September 13th, 2012

Pokemon Crossing

Pokemon Christmas Goodness

As the first wisps of cool air started rolling through my neighborhood earlier this week it got the little wheels in my head spinning and plotting. How might I make this Christmas in my apartment festive and welcoming? Why, by decorating with Pokemon merch of course! So I come today with a Christmas themed wants list. Pictures and list after the cut.
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Agent Spectre: An introduction!

Greetings fellow Pokemon collectors!  This Spectre has actually been lurking in the shadows of this community for a few years, but has just now finally decided to make an introduction post!

First thing's first... I've loved monsters and have been a ravenous collector all my life.
I have been collecting Pokemon since 1998 and have never stopped loving it.  While things have been off and on due to having many other collections as well as normal life circumstances (time, money, etc), I have managed to amass a hefty amount of Pokemon merchandise of all types.  So much so that it actually gives me anxiety because I have no place to put/display anything, yet I can not stop. XP
I would love to make an actual collection post and supply pictures of the things I have, however, as I stated before, this will be quite a feat for me, as it is literally everywhere in the house.  The good news is, that I've been making an effort to clean up, and as such will probably find a lot of cool things along the way.  I can't promise that I will be so active, because it's just how I am, but perhaps the discoveries and sorting process to define my collection may motivate me!

To give a taste, here's just one of my favorite sets that I own:

I would absolutely love to find the TOMY DX vinyl Moltres to complete these guys! X3

Anyway...  I love Ghost, Bug, Rock, Steel, Poison and Dragon types the most I think.  It would be impossible for me to settle on just a few Pokemon, and if I listed every one I enjoy collecting, this post would be even longer than it already is, yikes! However I can say I'm particuarly fond of fossil Pokemon, serpents, machines, and also as of late have been trying to amass collections for the Ninjask and Scolipede lines.
My latest obsession comes in the form of a human, one Achroma/Colress. He and his Pokemon are such an amalgamation of so much of what I love, that I absolutely can not resist, and I desire to have a fully concentrated collection of him. The first step will be the aquisition of as many of his cards from Plasma Gale as I can get my claws on. If anyone could provide assistance with that in the coming weeks, that would be absolutely splendid.

Thanks for your time, and I hope to be around more often. I love buying/selling/trading, and most of all I love to help.
~Spectre ( The Clockwork Ouroboros)

Teenie Beanie, Umbreon

Hello again old friends + Attic Finds

It's been a while since I've been on the com., I blame it on a re-discovered love of MLP, but that is a story for a different day.

Today I wound up exploring the attic in my parents house and found an old Pokemon Battling Coin Game 3 coin set. It has Wigglytuff, Kabutops, and Diglett in it. The date on the back says 1999, so even at 9 years old I still kept most of my things in the original packaging lol. I also found a Bulbasaur lolipop topper from 1999 that looks like new. I'm sure there's plenty more up there, but I only went through three boxes (out of like 40). As you can imagine, I'm pretty excited about finding these things still in great shape. Perhaps I'll venture up there again tomorrow! ^_____^

Now I'm off to make some plushies, finding old Pokemon things only makes me love the little Pocket Monsters even more <3
dento DRAG oh noess

many things!

First of all, Sunyshore has new things! You can now begin to preorder your Black Kyurem and White Kyurem PokeDolls!! along with the 2012 Lugia PokeDoll re-release, a new RAICHU! washcloth that the Pokemon Center put out, the Therian Form Hyper Size Figures and some new Pokemon Time stickers I now have images of (along with those pens!). Mini Pokedolls also come out this weekend!

Do not forget that you also have a few more weeks to get your order in for Dot Sprite Charms! All 173 types of B/W Pokemon included!

Next, we finally have images of the final (regular) MPC sets. This tells us that the final six legendaries without MPC yet WILL be in Namco Limited Sets (assuming they do get made, which we must assume, as Banpresto has done very well with MPC). Genosect will probably be released as a single exclusive. This is all my own speculation! You can see my reasoning in this post on my own LJ if you want to read stupid ramblings.

click for bigger!

Next, these Gym Badges are out today. And my goodness are they beautiful. My camera is a bit broken right now so these are cell phone images, but you get the idea... I really am blown away. Why have they never done this before?!

Don't forget, I have some cool genga up for offers. Brock set and Delcatty set are still free for the taking!

Massive gets post

Hello fellow pokemon collectors! I am now officially on break from collecting, save for canvas plush, but I have not shown off anything I've gotten in months! XD I have tons of items stacked up in the "not shown" area of my overly organized collection, though for now I can't show you the whole thing since I'm not quite done on my Eeveelution canvas hunt. XP Anyway, let's skip more text walls and get straight to the fun part!

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Holy Grail get, Shrooms, Customs and Zukan! Mini Collection Update~

I got some new gets, some being extremely rare finds and a holy grail! I've decided to split my collection update into two parts because A. I'm still waiting on items and B. Theres items in here that deserve their own update all to themself.
They're that freakin' amazing.
No joke, collectors. No joke.
Check it out!

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Plush Question

I come to you all with a question…
I'm on a quest to obtain every official Darumaka plush, and I've seen all kinds of plush that look kinda like some of mine, but slightly different…
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Sorry to bother you guys, but it's just my luck that the pokemon collector's wiki doesn't have a page for Darumaka. :(
(This post was extremely Darumaka-tastic)

Charms and Things GA!

Hey PKMNCollectors! Today, herar and I bring you a GA filled with painted charms, wobbling figures, and bobble-heads! Come check it out~

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We look forward to an awesome GA with you guys! :3

Please do wait until I have your desired thread up to bid~ Bid to your heart's content!

Bidding has Ended!

Cool Random Find.


So I went to a mall today, and found this huge new buy/sell/trade type shop in place of the out of business book shop I used to go to. I can't remember the name at the moment, I'll have to find the receipt, but it sold books, video games, And Old Toys!

I found a bunch of random old Pokemon merchandise with original packaging! I'll definitely be visiting this place a lot. Maybe some old Tomy figures will turn up!

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Clear desu

Got these for free

I know this is unbelieveable! A person who was my friend decided to part with her Pokemon plushes and she sent them to me...for nothing. xD This is worth so much money. o-o All the plushes are 100% legit EXCEPT for Dragonite, that's a bootie. I know certain the rest is legit because I know were she purchased them some years ago.
Unfortunately she cut both tags and tush tags off of the Jolteon canvas, Leafeon pokedoll and Arcanine ufo. Also Leafeon pokedoll tail was cut loose. xD  But I still don't have to complain!
Under the cut you will see a bigger picture + pictures of Leafeon's loose tail etc.

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Thanks for reading. <3
  • aleyina

Pokemon Group buys!

Hey guys!
Poor charizard had some bad luck with a GB. So to help take some stress off of her, lets try it again for those who still wanted items!!!

Original group buy post here
^^^^ check this link. If you aren't crossed off then you still have a claim with her. If you got first dibs on her first set of each then you are still on hers. Hope this helps clear up confusion.

If you have a claimed with her hang onto it. This was just for more sets since she tried to do multiples of each set and someone bought them. The seller relisted more sets and Trynyti was too exhausted/stressed to try to do it again.
This is just for anyone who missed her first claim :)
She is only doing 1 claim now instead of 2 or 3. So I am doing a second set to help her and the people who missed out

YOU MUST PAY if claimed. I will drive to your home and kick you in the shin if you back out on me. I am a don't test me!
There will be 1 payment. To save everyone money on PP fees only one payment is due. When I get the item it goes right to you! :) Awesome, huh?
GB goes until all are claimed. Let me know if you are international.

Stamps = $4.85 (that's shipping, PP fee, package and item!)
I'll contact you when its time to pay. Please pay within 2 days.

Pokemon coin cases!
Charmander- Arcanine5860
Mew- Akihio 
Pikachu- Aleyina 

Pokemon stamps:
Dear Pikachu- Clair2522
Mew- Kitsunekei
Psyduck- Graywrabbit

Seel/Shelldar- Zangooseel
Ditto- Tayran
Clefairy/Clefable- Kawaiiouji
Jigglypuff/Wigglytuff- Kawaiiouji

Porygon- Agentspectre
From Pikachu- Aleyina
Horsea- Zakiax1 

Ask me any questions. I will combine items for you :)

I Need a cohost for this ga

Found a go co host can't wait for the ga : )

Hello Guys,

Their is a huge GA I want to host but it is 3 different lots form the same seller but I need a cohost to make the threads and keep count of the totals of how much we raise for each and I will be the one to place bids and do the shipping for the lots.

Any takers?


(no subject)

Hi comm! Since I just recently started collecting seriously, i've been trying to decide what I want to collect. Umbreon,Totodile,Feraligatr,and Lucario are my main focus as of this point.

Before I go on I wanna state I have no real intent to buy right now as I lack money to do so.

So, I was wondering what some of the more sought after merch for these guys were and what they usually go for? :3 (If these types of posts aren't allowed I'll remove it :3 )


Doooes any body have a litwick or whimsicott pokedoll for sale? 
images (8)
sorry if this is your picture - i'll take it down if you'd like!
I'm looking maybe about 22$ shipped for each of them :3.

And very slim chance - but does anybody have these lati pillows? i need them in my life. and the latios banpresto that i've asked about so many times before on here but it cant hurt to ask again so I squeeze this in here
latias pillowslatios
And also i'm always looking for this big bootleg lugia that they sold on eBay a few years ago :3

sorry for the boring post ;-;