September 23rd, 2012


Pokedoll help

Hi I come bearing a question. Was there ever a square tag American release for the Lapras pokedoll? When I searched online and on PPP I only saw the blue star Japanese release and the red Pikachu tag. But I've seen this picture here:

Is this legit? Or is this one of those factory reject/bootleg pre-released ones like that Squirtle?

EDIT: Okay, thanks everyone! I figured this seller does bootlegs, but now that I know there is an actual Lapras with that tag, I'm gonna look for her :). Or does anyone know where I can get any pokedoll of Lapras, regardless of tag? I just missed one on the comm the other day T__T haha
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In my constant quest for Cottonee things I have acquired a set of Pokemon Uno cards, but alas! no Cottonees, so the cards are up for sale/casual offer here!

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Of course these can be combined with stuff on my permanent sales post:

(I still need a Cottonee kid if anyone has one for sale/trade! I'd like it to have its box and sticker, please.)
Plasma Beheeyem

I'm trembling with... excitement!

Why, hello there fellow PKMN Collectors...

Spectre is still sort of new to posting on the community, but they are a resident Colress collector; Akuroma/Achroma accumulator. Please don't get annoyed if I skip around with his name. (Don't even get me started on the localized one. :T)
Now, I am a monster enthusiast through and through, but this particular human fellow just seems to resonate me.
When full art Colress was confirmed for Plasma Gale, it was a bit of a double edged sword. Of course I was more than happy to see it, but considering that he ended up being such a good card play wise, this meant I would have a difficult time acquiring him within my budget (person, full art and a good card? heavens the drama!). When they finally started turning up on they were going for at least the price of a booster box.

I said to heck with that, and decided to try my luck with actual booster boxes with the encouragement from some buddies. At the least I'd get some regular Colress cards, his Pokemon and some decent cards to trade. I even joked with said friends that I'd probably pull a shiny Charizard since it wasn't even what I was after.
Two boxes + Plasma Powered Decks were purchased, and despite not having the funds for more I instantly regretted not getting at least a third box. Oh well. Now after what felt like an eternity from anticipation, they arrived on my doorstep today! This is the first time I've gotten Japanese cards in about 10 years. Ohh, the things we do for collections!... *air grope*

It seems I was rewarded for my patience and my restraint, as these two beauties were uncovered from the depths:


Seriously, how is that even possible?  I feel like the luckiest spectre in the universe right now! Charizard was pulled from the first box but as excited as I was, I thought I had jinxed myself out of getting the card I truly wanted.  Eleventh pack into my second box, and I turn over Akuroma. I did it. My hands shook as I carefully put him into a sleeve. "That's it! I'm done!" Spectre proclaimed as they stepped away to analyze the odds, recover from the awe and thank the almighty number 11.
So yeah... I think I'm off to a good start on my Colress collection. =D

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Also! I am looking to buy/trade for any Colress/Akuroma cards. I don't care if I already own them. If you want to get rid of them, I am a potential customer.
Spectre is out! Peace!
kojowalkie- by tomokii

A new journey begins! from mount silver to unova! (reintro)

like my generic sounding anime title? i'm sure you all do! so last week I was still living in colorado and attending my last ndk.(let me know if i saw you there!) and from there I hoped onto a plane for my new home in new york. but before that I had to make hard decisions concerning packing away my collection for storing for who knows how long... but who made the cut? we shall see! so after finding a job and getting settled in, yesterday was my first day off so i went exploring with my travel partner, kasay the kojofu to nintendo world! there was a really good verity of plush this year it was hard to be frugal, but at least I have time to come back this time. 

so i got a few pictures of plush and stuff there, they had many new pokedolls from black and white. also had many older johto pokemon such as elekid, starters, and wobbuffet. (I was very tempted by the cyndaquil doll, so cute!! next time for sure!)

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now, for my collection update! my god! it shrank soooo much! >.< the newest member is the riolu doll from nintendo world and a meinfoo kid from image anime. I got to say, it kinda feels like the way ash leave behind his pokemon excluding his pikachu... so the time is right for a reintroduction.

My name is hibikitikibi, I live in new york. I have been a member of pkmn collectors for close to 2 years now. I specialize in fighting type pokemon, mostly the un-evolved to be more precise. I believe that one must always train in the fighting art, and you are never truly "fully evolved". my favorite pokemon and main collection focus is on meinfoo, but I also collect makuhita and riolu as a secondary focus. my overall collection is back to being very small so I look forward to seeing it grow. 
art, Litwick

Japanese Pokedolls coming to the USA?

So I'm fishing out 36$ for a Cresselia Pokedoll (which I think is totally worth it!), and I'm just curious if any of the older ones from Japan like Heatran will ever come here? Even Rotom! Cause those two are high on my wants list but they're so expensive cause they're Japanese release):

On a side note, I got a Spiritomb Pokedoll. A few questions:
It's a USA tush tag and the year is 2009. Is that a year they were made?
And second, is an invisible repair job harmful to its value? It's in perfect condition except I had to repair a large seam. Everyone that has saw it says they can't even tell I sewed it.


And 3rd, My meloettas hand, since I got her, the minky material, the little fur pieces keep fraying and I have no clue why. Like you can see the fibers al over the place): and it doesnt feel the same as her other hand or the rest of her body. Now all the fibers keep falling out):Its the Pokecen Plush of her): She turned out to be one of my favorites): I just can't get lucky with these. It seems something always goes wrong -_____- 

Possible Sale; 1/1 Chikorita

Hello, comm. I'm once again popping in for the purpose of a possible sale. I'm living on my own now, and as any of you who live in the real world know, paying bills sucks (especially when you are a full-time student and can only work part-time :( ) So once again, I'm being forced to part with some of my collection favorites.
It's going to kill me to do this, but I think I may be letting go of my 1/1 Chikorita Plush. She is one of my favorites, but like my 'vees, not apart of any of my main collections. She is mint, but without tags. 

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I was wondering if anyone is interested in giving her a new home. It's going to kill me to do this, but I do take quite a bit of solace in knowing a favorite plush is going to a home and collection where they will be cherished. I'm open to taking offers right now. If there is a lot of interest, I will consider going an auction. I originally paid $150 for her, so I'd be looking for around there.

Customs post!

Last stitch effort to make some extra cash before NY Comic Con, I'm offering up custom slots and pre-made pieces. Click the banner or under the cut for slots and information! :D


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Now onto premades!


  • Cyndaquil- $9
  • Spheal- $12
  • Sleeping Larvitar- $8
  • Driftloon (Poseable arms)- $6
  • Hoothoot- $12
  • Minccino- $12
  • Diglett- $6  

Reuseable Pokemon Jack-o-Lanterns! Featuring Rotom and Shedninja- $15

 (Note: Not to be used with real flame candles. Electronic Candles ONLY.)

Quick Sales

Just some wonderful sales :D!

I was granted sales permission on 6/3/12 by entirelycliched
I ship international.

I have the right to deny sales and offers.
I accept 
paypal, e-check and money order ONLY!
I am open to trades for eevee and Jolteon. Wants list is here: 
I am willing to haggle.
I ship within the week.
My feedback 
I only hold items for 24 hours then I move on to next in line.
I ship out of Michigan.
Shipping starts $1.95 for bubble mailers in US and $3.00 for International.For boxes it varies

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Cute Eevee

New auctions! Puzzle pieces, MPC, and Footprint figures

Hi guys, I just wanted to post to let everyone know that I have some new auction items. I'm auctioning off some rare puzzle pieces (featuring a bunch of Kanto/Johto Pokemon in all sorts of unique poses!), a Scolipede MPC, and some of the more popular Footprint figures. Here's a preview of what's available:

Auctions end September 29th at 8pm EST and can be found here:

I also updated my main sales journal! I know some people had trouble with the old one because there were so many images. I broke it up into sections and re-sized the photos to make it easier for people with slower connections :). Hopefully it fixes the problem! If any of you had trouble with the old sales page, please let me know if the new one works better :).

I didn't add new loose kids this time because they're so disorganized right now but there are tons of new plush (mostly MPC and other Banpresto), footprint figures, Tomys, etc. Here's a preview of sales stuff:

Regular sales are here:
aura the mewtwo by dracalitten

bye bye butterfree (and everyone else)

For various reasons, I've made the tough decision that I cannot keep up my current collecting habits. Thus:

I am parting with every collection I own, save Mewtwo. They are all going into a huge Ebay lot, that you can find here. This includes my entire Zoroark collection, my Butterfrees (including my prized Butterfree Pokedoll), my Dewotts, my precious chess figures, my Lucarios, my Linoones, my Alakazams, my Golurks, the remains of my Arceus & Shaymin collections, and my Chikoritas. It hurts to say goodbye to all of them, but I'm hopeful the community (or someone) will give my loves wonderful new homes. 

I arrived at the list price after careful evaluation and pricing of each individual item. I added up the lowest number I'd take for each item, then rounded down the total to the nearest hundred. I genuinely believe this is what the lot is worth, and I hope I'm correct in my estimations.

Garden Fancy Cat

Updates, collection weeding, and some little wants!

Hey everyone! I have some updates as well as a few collection weeding sales… and maybe a few wants~ First, I'll go through all of my new additions. :D

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And last but not least, the collection weeding!

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And of course you can combine any of that with my sales post at

My wants are basically any Audino wants at this point. I wouldn't mind building that collection up. :D I am looking for a zukan base for my Exeggutor line as well. I collect the following: Whimsicott/Cottonee, Persian/Meowth (only certian meowth items), Audino, and Chimecho/Chingling. No flats for right now. XDD

Thanks for looking!

  • joltex

UK pokefans help wanted! + hoothoot/noctowl question

just wondered where people in the UK get all there pokemon merch from? as to me it seems like there is NO merch in this country at all :( not even in london really and i dont know why. its just frustrating.

also just wondering if anyone had any merch for either hoothoot or noctowl that they wouldnt mind parting with? 
sailor moon

A few wants: What do these usually go for?

Hello again, fellow Pokemon collectors! Just a little help I'll need here! I have a few things that are on my wants list (actually, a lot, but you know how it is), and I'm just wondering what a lot of them go for normally? So, if you wouldn't mind giving it a look and helping me out, click the cut!

*note* Mainly just looking for price ranges right now, not necessarily to buy (sorry, but I still REALLY appreciate the help!)

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Thanks for looking, and for any help you can give me :3
M u k u r o
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Poke☆Sweet Commissions

Opening new commissions and slots :) The Ice Creams are (sort of) a new creation - they're based off the original poke ice creams I made but in a smaller more compact cute size! 

These commissions each start at $10~! So they're the new replacement to the past poke cookies I've made. 
I am opening also 3 4 (but currently they are being negotiated) parfait slots as well. ^^

All Slots are closed!

I am also taking trades this time for - PokeDoll Figures!! and Dot Sprite Figures
;w; or if anyone has some straight sales/GB...please let me know. I'm so behind on this comm since it moves so fast *__*

Now onto the cut!

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Deordorizing Flats Help ☆ Gets☆Wants

Hello everyone!  Today I come with a quick question.  Does anyone know how to deordorize Flats...? I recently received a lot of Flats from Y!J, and my cards/stickers reek of smoke.  The thing about the smoke is that it's not really noticeable until you get close, then BAM!!! It hits you really hard in the face like a mach punch

I hope someone can help me out! I don't smoke, and I really hate the smell...(T 3 T;) [No offense to anyone who does smoke]. I was thinking of  trying something like perfume, but I decided I should ask the comm first for some possible professional help before taking matters into my own hands.  I don't want to accidentally mess up any of my flats that I worked hard to get, after all!

To make this post less boring I guess I'll show off some Gets I've received!  I haven't really posted any gets or updates since my Collection update last year, so my pile of gets has accumulated...
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Will Be default later

So my boyfriend's birthday is coming up and an important question...

Hi guys!

I really want to get him something pokemon related. =) He's not uber collector like I am, but he has his favorites and I think he'd enjoy some memorabelia. So his favorite pokemon he listed are as followed:

Lucario, Gardevior, Aggron, Honchkrow, Smeargle, and Dragonite. I also know he likes the Charmander line, and luxray.

I kind of want to stay away from figures, cards and stickers, just because I want something he can interact with more, like say, a plush, clothing, ect. I don't want to spend more than $25 including shipping since I've got other things in mind for his birthday too.

Anyone have any neat ideas or cool suggestions?

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Thanks guys!
Pikachu ^_^

Collection (and re-introduction)

Hi, my name is Lindsey, I don't post too often so I don't think anyone really knows me too well. I'm 19 and currently in my second year of college! Unfortunately since I don't have a job in the area, my collection won't be growing much in the foreseeable future, heh. I first joined about two years ago, but took a year or so of a break from purchasing anything once I entered my first year of school. I mainly collect the three Kanto starters as well as Scrafty when I see items of his around. I'm also looking to start a MIP video game collection once I get a steady job (or at least as steady of a job you can get as a full time student). So far I have a Spanish Pokemon Yellow version, Pokemon Puzzle League, and Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team.

Anyways, pictures of my current collection under the cut! =)

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