September 9th, 2012

I'm new

Hi, I'm new.

I've been a Pokemon fan since I first got Pokemon Blue for Gameboy for Christmas. Thought I would grow out of it, but apparently not.
My favorite Pokemon are Flygon and Wooper, so they are mainly what I collect (I am proud of my Flygon plush) but I am also interested in Rayquaza and Giratina and pretty much every bug Pokemon ever. (I am an amateur entomologist IRL know...)
My fiancee (storms-in-orbit) is a Pokemon fan too, she collects Metagross and Kyogre things mainly but also loves the ghosties (she is proud of her Giratina Pokedoll...I am half stealing it).

Here is part of our collection (our favorites):

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If you have anything we might be interested in feel free to comment : >
rill pd

Modpost Reminders!

You have all been cordially invited to attend another exciting monthly modpost reminder!

     Regardless if you are a new or regular member of this community, please take the time to read this modpost thoroughly and review all of our community rules using the links above! This modpost is not directed at anyone specifically; it highlights rules that have been frequently broken, partly due to the new I ♥ Eevee campaign. If you have any questions, please express your opinions in the comments and the moderators will reply to your concerns quickly!

  Pick-Up Requests 

     Please remember that posts asking for someone to pick up merchandise for you are not allowed. Members who are in Japan, NYC, or elsewhere are not there for your convenience. If they have permission to take pick-up requests they will post about it! Do not beg for help.

     Because a lot of these recent pick-up requests are related to the new Eeveelution campaign, it is also in good taste to remind everyone that these items will be readily available for months after the release. If you have not been able to reserve any of these items ahead of time do not panic!!!! These items will be all over the community; expect many group auctions and community sales to occur when they are released.

  Emergency Sales 
     There should be no reason to ever label your sales with any emergency terms. When these terms are used it often makes members uncomfortable and feel guilty if they do not purchase anything. Although sometimes you may need to sell items due to real life circumstances, these reasons do not need to be described to an entire community of over four thousand members. Please make a normal sales post with a normal title. If you want to elaborate about your emergency con funds, vet bills, family issues, grail items, etc etc please write about it in your own journal.

  Non-Pokemon Sales 

     We're quite surprised that this rule has been broken so often lately! Did you know that this is the very first rule in our community? (If you didn't, perhaps you do need to reread the community guidelines!) You are not allowed to sell any non-pokemon items on the community, even if the sales are hosted in your own journal. You are allowed to include a link in your sales post about your non-pokemon sales but they must be included in an entirely separate post. Remember, if you do not want to separate your sales into two posts then you don't have to advertise your sales here! We are a Pokemon collecting community so please remember to keep non-pokemon items elsewhere. 

  Closing Comments 

     Thank you for your undivided attention in this modpost. Please comment if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns. All of the moderator staff members are happy to assist you in any way possible. We work hard to make sure that this remains a fun and safe community for everyone!

     Also, be sure to stay tuned for the unveiling of our new "contact us" section on the sidebar... coming soon to a community near you! 

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Hi guys! Well, I'm back on my Groudon kick. I just want ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING GROUDON so, here I am posting my wants before I resort to Y!J and having noppin eat all my money (i'd rather it go to you guys<3)

my wants list is here
I will trade for any of these items, whether it's from my sales post or my custom items.

I am mostly just looking for Groudon stuff right now, but might be interested in other things on my list for the right price.

I am also looking for ANY flats of Groudon. Pan/regular stickers, tcg, and whathaveyou.
And Pokedoll merch of Groudon. I have the actual Pokedoll, I just want stuff with his Pokedoll art on it. xD

(Specifically Retsuden stamp + metal figures, or even custom items that is NOT flats)

Sorry for boring post ;_;
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in-case figure GA

Hey guys, just wanted to make a quick post to participants of this in-case figure GA (co hosted with saberalter):

We won! :D
There was a bit of competition near the end of the auction and lot ended up going pretty high so here's hoping for a bit of a discount despite that~

I'll make another post for payment 1 once I'm invoiced in the next week or two. Thanks to everyone who participated! <3
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Quick Sales

Everything from my last sales was shipped out today and yesterday. So you should be getting them soon everyone <3

Just some quick left over sales which can be combined with anything here:

Pokemon mug NIB- $10
Meowth Pokedoll figure NIB- $15

Same mug/other side

All stickers here: $1 each (Houndour $0.50, bent a little)

Is anyone else having issues uploading images? It just won't let me upload anything :( Took FOREVA
bubble gums birds

Darkrai Ex Sale

Hello again!
The other day I pulled a Dark Explorers Darkrai ex card; he's minty fresh, taken straight from packet and placed in a plastic sleeve and toploader. Make an offer! Lowest price I've seen (for non-promo) is $30, so I'm looking for something around that price. Thanks!

My First Wants Post! And a Question


Edit: Thanks Everyone. I've managed to find all 6 of the figures in this post :)

I've been here for a little while now, so I thought I'd go ahead and make a wants post.
I'm looking for these particular Tomy 2" Figures. They're the only ones I need to complete my Johto collection:


Any official Tomy figure of these would be fine, in or out of packaging, considering they are in good condition, but I am partial to the ones sold in the Hasbro packaging way back when, especialy if you still have the cardboard disks they came with.

I've never seen these particular figures for sale before, so I have no idea what the going price is, but I think the $5-$10 range seems fair, but I may be wrong about this, so just make an offer for whatever your willing to part with them for. I can pay with Paypal.

If I get offers for more than one of these items within a short period of time, which I seriously doubt, I probably will not be able to purchase them all, so please don't be upset if I decline an offer. I also may wait a little while and see if I can get an offer for the Hasbro distributed ones with disks before I accept one that came in the Monster Collection packaging.

Here is a picture of them. I've had these pictures saved to my computer for ages as references, so I don't remember exactly where they came from. I think they came from an archive of the official Tomy pics I found somewhere, but I'm not sure. I can't find them with Google anymore:

Also a question: I know Tomy figures were released of all the Gen 1 and 2 pokemon, But were all of these also distributed in the Hasbro packaged "battle figure" sets with the cardboard disks? here is an URL to a site with pictures of what I'm talking about:

Princess Snivy
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Update + other things!

Hello there!

First, about our beautiful pan sticker GA (and this includes you as well, usagimakeup), I still did not get a quote from Noppin for shipping yet (I know they are not working during the weekend), might be tomorrow, however, due to an unexpected visit I have to go to, I am going to Berlin in Germany for the entire week and will be back Sunday the 16th in the evening! I will have Internet on my cell phone, through which I can look up Noppin, and if my money is enough, I will pay for the shipping myself and the payments 2 will be due a little later (or maybe combined with payment 3, depending on when the package arrives to me), just to keep you informed! :)

I might be available on the Internet here and there (at dad's work), but do not count on me 100% please!

Second, from my sales, everyone's package has been sent out, except for furaipan, since you have paid me really late and the PO was closed today. However, your package will be sent on Monday the 17th, and you should still get it within the 35 day limit, so no worries! <3

Lastly, I just want to share some wonderful gets I have gotten a while ago from my great friend!

I have always wanted the Pikachu line as plush from some promotion that are together. I think the Canvases are just PERFECT for this! They are tiny, cute, well made and just the perfect size for a collector, which need less space =D <333
(though am I the only one who thinks that both Pichu and Raichu would have cute plushies from the "I <3" promotion?)

That is all folks! Thank you for your attention! :)

Card News Issue #5 - 09/09/2012 - The beginning of school.... LATE~

I am very sorry that this week's issue of Card News is this late. Usually I do it the day after, but I've just been swamped...
Let me see here, just a quick update to those who DID purchase Jakks from my pick ups, I DID get them all shipped out on Tuesday...  I wanted to post on Friday, but some friends wanted to go to a football game, then yesterday I had to catch up with all the things I've been neglecting (card trades/sales, haircut, helping my grandparents) and then today I had training... I've been busy readjusting to school, with all this other commotion going on to really do this news segment. Rest assured I hope I am not late again.

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Pokemon - Growlithe/Arcanine Love
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Huge Card Sales!

Huge, monster, amazing, fantastic card sales! This post is 90% TCG cards and 10% Topps cards, Amada stickers, and misc flats! Things from every generation are featured, but do not despair! Finding your favorites is as easy as Ctrl+F!

I was grandfathered into sales permission with the start of the comm! Makes me feel kinda old!

-Paypal only
-No holds past 24 hours. I take this seriously!
-Shipping is from the USA. Insurance is optional, let me know if you want it.

TCG cards are sorted by evolutionary line, in rough Pokedex order! I do have some multiples of certain things, so if you see someone above you claim your desired card, it doesn't hurt to inquire if I have another. :)

Collapse )

List the cards you want by the exact name I use.
Give me your shipping location
Pay within 24 hours of my reply to you

And that's it! :D
PS: Has this summer been kind to Growlithe collectors, or what? I hope to post a long overdue collection update and general "the state of my collection, this is what I have" post soon. ^_^

In Bottle Commission Slot + premades bottles auction Reminder!

Hello everyone! Just a reminder that the auction for a custom pokemon in bottle and the bottles of Squirtles and Wailords will be ending in a few days! The Wailords are still at low price and Squirtles have no bids yet (poor squirtles ;-;)


I also added a zapdos in bottle too for straight sale :D

Link to original post!

Thanks all <3

A photo of my collection ^___^

I never had a pic of my collection to add into my intro i posted yesterday
but i finally got one ^__^
my favourites are my pokemon time slowpoke bank and the little squirtle music statue behind slows ear ^_^
also thankyou to everyone who welcomed me and sayed hi yesterday <3
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1 Year Anniversary Gifts

Hello PkmnCommunity!

I am reposting this as another attempt. I hope that is ok >.<

So my 1 year anniversary is coming up and I am in need of some Lickitung/Lickilicky stuff.
Willing to trade or buy!

The things I am looking for are:

1. Lickitung Lure
2. Baron Lickilicky
3. A clear Lickilicky (Not the kid one)
4. I am willing for more but we do have quite a bit.

Sorry I couldn't find the Lickitung lure :/

Happy Klyde

Some new items for SALE

Hi everyone it's been awhile since I posted an entry here, been kind of busy here and there.

Just wanted to let you know that I've added some new stuff to my sales post including some 7/11 stamp ralley stuff, and chikorita lottery figure. Please come see if you're interested. I have also cut down the prices on some stuff including my very own hand-drawn eevee evo poster. (one of a kind)

Click the Link on the bottom to the sales or the picture

Thanks for looking 
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I only have nine metal Pokemon left to collect!!
(and possibly seven next week!) 
If anyone has any of the following for sale/auction, please let me know! =D

21. Spearow 30. Nidorina  38. Ninetails   80. Slowbro  128. Tauros 134. Vaporeon 135. Flareon 136. Jolteon
141. Kabutops

[Opinion on something Pokemon related if you don&apos;t mind :)]
I'm in a little bit of a predicament! Tomorrow I have my public speaking class in the morning!
We had to prepare a "success speech," which involves bringing in an item and relating it to a major success
in your life. This is a university course, I'm 19 (and male, if it's relevant lol). 

Of course I picked my metal Pokemon! It's taken me a long time, I've met a lot of awesome community members through it,
I learned how to make things out of metal because of it, and honestly, it's made me ridiculously happy.
I've shown them to all my close friends and they think they're AMAZING! I've even met a few (awesome) friends at school when I wore my metal Exeggutor/Sharpeedo/Solrock. (I wore them - separately - quite often last semester lol)

I'm sort of nervous tomorrow (The class is fairly large - 60). I've NEVER been embarrassed about liking Pokemon before!
I seriously ALWAYS embrace it as something I love! I keep the Magneton/Magnemite zukans on my car's dashboard
24/7! I'm still feeling a little nervous in my stomach about it though :/

(My speech is first by the way) I'm sorry this isn't related to the Comm!

But to my question(s)!

Do you all keep the fact that you like Pokemon to yourselves or share it with others?
If you do share it with others, are you proud about it? :)
I might just be nervous about having to make the speech!
But just in case I would definitely appreciate your opinions!!

Update: Amazing news everyone!!!
I gave my speech and it went great!!!!
I wasn't even embarrassed a little! AND! You all were right!
I actually made a few new friends afterwards! Thank you everyone!!