August 30th, 2012

Sylveon Happy Contest Smile

~August Shiny Pokedoll Auction~

It's been awhile since I've sewn for the community but I'm here just in time to make it for an August plush auction! Shiny edition! Each from a different gen and some of my personal favorites. They'd love a good home. c:

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If you would like to see a list of who I'll be sewing next be sure to visit my "SEWING STATUS" tab on my collection website. I update it frequently as I knock these out. 


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Looking for Quilava and Misty merch!

I am planning a HUGE surprise for a friend of mine for her birthday in May. It's a long ways away, I know, but I figure if I start early, then I can snag more stuff for her.

She is a huge Quilava and Misty fan, so if you have any nice merch for sale, please let me know! Kids, figures, keychains, charms, anything! I'd rather avoid cards as I know she's selling all of hers, but anything else, fire away~

I also need the merch to be in good condition, since this is a gift. Not necessarily completely mint, but the more new, the better.

Also, if you do nice customs, I may be willing to commission you for something. I know she has a custom Quilava hat and plush, so I probably won't do that, but anything else, shoot my way :3

a stupid question

is a clear file !
the question what is a clear file i want to buy it but i dont know what it is? is it a postor if it is i want it and post it on my wall but i never got it so i dont know what is a clear file has anyone have this what is a clear file?

in all honesty i thought is mini-poster!


Update, news, blablabla!

Here we are again!

I had a really busy week due to college stuff, and I changed my mind about where to go so I'll be ready to move in a new town in less than a month! That's mostly why I didn't answer to the people offering their TCG stuff in the previous post, but I took note of all your comments and I'll be able to be back at you as soon as I move from my current place, thank you for your patience.

Anyway, it's an update post so let's update! These things arrived along with my new 3DS, it was a very good week indeed.

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Cressy *

Comment Screening & Notification Guide

So, you want to apply for sales permission but have no idea what this "comment screening" is all about? Or perhaps you've left a comment on a sales post but didn't know that you received a reply? Look no further than this guide. I'll teach you how to turn on comment notifications by email in order to find out if you've been approved to sell on the community!

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sailor moon

What to do with Pokemon Cards?

Well, it's exactly as the title says! I found my Pokemon cards, and put them all in sleeves, but what exactly do you guys do with them? I want to build a deck, but not with most of these cards! So, what should I do with the leftovers?

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On a side note, I've figured out what my main collections will be! They are: Pikachu, Psyduck, Gothita (and her evos), and Misty :3
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Lot up for sale

Hello, all! So, I've had a giant lot of a bunch of my pokemon things up for a little while now, but I wanted to show it here.

So, I think what I'm wondering is: would anyone be interested in running a GA for this lot? If the pictures are a little blurry, I can provide a complete list of everything in it. Also, please notice that the description on ebay lists extra items that aren't pictured.
Click the picture to be transported to the lot ^
These are also included, but I don't know what they are called, since flats aren't really my thing ^^':

Would anyone be interested in doing a GA for this? It would be much appreciated!! I'd love to get this stuff outta here. >_>

I've seen a few people post their ebay items, and I didn't see anything in the rules against this, but if it isn't okay, then I will gladly take this post down. =)

I was granted sales permission on April 22nd by Entirelycliched.
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Sales and lottery auctions

A wild Noppin box appeared. Noppin box used poor yen rate. It is super effective. Aleyina is now paralyzed.
Shipping killed me so I need some help!
Have some pokedoll figures and lottery items!

These end September 3rd at 6:00 PM eastern time!
Countdown here:
No sniping
All community rules apply
Any questions please ask in advance


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I also added new stuff here:
Includes Mightyena figure, BK toys, other ash figures, etc.

Collection Update & Long overdue re-intro...

Be prepaired to text.. and alot of images ;)

Hey there fellow Collectors! Some of you know me, but i'm guessing a majority of the newer members don't. My name is Jack but i go by Spideyroxas here =), I've been a member here for over a year & 1/2 now. As of late i haven't been very active at all, with my activity dropping in and out dramatically.. I've had alot of problems with my personal & home life as to why that has been.. but i won't go into that here! But it's taken up alot of my time, some of my friends here know what's been going on.

I'm 22, live in England. I collect selected pokemon instead of "Types" of items. My main collections consist of the Cyndaquil Line (This includes Quilava & Typhlosion) Hitmonlee & Hitmonchan (My favourite duo) & a newly appointed main collection, Terrakion, who i completley adore. I have some side collections too, which consist of Sawk & Thorh, The Electabuzz line, The Magmar line & Lt.Surge, These collections (not including Sawk & Throh) however are on a current freeze and i'm not activly seeking items for them, as i collect alot of other fandoms besides Pokemon, so i focus on my Main collections and other franchises atm.

so here we go. My collection update as of now! (A few things are in the post atm, or are in transaction, they'll be included next time)

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Okay so that's the collection update out the way! Now the last lot of cyndaquil plush i need! I have some things i'd be interesting trading for them, as i'm not looking to buy due to going on vacation in october.
Images stolen from PPP.

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For trade i have the following
MWT American Entei (new tag) & Ho-oh (Red Pika Tag) Pokedolls
Deoxys Pokedoll (no hang tag, but has tush tag)
MWT Raichu, Pichu & Riolu Canvas plush
MWT Poliwhirl & Mewtwo hasbro beanies & Raichu & Butterfree Hasbros (tush tag only)

for the people that bought the last of my Jolteons, your items have been shipped, but there maybe a delay as there was a bank holiday this week in the UK, and it does delay things here =)

I hope you all enjoyed my update & reintro, hopefully since things are on the mend now here i can become active once again. Thanks guys =D

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One question

I haven't been very active here lately - there was my holiday trip and right after that began the moving hustle (we now have our first appartment with my boyfriend ^^). But now everything is quite settled and I have more time to spend here!

So I started to wonder one thing a few days ago. I saw one guy selling TCG on the net and the title said the cards were not official, fakes. I'm not that into TCG so I no little about them. But I'm still interested in knowing how you can know a card is a fake one? Please help me out with this :D
Piplup Innertube

Whats the news with these?

Hi community.
Just a late night post!
But I've been wondering, whats the news with these?:

When is the release date for them, are they still doing it, are there any changes to the champain?
Any information on them (Other than the post Gin made about them) would be helpful!

Thank you!

Amarok's giant plush auctions!

I've acquired a lot of snorlaxes recently and realized I am running out of room for things. Snorlaxes take up space. (surprise :[ ) I've decided I can't get any more big plush of things I'm not actively collecting, and I have to weed out some big plush from my personal collection to make up for the big snorlaxes I recently acquired, as reluctant as I am to see them go. I have some rare plush up for auction, so I hope they can go to good homes! :>

(PS: I hope to post a collection update soon, too, since I just got my last grail!! Prepare yourself for snorlaxes)

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