September 20th, 2012

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Schenzi 400 kids GA extras... 2

I have compiled all the remaining extras from the other day, and added in the rest! Dive in!
Non participants are welcome, just be sensible please.

rhys107, I still need your payment 1 for this GA (or a transaction ID).

Please read the conditions on each "band" of items! There are freebies to be had from each band.
Priced extras are purely to try and pay for unpaid shipping on this and the stamper GA, and the prices include Paypal fee.

These can be combined with Pokebox orders

As I said earlier in the week, please be patient with me. I will reply to you, and parcels will go out on time.. I'm just fairly depressed and not on-line quite as often.

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Another Belated Introduction!

There seem to be a lot of these right now (or maybe it just looks that way to me). It's really great to learn about everyone and see their collections! I've been putting off this post since I get really nervous about typing to people for the first time. The collections that focus on a single character (or characters) are so much fun to see. I love looking at everyone's things!

You can call me by my LJ name or any shortening of it, like Raze. I have loved Pokemon since I was nine, which is when I started playing Blue and got my first plush! I love collecting plush (both Pokemon and non-Pokemon) and love unusual stuffed animals (I collect plush Gloomy Bears as well.), so my collection is mainly plush. You can see them under the cut!

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I hope that they make a Herdier plush someday. I want one! What plushies/merchandise would you like to see companies make?
I look forward to talking with everyone and seeing more of your amazing collections!

EDIT: Also, I forgot to mention that I'm legally blind. Just thought I should mention it, since it makes it hard to distinguish between things in the big group shots that are in large sales posts. If I ever ask for a solo/larger picture, this is why. My computer reads to me, so I can read all of the text just fine! :)
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Quick Sales!!

Hello everyone!! I have decided that possibly every day I am going to try and sell a bunch of stuff that I have no use for and has been sitting in my closet and other places that I think people here will definitely get use out of. Up for grabs today are two extremely rare shining cards! ^_^ Please make offers. All offers will be considered as long as they are fare. I know these cards can go for alot of money, but I am not trying to get a ton for them, just something reasonable. The Gyarados is 1st edition as well!! I received sales permission on 11-28-2010. Thank you!!


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Customs open!

Hello again!
Opening up for for commissions. Some of you may remember I took custom coaster & pendant commissions in may/june. Summer vacation has passed and I am back in school so it's time to start anew :)

For those interested in seeing my previous work >>FINISHED CUSTOMS THIS WAY!<<
For those interested in an actual commission, here's the official page >>CUSTOM POST THIS WAY!<<

You will find al the information you need in that post. If not, you're free to ask me anything! Just a heads up, for now FIVE coasters commissions are wide open, THREE pendants slots are being auctioned off.

Please know that this is probably the last time I will be able to take these. My time in this school ends in december and I do not know whenever I will have the means to open up again, so last chance guys ;)

I also have some extra's from last batch that I will sell/auction off in this post. So here's below the cut! Collapse )
Luffy megane


This is my first wants post : ) Still waiting for things to come in the mail before I do a collection update, so no pics on this post, sorry : (

I know I posted some things I collect before, so won't go through all that again xD But I thought I could share with you some specific, major wants I have right now. (although, if I see something cute of a bug Pokemon I usually can't resist ;;;; haha)


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- top and bottom of Rayquaza Deoxys legend cards
- Custom Ninjask and Vibrava plushes!!!!! Want want want lol

Thanks for looking! If you have any of these, feel free to tell me. O.o

Noragami - Punk Yato
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Shop inventory now on eBay

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that I put everything and more up on eBay to make room for my shops revamp. VERY low starting price!

Click the picture to be brought to the auction!

There is pretty much something for everyone so please feel free to GA this! ♥ Most of the items are still listed in my shop if you have a hard time picking some things out, I just couldn't write out everything! (Shop link)

*Please note I can only ship this within the States due to the size and weight.
(Sales permission from Gin on September 9th, 2008 - Feedback)

Also, I had a question!
What do you think about notes in your packages?
Is it helpful for you to remember who sent the items? Does it help you remember leave feedback? Do you enjoy reading the notes or just throw them out?
I have been sending notes in my packages up to a few months ago because I was running out of stationary and time. However, I would like to hear your views on it! If it's helpful for you all, I will continue writing notes with my packages! ♥

Group Buy updates

To anyone who took part in my Clearfile and Bookmark GB or the Metal Tag GB everything has arrived finally. Yesterday was spent sorting out packing it all up including any combines with my metal figure auctions. Im going to start working out postage over the next couple of days so expect a post sometime this weekend for it all!

Also! To anyone who took part in the MPC GA me and Rhys102 done, we won! There wont be much of a discount as someone bid really high against us. But once I have a total for that either me or Rhys will post that. there should only actually be 2 payments for it n__n

On another note!

I should be getting a collection post up soon seeing as my Virizion collection has died down now. I have practically everything thats been released for him! And sadly it seems the deers are getting pushed aside to be taken over by Eevees...Argh!

But in a lighter note, Ive took a trip down memory lane and realised how much I love Team Rocket and Meowth again...So, Im starting a collection of them! Me and spideyroxa have already won our christmas presents for each other ... Sooo exciting! >-< 
He's getting me the Rockets and Im paying for the 3 pikas for him. We're so excited! (Dont I have the best bestie ever! :B)

So! Im actually gonna be after some Rocket merch. If anyone has the kids for sale I may be interested. Id like anything to be as mint as possible. If you have any random Kojiro or Mushashi merch drop me a comment and I may be interested! 

Anyway, look out for my post this coming weekend! <3

GA Co-Host Wanted!

For this lovely stuff that todajust posted:

I can do a local pickup for this lot, so you will only have to pay for shipping once (me --> you). I need a co-host who is willing to do threads/spreadsheets and has prior experience.~

Thanks guys! ^^ This will be deleted and replaced with the GA once I find a co-host!~

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Nintendo World: Pickup status and New Plush News!

Since it'll take me a long time to reply individually to folks, I wanted to let everyone involved in my Nintendo World pickup that all plush requests were a success!! They had oodles of plush there and I was able to fill everyone's order :) The Tomy stock was quite lacking though, so that was less successful. :c I will be in contact with each person involved once I get home and can properly type on my home computer! So please expect to pay the remaining total and shipping in the next few days.

While I was purchasing mass amounts of plush the cashier told me some fun news about upcoming plush! 
He said they're trying VERY hard to get the 1st gen plush, specifically the starters, in stock. He also mentioned Meloetta, Keldeo, Black Kyurem and White Kyurem plush (he wasn't sure if they were PokeCenter plush or PokeDolls) and most significantly, the 12" (hence 1/1 scale) Emolga and Minccino plush! 
He said to expect new plush either late this year or early next year. Sounds like we've got some good stuff coming our way in the US!
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looking for:

a friend of mine is looking for this:

i just need to know the price before i commit to purchasing for her. i'm not sure what her limit is and neither is she.

i'm also wondering what the current pricing of wailord pokedolls is. i do already have one, but i will need to buy one as a gift eventually. are they still $80-$100?

thanks all