August 31st, 2012

New arrivals!

alright i know i made a collection update 4 days ago but i got just 3 new items. 2 plush and 1 figure

colors are not the best as my camera is dead and no charger atm. can you spot the newbies?!? 2 might be obvious but the 3rd is in the figures hehe. and they get their own shelf! it cant be seen but 1:1 eevee came with a small little adorable metapod charm/necklace hehe

here is a closeup of my custom sculptue and needlefelt

Payments still needed on bookmark group buy and metal figure auctions

Im still needing a few payments from members for the bookmark GB im hosting.


Also Ive been dreading this moment but I have metal figures up for auction! Everything starts at $2 cause im lazy and cba to single price everything

So please check out the fake cut to the auction! There is a countdown timer already and theres a bunch of awesome pokemon C:
I set the timer to Miami time as a lot of the members are in America at it was the first city to come up xD

ady an 

I think thats all for now, I have a huge collection update coming soon as well as a massive sales post after the auctions >__< too busy!

I Love Eevee DX Flareon/Jolteon plush - now accepting orders!

Hello everybody!

I am now officially opening slots for the I LOVE EEVEE DX Flareon and Jolteon plush to the community. :D Click the picture to reach the claims page! Please read the rules before placing any orders, and note that deposits will be due in approximately two weeks' time! I'm not sure how many boxes I wanna get, but even if the current slots on the page are filled do not fret, I'd just open more and then decide later on how many orders I can meet!

In other news, I just received news that the Banpresto Halloween plush are expected to arrive around mid to late October, and I'd probably start collecting payments later in September, so for all participants in this bulk order, stay tuned for more information! =D

Thanks for reading, and have a good week ahead!

grailsales aaaa

Good morning community!
I hope you are all having a wonderful start to this Labor Day weekend. :) If any of you happen to be at AnimeFest this weekend in Dallas, TX, look for a girl with red and black hair and just say hi until you get the right collector. xD

One of my top five grails just appeared out of nowhere so I have reduced my prices like crazy to fund it. ; U; Any purchase is greatly appreciated, help me nab that grail! <3

Click the banner to be transported, and, as always, thanks for looking!


Savannah GA Pokemon stuff to buy?

Last day of vacation in Hilton Head SC/ Savannah GA
Any pokemon things to get/do in Savannah Georgia? Planet FUN (the store) is closed ATM and that was the one place that I felt was amazing ;n; I'm not looking for any new cards series or walmarts/targets. Lokking for specialty collectible shops and stuff

Thanks guys!! :D

Quick Sale's

I found these books while cleaning my room. As much as I like them I need to make room for my other books. :(

-Sales Permission granted on Aug 2012 by allinia

I'm looking for 10 each or 17 for both. (not including shipping+fees) OBO

You can also check out my other sales here. I added new stuff.

chibi banette

Friends Plush GA Payment 1 Post!


Totals are in! We raised way more than the starting bid & nobody bid against us, so MAJOR DISCOUNTS!

This post concerns the following people:

amazin_porygon2 Paid
firevie Paid
gotendo Paid
leavanny Paid
latias_latios_7 Paid
lugidog Paid
lulupin Paid
methuselah31010 Paid
tufails Paid
vaporeon99 Paid
vulpes_canis Paid
xcuddleofdeathx Paid


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Quickly Now!!! *1 slot for custom plush*

No time to explain!!!!

Well, in a surprising turn of events, the GRAILIEST OF GRAILS has popped up on SMJ. Of course, with great grails comes great price (and responsibility. Great financial responsibility ;__; )

I will need to take a commission that will raise me a good lotta money for this grail... I have 2 days to put a bid on it and I dont really want to place a bid without knowing i have some money.


What my custom Pokedolls look like:

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TCG Code Lot and Keldeo Poster for Sale

Just a teeny tiny sales post before I start school on Wednesday~ Hopefully I'll be re-organizing my current sales stuff into lots to sell later, and also posting a little photostory (featuring Chubs as a dentist), but for now I just have these items for a little sale.

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As for normal sales, you can look, but a lot of this stuff is being moved around and still needs to be updated (especially TCG sales). I still have wallet commissions~

Display for tomy mc and wants

I just wanted to let you know that AFTER 12 YEARS COLLECTION TOMY FIGURES I finaly found the perfect way to display them:

I used four laser cutted plastic in a stair shape
seven glass "stripes" (I used glass because was lot cheaper that laser cut plastic)
and four metalic shelves supports

sorry if my english sucks, I will try to upload pictures next time since I need more space for the fifth gen pokemons.

The following is the list the MC Tomys I need to complete my collection:
Poochyena,Kirlia, Gardevoir, Breloom, Slaking, Ninjask, Delcatty, Mawile, Medicham, Manetric, Sharpedo, Wailmer, Swablu, Altaria, Zangoose, Crawdaunt, Banette, Glalie, Spheal, Sealeo, Clamperl, Monferno, Floatzel, Lopunny, Mime jr, Spiritomb, Toxicroac, Carnivine, Probopass, Cresselia, Phione.

Thanks for reading!

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Pokebox, Chibi Stampers GA and 400 Kids GA news!

Bawww. I badly wanted to show my updated streamlined collection today, but a family member has been taken to hospital unexpectedly (nothing serious!) so I have had little free time in the evenings this week. Here's a little preview for hopefully next time! Gatomon what are you doing there

Instead, here's some good news about the Chibi Stampers GA!

That's right, I paid the customs fee for you guys so there's less wait! It should arrive with me on Monday or Tuesday and shipping will start on Saturday the 8th September.
Please remember I'm only liable for this once it reaches me, the heinous delay from Japan was not my fault, and I am not accountable (so if you leave me negative feedback due to the original wait, it's super unfair).

Okay unpaid Schenzi's 400 Kids (and more) GA participants!
Here is the spreadsheet! Hurry it up! :) I'm going to start sending more PM reminders tonight.

+ Pokebox + Orders

I didn't forget you either! We now have a shipping total. I have split it evenly as I have no idea who's items are in each parcel (it's coming in multiple boxes).
I need $2.43 from every member who ordered! To ASAP please!

First Sales Post!

Apparently I had recieved sales permission a while ago and didn't even realize! do'h x3 anyway, this is my first sales post so it's nothing too exciting but I hope you'll take a look! I need some money after having spent so much of it on college classes and books x__x  Please feel free to tell me if i've done something wrong or if my prices are way too high (or low?) I tried to research the worth of everything but it's hard to know with some of the cards and stuff. 

Here's my (super boring) sales banner for now, i'll make a better one later xP Thanks for looking! :D

EDIT: some of my pictures weren't working but I fixed it and it should be all good now!

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New here and just a couple of wants.

hello i am morgan and i am new to the community and i dont have paypal but these are some of my wants. i dont have any pictures though.
1. 2009 canvas vaporeon plushie
2. a vaporeon 2009 clearfile folder
3. a vaporeon keychain ( one with its butt scooting or jhoto charm key chain or any really just show me a picture. )
4. a absol keychain ( please show me a picture cause i dont know of a certain one i would like)
5. a leafeon figure, tomy.
6.vaporeon dark rush 18/69 mint card. possibly shiny . haha

thank you so much for your time!
i love pokemon and i am almost 18.
crazy stuff haha.
actaully gonna get a small pokemon tat eventually

Mo swo
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

August Set Kids are In! Extras.

Hey everyone! It's been a relatively long time between posts! I've been busy with getting in the school-mode for the last few weeks (and getting through everyone's Worlds orders ^-^), so I've been busy. I got the August Kids in the mail about a week ago, but I wanted to wait until I was a little less busy to ask for payments. I'd like to apologize for the delay. I know it's still (barely) the month of August, but I shouldn't have kept you guys waiting.

Anyways, as usual, here is the Google Docs spreadsheet.  Please send all payments to jandjsimonenterprises(at)gmail(dot)com with the subject line reading "August 2012 Set Kids: (USERNAME)(KIDS BOUGHT)". This step is very important and if you do not do it, can result in a delay in shipping. As usual, I wasn't able to get everyone's kids, but I did my very best, and got 92% of people's kids! Thanks for your helpfulness! :D Please try to pay within 3-5 days. Before you pay, make sure EVERYTHING is correct, including, the shipping country. Also, if you asked me to combine with other kids, please remind me and I will add it to your total. I have been swamped the past few weeks, so I might have forgotten. It is no problem to add those back on though! :D 

As usual, I have extras. All extras except for the bottom row above are $9.50 shipped inside the USA, and $10.00 shipped outside. Bottom row kids are $6.50 USA, $7 not USA. Ask me if you want some!:

Pikachu 2
Black Kyurem 4
White Kyurem 4
Meloetta-Pirouette 3
Emboar 2
Tympole 2
Fraxure 3

Thanks guys! In other news, I will not be doing a group buy for the October set of kids. With so many of the kids being re-dos, I don't see myself selling that many of them. If I get enough interest, I'd consider buying a box or two, but I'd have to hear interest to do anything. So, just know, I will not be carrying the October (Therian Beasts Set) set unless I get enough interest. Sorry!

Thanks! Please let me know if you want extra kids from this set. I have a lot of them.
Piplup Innertube

Totodile Wants

Hi community.

Since a friend of mine's birthday in real life is coming up, and she loves totodile, so I want to get her some totodiles!

A plush would be nice, something not too expensive, around $8 max (I can go higher) any plush would do! 
Also somekind of figure would be nice. I don't have any specific figures, maybe a kid figure or any other kind of figure would do. I'm willing to pay around, $4 max for a figure!
Leave a comment with any totodile merch you have, and we'll work out a price!
(I'm open to trade aswell)

Thank you : )

The simplest of wants post

Hi all!
Soooo. I would like to buy things.
Take a look at this image and let me know if you have any of the items as I'd love to buy them from you!

Now, a pair of surprising mini grails have come out of my love of grossly underloved water types. 

The octillery swing keychain has become my main target. I've seen a numer of swings come and go, but none of them of the little sucker. (Get it? Sucker? he's got suction cups...oh nevermind.)

In a similair vein (and a very tender one at that) is the qwilfish swing keychain. I have a lovely little qwilfish collection coming together and this keychain would be the lovely centerpiece (aside from an awesome custom plush, perhaps, which if by some odd chance anyone has I would love to buy).

Also Mandibuzz items. Throw 'em at me. That vulture is suprisingly difficult to find on the comm. I literally have no items of her (stickers and custom pokedoll aside!)
I'm also looking for octillery/qwilfish items I don't already have which, I find, are very few!

Anyways~ Sorry for the boring post ya'll! I have one very cheap plush commission slot open on my deviantart page, but that's it for today I'm afraid!
Thanks for reading! Have a gif.

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Pokemon Center Lugia promotion!

I checked and don't believe this has been posted yet?

There's a new Pokemon Center Lugia promotion that will be launching on September 14th.

Here are the product details thanks to good 'ole Google Translator. Please feel free to correct if the translations are wrong!

    Lugia Pokedoll 980 yen
    Lugia doll mascot yen 500
    Fight LUGIA 1,800 yen writing case
    Fight LUGIA 350 yen set of five pencil 2B
    Fight LUGIA 220 yen eraser
    Fight LUGIA 320 yen set five pencil cap joint
    Fight LUGIA 260 yen underlay
    Fight LUGIA 270 yen ruler
    Fight LUGIA 210 yen reason butterfly book learning
    A4 Clear File Fight LUGIA 210 yen
    Handkerchief Fight LUGIA 350 yen
    Puchitaoru Fight LUGIA 350 yen
    Yen 130 2,400 T-shirts Fight LUGIA
    Mesh Cap Fight LUGIA 1,900 yen
    Multi-functional shoulder Fight LUGIA 1,900 yen
    500 yen each crew socks Fight LUGIA 16-18/19-21

Yea..not excited about any of these except for the clear file!

P.S: I'm helping run a contest over at The contest ends Sunday though. Derp. But you can still enter if you like. LINK
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Oh I'm so depressed at the moment! Some of you may know that I collect these 151 figures/ Mystery Poke Pack figures and my collection is almost completed. I still need 11 figures.
Well I managed to find a Pokemon lot from ebay that contained 2 figures I didn't have. So I contacted the seller for a shipping quote etc. and they promised to relist the lot (the auction had endend before they answered to my message). Now finally (the seller was on holiday) I saw that the lot had been relisted so I was anxiously going to "buy it now". But wait! Someone had already bought it?!?! D:  I was staring my laptop's screen and couldn't believe my eyes. "This listing has ended". I send a message to the seller and they couldn't believe it either. But that's it. My figures are gone!

So I'm counting on my community fellows! Make my day please :')
If someone has even one of these following 151 figures and are willing to sell it/them for a resonable price please let me know! And for the identification for the figures: they are approximately 2cm high, have letters BP. on them and they have a rectangular hole in the bottom. Thank you so much already!

I also had my eyes onto this Tomy Lapras plush some while ago. It was on ebay but I missed the auction :/ Can someone tell me is that plush rare and how much would I need to prepare to pay for it when I really decide to want one... It's so cute, I can barely resist it ^^