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03 September 2012 @ 01:53 am
Hey guys I have this amazing GA to show you brought to you buy me and caffwin This GA even includes the very rare Jolteon in-case  get your bids in :D

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Hi everyone! I have some credit built up with an online seller that expires at the end of the year, so rather than letting it go to waste, I've decided to spend it on the December MPC plush! I am taking reservations for the Pokemon in the set. Please see below for details!

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Also, just a reminder for people that have not yet paid for their August kids. Payment is due! Also, for anyone interested, I do have extras. Click here or the below picture to go there.

03 September 2012 @ 11:10 am
Hiya! I hope everyone is starting to settle with getting back to school again! My lesson will start this Friday, definitely not looking forward to that on top of my full time work. But you gotta study if you want a better salary >u>

Anyway, I find myself wanting to try doing some more pokemon in bottle, so I would like to try auctioning off one slot as a trial (:  Slot will be for one simple custom pokemon of your choice :'D

(P.S. to those who have commissioned me for mini scenarios, this wouldn't affect your commissions as they will be finished before the auction here ends :P )

Added: Two premade pokemon in liquid in Bottles for auction too!
Bottle of Squirtle and Bottle of Wailords! at a even more tinier size :'D

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03 September 2012 @ 12:02 pm
**An important reminder!!**

All members PLEASE regularly check our WALL OF SHAME - we unfortunately have some recent additions:

pokepalace has been discovered to be previously-banned member annaeel banhopping.  

victinimad has been banned for many abandoned transactions and missing payments, and is banhopping on private sales posts under 7chubbydogs.

As a note to any banned member following the community - banhopping is NOT worth it.  We DO let banned members back into the community under certain circumstances, but if you are found banhopping you will permanently lose that opportunity.

CURRENT MEMBERS: If you do not already have the setting enabled, we highly reccomend turning "IP Address Logging" on for all commenters.  This will help you (and us) catch banned members attempting to banhop under new names.

EDIT: As always, we do not suggest transacting with banned members and recommend cancelling any incomplete transactions.  Neither member was a known scammer but it is impossible to know if they will react poorly to the ban and it's not worth the risk :(
03 September 2012 @ 12:48 pm

Hey everyone!

So after playing Pokemon Red over a decade ago, I recently decided to start playing the games again. Jumping from Red to Diamond was incredibly confusing, but I'm really enjoying how much Pokemon has changed and how complex it is now! I've since bought and played Soul Silver and White...feebly, but I'm having fun.

I have maintainted a modest collection of Pokemon Kids over the years (the only merchandise I collect), which all began with the little guy in my icon. I'm a total pack-rat though, so I'm trying to be picky about which Kids I buy. Hence, I have a very small wantlist, and look forward to keeping my eye on the sales that pop up here!

However, I do have one grail that I'm less patient to obtain and need some help with--the Shiny Roselia Kid! So the whole "chaining" thing in Diamond is tedious, but when I tried it I caught a Shiny Roselia! So as my first shiny, Shiny Roselia has sentimental value to me. I've since caught one other shiny (Absol), but Roselia is extra special.

So if anyone has a Shiny Roselia Kid for sale, please let me know! :)

03 September 2012 @ 01:04 pm
Since I am getting the newer kid of Summer Deerling, I have decided to sell my attack deerling kid. It doesn't have the sticker/card it came with but if I ever do find it I will mail it to you free of charge at a later date.

It has no damage and has been used only for display. I'm seeking $4 for this but if you feel that is too much, haggling is accepted. I am located in the US. SOLD.
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So my cousin just requested to join this community and her username is Volkear! She is after a Suicune Pokedoll w/o a tag:

Let me know if you're willing to sell one and I'll let her know :)

EDIT: Her boyfriend is secretly trying to find her a shiny suicune pokedoll and I said I'd help him out. Please let me know if any of you guys are selling one! Thanks!
03 September 2012 @ 03:55 pm
I've been looking for this charm for a while:

Bulbasaur metal Johto dex charm from 2009

Please let me know if you've seen it around or have it to sell. How much should I expect to pay for it? Does anyone know?
03 September 2012 @ 04:01 pm
I found this through a saved search on eBay. I was wondering if it was real and if so, why is it 100$? It looks like it has a pokemon center tush tag.


Any info? I'm curious about it. I see one in the plush project like it, but theres no company name, ect.
03 September 2012 @ 04:33 pm

I updated my shop again with some new cards from Dragons Exalted, including a Registeel ex, and some TCG coins! I'm also (as always) still looking for trades! This time around I'm looking for Hoppip, Skiploom and Jumpluff cards, as I'm very close to a complete set! So let me know if you have any of these and would be willing to trade them:

http://pokebeach.com/scans/aquapolis/83-hoppip.jpghttp://pokebeach.com/scans/aquapolis/60-skiploom.jpghttp://pokebeach.com/scans/aquapolis/h13-jumpluff.jpg (Aquapolis set) 
http://www.pokemontradingpost.com/images/NeoGenesis/H-7_Jumpluff.jpg (Neo Genesis Jumpluff)  (Japanese promo) 

And I'm also looking for a reverse-holographic Hoppip from Dragons Exalted. :D

03 September 2012 @ 06:34 pm
Hi comm

I'm looking for a metal keychain, I would like from any of the following pokemon plz

Cynda line
Toto line
Keldeo (any forms)
Kyurem (any forms)
Unova starters

Lowest priority

Zebstraika line

I'm willing to pay up to $10 plus shipping

I only want one or two max

Plz let me know

Thx =D
03 September 2012 @ 07:43 pm
Hi!! Im new here and thought i'd introduce my self, aswell as hopefully lay down a few wants. Im Tay, and my favorite Poke is Umbreon. has been since I first saw it when GS released. Im also a fan of Totodile and Feraligatr. My collection consists of two pokedoll's as of now, im a fairly new collector, but I do have a few wants. :3
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03 September 2012 @ 07:54 pm
I finally got around to making my permanent sales post! (Though I actually finished it a few weeks ago, but never got around to posting it. ^^; ) There's nothing spectacular in there right now, but don't be afraid to go ahead and take a look~

(Click the picture or this very fake looking cut to go to the sales!)
Benny Woolley
03 September 2012 @ 09:01 pm

It actually says "Paid" not, "Paw" but we'll forgive Mina for her intrusion.
Nice "signature", random Noppin worker.
Let's crack this baby open!Collapse )

As I said earlier in the week, I will be unable to start mailing these before Sat the 8th of September due to travel commitments. I will hopefully get a payment post, and more photographs tomorrow though.

If anyone would like to live vid chat with me and my kitten whilst I photograph stamp tests, I have Skype, and a long night ahead.
A bit lately than promised. ^^"

I bought a full set with the 9 capsules + the 2 secret capsules only for the fossil Zukan (Omastar, Kabutops and Aerodactyl) The post is missing 3 additional capsules which where gifts for firends.

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Just wait a second, until the threads are done please ! ♥ DONE

EDIT : Just forgot to tell before. I reserved a set of the December Waza Museum figures, I'll pay it once it will be in stock/ready to ship (so in the month of december surely). Scraggy, Garbodor and Timburr will be up for claims, I think claims are allowed  since the payment will must be only due when the lot will be available.T
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03 September 2012 @ 11:29 pm

Bookmarks have been ordered though still waiting on 3 payments, I will be contacting these members and if payment is not made I will have to leave negatives :C


My metal figure auction ends in just over a day so get your bids in! :D
Whatever doesnt sell will be going into a massive lot that I will be selling on eBay pretty soon.

Also! I have something I want to know if people would be interested in! It contains Eevees! So all you Eevee extraordinaires, come take a lookie!