September 28th, 2012

  • lugidog

Wants Post

Sorry, no collection update yet (might edit this post later with some photos, or wait until I get some more stuff next week to post my collection update), but I have got some wants that I am looking for, and would love to get more info on them!

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'First' MPC GB Payment 1 Due~!

How's it goin' pokemon collectin' bros? :3 We've got the totals in for Schenzi's first Group Buy! :D

Andddd here's a little list of who owes what. :3

nasija: excadrill $6.62 PAID!
joltex: braviary $6.62 PAID!
rythen: mienshao $6.62 PAID!
at_the_porno: joltik $6.62 PAID~!
schenzi: pidove, palpitoad $11.30 PAID~!
night_requiem: tranquil $6.62 PAID!
pantherotter: deino, zweillous $11.30 PAID!
chaos_21: litwick $6.62 PAID!
origamigryphon: roggenrola $6.62 PAID!
rhys107: tympole $6.62 PAID!

If you guys could make your payment within 48 hours, that would be great. c:

Please send your payment to Schenzi's paypal address:
Throw a comment here when you've sent your payment! :3
Also, please include your username and what ya claimed in the description! Thank ya~!
Ed and Chaboikan

2-Year Re-Intro, Collection and Sales Updates, and Wants!

I apparently missed my 2-year on pkmncollectors, Aug 23... Bah. I meant to do an update that day, but it must've slipped right by me. But I remembered a month later, so let's go!
First, a quick re-introduction: Hi! I'm Kaylyn, I go by Methuselah online, I'm 22, and have loved Pokemon since it came out here! Third Gen is my favorite, and Blaziken is my favorite Pokemon. :3 I love and collect plush in general, but I'm just going to focus on my chickens for this post. Here's my post from last year, with the first few pictures showing my Blazikens then. And here's what my shelf looks like a year later!

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I updated my sales last night, with almost all-new pictures and lots of new stuff! Click the banner to see!

And finally, some wants! I should really start collecting pictures instead of just my weird descriptions... But maybe someone can still help me find some of these!
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  • joltex

Payment 1 due for MPC GB (Vanillite still available)

Hi guys payment 1 is due so can you please pay within the next 48 hours.


Here is a list of who owes what and where they should send payment:

shuuichi_chan crustle $6.62 
chaos_21 stunfisk $6.62 
joltex joltik $6.62 
rhys107 tranquil, golurk $11.30
vaporeon99 mincinno, deino $11.30 

neeko48 cottonee $6.62 
kitbug fraxure $6.62 
abbeymew deerling $6.62 
happycupcake petilil $6.62 
sugar0coated - vanillite $6.62

Please send payment to within the next 48 hours
please include user name and what you paid for in the description



Well over the past few weeks I've accumulated more to my collection. Still looking for the Meloetta Aria Pokecen plush for 20-25$ shipped.
Anyways, I've gotten the following or am waiting for them to come in!
Cresselia Pokedoll
Groudon Pokedoll
Kyogre Pokedoll
Jirachi Jakks
Regigigas Pokedoll
Giratina Pokedoll
Deoxys Pokedoll
Spiritomb Pokedoll

Will post pics when I get them all in!
Also the Meloetta is a really desperate want.
I can't figure out why her Aria form is so hard to find): I don't really care about price that much. Please comment if you have one to sell. All the help is really appreciated!
Kachiki Sabi

Hoenn Kids Collection Update + Question

Time for a long overdue update and a small question.
Here's a little preview for you :3

My Hoenn kid collection can be found here: for anyone interested in taking a look :3 which leads me to my question. I have the following DX kids:

Does anyone know if there are more DX kids made for the Hoenn series? Or was that all that was released? Cause like I was thinking maybe the Reggis got them?
Anyway thanks for looking! :)

As always sales are HERE

Pracoro Dice!

When I started my collection in mid July, I was browsing around and happened upon someone's pracoro dice! I looked around more, and I found that there was a Kabutops one for sale on Y!J. I wasn't familiar yet nor willing to invest in a deputy service due to fears of excessive fees, but I finally gave in a couple weeks ago, got on SMJ, and now, I have this!

 Kabutops Pracoro Dice 1

've got the unboxing pictures, assembly of the dice, and my interpretation of how to play (since I can't read Japanese haha) under the cut!

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Thanks for reading!

Braviary Blow-Out!! + Online TCG Codes

Alright, first up, I REALLY disslike the new LJ layout :( It's even MORE annoying now to edit images... Anyways >_>
*granted sales permission on 07/20/11 by dakajojo*
- Shipping from US
- Paypal ONLY, please

I'm TIRED of pulling Braviary holos every time I get an Emerging Powers booster, which I get often because they are in EVERY tin and box set!! Anyways, I'm up to FOUR doubles >_> I decided to clear them out of my shop for only 75 cents each. Hoping to find homes for all of them, and here's hoping THAT alone will break the curse of me getting them all the time >_> I still have PLENTY of tins of get still and more EP packs, so not up for trades at the moment for them, sorry. (Because of lack of image editing, I have NO idea how to turn it either, as the actual pic itself if turned :/)

I'm also putting ALL of my (unused) online TCG codes up for offers, starting at $5 (originally 25 cents each) and there are 61 of them total. They aren't as popular as they once were and keep piling up, so here's my attempt at clearing them all. I'll leave the offers up for a few days to see where it goes.  ENDED


And don't forget, anything can be combined from anything else from my shop here. Added a couple cards recently, too.

Thanks for looking^^ (And, bearing with my frustration of the new LJ :/)

Buggy GA and Collection Update

It's been quite a while since I have made a post to the community! So here is the agenda!

1) Buggy GA

I was looking at Y!J and found that the Leavanny MPC has finally been released! However, I already have a the Sewaddle and Swadloon MPC so I want to start a GA! Also it's ending in a day so this is going to be a pretty quick one!

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AND if you're not interested in the GA I have a collection update for you all!

I've moved into my college dorm and made Bonsly a bonsai for our coffee table.

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IN other news, I have received permission to do a store pick-up at Nintendo World so that information will be popping up soon!

Until next time~

TCG GA + Want


Hey everyone!~ I'm back for another GA since the last one was so much fun. XD This time I'm co-hosting with risha_moon and I'll be doing the threads/spreadsheets!~

(Btw, for anyone who participated in the Toda GA, everyone paid on time, the lot is paid for, and I am picking it up tomorrow!~)

Also, I am looking for a Pokemon Emerald that still works for around $15 shipped in the US. It is for a friend that I got back into Pokemon. XD If you have one, please PM me (so the GA doesn't get messy) and let me know! Thanks!~

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  • aleyina

Fall is coming! and saley sales

I am so excited for Fall. Not only for the colder weather, Halloween items and scary movies coming out, but also because EEVEE....that's why! XD October is coming so quickly and I am trying to save money.

I also tend to leave my house more when the weather gets colder. I am going to take Leona the Lillipup with me. She is not fond of the heights....
The leaves need to hurry and fall D:! I want to see mountains

For sale NIB:
Cilan and Pansage figure $35
Other sales here:

Everything from my sales and GB's has BEEN SHIPPED!! :D Yay to being caught up!