September 6th, 2012


I'm not sure if people here already know this, but in case if not, I just got an email from Jakks Pacific telling me that the products in stores now are the last products produced by jakks !! 

here is the message :

Thank you for contacting Consumer Relations,


I regret to inform you that this will be our last year manufacturing the Pokémon line.  Starting in 2013 our company will no longer product any Pokémon items.  Whatever items are currently out in stores will be the last of the products produced by our company.  I apologize for any inconvenience or dissatisfaction this may have caused.  If you have any further questions feel free to contact me.   



Thank you,


Maggie Sanchez

Jakks Pacific Inc.

Consumer Relations

This is heartbreaking :'( :'( 

Note: you can delete it if it is useless post.

Jirachi Want

Hi everyone it's my friends birthday soon, she's not into Pokemon but has seen my jirachi collection and she thinks their adorable. So I'm looking for a minky jirachi pokedoll with tag. While I'm here I'll ask, if anyone has got jirachi items they feel like parting with let me know I'm more than likely to buy :) thankyou for looking hope you all have a nice day :0)

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Sales somewhat revived

Hi guys, 
All this room clearing and I've had to put some more things up for sale, so that means StormBlaze sales has got some items back in it. Only a few, but I want them gone. (I'm still adding a few more to it, so please keep checking) 
I also want to get my customs re booted, so keep a look out for a future post about that. 

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So whats up for grabs? 
Phone straps, tepigs, custom hat, dex charms just to name a few.

I do actually have an auction going for the GAME B&W promo standee on eBay, you will need a UK middleman, if interested. 

This thing on eBay now:

I am STILL on the hunt for a Liepard Dex charm on its own. The two charms I have for sale/trade are Shinx and Luxio, if anyone has one, pleeease let me know. 

Some Sales

I've updated my sales post with some new plush, and I've lowered the prices of pretty much everything. I would really like to get everything out, so come by and take a look! Click the picture below to go to my permanent sales!

I'm hoping to do a collection update sometime soon. I've been active around here lately after a bit of a hiatus, and I'd really like to show everyone what I have!
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Mega retsuden update

Hey folks, I have obtained quite a few more Retsuden stamps since my previous updates and thought I would show you guys. I know this probably isn't as exciting as the onslaught of Eevee and raffle items that have been hitting the market recently, but I still think Retsudens are very unique and colorful items. ^o^ Hope you guys enjoy the update!

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As always, I am looking to buy more stamps!! Let me know if you are willing to part with any.

(no subject)

Hi guys, long time no see!  For all the new people here, I'm beavisfreak and I collect Mudkips because they are the best ohhh yes. :U  I've been a member since... early 2010, I believe?  I've been away from the comm for a long while because I had none of those things you call a job or money, but I'm back with both!  I'm absolutely terrible at taking collection photos and I'm not home at the moment, so this is a wants post.

Follow SecretKip for all of my wishes and desires!

It's good to be back, guys!  Any new Mudkip enthusiasts I have to compete with? :P
Jolteon Tophat I Say

Retrospective - 5 Years of Pokemon Time

...wha? What time is it...? Oh no! September already? I overslept!

Hello there, and welcome to theworld of Pokemon Time! My name's Rocket_Chick, but people call me the pokemon proff--.....uhhhh, I mean.....what's up?  Allow me to introdue myself, I am....a Pokemon Time collector. We are something of a rare breed, being people's who collect a merchendise line rather than a pokemon line. So sadly, while I do lurk, I spend much of the year simply biding my time, watching, waiting, squirreling away my money for that one month...that one time...

So now it's that one time, the one time of year when I come out of my little hibernation and get awfully excited - Pokemon Time! Did you know this is Pokemon Time's 5th year? To "celebrate" it's sucess, I thought I might do a quick little "retrospective", and introduce some of you to some of the older PT merch that you might not know about - and perhaps a few other little tidbits, too!
Rather image heavy, so be careful!

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Thanks for taking my rambling little journey!
I also have a website, with more images....which, I am sad to say, is woefully outdated and needs to updated with more images! Hopefully after this years PokeTime I will be able to get everythign sorted and make this a much better resource for the community :)

Pokemon- Desukaan Creepy

(no subject)

Heeey Pkmncollectors~
I want to start this post off by thanking all of you who commissioned me and made my trip to Vancouver possible, you guys are the best ;u; <333 It was so much fun hanging out with okapifeathers and meeting all of the Supernatural cast members at the convention that I attended ;v;

Day one was the only Pokemon day really, okapifeathers took me out to downtown to learn how to use the trains and also to hit up all sorts of shops at the various malls :D We stopped at the gacha place and a candy store that sold kids in Aberdeen, and a few random stores in Lansdowne and Metrotown malls. Metrotown was a bit surprising with all its Pokemon, there were some anime/whatever type places that had bootleg/unofficial oversized Pokedolls, and in random little gacha things around the mall (which is huge btw) there were kids figures and TOMYs. We were surprised by the kids figures because they had a mixture of older DP kids with some very recent ones like attacking Victini, Galvantula, etc.

Needless to say I ended up coming home with a small bag full of pokemon stuff
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And as mentioned above I added my gacha extras to my sales post, there's still a lot of unsold things including some DX Reshiram and Zekrom UFO catchers and the Banpresto lottery Giratina Origin forme plush~


still some metal figures to be claimed

Because I paid up front for these they have already arrived at TreasureJapan, yay!
There are just a few more that need claims if people are interested so im just posting a reminder for you all n__n

First payment is $2.10. There will be 3 payments!

Whats left to be claimed.

Black Kyurem (head down),Kyurem, White Kyurem (Face Left), Crustle, Torchic, Turtwig, Pansage

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Wearable Collection Update and Poke arts.

So a few days ago I made a collection update post, but what I forgot in it were the things I wear or use on a daily basis so here they are.
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Plus I made my first pokemon paper thingy. (I really have no idea what to call it.)

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So this was my first of these and I do plan to do more, but does anyone have like any tips on making these? Since it was my first try there was a lot of trial and error, since I really didn't want to draw on the paper. Also do you recommend that I brush a layer of glue on the front of the piece so it doesn't fall apart or no?

Caught it!

I need to do a gets post soon, but I just got a giant (it took FOUR PEOPLE and we barely got it inside!) new item yesterday, and I think it's deserving of a post all to itself! Click the cut under the preview picture to see what giant thing I've stuck in my little Pokemon room now!

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Kachiki Sabi

FINALLY! An Update!

Finally got my picture to not rotate. BUT BEHOLD!!! IT'S BEAUTIFUL GLORY!

I just won a branpresto entei from a GA (I haven't seen payment 1 posted yet so I don't even know if we won the auction *fingers crossed*) So if we won I offically own all their plush EXCEPT their giants...maybe one day I'll get lucky enough to actually find them and AFFORD them :'c for now I cry tears of sadness

Small plush sales

Ohkay so my last collecton update showed my current plush collection, i've weeded them down, i tend to collect only specific pokemon but pick up others if cute... and these guys are not what i usually collect so they're up for sale =)

Sales permission was granted by Denkimouse

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I basically want these guys gone =) I'm also wondering if anyone is interested in a Jolteon Star Card. i have a Mint one i'm looking to sell =)

Oh. My. Gosh. You. Guys.

Do I have a story for you! So I really got back into Pokemon collecting about 3 years ago when I went to my very first anime convention wandered the dealers room and discovered the most adorable yellow ball of fluffiness ever to be called a Pikachu plushie. To those who don't know what I wound up buying was a DX Fluffy Pikachu plush. Now I like Pikachu just as much as the next person, but in all honesty Raichu is my favorite I just have loved since I was tiny. You can imagine how excited when I learned that Raichu was also released as a DX Fluffy Plush. Raichu the poor baby who rarely gets any love from the plushie manufacturers! But after exhausting huge amounts of time searching for one to no avail I had accepted that it wasn't likely that I would ever get a hold of one.
Now as a Raichu fan I sift through the bootleg plush on ebay a couple times a week. When suddenly! There she was. Big, fluffy, smiley Raichu, and a buy it now button. Words can't describe how incredibly happy I am! She came in the mail today and XwX  just look at her guys! She's perfect and at long last she is mine!

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sailor moon

Quick Question

Okay, so, this post is going to be short and to the point. In my town, there's a building for sale. It has large windows on the outside, so you can see inside it. If you look inside, and you're a Pokemon collector, the first thing that will catch your eye is the giant Raikou plush that is in there. Unfortunately, that's the only information I have about it, is that it's Raikou and it's huge. Does anyone know of any specific plush that this could be? Any help would be much appreciated!

Edit: Here he is! A picture of what taunts me every day! + the newly found Suicune!

*UPDATE 09/09/12* Nothing yet, you guys. Still haven't heard back from the owner of the building, should be going to his office sometime this week, will update again :)

(If this post isn't allowed, feel free to take it down!)

weird want :( but also a small get!

Today in the mail I got my first Zukan! It's Rotom and Freeze Rotom, but there's a small problem, the package came open in the mail and Freeze Rotom's base must have fallen out and now he can't stand next to his brother. :'(

If anyone has one they'd be willing to sell me...I'd really appreciate it. Also if you're selling any cheap zukans I'd be interested, especially Chansey's line!

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