August 24th, 2012


Small, cheap sales and some commissions

I have a few, cheap things for sale! I mostly just need room for other collections (which I badly need to update) and gas money (traveling is a strain on the tank :b) I will accept trades, but right now, the only thing I'm interested in are Mass Effect figures.

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Also, I have a few slots open for August if anyone is interested in commissioning me.

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I have two options at the moment since my tiny plush are all full.

Pokedoll/normal plush start at 150 and can go up/down in price depending on difficulty.

Lifesize starts at 300 for more basic Pokemon (starters and whatnot) and goes up depending on size or difficulty.

More info here as well as a few reviews (site needs an update, heh):
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Offer Reminders + New Shirt Designs

Just a quick reminder for my Slaking TFG that I have put up for offers. It doesn't have any offers yet so those who are into Slaking or is  a TFG collector, now's the time to grab a really rare one! I don't think another will come up soon. Now's your chance!!

Click the picture or HERE to get transported.

Also please do check out some of my new tshirt designs available in RedBubble! Featuring Jigglypuff, Psyduck and Shiny Eevee! (Only because a normal Eevee's color is not available in RedBubble's default shirt colors. D:)

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Huge Retsuden Amada Sticker Sales!

Well, it's been a few weeks in the making, but I'm finally ready to offer my Amada sticker sales ^_^ I've got well over 2000 different stickers here, and thousands more duplicates too! I might just have every Pokemon from Bulbasaur to Arceus here (but unfortunately no GenV, since those haven't been out long enough for me to buy tons of them).

Please click the preview image or the link below to reach the comment page with the rules, feedback, etc. Since there are so many, I've split them up into 4 pages, with the comments all on one central page.

Sticker Sales here!

Pikachu Retsuden Amada Seals


Charmander Pokedoll want

Hello all :) I had posted maybe 2 weeks ago asking if someone could sell me a 2004 velboa Charmander Pokedoll. No one responded so I'm just asking again :o Don't care about condition or tag. Don't wanna pay more than $30 for him. I'm also open to trades but I'm still waiting for a Mod to respond to my sales permission request. Thanks guys :3

More shipments made and extras sales, finally!

Ok, so I went out and made another run to ship items from the B&W and Super Massive GAs.

Most everyone has had thier items shipped now. There are a few who still need to pay payment 2 to have your item shipped and Monday is the deadline before I leave negative feedback. For those who still haven't paid, I will not be able to go to the post office again until at least Tuesday maybe as late as saturday! But you still have to have your payments in by Monday to avoid negative feedback.
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Next we have, finally, EXTRAS SALES!


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One-day reminder for the plushies auction

This is a one-day reminder for the auction of my collected plushies. Free Shipping Within the U.S. & Shipping Deductible for International Bidders. Get your last bid in before it is ended!

Click the updated picture to be transported to the original post.

Plush info. for reference use:
Weavile, 2005, Velboa, Japan release
Altaria, 2005, Velboa, USA release
Flareon, 2008, Minky, Japan release, Promotion item in Eevee Collection
Dragonite, 2009, Minky, Japan release
Treecko, 2008, Minky, Japan release, Promotion item in 10th Anniversary
Espeon, 2009, Canvas plush, Japan release, Promotion item in Eevee Collection
Dialga, 2010, Minky, USA release
Celebi, 2010, approx. 50cm in length, Japan release

who's that pokemon?

Posting again, not for sales (which are here:, but to share with you all a special Pokedoll that came in the mail today. He's completely unique and cute and... different XD

A beautiful Kakuna Pokedoll made by glacidea who happens to have some slots open for commissions right now!

Also, I made a very short photostory to send my Swampert Pokedoll on his way to choppii!

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Minicot search!!!

Hi community:D I have not been on a lot to check the community very often and when I do I miss some really neat sales or auction:( recently I received a typhlosion and feraligatre minicot from happyjolteon and they are soooo cute^^ I have done some research and found there are 60 of these chibi figures. I am willing to pay $240 for all 60 figures together. I am willin to buy single figures if you do not have all 60 but the ones I really want and am willing to pay separate is listed below:) please be reasonable with the prices if you sell separately^^

Waving hand pikachu
Any Deoxys
Eevee evolutions
Ho oh
Alola Vulpix
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Sales Part II - Figures, Stampers, and (lots) more!!

As promised, here's the second part of my sales stock clearout!  There will be a part three someday in the future... but for now I need to get this stuff shipped out.  Updated sales include the following categories:

♥ Keychains and straps
♥ Stampers (mini stamps, retsuden stamps, and other stampers)
♥ Charms (mostly metal PokeCen charms)
♥ Pins, magnets, and other semi-flats
♥ Other figures (including sukui dolls, chou gets, zukan, and more)

The sales post is even more obnoxiously image heavy than before - so again, I don't recommend clicking if you're browsing on a phone.

Plush and Kids orders have not been shipped yet so feel free to combine anything if you have an order from the other day :)

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Schenzi 400 kids GA Spreadsheet and Chibi Stampers GA news!

I would like all 400 Kids GA Participants to check over this spreadsheet and make sure I haven't missed anything before I start doing the Payment 1 part.
I have double checked already, but I am slightly distracted:

Which is also why this had to happen - previouslly it was full edge to edge with plush, flats and figures. Fortunately most of the plush are in storage away from her paws! Now she is settled I can get them back out. I have had to liquidate most of my missing figures though.

 Next post will be the Payment for the 400 GA and me rebuilding that display!

I have the customs fee letter! Finally! :D It is only £19 so I am going to pay and add your portion to the Payment 3 - it won't be large considering how many participants we have! I hope to receive it late next week.
As I've said before, I'm very sorry for the delay but it was totally out of my hands and I'm not responsible for the Noppin -> Me part of the wait. More than one moderator has spoken to me about it already, and are satisfied that no rule breaking has happened.
Hopefully my next post about this will be pictures of your glorious stamps ready to ship!
Gatr face 8D

Collection update and sales! :U

Back with a collection update and some sales!!

(oops! forgot the pictures of my whole collection. Added!)

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Now onto sales!!

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PS: Most packages from my last sales were shipped last Friday, the rest were shipped yesterday. Sorry for delays, there have been terrible storms here lately. Thanks for understanding!

That's it! Thanks for looking!!


reminder and quick sales!

I have a couple auctions for large and small rubber figures, a Totodile standee, and a Marill plush ending tomorrow night! Click any of the pictures or click HERE to see them C: (Normal sales post is here!)

And under the cut I have some neat staks/magnets, figures, and small plush keychains for sale :D

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And a small quick want - I'm interested in a Kyogre pokedoll in good condition! If anyone has one for sale for $10-15ish shipped, let me know! Or if you need a GA cohost to bid/ship an eBay lot or small Y!J lot and it has a Kyogre doll in it, I'd love to help :D Thanks!

Sales update

I got some sales update today! Featuring extra Pokedoll figures, Joltik plush keychain and Stunfisk cushion plush.

Please access the rest of the sales here:

A small want: I'm also looking to buy/trade for a Worlds 2012 Pikachu "Tikichu" plush and the luggage tag. For the plush, MWT is preferred!

Thanks all! ;)

first payments for bookmark and clearfile group buy!

First payments are due! Please comment when you pay with your country so I dont have to pester you C:
Items will be bought once most people have paid!

Huge thank you to everyone who helped, we managed to get everyone claimed :D 


Spreadsheet here -