September 26th, 2012

Plushtravaganza GA!

Welcome everyone to yet another GA which I have dubbed the "Plushtravaganza GA". This is another lot from allinia - but this GA is hosted by quackamajackers, who received sales permission from allinia on August 8th, 2012. This GA is co-hosted by me. (allinia gave me permission to do this double post!)

My feedback is here.
quackamajackers feedback is here.


I will be claiming the Mew Pokedoll for $15.
will be claiming the Whimsicott Type Focus Keychain for $15 and is willing to go higher if needed.
I may also bid on a few items as well.

I will be doing the threads/spreadsheet while quackamajackers will be doing the bidding/shipping (from New York, United States)

Auction ends on September 29th at 12:00 PM CST (Central Standard Time)
Countdown here

Please do not bid until all threads are up. All threads are up. Bid away :D.

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blink mew luvs mewtwo, mew

Huge Mini Figure Auction/BIN And I'm back! (closed)

So it's been so so long. Had issues with the interwebs, New computer issues, and everyone getting sick all the time, and then I had my Con!  i'll do post later this week hopefully with con pics! :D I was Iris, My hubby was Professor Elm, and My son was an Axew *kinda* he wouldn't wear his hat lol :P.  I know some people were looking at some of those things i had for sale ages ago, well Tomorrow i hope to update my permanent sales page with all the left overs, I know I'm holding 3 items for someone but i can't remember who! I gotta dig threw the messages :/ they have piled up!

I am auctioning off 95 mini figures I'm not sure what some are, some look like pencil tops, some are definitely 151 mini's and some are clear and some are funny looking but hey I need money for all them eevee's I've been starting to collect

Auction Ends Thursday Oct 4, 2012 at 5pm mountain time.

I'm not sure what to start them at so Clears are 2.00 and all the others are 1.00! So please take a look, and everything has a BIN price of 5.00 :D
On to the cut and a monstrous amount of pictures! (I will provide a link to my photo bucket so that you can get the bigger pictures :D)

Clear starts at $2.00
Everything Else starts at $1.00
BIN for any is $5.00

Reason for a spoiler, for some reason, I can't get the cut to work -_-

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Start of Individual pics in spoiler, this is to prevent over crowding
The Pictures are in order from 1-95, everything is a different figure unless otherwise stated, and condition is based on what you see.
Im not an expert in mini figures so What you see is what you get.  If you would like better pictures let me know, I'm not a photographer and this is the best I could do but i can get more if you need me to! :D Happy bidding!

[Indiviual pictures, 96 of them]

1 Ekans2 Arbok3 Arbok4

56 meowth
7 Meowth8
9 Snorlax10
11 Drowzee12
Someone mentioned that Hypno 20 might be a booty, i think he's adorable though :D

Same person also mentioned Primeape was a booty as well.
55 (1)55 (2)
The caterpi's are the same one, I just wanted to show the writing that's on most of the figures.

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Massive sales: 700 battrio coins and a poster lot on Ebay

Long time no see! I got my own apartment about three weeks ago so everything's been a complete mess... But I'm finally starting to get my collection in order (there will be a collection update at some point! :3) and I've also found so many items I don't really need... So there's lots of weeding to do! I decided to start with this huge battrio coin lot I managed to get my hands on :D

- Sales permission on 03/02/11 by dakajojo
- I ship from Finland
- Paypal only
- I have duplicates of many of these.
- Special offer for all $1 coins: 5 coins for $3! Feel free to ask others kinds of discounts as well, I just want to get rid of these.

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Also, I finally decided to let go of most of my TCG posters so I put a huge lot on Ebay. I hope the price is reasonable, it's about $10/poster and I've seen some of those go for $20-30, so it should be manageable. A nice chance for a GA, eh? :D Click the picture or here to get to the lot!
Thanks so much for the awesome GA, Gin!


UK Middleman needed!

I'm in the need for a UK middleman that ships to the US, since let's just say a HUGE surprise showed up on, and it'll complete everything <333 Any help is appreciated! (LOL extreme adrenatline rush too!) Been purchased, thanks!

Also I joined SMJ laely, and I have a few questions, which are located here:

Otherwiese, boring post... here have my Chu's watching my science project grow:

Ironic how Pichu's the biggest and raichu's the smallest. lol


Collection Weeding Auctions Reminder

Hey guys :D

this is a reminder that my auctions will be ending at 9 PM UK time  TONIGHT!

for anyone who's a bit like me and gets confused with time differences there is now a link to a countdown clock on the auction page :)

There's still a few items with no bids and a lot of items are still pretty low :D here's a wee preview of whats included (pics are bigger on actual page)

Click here to go to the auctions


Always wondered how much space peoples collections take up in their rooms, like if it's a set space devoted to plush or a full-blown room just for pokemon?

I keep everything in my bedroom so I don't have a whole lot of room, but I wanted to share anyways:
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I'd love to see other peoples rooms though. xP
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Auction Reminders, a Want, and a Question!

Greetings, Collectors! I have a couple things to address.

Firstly, this is the one and only reminder for my auctions: Gen 1 metal pin badges and Pokedoll figures! There are roughly 6.5 hours left to bid and a couple items which have not been bid on yet. :3

Click the pics or here to be transported to the auctions!

Next up, I have just one specific want... It's the 6'' Larvitar McDonald's plush (not the 12'' one which is much more common). This thing has been eluding me for quite some time and I would love to have him very much! If you have one for sale, I'd love to throw my money at you. :D

Finally, I have a question. I recently completed a nice 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle and I'm itching to complete another puzzle now! I thought a Pokemon one would be nice to have, and so I must ask... Do any of you guys know if there are some cool Pokemon puzzles floating around in the PokeMerch Universe? I did a little search a little while ago but there wasn't a whole lot that caught my eye. Ideally, I'd like to do one that has 500+ pieces and features a cool image (for example, artwork used for the recent Sugimori promotion), though those little 150-piece puzzles are cute and fun, too!

I'll end this post with a small sales reminder. :3 I'm very overdue for a re-intro, so hopefully I can present that to you guys soon!
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MPC Plush GB part 2 - Vanillite still available!

Hey everyone. Myself and schenzi are offering another set of MPC plushes MWT.


schenzi Sales Permission granted on 07/20/11 by [info]dakajojo and feedback is located here:

- schenzi will be buying/shipping and will be dealing with totals and posts
- schenzi ships from the UK & will send items internationally - international shipping starts at $5.50 for plush
- We are not responsible for items lost in the mail.  If you are concerned please pay for insurance.
- There will be three payments: lot price plus internal shipping, shipping to me and shipping to you
- Paypal only

NOTE: There is a small risk of incurring customs fees with shipping to the UK.  I will choose airmail as the shipping option to try and minimise this risk.

Each plush will be $5.30 before internal shipping.

I will be claiming the joltik


Crustle - shuuichi_chan
Stunfisk - chaos_21
Joltik - joltex
Tranquil - rhys107
Golurk - rhys107
Minccino - vaporeon99
Cottonee - neeko48
Fraxure - kitbug
Deerling (autumn form) - abbeymew
Deino - vaporeon99

Petilil - happy_cupcake
Vanillite - 


164 figure GA news

So...sadly we lost. Someone really wanted those figures (who can blame them). Sorry, everyone :(. Thanks anyways for participating! We raised quite a bit of money, but it just wasn't enough. Sad Pokemon is sad

atlantia_rai and I will be bringing you another GA though shortly, so look out for that! Hopefully we'll actually win this one :)
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I love me some Venusaur.
I also love me some Pokemon Time.


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Also, I got these two bookmarks from my Venusaur straps! As nice as they are and as tempted as I are to keep them, I'm really looking for Venusaur ones! From my understanding, there's a Venu/Bulba version of the Squirtle/Blastoise one above, and a patterned one. Right now, I'm looking to trade these two for either Venusaur bookmark! But if no-one wants to trade, I'm open to just selling them. :B Though me an offer either way!

baby roarkie so happy!

posters GA!

EDIT: BIDDING IS OVER! Thanks to all participants! If we win We won! Totals will be posted to the comm shortly!


This lot is being presented on Ebay by our own Rainyan!

Let's keep it simple!
Each poster will begin at 10$
★I am going to claim Roark/Cranidos and the mini Power Keepers poster for 35$!
★Start your own threads! If the thread is already started, bid only as a reply to the previous bid! Threads that have been started can all be found by clicking links under the cut.
★Individual shipping will be from the USA! You will be able to request a poster tube, but these posters are already folded (that is their natural state when they arrive at stores to begin with).
★Bidding will end October 2nd, at 23:00 PDT. Countdown clock is under the cut along with poster details from the auction!

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In keeping with the rules, as usual, my feedback and other credentials can all be found here.

Thanks guys!
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Keeping Track of Your Collections/ Searching for a Checklist

Hello everyone! I come to you with a some what bizarre question. Now that I have acquired a lot of the more common pokemon figures in my collections I'm running into the problem of what's left to get. I've been looking at other community memebers collections to determine what I'm missing but if the maker isn't listed it makes that pretty difficult. I'm wondering what you all do to help complete your collections. Do you wait until you see something you don't have? Is there a website that lists merch for each Pokemon. I've been using Bulbapedia to keep try of TCG. Any help you all might have would be greatly appreciated!
Halloween Witch Chikorita by magicalondi

Community related question

Hi guys, I don't know if this kind of question is allowed, if not please tell me so I can delete this topic as quick as possible >-<  
My question would be: Is there a specifically busy time on here which would be good for sales and stuff? My sales are moving at snails pace which probably will be mostly because they go by mostly  unnoticed because of time difference and stuff. So if anyone could help me out a little here, it would be appreciated a lot! ^^" Thanks in advance!
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Anyone familiar with

Hi there collectors ^^
I have a question about the online store, sunyshore :) I bought 3 pokedolls a couple of weeks ago; Black Kyurem, White Kyurem and Tepig :3 (I can't wait to receive them all <3) and lately I got an email saying that the status of my order was change to "update" ^^' can someone help me with that, does that mean it was shipped? I tried to find a chart somewhere that could answer my question but was not able too :( It's my first time buying from sunyshore ^^ and I really can't wait to see my pokedolls <3

Need Championship Deck Eevee Cards

Hey everyone, I'm looking for some cards from a couple championship decks. I already have all the cards from the 2006 Eeveelutions (Jimmy Ballard) deck and the Jolteon* from Legendary Ascent. The cards I need are the following

2007 Flyvee deck (Jun Hasebe's deck):
Eevee Delta
Vaporeon ex
Jolteon ex

2007 Legendary Ascent deck (Tom Roo's deck)
Eevee Delta
Espeon ex
Jolteon ex
Vaporeon ex

2008 Psychic Lock deck (Jason Klaczynski's deck)

If there are any eevee cards from any other championship decks, please let me know!

The cards also need to be in mint condition. Thanks everyone! :)