September 24th, 2012

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Y!J Question

This was my first peek on the auction site and I'm discovering all sorts merch that I would love to buy! The thing is I don't see any international options :c Is this common? Am I looking in the wrong areas? Also, if I do have any luck finding a such a shipper do you all have any adice/ words of wisdom/ warings for a first timer? I've read everything provided here about ti but I'm still pretty lost ^^'

Still need a GA co-host!

I still haven't heard back from the people who offered to co-host and now I'm freaking out a bit because there isn't a whole lot of time left.. ;A;

Looking for somebody willing to do threads/spreadsheets and have prior experience with GA/GBs please!~ <3 This is a great opportunity! Local pickup means you guys don't have to pay for shipping from the buyer! And better yet, you don't have to pay for the gas to drive up there either! XD

Collection update!

I just got a bunch of packages last week so I got a bunch of new additions to my Pokemon family. Not to mention I finally finished painting my room after like a year lol. Feel free to check out the cut for my newest editions. I also got a promotional item from a certain new game coming out in the US on Oct. 7th also lol. And if anyone has a jap. release Suicune pokedoll I am looking for one. Let me know if you can, thank you :)

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Kachiki Sabi

Sculpture Commissions and Name Your Own Price Sales!

So I need to start MAKING money and stop SPENDING money XD Anyway, these are some examples of what I have done:

I'm going to start taking commissions for them.

For the small pokedoll style figures the prices will range from $3-$10 depending on complexity, like a voltorb will be a $3 and something like the Gyrados will be $10 shipping will be only $2 within US $3.50 outside US

For the larger size sculptures they will start at $15 and increase in price and complexity (unless again you get like a voltorb then it will cost ~$5) shipping will vary on size and weight.

I'm opening up 3 slots and if it goes smoothly, I will open up more.


Also my sales are still available:
Banner name your own prices (within reason)! I want it all gone please!

My Collection~

Hello everyone! For those who still remember me, I made an introduction last week. But during that said introduction, I wasn't able to fully show my collection because I was still in the process of arranging and unboxing them. I don't really have that much free time in order for me to finish it asap, but I managed to do so during the weekend. Yay! So here goes. Feel free to check out my collection!
Pokemon Collection

Warning: Images are a bit heavy.
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Mew Giddy

Unexpected Gets + Travelling!

Hi, everyone! For those of you who still remember me, I'm Psychic, and I've been here for about 4 years, slowly growing my choice collection.

I live in Canada (holla, mes amis!) where we generally don't get much Pokemon merch. But last month was the local anime convention, and I was pretty amazed by what I was able to find!
I also went to New York City, where of course I had to go to Nintendo World!
A week later I went with a friend to London, and was amazed at what I found there!

I'm currently in Israel, and alas, my entire collection is back at home (save my Jakks Snivy who guards my bed!), but I'd love to show you what I got. :D

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So yeah, VERY awesome. I'm so happy with all the Japanese Poke-merch I was able to find in just a matter of weeks, so I'm very satisfied.

Now I'm in Israel. Out of curiosity, is anyone else here? Do you know where to get Poke-stuffs?

Also, for those who have moved away and left their collection behind: what did you do? What did you bring with you? Did you continue buying things to bring home and add to your main collection? Got any pics?

indiffernt quagsire
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Pokemon Collectors Bling!

Previous order is SOLD OUT!

^Tag Version 2^

A new order has been placed, I should have them by late October to early November
as the orders take 4-6 weeks to process, though my experience has been closer to 4. I
will be responding to people in the original post first, when they arrive.

This is the back of the original order tag:

This will be the back of the new order:

If you would like one please comment that you would!
any reservations after that are not guaranteed but may still be fulfilled.
I will reply to you with a number, those with numbers will have priority when the next batch arrives.

I will NOT place another order for this design.
Please DO NOT ask me anymore questions about glow-in-the-dark...
If you want to know, look though the comments.

Tag examples from Version 1

*What is a Pathtag? Find out HERE
Purchase Info!

Tags are $5 each, Shipped! (+$0.50 flat postage fee for outside US)

Limit 3 tags per order.

It's that simple.

Thank you!

Looking for a Mewtwo figure

Hello everyone! I'm looking for a semi-detailed and accurate Mewtwo figure. I'm actually going to be basing a costume off of it, and I have an easier time if I have a 3D figure to work with. :) I don't want to spend a lot of money, and was thinking about the Mewtwo/Crystal Ash figure I saw a long time ago if anyone still has one. It doesn't matter if it's small, just nothing chibi or wonky looking.

Does anyone have any good Metwo plushies? I have a few already, and I think the ones I'm missing are likely out of my price range - but figured I'd ask. Thanks! :)

Trade, questions, and wants

Well, I finally got my Growlithe Pokemon Time strap today! It's even better in person. =3
Thanks to a tip from a fellow comm member, it's now attached to my 3DS. It's super awesome.

However, of course, the bookmark that came with it ended up being this:
Does anyone want to trade it for a Growlithe one? Or even just buy it? I'd prefer to trade, but if no one has Growlithe, then I'd like to give it to a home that will love it. =)
(I was granted sales permission on 22 April 2012 by entirelycliched)

I was also wondering about the Growlithe card covers.
I've never bought card covers before, so, could someone show or tell me what they look like?
Are they clear? Any information would help.

Finally, I was wondering where I could by Tops cards, or if anyone has only a few for sale
(I don't need a whole pack).
I don't collect cards, but, instead, I'd like to use them to cover the tags of my canvas plush.
As always, I am looking for a 2009 Bulbasaur Johto dex charm.
If anyone has it or has seen one for sale recently, pleeeease let me know!
I will throw my money at you,
since it's the last of the Kanto starters that I need.

Thanks, I think that's all. ^-^

  • pumpki3

*pokedoll merch sales*

Added a bunch of my Pokedoll merch collection up for sale!!

Click on the pic or here to my sales post!

I accept Paypal. I will ship internationally, shipping from Canada.
Received sales permission from lineaalba in Sept 2010.
Feedback here.
  • hebilea

Payments 1 due! + Deco Chara Seal Holder quick auction!

Hello there!

Our payments for the Super Quick over 150 pan stickers GA are due!!! We won it with no problems, and even with fees, some have very slight discounts as well! =D

PLEASE read first before you pay!

- Payments that you need to pay in the BLUE column!
- Please EDIT the spreadsheet after you have paid, add a yes that you have paid and your location, so I can calculate your shipping once the package arrives to me!
- Once you pay, please leave a comment in the Questions/Comments thread, NO comments, because this will be an auction as well!!!!
- Please pay me within 48 hours from now, NO EXCUSES!!! Negative will be left, if you don't pay!

Now you can go for the spreadsheet!

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And now to the second part of my post! I have found this auction on Noppin, and I was allowed by godudette to GA this one! There is a little over 20 hours left, and the bidding start is not so high, so we should be able to win this one, if we raise enough! I know now that so many people were interested in those seal holders (and we know now that they are those, in which pan stickers fit in), so I decided to auction this one!!!

Please read the rules first, before you decide to bid!

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Once I put up a bid, you're allowed to bid!!! =D


Hello, folks! I am doing a pickup at the Tokyo PC this weekend. (the 29th) I am going on my way home from a doctor's appointment, so if anyone wants new release items that they're worried will go out of stock quickly that day, I encourage you to buy from denkimouse or someone else since I'm not sure what will be around when I get to the store in the afternoon. :O

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Bellossom &amp; Vileplume - Evolution buddie
  • cy4nide

Small gets

Yesterday was my birthday and we went to a local annual comic con here in Wales :D A few celebrities come along as we can get autographs and things and it's really good because we don't have anything like that here! There's always a ton of stalls there selling things and one had a box marked 'Pokemon figures £1' so I had a look through. There was a fair few kid figures in there and a lot of other ones but I only picked up a few I could be sure were legit and that I thought were really cute :3

Does anyone have any information on them? I like to know the proper names of things so I can look up information but I'm unsure with these. I'm guessing the Squirtle is a possible light up keyring, the Pika kid is called something like 'Pikachu with little pikachu on head' lol and I want to say the clear Mew is an attack kid, either that or it's dancing lol

And here is the gold metal Bellossom figure I got from Caffwins GA a few weeks ago! She's so pretty but I'm so bad at taking pictures of it this was legit the best one I took haha!

Halloween Witch Chikorita by magicalondi

Sales of DOOOOOOOOM!!!

...Eh except not really, maybe only if your name is Meloetta :O

 To see what is in store for you(no pun intended :P) just click the banner.^^ Stuff includes some plushies, my Meloetta collection and charms.

Also still looking for this clearfile:
Will pay pretty well for it so don't hesitate to throw an offer at me :D

There also a small question I've wanted to ask everyone: Is there any type of thing that you'd really like to get some Pokecen merch, that hasn't gotten anything yet? I for my part would looooove to see some kind of pokemon jewelry or maybe replicas of clothing/accessories that important characters in the game wear... now it's your turn!^^

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