September 11th, 2012

RAISPARK! i own this cel.


It is time for DIAMOND AND PEARL hand-drawn genga auctions.

What is genga?
It is the pencil sketches by real animators used to create the anime. In the past, they were traced over to create cels, and therefore very fine-lined, but since the new century are harder to find as studios switch to all-digital.

Are these photocopies?
No, they are real pencil drawings by the real animators, handled by the real people who create the Pokemon anime. They will be shipped wrapped in protective plastic and should not be over-handled with bare hands.

What episodes are these from?
They are from DP183, DP094, DP088, and DP096.

Auction details!
=Auctions will end Friday, September 14th, at 11 PM Eastern Standard Time.
=I will consider offers lower than starting price if no other bids are placed.

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View my sales policies here.

Thanks, and enjoy!
sad Pichu

Whole collection - gone :(

Hi everyone!
I've been around for more than a year but have never made a post here before...I thought this might be a good opportunity, since I think all of you will understand how I'm feeling. I've been into pokemon since the RBY days, but only really started collecting things after joining the community last year. A couple of weeks ago, I finished my Ph.D. and moved from New York down to Maryland, where my husband has been living/working for 3 years. I didn't have a huge amount of stuff, but since I was moving by myself (Patrick couldn't get time off to come and help) I had to hire a professional moving company to help me get down here. Well - most of my things arrived in good shape and with little or no damage, but they lost 4 boxes somewhere on the way. Don't even get me started on the level of ineptitude that required on their part (and they keep telling me, "Oh, this never happens! We're so sorry, you just have bad luck" as if that will make me feel better). One of those boxes (a BIG, brand-new, sturdy blue plastic tote) contained ALL of my Pokemon things. They're just...gone :*(

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Small Sales update

Hey guys, just a small sales post, because something BIG has been added in there.

This, the GAME B&W Standee. Please go to StormBlaze Sales if interested, it didnt sell on eBay, so I'm wondering if anyone here would like it. I also have a few things in there that need to go =3

Also sooooooon I shall post a big collection update, as my partner has just moved in, he has a fairly large Pidgeotto/Pidgeot collection.
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Shining gets post!

It's time to do another gets post, with a grail item!

I didn't plan to do an official shiny collection, but somehow it just happened. First I bought what I could get at reasonable price, since I didn't believe I would never get the one item, my heart longed for most. I just didn't want to have a main collection without it, so I didn't take it seriously and even let some important items pass.

But then... I got the grail item which I didn't believe, I could get! So now shiny pokemon merchandise is one of my main collections (It has been added to the Collector Dex too, so if you also collect them, go there to add your name ^^), along with the tomy repaints, Eevee, Umbreon and Yanma.

I got some things for my other collections too, but this post is mostly dedicated to those rare, sparkling beauties.

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Curious questions

Hey I been wondering was there any clearfile of Raikou, Entei, and suicune clearfile like this


if there is not aka poster or clearfiles of this I guess I will print it out and put it on my wall!

Also is there any good website that sell Pokemon clearfile like old one etc?

I'm New, So Here's a Collection Post to Introduce Myself

My name is Rachel, and I hope I'm not irritating anyone with my random plush collection post, but I hope to make some new friends and add to my collection. This is what I've got at my house at the moment, I have a few more but they are in storage from when I was going to move (never happened). 
* I wont put duplicate Pokemon in my post, except for the two Pikachu, one is an I Choose You Pikachu plush, and the other (the really old looking one) is a Hasbro plush that I have had since I was six. It has gone EVERYWHERE with me, and now he's at college with me, he's my very favorite thing. :)

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Alola Vulpix
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Unveiling the New Mod Communication System!!

As the community has grown, we have noticed that your questions and concerns have ended up all over the place - from new posts asking simple questions to comments on random rules pages to discussion on other sites completely outside of the community - which makes doing our job well rather difficult.  Adding the fact that we still are having issues with members PMing multiple mods with the same problem, we decided that a complete overhaul of our member/moderator communication system was in order.

Some of you may have noticed the "Coming Soon" on the sidebar - today we bring you three new posts designed for better communication with us:


This post will be the primary method of contacting the mod team of your problems and issues within the community.  This is also the appropriate place to ask the mods questions, such as if you're unsure whether someone broke a rule, or don't know if you should be leaving a negative feedback, etc. ALL COMMENTS ARE SCREENED to protect privacy!!  You will have to turn on comment notifications to see our response - we now have a community guide for showing how to do so.


This post is where you will be able to discuss new ideas for the community.  Suggestions may range from a new contest idea to a proposed update to a rule.  All comments are public and respectful discussion/debate is encouraged.  Some ideas won't be up for discussion simply because the mods have already recently made a decision on the topic, but otherwise we are open to hearing anything and will be taking suggestions very seriously.

Note that this is NOT the place to call out and discuss specific members' behavior (either by naming them directly or by insinuation) - please keep all discussions of problematic behavior to the private Report a Problem post.


Pretty much exactly as the title states, this page contains all of the moderators' contact information in one centralized place.  This is also where we will note if one of the mods will be on hiatus or other comments related to our communication.  As always, DO NOT MESSAGE MULTIPLE MODS with the same issue to get around a decision!!  We will most likely be directing you to the Report a Problem post anyway if you are reporting a problem through PM/email.

Please ask any questions you may have about the new posts here!  We hope this new system will allow us to address your concerns more swiftly and efficiently :D

selling my virizion candy figure

So I bought one of these on impulse recently, just for fun to see who I'd get. It's Virizion! Pretty cute figure :) But... it was on impulse and as someone who likes collection full sets (if small enough) I don't plan on getting the others, and I'm not that into mini figures either^^ It's time to go to a Virizion/Muskedeer collector!

So I have the repeat ball capsole with the tag still on it (and hard candy that I didn't even open) that I plan on including with the sealed too. I was think $9 shipped anywhere for the two. But I figured maybe some people might want to split the ball and figure (and decide on who wants the candy, I guess) and that's doable too. Although I'm trying to sell it as a set, I'll only split it up if I can find a buyer for both.
(Please excuse the ugly windowsill >_>)

Both sold! :)

*granted sales permission on 07/20/11 by dakajojo*

20120911_174322 20120911_174357

 (...Here's a shameless plug to my sales too, since classes just started and all :p)

Anyone wanna be my partner in crime? ;)

Hey! I'm wondering if I could get someone to help me out with setting up a GA
(i really should have set this up sooner but let's see if we cant buy this one in a couple of days!)

I'll do all the shipping and such, i DO have sales permission. In exchange I'd like someone to help me do spreadsheets and such, and teach me how to calculate GA things!! One thing i wanted to do was to bring good GAs to the comm u.u

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In other news I am going to make some pre-made duct tape wallets very soon! Keep in touch, friends!


pokemon, rattata

Taiwanese Middle Man Needed!

Me and milomilotic11 are looking for a Taiwanese middle man for our grails!! They are on an auction site that ships to Taiwan only, and we're both super anxious to see if we can get them. If someone would be willing to help us out, we would LOVE IT. We'll send the links to whomever agrees to/is interested in helping us out.

They're both relatively small purchases (it would come to around 5 US dollars before any tax for both of them!!) so it wouldn't break your bank at all.

If someone could please, please, please help us out, we'd be eternally grateful!! Thank you! <3

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