September 22nd, 2012

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Sales and looking for PT bookmarks!

I've just updated my sales with a lot of weeded and new items, new pictures and pretty much everything and adjusted some prices downwards! As in the past, I'm offering FREE shipping on purchases of 10+ items. I ship from Australia, so that's a big deal!

Please do read the rules, of course, and I hope you find something you've been after!

Some exciting news for Subway Twins fans! Big in Japan has the Subway Twins Partners figures up for preorder! I think the price is reasonable and more importantly these figures might be popular and difficult to get ahold of so this could be your chance to secure yours now. :D I was really surprised to see them there!

No collection update from me, I'm afraid. ^^ Nothing much interesting is happening with my collections lately... I do have some wants though!

I'm looking for "pattern" Pokemon Time bookmarks! Now that peoples' PT items are arriving, perhaps you have a pattern bookmark you'd like to sell to recoup a few dollars of the cost of your items? :D I'm interested in just about any patterns, including those from previous years! I only have goldeen and machop so far... ;_; I'm also potentially interested in the little patterned tins for the right price. :3

I would -love- to have a complete collection of the pattern bookmarks aah. <3
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

Plasma Gale Sales! Klinklang Decks~ Promos Galore!

I'm here with some brief Plasma Gale card sales! Promos as well! Take a look. Sales permission granted by denkimouse in 2009. Feedback can be found here.

3x Skarmory Promo: $4
0x N Promo: $4 SOLD
2x Plasma Ball Promo: $3
2x Bouffalant Promo: $3
0x Infernape BW7 (Plasma): $2 SOLD
0x Gallade BW7: $2 SOLD
0x Giratina BW7 (Plasma): $2
0x LugiaEX BW7 (Plasma): $15 SOLD
0x ACE SPEC Dowsing Machine: $3.50 SOLD

Klinklang Deck x4 (Scans Here): $10

All prices do not include shipping. Please comment below if you want a quote. Thanks!

i can't find my feedback!

Hello again PKMNcollectors!
Now i know this sounds ridiculous, but for the life of me i cannot seem to work out if i have feedback, or where it is or anything about it.
Please help me!

Its okay, i have been helped! But please read on.
Oh yes and any pokemon collectors living in germany, i need your help! I am going there soon and I was wondering if  there are any places to buy pokemon merch in the beautiful country. I am aware of AniMaCo, but sadly i the day it starts. I will be heading to berlin and hamburg so if you guys know of any places that you can buy pokemon merch (especially plushies =) it would be much appreciated!
And i suppose it can't hurt to put this down here if i am posting anyways...
I am also looking for a Marill pokedoll, used or not used i don't mind, i just want to have a cute ball of fluff as a travel companion!
Anyways, i really hope that somebody reads this since my posts generally never attract much attention....unless...
That should do the trick.
If it is against the rules to do that sort of font change feel free to mention it.
Thank you for reading and happy pokemon collecting!
I apoligize since i changed the font without knowing it was against the rules and i have tried to change it back, but it refuses to go back to the way it was, this is as close as i can get it to the original size.
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Want to buy or trade Poketime bookmarks!

Okay, so you're probably sick of these posts, but I'm looking to BUY OR TRADE for a Blastoise and Venusaur Poketime bookmark. In particular, the ones with lots of little blastoise and venusaur on them :3

Here's what I have to trade~


Also on the lookout for Metal figures (List under the cut) and a Mudkip Canvas plush!

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Shipping totals for Clearfile GB and Metal Tag GB

I finally have totals for everyone who took part in these Group Buys with me! The items took a little while to arrive but everything is here and sorted all ready to be shipped to you. 

I hope the Spreadsheet i made is clear enough if you have any questions then please, feel free to ask!

On the metal tag GB there was meant to be 3 payments but I paid the shipping upfront and just added that onto your final totals. 

People who took part in the metal taf GA and my metal figure auction will just have to pay the split shipping for the items to arrive to me. 

Also if these members could please inbox me their shipping address.
 Your items are ready to be posted n__n

All payments to be sent to 

Spreadsheet is here:

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An update and HUGE Sales

I know that for a lot of people, they prefer collecting things that are mostly 3D. However, there are a few types of very collectible flats that I see that are just as worthy of collecting as much as anything else, Amada stickers being of them!

As a preview, here are some that I just got in from happyjolteon!


I have a long history with these stickers (as would any first gen collector) and over the past 3 years of collecting, have been surprised by the many variants of the ones I already had, as well as discovering ones from sets I hadn't seen before. I purchased them from many peoples' sales, slowly accumulating them, each very special in its' own way with its' unique qualities. I think that what makes them so appealing to me to this day is that even after hunting down most of the Slowpoke merchandise out there, I'm still able to find new Amadas that I don't already own in poses I'd never seen before. So, it is still a mystery how many still remain that I have yet to see and own, which would probably be why I'm so intrigued by the idea of them.

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The second half of this post is about my new sales! I've added a bunch of new stock, lowered prices, and re-photographed everything so it's nice and fresh - everything is below the cut. ^_^
There are a LOT of cheap flats and figures but please be aware that anything that's not a flat will cost a bit to ship as I am from Canada.


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Amazing new get and question

So today I got my new Pokemon console in the mail!

The 3DS LL Pikachu edition!! :D

2012-09-22 16.30.51
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Now, for an important question, does anyone know where to buy a battery pack for a 3DS LL/XL? And does anyone know something that could be used for one? I couldn't have it shipped with the battery, so it's kind of unusable as of now. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! >w<)/


Delibird GA update and Collectorfest question

Hi everyone! I just wanted to drop word that the Delibird GA I'm doing the shipping for has been shipped, but it may take a little while to get to me as it's coming from Australia to New York. 

I also saw a sign for a local collector meetup, called Collector Fest. Its taking place in Newburge, New York, and I was wondering if anyone is going/knows anything about it? I just found out about it this afternoon, and seeing as how I have a very slow Sunday planned ahead of me, I thought I would check it out! 

September Sales + Anime Weekend Atlanta, anyone?

Hey, everyone! I'm bringing you some sales today! Click here or the picture to be transported to lots of plush, TCG, figures, and some new postcards!

Also, it is con season! I was wondering if any of you were going to Anime Weekend Atlanta next week. If so, I'd love to meet some of you! You're all such awesome people. (: I hope everyone is doing well!
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Super quick over 150 pan stickers GA!

Hello there!
I have found this gorgeous lot of pan stickers on Noppin, and I don't see why we could not win this beautiful lot in that short amount of time (the lot is not even high either)! It includes popular Pokemon such as the Luxray line, Vulpix, Absol, Glaceon, Leafeon and other Pokemon!!

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applejack and rarity uhh ok

quick rules reminder/clarification

My fellow PKMNcollectors!

This is a quick rules reminder -- and clarification. There have been many posts promoting and praising confirmed bootleg plush lately. Now, everyone has different feelings about that subject and so the community's official stance is basically "we won't tell you how to collect, but don't promote the sale of illegal bootlegs/stolen factory rejects".

Usually that means posting URLs, but lately we've had many posts entirely about bootlegs and why they are great, which leads to many comments saying "Should I buy it?" "Yes, you should buy this bootleg". The posts themselves end up being more of a promotion/advertisement than a collection update. This is why I ask members not to make posts solely about bootlegged plush, and if you do have them in your collection, to please not promote or heavily praise them. This rule is not new; it has always been the same, and I have not re-written it either - only slightly changed the first line to add "promote" to make it a bit clearer.

We do not condone supporting companies that mass produce bootlegged copies or rejects of official merchandise. Please refer to our bootlegs guide in "Tutorials" for clarification as to what bootlegs are. This rule does not bar you from posting about bootleg/fake/unofficial items in your collection, only the advertising of bootleg companies/sellers. You may sell bootleg items, as long as they are CLEARLY LABELED, only because the items are already purchased and no more money will be going back to the companies."

Please note that that the term "bootleg" as we use it does not include:
-Custom work by artists
-Original pattern plush (not copies of official items) made in limited amounts (not mass produced) by small companies (which cannot be confirmed licensed or unlicensed), AKA mirage plush
-The notable unreleased TFG figures canceled before production that were never made available for sale in stores (the source of which is dubious; copies of prototypes or leftovers from factories or other)

Please keep in mind this is not based on my or the mods' personal opinions or morals. We simply can't have our front page dominated by bootleg promotion and praise. It is not only bad for our reputation as a source of trustworthy and legit merchandise, but we could get into real trouble with companies that follow our activity, such as TPCi and the Japanese Pokemon Centers.

See you later with Black Kyurem and White Kyurem pokedoll pics amongst other goodies :)