September 19th, 2012

Eevee Dangle

GA Lost ~ and a collection grail achieved

Hey guys, some sad news about the Bandai Evolution keychain GA - We lost. =( Someone using the same deputy outbid us, meaning they got it for quite a bit under what we raised too. I increased my bid limit to way over what we raised and tried my best, but to no avail =(. Sorry, everyone! Maybe next time! I'll be keeping a look out for another auction like this!

On a lighter note, to make this post less boring and sadface, I obtained a collection grail today! I've been searching for once since before I joined the community. I first saw it on ebay, then I started to see it in people's collections. It was never worth as much as most people's grails, it was more about the difficulty finding one. After over-sleeping and missing the end of an auction for one, then missing a BIN one by seconds on the comm, I started looking on Y!Japan. Never showed up. Then it popped up on ebay! Well, I bid more than any of the previous ones sold for - and won!

Banpresto 1998 Christmas Plush Clefairy Doll!

It's MWT, perfect condition, and the seller included some awesome stickers too! I'm going to move my collection around to sit my sweet little Clefary dolls higher up out of reach/range of my dogs and their fur. While they've never attacked my collection before, this little thing is too special to me to risk anything ;w;

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kids news and candy news!

There is a new Candy Collection coming in November. For those that don't know, this is the new Chupa Chups figures. They just replaced lollipops with candy and changed the name.

Pretty nice set if you ask me!

There is also a new kids set in December! Starring... not ONE SINGLE BLACK/WHITE POKEMON! However if the October set is anything to go buy, most of these will NOT be new. I wonder which ones will be? I know which ones I am hoping for.

1. Eevee
2. Deoxys (what is with all the Deoxys stuff? so far we know nothing as to the reason)
3. Iris' Dragonite
4. Vaporeon
5. Espeon
6. Umbreon
7. Riolu
8. Lucario
9. Altaria
10. Mareep (!)
11. Pikachu

Now, time to get everyone's mini pokedolls out! I know I am in love with how Pachirisu looks with my others!

Do not forget to get your Tea Kettle and Litwick lamp requests in by TOMORROW! And Dot Sprite charms will be closing soon too!

Sales! and Plasma Gale!

Updated my sales with Lugia Sleeves.

I have some Plasma Gale extra cards, so if you're looking for any common or uncommons, hit me up. they'll be 50 cents each. I also have one extra Colress, along witha  Skarmory promo.

Wants are currently:
Scramble Switch acespec
Dowsing machine acespec
Cobalion EX
Lugia EX

any FullArt save Lugia.

Willing to try working trades also!

Pokemon Gets!

So a while ago my mom told me I had gotten a few packages..over a week before she actually told me..

It's not a lot I know, but to me this is huge, I don't normally get box packages so I get giddy whenever I do xD

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Amazing in-case GA payment 1 due!

Hi all,

Just a quick entry for the participants of me and saberalter's in-case figure GA, the invoice is in and payment 1 is due!

You may click the picture to get to the original group auction page~

Please look out for your totals - despite the hefty duty fees and high shipping, we were still able to get a little bit of a discount (more obvious for those whose totals were more than a few dollars). :)

Charizard Statue

Obligatory Pokemon Time Post YESSS

Hey everybody! My Pokemon Time package of amazing came from Sunyshore today, so I wanted to share! <3

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That concludes my collection update of Pokemon Time wonderment! I'll post an overall collection update in the early weeks of October, since it'll be my anniversary on the community! <3

Lenticular Card Questions

Hi! ^^

I have some questions about lenticular cards.

I was going through my TCG tins (which I use for storage) and I found this -


I also have an Absol one, but I didn't take photos of it. I have no idea where I got them from. I'm thinking they were a freebie in something I bought here. I tried to find out more information about the cards and was able to find this list - I wasn't able to find any other pictures of them or individual cards for sale (just packs).

So...I was wondering if anyone knows anything about these? Are they rare? Worth anything? Does anyone have the James one they'd be willing to trade (or just photograph so I can see it?)? lol. I might be interested in a few of the others (Skitty/Delcatty, name a few). (The reason I'm asking about worth/rarity is that I was considering trading it for a common RH TCG card...and I want to make sure I'm not giving up something valuable on accident.)

And! Two more questions:

1) Does anyone have the Houndour card featured here that they'd be willing to sell/trade? -
Houndour Lenticular
Sorry if that's your's the only pic I can find of the card and I could only find the preview image on google. The pic is no longer on photobucket. ^^;

Is there a Houndoom card that goes with that Houndour? I'd love to see a pic if there is! ^^

2) Did Houndour/Houndoom ever get a flip card? I was thinking they might have been part of this set - but I couldn't find a complete checklist anywhere.

~ Risha

(no subject)

hi again everyone :D 
today i come with some queries which I hope you can help me with 
firstly I was wondering if any members in the UK has ever has a EMS item be passed onto parcelforce (urgh!) and been charged at customs?, I cant find any information as to if and/or how much I will be charged. The item in question is a super duper grail so I was to get my hands on the dear as soon possible. It's pretty large and heavy by the way. 

secondly is there a place I can see what TCG cards are available of a particular pokemon? I am thinking of collecting some Mew cards and would like to know what's out there. 

And finally how are those of you in rented houses displaying your plush and figures? 
please click the cut for my current display and see my first ever attempt at making a plush!

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Quick reminder!

There are less than 24 hours left on my 3 Rare Plush offers, please look before they are gone!

Also to make this post less boring, I completed 2 more evo lines, have a look! :)

Dwebble and Crustle
Roggenrola, Boldore and Gigalith

Also, as a heads up, my order of 1 complete set of Banpresto Halloween plush is on its way and I'll be selling the extras in a week or two!

Collection update: An exciting get!

Good evening, everyone!

I have been meaning to do an update for months, though it seems that I never found the right opportunity since I was forever waiting for things to arrive. Today I received a very special parcel which brought me to buckle down and finally post an update!

I found the need for a photo-story this time; therefore, please bear with me with the ridiculously long post!

Sunyshore Package! 009 copy

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Thank you so much for looking! I hope you are all having a fine day!
You guys are awesome! ♥

Sales Post

Gosh, I haven't been on in like 3 weeks and my life has felt so empty. First semester of college has really kept me from the computer. All that studying. x_x But I passed both of my exams so now I can finally take a break. ;w; I'll have a collection post later, but right now a small sales post including a Sceptile Pokedoll and more.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Overdue Introduction + Wants :D

Hi there, so I joined this community a little over a month ago, and I've been having a blast here! I've been buying items, participating in GAs, and more. It's honestly fantastic and I am so happy that people have been so kind to me. A little bit about me, however: My name is Kristen, I am a 22 year old college student from Oklahoma. I have been passionate about Pokemon ever since Red and Blue released in the United States. I do YouTube as a hobby and somewhat of a job and I'm approaching 13,000 subscribers. I am mainly a YouTube commentator ^.^ (Channel name is cuddleofdeath :D)

My favorite Pokemon is Houndoom, and I tend to favor dark types over other pokemon in general.

Wants list preview (without pics):
Houndoom Movie Charm
Banpresto DX Absol
Banpresto 2003 Absol
Reshiram Pokedoll
Crustle MPC
And more, please click on the cut link below which goes to my wants list. Thanks <3

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