September 1st, 2012


Card News Issue #4 - 08/31/2012 - The end of summer...

So with summer winding to an end, I've got a few things planned... I'm just waiting for a mod to get back to an inquiry, then you might see me around with some rare merchandise! Only time will tell though whether or not I'm able to do such actions... I'm sorry that this borders on September 1st... I've been cleaning and stuff so am a bit busy to post... But thankfully more news is released so yay!

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Pokemon Crossing

Brand new to the community. Hello fellow Pokémon enthusiasts!

Hello and good evening! My name's Cara or neko if you prefer screen names. I've been an avid pokémon fan since way back in Gold and Silver. I'd love to show everyone my collection so far (binder of cards, pokédolls, zukan and other figures), but I don't have access to a decent camera at the moment. Probably will in a week or 2. I do have a paypal account and would love to add to my collection so I'll put up a small wants list for now.

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Kachiki Sabi

Woo! It's all gone! Shipping Update!

Alright, everyone who purchased from any of my sales or my GA, all your stuff is mailed out! (of course I had to deal with grumpy mail ladies cause I showed up 5 minutes before 12 with a whole bunch of packages!) A lot of you asked me to tell you when I shipped them out...but that's a lot of PMs so I marked your items as shipped on paypal so you'll get an email! Anyway Collection update! I got a new beast friend :3 and am bidding on another so I think I have officially decided to keep the beasts! I now am only missing their giants so my legendary beast collection is complete!...for now, until I have money to buy their giants (which will most likely never happen)
Anyway if you're interested in some pokemon merch my sales are HERE

And QUESTION! I can't add a freaking photo because it keeps flipping the dang thing on it's side!!! Can someone help me with that!

A Couple Eevee Related Requests

i have a couple of requests, one of them a little unusual.

FIrst off, I am looking for a 500 pt Trophy Eevee

Now I've found one already, but I'm seeing if I can get a bit of a better price for it. I'm asking for below $400, and it has to be mint condition. Click the banner below to see my website in case you were curious about what kind of home it is going to.

My other request is a little unusual. My ultimate grailiest of grails is the Japanese Scramble Eevee

And as much as I am desperate for it, I am willing to settle for an actual picture of it, not just the scan I have above, until I find someone who is willing to trade/sell one to me. If anyone has a picture of it, you can message it to me instead of posting it publicly.

So yeah that's it for now community. Have a wonderful day/night everyone! :)

GSC #6 Group Buy

Hello Everybody,

Today I bring you a group buy for the following set: GSC #6. There are many old-school zukans that are extremeley rare. Especially, the Pokemon Center Diaroma. So please take a look, and if your interested feel free to claim the zukan you desire. There will not be a deadline because the person who sells the zukan often relists it, but I am hoping to get everthing claimed soon (around 1-3 days).

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Thank You For Reading


Glaceon/Leafeon Binder = Eevee Card Collection Post

Hi, Everyone! ^^

I don't usually post photos of items in my personal collection, but I'm excited about something I bought earlier this week, so I'm sharing. :D

I found this at my local Toys-R-Us.

They had them awhile ago but then they removed their entire TCG section. I was happily surprised to see them on display again and scooped one up. I was considering returning it since I don't usually buy pre-determined sized binders, but I realized it holds 180 cards which is prefect for my Eeveelution card collection. :D

Sooo...I opened up the plastic wrap and moved over my Eeveelution cards! :D (P.S. If you see any cards that I don't currently have (including the same card in RH or another language)...I am looking for them. Especially trades. :D)

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Thanks for looking! :D

P.S. I am FINALLY back home after my vacation, so now that I'm back with my duplicate cards, I will be replying to the people that have been waiting on replies from me. I'm a little busy this weekend due to the holiday, but it should be done within the next week. Sorry about the delay, everyone. O:

P.P.S. Still looking for Houndoom/Houndour items. Especially cards - Link and also (most of) the cards listed here.

~ Risha
art, Litwick

Just wanna say THANKS! (plus looking for)

First off, I received a package today, thinking it would be some replacement for a plush I had to exchange, but I found it to be something else. I'm so excited for it!

THANK YOU CAFFWIN! He's so perfect and adorable! Just letting you know he got here nice and safe :3

Also wondering if anyone has these for sale :3 I have 44$ and hoping to get one or two of these.

Edit: added Rotom(: I decided he was cut enough to be in the top: :3
  • zakiax1

Collection Update

Alright Collection Update time, now that I'm moved into my dorm and I have all my stuff with me. It was sad to pack it all up but very fun to unpack it. Got a bit of a photo story to share about my unpacking of my plush.

Sorry that some of the pictures are fuzzy.

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Halloween Plush and Worlds Merch Auction Reminder! Plus Worlds Decoration Wants

Hi pkmncollectors! Firstly a reminder that my spare Worlds merch auctions are ending soon. Click on the picture below to go to my eBay listings!

Also, this spooky season BattleAxe will have some special featured products: These adorable Halloween plush! Click on the picture to be transported to our store, where you'll find plenty of Halloween themed goodies!

Also, I really need at least one piece of decoration (banners, signs, foam cut-outs etc.) from Worlds 2012. I won't feel like my Worlds collection is complete without it ;__; I am willing to pay a fair bit of money too!

Thanks for looking!!
  • leyluna

A Very Special New Get! (And another older, yet still very awesome one)

Hi community! Let me just start off by saying, you guys are awesome! Like, seriously, this is the most friendly, welcoming, and happy place I've ever been on the internet! Kudos to all of you <3

Now! I have two very special gets to share with you, and I'm sending a shout out to ibburger for being super awesome and amazing! Thank you SO much.

Okay, now on to the lovely pokemon...
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Quick Question.

So I found this Charmander Plush in my sisters room and I have no clue what  brand its from. I tried looking that poke plush project to help me identify it and there was one that looked like it and was labelled as Tomy but had no other info on it.

This is how it looks. The label was torn off.

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Any info on him would be great.  If this post is not allowed I will take it down.

Hey everyone! Updates, small sales, and a question!

Alrighty, I have a few things to do in this post which is good! First of all, I have a few updates I'd like to share. :3

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Small sales! SOLD~ Thanks!
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And lastly, onto my question~ I'm actually looking into buying some of those clear collection display boxes. However, I'm not sure where to go or how to acquire them. How much are they? Where can you get them? How do you guys display these clear boxes? Likes or dislikes? I just want to know a little information on them. I'm a pretty clean person and there's nothing like a dusty collection. I'm hoping to put a lot of my figures, pins, stamps, etc. into these clear boxes so I can keep them nice and neat as well as clean. Let me know what you all think. Thanks!

Lastly... sales plug! :D
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A post of many purposes: gets, wants, sob story

Hello pkmncollectors! Today is a day full of various feelings!  I'm here to share with you a collection update, wants, and a sob story! 
These three things all relate to this... 


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Which leads to my wants part of this post. 
If anyone has a Pokemon Mate tin in mint condition (with or without the drops) for sale, please let me know! 
Also, a small/large thing, if anyone has this Dot Sprite Calendar(?) for sale, please let me know also! 
Thank you so much for reading!