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14 September 2012 @ 12:30 am
I just got my sales permission last week, so it's time to try this out. I have read all kinds of seller tutorials and made research about it, but please be forgiving, if I don't know something right away and adding up the total will take some time. I'll do my best!

Two auctions as well as battrios and pan stickers for straight sale.

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14 September 2012 @ 09:13 am
Hello pkmncollectors!
I come to you today with a small want, well i am pretty sure that everybody wants one!
My obsession with eeveeloution canvases has been growing and growing ever since i first saw one.
So i am looking to buy a used one! By used i mean both its tags can be off and it doesn't have to be mint or anything, just not with the stitching coming undone or anything like that.
My favourite is Jolteon, but i will take any apart from flareon and eevee (i don't know why but i just don't really like flareon, and i already have an eevee hasbro plush)
As for how much i am willing to pay? Well my mum really governs my purchases so my funds are very limited, so if you are interested in selling, you can offer first.
Please help me! It will be going to a good home where it will be loved.
Thank you for reading this and happy Pokemon Collecting!
Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. <3

I am on the lookout for some Rayquaza (or Rayray, as I affectionally call it XD). Especially this figure:

Even if no one has one for sale, what is this figure exactly? A Jakks? Just curious. =P

I'm also looking for plush of this Pokemon. Show me what you got and I'll see if I want to purchase it or not! (lol rhyme) ^^

In addition, rhobslein and melissar1! You both still need to pay for Payment 1 of the Zekroms Galore GA!
Please see this post for more details! Thanks!


And that's it! Thanks for viewing! ^^
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This is just a reminder that my auction for the Mismagius pokedoll, and the Flareon, Jolteon, Vulpix, and other megablocks is ending Saturday night!! A LOT of the megablocks don't have bids, so claim them while you still can!

click the pictures to get there, or click here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/13126917.html
Hello all! Hope this post finds you well. Today I come bearing a few plush to be sold, some to take offers on, and custom plush to be sold so for the love of Arceus I can get my room re-organized.  

Serperior, Spinda,Wooper, and Delibird Pokedolls~! More under the cut though!
Sales Permission granted 8/8/2012 by allinia. Feedback is HERE
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Aaanndd here's a weird want! For some reason I'm really enamored by ekans metal figures.
These guys! 

Lovely photo from marphoria

I want to collect all their colors! Please, if you have any to sell me, I'll throw money at you! :3 
Here's my checklist: (Please let me know if there are any other colors!) 
Thank you all so much! 
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14 September 2012 @ 03:52 pm
Hello! I'm Lindsay, and I've been lurking for a while but haven't posted yet. I was at home this weekend and I decided to get some pictures of my collection. I don't have a lot, but I might be able to start adding to it soon. I'll share what I have so far.

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My Team Rocket cels!Collapse )

Thanks for looking!
I'm a big Team Rocket fan and so anything with the TRio catches my eye, including cels and settei. (Biggest eBay regret is not buying the toothbrush/toothpaste set. That was like 7 years ago.) I know I've got some competition in this comm, though. ^_^
I hope to be a bit more active here, so I'll see everyone around!
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Hey guys! Its me again <3 

Once again my TCG trade folders are getting too big to handle, so I've deided to update and rephoto everything!

For the first time as well, I am selling off a bunch of my ultra rares! Including the very coveted GOLD STARS, primes, EX's and more!

On a note: please read the rules and abide by them! The amount of cards I have is obscene, so if you dont follow the rules I will ignore you as it will just be impossible to sort out your order!


Secondly, I have updated my old school TCG wants list! at the bottom I have added some of the cards I need from expedition, aquapolis and skyridge! I would rather trade for them at the moment, but we may be able to work something out!


and as usual, my two biggest wants right now! My boyfriend wants to get me one of these for my birthday, and he is willing to pay the big bucks on my behalf! If you guys have these, or ever even SEE them; please let me know!:

If you even find the figure for SALE anywhere I will give you a $10 monetary reward for letting me know and finding it! It is the last gible figure I need :)

Thanks for reading guys, it's very much appreciated :D 
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14 September 2012 @ 06:45 pm

Posting a reminder about this possible group buy:

There are 4 still available!! If All the slots get filled we can get this :D
These are shooters from mc donalds.

If you're interested, claim here:
It's only got a couple days left guys!!
14 September 2012 @ 09:17 pm
Hi there, it's nice to meet you all. I'm Trimble (But more commonly I go by Kona), and I'm new to the group. I've been a fan of pokemon since I was little, (Age five, now nineteen!) and despite growing up, it's something I never really outgrew. I got every version of all the games (Though I missed plenty of spin offs) and my parents found christmas shopping easy, as all I wanted were cards and pokemon dolls.

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Anyway, it's nice to meet you guys! Expect to see me around.


So, after a long week of school... I finally have time to post here! It has been an okay week, I've been watercolour painting, I might open up comissions in the near future... Depends how good I get ^_^! I also start my first REAL day of training on my new job at a grocery store tomorrow! I work I believe 11-4 :-O (I could be wrong, I wrote it down, don't worry ;-) ) Anywho the real reason I'm posting is the news! So enough about me! Time for more PLASMA GALE -chuckles-

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Benny Woolley
14 September 2012 @ 09:43 pm
Chibi Stampers GA
All paid members are posted out, or will be combined with your other orders. Everyone else was PMed at the beginning of the week and I'd had no replies/payments. I'm going to keep those items for the set time limit, don't worry.

Schenzi 400 kids and more GA - Arrived! Yay!
The following users have not yet paid Payment 1, leaving me $34 out of pocket. I have sent PMs to...
I will not start posting extras or photos of orders until this is paid off (or explained).

a schenzi lot of kids

+Pokebox Orders+
There has been some confusion - The items are not at my house, Payment 1 was for the items and Payment 2 was to get them to my house. Payment 3 will be postage to you!
We are waiting for samurwatt, densuine, meijiatron, silverbuizel, jenksss, winterfresh100 and wutastic to pay Payment 2, I have PMed all those that I could.

Quick Eevee Offers!
I've had this lovely guy in my collection for a while, but it's time for him to snuffle his way to a new home. He's the 10" Play by Play edition.
Very good, clean condition. Tush tag is shown in the photos. As you can see, the eyes are in great shape, and he stands up unassisted. He has little pink soles to his feet, and black sewn toes. Click the pics for bigger versions. :)
P9130064 P9130065
I'd like to start offers at $15 and end after 24hrs of no replies. Shipping not included, but fees are.,
14 September 2012 @ 10:04 pm
New goods from the Pokemon Center, including adorable upcoming Christmas themed stuff!!

There's more than Pikachu, I promise!Collapse )
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14 September 2012 @ 11:02 pm
Long story short, I'm looking for both Halloween and Christmas decorations a little in advance, and there's actually 2 thing I found that would be quite perfect!


Looking for both of those, there both from 2009 from Halloween and Christmas promotions respectively obviously. So if anyone has one of those clearfiles or even both for sale, let me know! Willing to pay pretty good.

And the last sales reminder for a while:

(click the pic to be transported)

Good night everyone!
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14 September 2012 @ 11:58 pm

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