September 29th, 2012


So  i heard the new game freak clear file is on sale today but I don't know where to get the new clear file eBay or pokevault is not showing I'm just worried it might be sold out or gone and I won't have a chance to get this new sets... So does anyone know where I can get my hands on this new game freak file....I want to ask someone to buy it for me so I can pay the person back but I don't know anyone who can get it for me.... So yeah if anyone know a site or anyone who can help me....

Need Display Idea... Also, Facebook Page!

Hello community :)

So I saw a_wild_buizel's Buizel collection displayed all nice and pretty and it inspired me to want to do something else for my ever-growing Eevee collection. Now, currently it is stored in a 3 inch ring binder, and my problem is that the collection is so large I can't really display it as nicely. I know it deserves better than a binder, so what are your ideas? Here's a picture of my current situation.


I am also announcing that I have created a Facebook page, so feel free to stop by and take a look. There's not a whole lot there right now, but hopefully that will change!

Also, here is a link to my website (clicky-click the pic)
eevee collection

Vaporeon Jakks..

Hello collectors! i was wondering if anyone had a Vaporeon Jakks for sale?

The reason why im wondering if because its the last one i need to complete the set!

anyway let me know! 

-Eevee2Flareon :)   And i will NEVER post 2 times in one day again! (I say this because i did this like 2 days ago so sorry!)
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possible Zukan GAs?

Following white_chocob 's post, just thought I would plug the other Zukan GAs the seller is running. There are some very rare RSE in them and they are large lots (which the comm seems to win more easily) so let me know if anyone would like to run one! I can do threads, or you can just run them on your own if you would prefer. Post here or PM if you would like the link(s)! These are Y!J lots.

LOT 1 (RSE 1, RSE 2, RSE 3)

LOT 2 (RSE 4, RSE 5, RSE 6)

awesome zukan find = a livestream!

hello! Whilst on one of my weekly forays into town, I found these in the UK equivalent of a dollar store...

a box of sealed dialga set of zukan! I bought out the entire stock the store had!

Well instead of opening them all off camera like a BORING PERSON, I thought it might be fun if I cashed in on this livestream thing thats been going on! So I decided to livestream me opening these :D the benefits? You can put aside any double zukan you may want and reserve them for when they go up on sale tomorrow, as well as get freebies with any zukan you put aside! SOUND FUN? I REALLY HOPE IT DOESohgod
The livestream will be on:


The livestream will be available HERE: CLICKY CLICKY LINKY LINKY

ENDED! WOW that was a lot of leafeon/glaceon! we owned that zukan box! <3 thanks for everyone that dropped in!

also if you post here confirming your claims (I have a rough list but chat was being super weird) I would greatly appreciate it <3 thank you!

and congrats to the contest winners!


One again thansk so much for making this a success!

Take care y'all :D

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Looking for a **REAL** FR + LG.

I got scammed today trying to buy Fire Red and Leaf Green from an American seller on Ebay. Well, they screwed me over just like the Hong Kong sellers do. 
I am looking to buy them together for maybe $25 shipped, since I already wasted a lot of my money on fakes. 
Anyone that could help, I will pay as soon as they offer. 
Please help, anyone.

Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

100 KIDS (+ 12 ZUKAN) LOT!

Well, I officially need to make room for future zukan/kids/December MPC plush (these things take up more space than you think, especially since I always keep the boxes that they come in just in case I do large this one!). At the same time, I have a pile taking up a ton of space in my room of dozens of zukans and kids that I've had for up to a year. It's just become too much space to have all of these extra kids/zukan lying around (makes me think I should do lots like this quarterly instead of yearly ^^). For this occasion, I have TREMENDOUSLY lowered my prices for every item. Anyways, without further ado, I give you....


(Sales Permission Granted by denkimouse in 2009)(Feedback:

Here are the details of this lot:

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I hope I can help some people out with this. :)

Shiny, Shimmery, and Clear Auctions!

Alright, so Dory has decided to adopt a family of sugar gliders...and I need monies...BAD. So...I'm doing the dastardly deed of selling my shiny and clear hoenn kids auction style. Some shines starting as low as $25! Anyway, shimmery movie kids and clears start prices may range from $5-$25.
Anyway a little preview:

I would really like all the figures to get taken. Please know that I am OK with payment plans! However, pp fees will be included with each payment.

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From the seas of Sunyshore!

My Sunyshore package arrived today! I have never done a gets post for large packages so I thought I would try but I got too excited about the items and didnt take enough photos XD I also dont have a photo of the box because Im just using my phone and iPad and Im too lazy to edit out the addresses XDD" I apologize in advance for how half-arsed it is XD

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Clockwork Ouroboros

BW2 US Bonus?.. and a quick want!

Hi all!  The other day, an interesting portion of next week's Toys R Us ad was brought to my attention by a good store employee/friend.  Apparently Toys R Us stores in the USA will have Black and White 2 commemorative coins available as a bonus upon purchase of either game, no pre-order needed! There was no picture, but I'm going to assume they are the same as Australia's EB Games bonus. :3  As a bonus to the bonus, the purchase of a BW2 game will also net you a 70% discount on any 1 Pokemon item $19.99 or less. Pretty sweet.  I normally would not post something like this without photographic proof, but it completely slipped my mind... so my apologies. :\
Have any other US stores announced any kind of bonus?

Also! A literally very, very quick want. I'm looking for any of the Klink/Klang/Klinklang My Pokemon Collection plush. What makes it literal? I'm hoping to find a US seller who can ship out Monday, because I'd like a travel buddy for Nintendo World's BW2 Pre-release event on Saturday! >_> I will take any one of them, but my preference is in order of highest evolution.  Even if my requirements aren't met, I still might be interested in a purchase. Thank you!

OH, is anyone else going to be attending Nintendo World for BW2 or NYCC?

Final Collection weeding sales.

Sales permission was granted by Denkimouse

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Thanks for looking guys, When the plushplush comes in im going to update that badboy here, i'm also working on a bootleg pokedoll guide ^^

☂ Audino's Mailbag - Updates from a UK Postal Clerk!

Hi everyone! Please, allow me to re-introduce myself. My name is Raine and I work in a post office here in the UK. I'm mostly a lurker, so for the unfamiliar, I'm a Zapdos collector, zukan enthusiast and shameless N fangirl.

I realise that the focus of our fair community is usually on merchandise and collecting, but at the same time, we wouldn't be anything without the postal services we rely so much on! As a post office worker, I'm in the position that I get information before it's made widely available- we get a company-wide magazine on a Friday that mostly lists updates to things like sales or policies.

However, every now and then, we get information that I'm sure many of our UK-based sellers (and even some of our international buying friends) might find beneficial! When I get anything that might be of use to you all, I'll share it with you here!

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