September 15th, 2012


Pan Sticker+ Sales!

I'm back again with more sales! This time it's "Pan Stickers Plus" - a bunch of pan stickers with some small Korean stickers that look a little similar.

As usual, you can combine shipping with any of my past sales ^_^

Pokemon Pan Stickers

Here's a little preview. The new post can be found here!

I also gathered together my past (and current) sales posts into one place, where you can see what's new and what's been cleaned up recently. Check out this page any time you'd like to buy from me ^_^ If it doesn't have the Pan sticker sales at the top of the list, please refresh it!

Sales page here!

* I have been a member of pkmncollectors since 2007, and received grandfathered sales permission from denkimouse.
* My community feedback can be found here.

Thanks for looking!
Happy Klyde

Shipping Update

Just an update that everyone who has bought stuff from my sales post has been taken to the post office today

This post goes to:
Joe Hughes , joltzapvire, dialny, acidmimi, vaporeon99,
enshogirl, 3kame, charizard, senseidoodles

Thank you everyone with your patience and purchase, I'll go ahead and finish this post
with my newest royal snake addition. ^^
Love the li'l smile she has X33

(she's from banpresto from the keldeo film this year)
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Awesome Pokemon Haul!

 Well hello, pkmncollectors! I've been an avid lurker, but now a first time poster! I just recently had a pretty awesome poke'haul from an estate sale I had gone to yesterday, and thought I would share!IMG_2378
eedless to say I am VERY excited! My mother had come to me, asking if I would like to come with her and my grandmother to an estate sale several very eldery women were having. At first I had no interest because well...they're elderly, and there is probably nothing good but 'old people stuff.' But I was so wrong! She had grand kids! AND ALL THIS FABULOUS STUFFS!
What I also found comical was I was the only one out of our little trio that walked out of the estate with anything! All the figures above and little toys and cards came together in a $2.00 bag. o-o
And each of the plushies was just a $1! Yes it is obvious the plushies have been 'loved' dearly, but I think I gave them a nice home. :) Im also quite fond of the mew toys I snagged with it! I know they probably aren't rares, and one mew is missing a tail, but its mew!

Needeless to say, I feel like I hit a goldmine! ^-^

First Sales Post!

Hey guys~
Got sales permisson a few weeks ago :D
So today I give you my first sales post! It contains tons of Jakks and Hasbro plush some NWT! Also some custom stuff like my Perler designs and a Pokemon episode cover Duck Tape clutch wallet! Check it out guys!

Preview of Wallet~


Cut to MewisMe700's sales!

Thanks for looking <3

My First Collection Post, and Grail get!

Hello PKMNcollectors!
I have been on this community for about a month now, so i have finally decided to actually do a collection post! And show you my awesome grail get!
My collection basically only consists of plushies ^_^ which my parent's wallet absoloutly despises because they are just so cute!
Anyways I am going to try to atempt a cut now....

Collapse )
Thank you for taking the time to read this and sorry for the long boring post ^_^
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Collection Update! 1 Down, 9 to Go

I recieved my japanese lefeon x in the mail today, and updated my website scans! I'm soooo close, yet so far from having a truly complete eeveelution collection. Was hoping to purchse the English Umbreon*, but since it turns out that it would cost half of my paycheck....yeah probably not this time lolz.

Anyways, click the banner to check out all my Eevees! :)

eevee collection
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Group Buy update/reminder and a want

Just a reminder for my stamp GB. The coin purses have been purchased and SHOULD be here soon. They haven't shipped yet, but hopefully they will Monday.

need homes! I won't buy the set unless all are claimed.
Go here to check it out!
You can comment here if you want one of the remaining stamps as well :)


Anyone who had a claim with Trinity, go here:
Payments for hers are due. If you do NOT see your name then you didn't have a claim. If you would like to claim any of mine, comment below.
Once again, this was a second GB to help out Trynyti. We are not working together. We are two seperate sellers.
Does anyone have this they are willing to sell? I just want the sticker set
PikaPair Stationary