September 16th, 2012

Thank you!
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An auction reminder

My shiny auctions end in 24 hours, so if you planned to bid, now is the time to do so.
Many of the pan stickers and battrios (including Eeveelutions) are also still available.

And to make this post at least a bit less boring and perhaps even informative, I want to show you something I made yesterday inspired by Sneadres! I just loved his Tomy figure display stairs so much that I wanted to do my own. I had been looking for something like those stairs even before I saw his post, but it made me realize I could do them myself instead of buying! I hope, he doesn't mind or think that I stole his idea. ^^' My display stairs are not nearly as neat and official-looking as his are (I would link the post with an image, but sadly the image wasn't working anymore), but I didn't have any equipment to work with hard plastic, metal or anything like that.

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aura the mewtwo by dracalitten

auction reminder & a quick want

Hey guys, just a reminder that my v-chip auctions end tomorrow at 7pm EST. Raichu, Dragonite, and Espeon still don' thave any bids. I've lowered the prices of most of the figures that didn't have any interest (since I had no idea what they were worth to begin with), and cut Espeon's start price by a significant amount (33%). So get your bids in :3

Also, while I'm here, does anyone have a Durant MPC plush they're willing to part with? I don't really care if it has tags (though they're obviously preferred). I don't really know the going rate of MPCs, so I guess I'd like to pay around $10? (Let me know, please, if that's ridiculously high or low XD)

Another big thing I'm looking for is a Jakks Victini. I know they're already pretty hard to find, and are only going to get rarer now that Jakks is dropping the license. -_- I'd like to pay between $15-20 for it, hopefully not a whole lot more (since I'm not even a Victini collector xD).

Regular wants list is here, feel free to make an offer if you have anything I'm looking for (and it's not just Mewtwos, there's actually a lot of different Pokemon I'm looking for :P). The wants list also has pictures of the above two plushes I mentioned. Thanks in advance c:

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Some Bootie-ful Eevees ;)

I got some new friends in the mail over the past week and I think they'd like to say "hi" :D

Here they are attempting to wake up thier new friend, who is in a shipping coma. China is a long way away!


I've been wanting to grab myself one of the over-sized Vaporeon plush. So when I went on ebay to find one I stumbled across these three as well! Vappy should be coming next week, but these guys wanted attention while they could get it!


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I'm really hoping they complete the set with Espeon, Flareon, Leafeon, and Glaceon, but since a large official Leafeon and Glaceon already exist, I'm not holding my breath. I'm anxious to take these guys home and add them to my other Eevees!


Wanting to get a few items for Christmas. Figrue if I start looking now I might have then in time lol.

Looking for Pokemon Conquest items. Not sure what's out there but would love to browe :)

Also looking for items (especially plushies) of Eevee (mostly just eevee but might be interested in evolutions), vulpix, chatot, jigglypuff, pikachu and maybe other cute pokemon.

Also I"m always looking for christmas items from pokemon, and haloween items.


Intro Post

Hello :3
I don't think my last intro post actually worked I seem to have had it on private or something so here's a new intro post. My name is Jess, as many here I have been into Pokemon for many years but only started seriously collecting things other than TCG recently. I am really into plushies right now and I just can stop. Feel free to follow the cut to my collection :)And to those whom I have bought from, the plushies I bought are the ones in the pics below you know which ones :3 I also have a wants list as well here a link to that, If you have any of these go ahead and comment I'll get back to you asap!

Also heres a link to my hopefully growing feedback page:

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Some quick questions....

Hey PKMNcollectors!
Today i have some quick Qs for you, hoping that you can shine some light on some things for me =)
Anyways my first question is...
Is toysnjoys a reliable site to buy pokemon plushies from?
Second question is...
I recently bought a bootleg canvas Vaporeon from snakegu (small version) on ebay. has anybody else ever bought one? How did it turn out?
And last of all....
How long have you known about pokemon?
As for me, i first knew about it when i was about 4 years old, so that makes it just shy of a decade for me.
So sorry if this post is not allowed, i will take it down if that is the case.
Happy Pokemon Collecting!
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Cilan- Fascinating!

What happened to AAPF?

I've been wondering this recently. Their last post on both Twitter and their english blog was back in July. I liked their site since they were on top of things, merch-wise and gave us some nice info. It's sad to see them this disappear like this. I hope they're doing alright at least.

So, does anyone happen to know what happened to them?
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Quick want and postage update

To anyone who bought anything from my metal figure auction they all got shipped yesterday! Except for anyone who is taking part in my group buys. Them items should be here tomorrow hopefully! :D

Also a quick want! I'm after a pikachu canvas plush, preferably with tags and in mint/nm condition ;3; 

The mysterious Vulpix!

What an interesting day it has been!

Those who have been around long enough may still remember me winning this plush in summer 2009:

Eee, my dear Afrodite (Finnish spelling of Aphrodite, in case you didn't know)! <3 It's been three long years! Hoping for many more to come!

She was dubbed a mirage plush since the community had never seen another like her - she was most likely an unlicensed plush, even though she did have rather convincing tags (no manufacturer, though). She was assumed European because of her CE tag. The seller I got her from said they had bought her from Japan, though. Perhaps she had originally travelled from Europe to Japan, then to Australia and then again back to Europe, to me, you never know! Anyway, she was thought to be a mirage plush and that's it. Life went on and no other like her was never seen again... But, it seems this wasn't the end of the story after all!

A week ago, something very surprising popped up on Y!J!

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Kabutops Wants!

So after starting with a single Kabutops tomy, I now have a somewhat extensive (and admittedly expensive) Kabutops collection! But, of course, every collection can always be expanded! If anyone has any of the things below, or any other Kabutops figure/anything, let me know! :D Here's what I'm on the lookout for!

Kabutops wants
(if any of these pictures are yours and you want them out, let me know! Also, click for a larger view!)

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Thanks for reading! :D I've got a relatively large (in comparison to how it was) collection update to come in the next few weeks :D

Recent gets. Yay!

Just got back from Comikaze Con, which is a convention Stan Lee created, and it was amazing. 
And was able to buy some pretty cool things. XD

Buttons and Charms. The cell phone charms were super cute.  And Idk if the charizard is a bootie but it looked cool.

I am in love with this shirt. My friend actually bought a magikarp shirt saying "I swear to god when i evolve, I'm going to kill you all". We plan on wearing our shirts on the same day whenever we go out and hang out. lol

thanks for looking/reading.

Stuffed animal maker wanted

So, I am looking for a custom! I am unfortunately very picky but I am very much willing to pay for quality. I am in need of a shiny lickilicki that looks like a pokedoll. Let me know if anyone is interested, if so please send a portfolio or direct me to your deviantart account. Like I said before quality is very important to me and price should not be a factor... As long as it isn't super ridiculous. <3 :3

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Mysterious Eevee plush and small figure auction! Plus sales update

Today I have a bunch of random items for auction! Including mysterious Eevee plushies, electric lions, Buizels, rare soap figures, and clear kids that starts at $1 >w<

Auction end at Wednesday, 19th September at 9:00 pm (GMT+8)! It's about Wednesday morning (9am for GMT-8) in the US timezone. Ended \ouo/

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I've updated my sales post as well!
Added a few new items, updated new photos, and lowered prices for many old items.

Click here or the preview pic below to the sales!
*Crrently offline though, will reply to stuff after Monday work (which is.. 7:00pm GMT+8 >v>;)*

A Wild Chapster Has Appeared!

Hello everyone, my name is Sharon but please call me Chappy. Some of you might have seen me around before and in actuality I've been here since March '11 but just never got around to introducing myself. Also I had like NOTHING of a collection to show anyone so i was kind of ashamed to even consider an intro post when I had nothing to show ^^;

I've had an on-and-off relationship with Pokemon since I watched the original show back in the 90's. Growing up with it and being 10 when it came out, totally got me hooked (and ready to run away and start my own pkmn journey cuz i was 10yrs old, I had my rights did i not? D8). I bought cards and all but I have since given them to my brother and have no clue where he put those. I have some Really old 90's merch though I only specifically remember a talking Togepi toy, but all of those things have been put into storage since :( Maybe when i move out on my own or something I'll have the courage to through all those boxes. 

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Quick sale SOLD and N want still

Hey all! I just want to quick sell this delcaty charm. I'll be probably heading home on wednesday or a little while and I can pick it up then and try to ship out thursday or so. I'm also still looking for the N rubber strap. Also, I'm thinking of buying a pokemon stamper for my letters when I ship cards out. I'd like a Minccino =)
PokemonMateNRubberStrap-250x250 (picture from pokevault)
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Quick Question

Hello! Just a quick question about Snorlax merch- specifically badges. I wanted to get one to remind me of someone important to me, but I don't even know if they exist! Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

EDIT: Thanks to straydogstarbck I'm now looking for a 151 badge of Snorlax (doesn't have to be in packaging as I wantto wear it every day!), and I would also like a snorlax charm:

Gyrados - Summer/Season

New Deck Boxes and Sleeves! :D

Browsing on eBay for some card sleeves, and see one photo set of new sleeves. Check the japan website, and yep they have new sleeves and matching deck boxes.  Click under the image to see the rest.  Metal pokemon finally getting some rep! D:

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Anywho, thought you guys should know, since there's quite a bit of Lugia fans here. x)
mijumaru, cute
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Introducing Tshirt Project + Offers + Teaser

Hey guys! I've been busy for quite a while doing a little project of mine. This ain't your typical sales post (like I mostly do nowadays) because I am introducing you to the TSHIRT PROJECT!

It's a collection of Pokemon Face shirts that I designed and featured in Here's a link of my portfolio! I'm trying to make a face shirt of the popular Pokemon from all generations. This is of course inspired by the shirts from Pokemon Center. To be honest, I've never actually got one, I only have a Pikachu shirt that I bought locally which isn't official. Anyway here's a sneak peak of the available designs!

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And one last thing!! The final figures I've been waiting for from Peru have finally arrived! And now time for a collection update..... SOON! Here's a teaser for the new minimalist look for my collection website. :P