I found? 

(WARNING:  Image heavy)

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BUT WAIT!  THERE'S MORE!   This weekend, I was over at woopahfans house and were cleaning out his daughter's room when we came across this!  

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I want to do a collection update soon, but my room is so cluttered and I have so much stuff just everywhere it's a bit embarrassing. It seems like everyone has such neat and tidy spaces to put stuff!   Here is my 1:1/oversized mini plush collection to close this entry.  Before that, I have a general question:

When I got my hands on the 1:1 scale Flaaffy plush that babylondonstar made, I suddenly wanted to collect more 1:1 Pokemon plushies.  The joke has been made that I'll eventually have a Pokemon mansion that will have such things like a Torterra planter, a Pikachu emergency power generator and an indoor water park shaped like a Wailord.  My question is, have any of you ever bought something that changed the course of your collection?   I still collect other things, of course, but when I got Flaaffy, I only had an oversized Tepig and Flaaffy.  My 1:1/oversized collection now has 2 more 1:1 plushies, 1 oversized and 2 more 1:1 plushies on the way.   My wallet hurts...

Without further ado, my small army:

The cord coming out from behind Flaaffy is for my Bluetooth headset

New Set-Up and Side note Desperate want

Hey guys, I desperatly need to do a new collection update and update my weebly -_-" I've be slowly adding to my collection and I also am just gonna make a permanent sales page on my journal (once I learn how -_-") Anyway I've drastically cut my kanto collection but here are my tomys so far! (I have all of them with a few fake placeholders)
tomy collection
Sorry for the crappy quality I used my phone. I'm still looking for Voltorb!
Also, anyone have some tips for better display?  A lot of them get covered up by the figures in front of them :/

and a little side note want I'm desperately searching for this
Please PM me if you have one and would be willing to part with it!

Hey I just posted and this is crazy, but I have no room so take these things maybe?

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

I promise my next post will be a collection update (MINI-GRAIL YUS) but today I'm gonna throw some stuff at you, because I forgot one of them and really need the others out of here. XD Which means, Ridiculously low prices GO!

So, I'm thinking no less than $10 for the Magikarp submarine(shipping will be around $10 as it is) and $5 apiece for the Hasbro figures. Or take all six hasbros for $25 shipped anywhere!

♥ Rainbow Ice Cream + Felt Plushes ♥

Pokemon 014

Introducing ice cream cone charms! I still love making cupcakes, but I thought I should add another treat to the customs I offer. So to introduce them here is a rainbow ice creams that I'm going to be auctioning off! Look under the cut for more details and pictures. ♥

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As well as the ice cream charm auction I am also offering some custom slots! ♥ For your own one of a kind cupcake or ice cream charm of any Pokemon of your choosing. I have 10 slots open at the moment. Take a look under the cut for more details! ♥

Pokemon 013

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Pokemon 001Pokemon 003

Now I auction off a custom plush slot last time, but this time I thought just to open 2 custom plush slots if anyone would like. ♥ Take a look under the cut for more details.

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Small wants post

Hello comm! Today I have two small wants that shouldn't be too terribly difficult to locate (hopefully). If anyone has a Glaceon Pokedoll (preferably American) and a Glaceon TOMY plush, and you want to sell either, I can comply. ^-^ I was hoping to not pay over 30-35 for either of them. The only requirements I have are that the pokedoll has a tag, in whatever condition, as long as the plush is mint (or close to). The TOMY plush can be without tags, but it has to be legit, I've had a few bad experiences with Glaceon bootlegs which I'd rather not relive. Thanks! Have a peaceful last days of summer. ^^

Oh hey, I'm new! :]

hello everyone!

I'm pretty excited to be member of this community, since Ive just recently stumbled over it and was impressed at first sight!

My name is Sabine, I'm 16 years old and live in Germany, Pokemon has always been a part of my life, ever since I was little I started collecting merchandise, cards and playing the games. I took a break from collecting when I got older and due some unfortunate events I had to sell almost all of my collectibles.

But now it's time to start anew! And I can't wait to collect again!

I am mainly looking for specific Pokedolls of my favourite Pokemon, I don't have any photos of the things I own but I can tell you all I  own for now is a beloved Pokedoll of Raikou. I do think this community will be most helpful out of all the ones for pokemon collections, this is the list of Pokedolls:

Suicune & Entei Pokedolls

Ho-Oh Pokedoll

Lucario Pokedoll

Zoroark Pokedoll

Virizion & Cobalion Pokedolls

Jolteon Pokedoll

 and if you have something in this list up for sale or trade (I could only trade my art though haha), let me know! If the price is reasonable I might buy :)


A grail, gets and update

I have been thinking making a new collection update some time now, but there's always one or two important packages on their way to me, and it feels wrong to make update without them. But today I got so many additions, that I just have to show them off. I finally made a shipping request in SMJ last week and a huge box arrived this morning. Many lovely shiny, Eevee and Umbreon gets and a couple additions to my side collections as well; Yanma is almost completed already!

And before I'm going to spam you with pictures, I would like to ask about this Yanma plush again:

Does anyone have any info of it? I tried to look everywhere, but this one stock photo is the only one I could find. I couldn't find any for sale, and not even picture of the actual plush!
Is this what a grail looks like? :D

Okay, that's enough of wants for now. I have lots more of course, but don't really have the money right now. So where has it all gone?

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Breloom. ^-^

Some sales

Hey guys, I'm back home for good from being abroad for the last year and a half, so am working on several aspects of my collection, including photographing, organizing, and weeding. I bring some sales today. 

Sales permission granted by denkimouse on 3/28/11.

I have a handful of plush, including an Ampharos canvas, (new series) Bulbasaur canvas, and Stunfisk pass case, as well as several sticker sheets from various promos, a surfing pikachu charm, and lots of cards.

A collection update will follow within the next week or so, I hope, if the weather continues to cooperate. I am also working on giving feedback at the moment. Apologies for taking so long to get around to it, and please let me know if you'd like feedback from a recent or past sale.

Thanks everyone!
articuno, pokemon

Dragons Exalted part 2

I'm having pretty amazing luck with pulls from Dragons Exalted. Last week I got the full art Ho-oh and this week, Terrakion! Along with the Terrakion I have quite a few new Dragons Exalted cards for sale in my sales post:


I'm also still trying to complete my base set/jungle/fossil card collection and I am a measly four cards away! I would prefer to trade for these (though I may be willing to buy depending on the price):
Note that they do not need to be first edition, as long as they are holographic and not from base set 2!


I just found this image while browsing on tumblr, and I was wondering if anyone has any information on these? This might have been taken in Tokyo, but I'm not entirely certain if that is true. I am a size 9(US) or Large, so if these are for kids these might not even fit me. If these do exist, and are in adult sizes the Victini and Tepig ones are a big want for me! Any info is appreciated!

EDIT: found more pics! These must be new since one pair features Kyurem...

First Look: Banpresto Eevee 2013 campaign! + Other Banpresto news!

Hello community!

As previously reported, Banpresto has scheduled releases of DX Flareon and Jolteon plush at the start of 2013. All we had before were the news, but now there are pictures! I have also covered other upcoming Banpresto releases for your viewing pleasure. :D

DX Flareon and Jolteon plush!

Next in line: Glaceon and Leafeon in February! (As well as the proper release of the original first Partners set.)

Subway Masters Partners figures!

Christmas I Love Pikachu items!

December/January MPCs!

Starters campaign!

Waza Museum figures Set 4 in their close-up glory! For those who are getting these from me, do check your mailbox for notifications or check the order page, I have updates for you guys. =D And if anybody wishes to claim a Garbodor, let me know!

Interestingly, the Eeveelution 'Kyun Chara' figures have been delayed. Still, it looks set to be a very exciting Eeveelution era starting from October. ^^ Hope you guys enjoyed the report!

clearfile and bookmark group buy

Hi there, Ive decided to do a group buy for these wonderful sets. 
I will be buying one of each set from Sunyshore.
Sales permission given by Denkimouse
Feedback here:

I ship from the UK but as these can be shipped as 'letters' the shipping from me to you should be pretty cheap
There will be 2 payments for these. 
Would prefer to have ALL of these claimed before buying!

How im working the prices out.

Clearfiles: $6 each
Bookmarks: $2 each

Shipping for all 5 sets is $16 and that will be split evenly by the amount of participants in this group buy. 
Prices dont include PP fees which shouldnt be much either!

Left to be claimed: Pryce
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oh really joshua

(no subject)

I have to do somthing that I never ever wanted to have to do. And that's sell pretty much my whole pokemon collection. I have bought so many amazing things from people here and I have loved them so much. But being in college now... I need money. Lots of it. So I unfortunatly have to let everything go.

Without any more delay....

WP_001254 2
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Please comment with any questions you may have! I would be more than happy to take more pictures of the condition of an item! Thank you!

Happy Hikari

Quick collection update :)

Pokemon Featured: MDP387

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There are still pan stickers for sale here:

I'm doing post office runs tomorrow and either Thursday or Friday :). So if you're waiting for a package to go out, it should go out this week. I apologize for the delay in international packages from my previous kid sales post, there was an unexpected family problem so everything got put on the backburner for a bit. I'll throw in some freebies to try to make up for it. This didn't affect pan sticker sales, just regular packages.