September 10th, 2012

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Hey guys. I'm lookin' for a grail - not because it's pricey (it actually doesn't go for much when it DOES pop up), but because it's hard as HECK to find.

I'm looking for the Rattata Clearfile.

(not my images, from y!J)
Right now, I'm seeing if anyone on the comm even HAS it. I missed it on y!J recently and have been smacking myself ever since. Thanks!!

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Chibi Stampers GA Payment 3, pics and extras

Here are the pics of every single stamp test! There were no missing stamps apart from one of my Pikachus was not included. :'( I'm kinda sad, I was excited for it.

Payment 3 covers the customs fee for the parcel arriving in the UK, postage, packaging and paypal fee.
  1. Prices given are for the USA, please reply below if you are not in the USA.
  2. If you missed payment two, only pay the green column!
  3. Do not send money as Gift!
  4. Include your username in the payment memo AND title!
  5. Ready? Here is the spreadsheet!

Extras! $1 each! Non GA participants welcome! Remaining stamps are: Mankey, bellsprout, weezing, ryhdon and dodrio.

Please note: I messed up one or two of the ordered stamps in the photos. The bagged and packaged ones are correct and double checked by my helper. Any posts whining about me confusing claimed stamps in the photos will be ignored because it means you didn't bother to read this.

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Hey guys! 

    this is my first time posting so first i wanna say hi! So ive recently fallen in love with pokemon center pokedolls and i have a few im trying to find!  im looking for: Raikou, Entei, Snorlax, Axew, Lugia, Dark Lugia, Lucario, Dialga, Darkrai and Arceus.
Please let me know if any of you guys have them for sale/auction and how much!!!

FurretTails Updates and Tiny Wants

well since i really havent been too active i thought id post a small update of what i have gotten lately and a small wants post. i blame college and work and a health incident for making me so inactive ;3; plus the fact that im looking for a house so i can move out D:;;;; So to keep this part above the cut interesting heres a failed attempt of me drawing Keita on my tablet, tablets are so much harderrrrr to draw on ;3;

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A notice!

A few days ago after a string of incidents we did finally ban the member natsume_85 ("Elisa Tokumoto Kishaba de Chang" or "Maria Chang Tokumoto"). She is not taking it well, and has begun to send slanderous and vaguely threatening messages to members. As this person is extremely aggressive and vindictive, if you were in the middle of a transaction with this member, I highly recommend canceling immediately and refunding any money, or you may have it disputed whether you send items or not.

More details can be seen HERE. This sticky will expire in two days!

Some wants and my little sculpture

I am currently wondering if anyone has the Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur Canvas plushies up for grabs. I will be getting my paycheck this friday and would love to pick up at least one of them. Let me know if anyone has any :). And a little side update on my collection as well, I found some more of my little figures in my closet I am so happy :D. All pics will be below the cut. I started working on little pokemon sculptures recently and just wanted to see how people like them. Maybe someday I will start commissions but I need to work on my sales permissions :)
*Reminder, if I bought from you I would love if you helped me out with feedback, I will make sure to write up feedback for you as well Thank you*
For pics of the collection update and the WIP sculpture please visit my cut.

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Newest Addition Plus a Question

So is it just me or has anyone else been feeling a little extra stressed lately? What with school starting up, making transitions, new beginings, and just the overal drama of everything. It can be kinda hard huh? Well I've been really happy since my grail came to me and I want to share the joy in my own way. My question is am I aloud to make a tutorial on how to make a plush and post it on here? :o
Because making plushies makes me happy and I thought it would be nice to share a pattern and give a lesson for everyone to use :)

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Calling Mismagius!

Hi community.
I'm looking to see if anyone has heard from mismagiuslatley?

I traded with her before I left to Mexico (Which was like 3 months ago) 
I sent my part of the trade and she told me she had gotten it.
But she still hasn't sent her part.

If anyone had any info regarding her, please let me know.

And heres a gif to make this post less boring:

My Pokepla came in!

I've been able to trust HLJ's shipping in the past; it's always been a consistent amount of time between "your order has shipped" and "oh hey it's on my doorstep." This last one was about five days late, but I'm glad it finally came in!

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Also, I have a checklist now, if anyone was curious about what I aim to be looking for in the future...

a n(atural) collection

It's been a very long time since I've posted here on this community, so I thought I'd come back with a bang. 

If anyone actually remembers, I collect all kinds of merchandise with my husband, Pokemon included. At first we collected just about anything we liked, but lately we've been limiting our purchases to Pokedolls, Kaiyodo, and the occasional standout plush. Our collection is currently boxed up while we work on our collection room, but I thought I'd share with you guys my own personal collection in the meantime. 

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It's Been Awhile! I come bearing wants!

Hey everyone! It's been awhile! :D  For a quick referesher, I'm your friendly neighborhood Sneasel/Weavile Collector, ☆LucklessPrince☆!  I haven't posted in quite some time, [although I have been lurking in sales posts huhuhu~ (+∀+)] so I'd like to give a warm welcome to all you new folks who've just recently joined!  Hello! You'll have a blast here! (^▽^)

My Featherbutt army has grown so much! There's so many new gets to be shown!  (*´▽`*) However, I'm waiting on a few key pieces to arrive before I make a full re-intro and collection update! +∀+ I'm also planning on making a collection update! [when I get off my own lazy featherbutt! haha!]

Anyway, enough of my blubbering XD Hnn...I just get so excited when I post! (*´▽`*) Getting to the point, I've got some extra Munny from my birthday a couple weeks ago and thought I'd like to get myself some belated Sneasel/Weavile Merch as gifts! :B
[Too lazy to draw new art, so behold recycled Artz!]

☆☆NOT looking for/Already Got☆☆:
If you guys have any sneasel or weavile merch that is NOT on my list, I'd LOVE to see 'em~  I'll happily take them off your hands if I don't already have 'em!
Not looking for TCG's.  Sorry friends! ;u;  But I DO LOVE DEM FLATS! So if you have any non-TCG flats, I'd love to take a look at them!  *u*
Not interested in stickers from "Collector" Sticker albums. Example HERE.  Amadas and the "Korean Pop up Stickers" on the other hand are A-OK!
ALREADY GOT: ALL Sneasel/Weavile KIDS, The Kaiyodo Weavile Bottlecap + both Sneasel and Weavile TOMYs + Large Jakks Figure. Unless you have a clear variant of these figures for me, I got it! XD


And Now, for those Wants~!

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Oh, has anyone ever bought from the online store Eagle Anime? They sell Pokemon merch and alot of other anime merch, but I want to see if anyone has ever had any experiences with them before I try to purchase b:

Want/ Group buy?

Hi all!

Just a quick post today...After losing my bid in a GA, I think I still want a clear Virizion TOMY very badly (I've got the other two coming in already)

Anyone have one for sale?

(We could also do a group buy, the price would be $7 for the figure + shipping to me + shipping to you...
Anyone interested? I just want to complete my trio, that's all.

We ARE doing a GB for this set, we just need someone to claim Terrakion! Please and thank you in advance ;____;

Virizion; ME
Cobalion; acciolucius

(P.S; If shipping is ridicilously high from me to you, I may refund you a little/pay of my own pocket.)

P. P.S; I am also still looking for a lot of TCG cards. If you want to get money/help me, have a go at my wants list below. Thanks! :)

Sales sales sales.

Hey all! Just a couple of things to unload :'D in preparation for the new iPhone #loser #damn it.

Anywho!! Sales permission granted on 9/25/11 by dakajojo

Unopened box of HS Unleashed - $95 shipped OBO!

Giant lot of 80 holo rares .. $75 shipped OBO. Majority (95% +) are in mint condition. Full pics of cards under the cut!

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Wanted TY Pikachu and Oshawott

Good evening I'm searching for Ty Pikachu and Oshawott  as future travel buddies so their tags don't have to be in great shape or have them at all.But I don't have alot funds at the moment but any one has wants lists maybe we work out trades for them.Also big collection update coming soon 
Thanks for viewing 
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