September 21st, 2012

A New Collection Brings New Wants!

Hey, everyone! I've decided to start a new collection that happens to have a small link to Pokemon! That new collection is foreign coins! I'm sure that it won't be as extensive as my Pokemon collection, but foreign coins are so interesting, so I'd like to have a small stash of them. I'm telling you this because my first wants for my coin collection are Pokemon related! The island country of Niue made some $1 Pokemon coins in the year 2001, and I'd like to get my hands on some of them. They don't have to be mint or anywhere near mint (I'm not that OCD about the collection...yet), as I'm mainly concerned with affordability. I'd prefer to trade right now, but I can buy them from you. Here's an article about these beautiful coins and here's a picture! Aren't they adorable?

Thank you, everyone! (:
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Here are some smaller bits of news about Pokecen goods today!! :D

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But what I personally find most exciting... Pokemon Mate figures announced!!!

Same lineup as the usual goods have been!! Man, I am excited! They are due to be released in January, and they are blind packaged, made by a company called Karakore.

German Pokemon collectors, please lend your ears! And a small want...

Hello  PKMNcollectors!
I am heading to Germany this half term and I was wondering if there are any places to buy pokemon plushes in Berlin and hamburg? I would really appreciate the help.
Oh yes and before I forget, does anybody have a Marill pokedoll for sale? It doesn't have to be MWT or anything, I am just looking for an adorable little travel buddy, to look cute in pictures and not have people questioning my sanity. I am slightly more focused on the price at the moment, and I think I will be until I get a job of my own so I am looking to pay 20-30 dollars for this little guy, or less, you know, happy with less! 
Anyways terribly sorry for the boring post, and happy Pokemon collecting!
Galvantula and Joltik
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Reminder! + Rarity check! + Question, please help

Hello there!
First, a reminder, usagimakeup, you didn't pay me the last payment for your Ash Partners figure yet and zoroarcade, you still did not pay me for the last payment for the pan sticker GA! For those people who are interested, I still have tons of leftover pan stickers for grabs! :)
Please come here to see:

Now other thing I want to bring up today! I have gotten this cute Eevee plush last week, and to be honest, I have never really seen it on this community through the time I have been here. So how rare is it?

All I know from PPP that it's a mascot plush along with Pichu, Pachirisu, etc from 2010, and they have these little flowers attached to them, but otherwise, no information..

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Otherwise, I really wanted to ask this for those who are allergic to their own collections. I am allergic to dust, therefore dust gets very easily on both plush and figures, or any other merchandise. How do you display your merch? I know that glass wardrobes are the best solution, however, I have only one small one, where not even my whole Charmander collection fits in (no wonder, it's really huge, you can look at the bottom photo), and my room is really small. If there is no real solution to that, should I just add into the wardrobe what I love the most from my collections, or just leave it at that? What would you do? Also, how do you get dust off your plush? I tried to just "beat" the dust off of one, but when looking at it, the dust doesn't even "show up", because you could clearly see there is on one. So far, my entire collections are stored in boxes and bags (room feels kinda empty). Any help on this would be appreciated!

This is my glass wardrobe I own:

Thank you so much for reading! <3
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Can someone help me please?

I bought this Zorua in 2010 if I remember well, but at that time I didn't know about fake pokemon stuff so now after trowing away the ones I knew they where fake, I am questioning myself about this Zorua. I have no clue if it's from China/Hong Kong plus I can't remember if it was coming with a tag since I would cut them at that time. I only know about pokedolls and I know nothing about other kind of pokemon plush like this one which is a Banpresto if I believe it's tush tag.
Can you please help me? I just want to know if my Zorua is legit ^^ ... I really don't like bootleg stuff (just my opinion)
Thanks ^^ 

Misterious Zorua
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Reserve your Pokemon Time Plushies now!

33.00$ each!
Comment to ask for your plush. You may ask for multiples of any plush.
★You can ask for plush anytime up until October 11th!
★Do not ask for a plush if you aren't going to pay! GRRR! Big trouble!!
★Payment for PLUSH ONLY will be due October 12th!
★Shipping will be collected as a SECOND PAYMENT on October 27th!
★You will be able to combine your Pokemon Time plush with other October releases! (they are not yet up for preorder)
~~Christmas goods!
~~Talking Eevee plush by Tomy!
~~Other new Tomy plush (Riolu, Eevee, etc)
~~And more!

★Shipping cost will be determined later, estimated 7-12$ a plush. We estimate 6-10 inches tall but have NO way of knowing for sure until they come out. Plush will not be shipped until the end of October due to a trip. Payments are being split up and taken since purchase and shipping will be happening weeks apart.

Payment will be taken once plush are SECURED! My staff will see to the secure purchase of all plush while I am temporarily away :)

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Thanks...enjoy your plushies!

One last reminder for dot sprite charms! THEY LOOK AMAZING! Click below to reserve!
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keychain GA!

I am not dead! ^^ I've just been lurking! I don't have much money so I don't wander around as much but I am still here checking out fellow collector's posts and fun stuff!!! But I came across an auction today that has a Marill item I need, so I would like to propose a small GA if you are interested!!!

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hurrah for new marill items!

Looking for Pika Pair Merch!

Right now i'm wondering if anyone has any of the pika pair merch for sale! I have the big plush and keychain plush, but am looking for things like the keychains, charms, pins, tail charms, picture frame, etc. So pretty much anything from the promotion that you have for sale i will take a look at ^^ I especially am looking for the picture frame and tail charms.

Thanks for reading, I really hope that i can find some of the items from the promotion!
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payment totals #1 - practical use item (pheonixxfoxx) ga!

Hey everyone, so we didn't raise the amount for the eBay auction, but pheonixxfoxx graciously decided to accept the amount we raised instead! We cut even, so it means no discounts :( But hey, we won! Click the cut for Payment details and instructions please.

This concerns the following:
babycinnamon07, bandanna_boy_17, clair2522, colocho_robotto, squeakaree, lucario, happy_cupcake, melissar1, miles_dixon, miniokami, nasija, oxymoronictonic

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Odd item from new gets

Just got a giant box of pokemon this week (images coming soon) and I had a quick question about some freebie figured thrown in. Does anyone know what a tiny figure, polly pocket sized, with a magnet at the bottom would be from? There was a jirachi, pikachu, and absol. Any ideas where they're from?

Auction for some decent pose-able figures

Hi, fellow collectors. Today I bring you guys six well-made Pokemon pose-able figures made by TAKARA TOMY in 2004. They have been well kept and on display only in my hand. However, they do have little paint lost, especially for Blastoise, which has a  widened seam on the right side of his belly (see comment below); but this not affect the overall assembling and posing for the figure. One more note: Suicune was manufactured in 2010 so she is as new as you can see.

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Super duper grail get :D

Sorry for posting again so soon but my package from noppin arrived after many problems with parcelforce I finally got my hands on it. So here it is my super duper grail get 1/1 TALKING MEW :D 
life size mew

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pbody wave

monster sales update! zukan & rare figures auctions!!

I have a bunch of rad things for you lovely people today! Recently I won a massive mystery lot on Y!J, and I've finally gotten it all sorted out and photographed. Tons of different figures, a couple plush, and probably the coolest thing - zukan pieces! Everyone loves zukan pieces!! Alas, nearly all of them have no base, but there are several lone pieces as well as evolution sets (like Blastoise! And Zigzagoon and Arbok and Skitty!)

Oh right, and a Vulpix zukan. No big deal.

Also a Glaceon Pokedoll, and a couple Absols and Skitties and eeveelutions and okay I'll stop talking now. Click HERE or on my beautifully cut-and-pasted banner to get to the auctions! (Hosted on my own journal, but all pkmncollectors rules apply!)

I've also (almost) completely redone my sales post! Added in more zukan pieces, plush, probably a hundred or so random figures.. As always I'm open to haggling and trades! I'd be happy to hold sales things if you'd like to bid on something in my auctions. Aaand payment plans are totally fine too as long as you have decent feedback, whether it's for one expensive item or several cheaper things. Thank you for reading! :D

~ Weeding Sales! ~

Realizing I really needed to downsize on a lot of things so I can have space again! Here's a massive sales post with lots of buttons, flats, pokedolls, clipping figures, zukans, and more! Up for grabs are a Sceptile Pokedoll and a custom Zebstrika and Scolipede pokedoll! Haggling is perfectly fine, as I am eager to get rid of it all~

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Realistic White Kyurem

Cute Gets + Tiny want! <3

Hello everyone! Today I found a bubble mailer on my doorstep and these cuties were inside *¬*

Yes! They're the PokéBox Eeveelution Charms! The thing is... they were sold out of Espeon... so that's my tiny want ^-^ If someone has it (of course, MIP) please let me know your price!

Also, don't forget to check out my SALES!  Pokédolls, Canvas plushes, Mini Pokédoll figures, Kids figures, Soap figures and so on! Click on the word "SALES" to go!

Thank you guys! Happy collecting! <3
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I recently saw on someone's sales that they had a jirachi pokedoll for sale unfortunately I just missed it but it has relit my passion to get one so I'm looking for a minky jirachi pokedoll with tag (dosnt have to be attached but in good condition)
Also if anyone has any jirachi items for sale I will probably buy so through anything you got at me :0)