September 30th, 2012

Chillarmy - Shiny
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Collection Update and Gets

Hello fellow collectors!

It's been a while since my original post and I have been anxiously waiting for a good time to post an update on my Chillarmy/Minccino collection! Since there are no C/M plush in the up-coming Pokemon Time promotion, I figured the best time to post would be following the Dot Sprite Charm release, and so here I am!

I have recently come upon some awesome new items, which I would love to share as well.

Before I get into the meat and potatoes, I want to start off with a reminder of how my collection started off.

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Thank you for checking out my collection!

Question regarding Tags and resale value

Last week, I bought a few pokemon plushies from a store here. The thing is, for whatever reason, because koreans are weird, the cashier lady snipped off the paper tags and didn't put them in the bag. Now I don't intend to sell these particular ones, but if it ever came up, is the fact that the tag is missing something I have to worry about? Like, does it hugely devalue the plushes?

I'm sorta regretting not stopping her from snipping them off, and I don't know how I didn't notice what she did with the tags afterwards. Though like I said, these are ones I'm planning on keeping, so it shouldn't matter, right?

TCG GA Reminder, Toda GA Update, Day with Toda, and TCG Gets

Something really quick that I forgot to mention when I first posted this! Red and Blue were released in the US 14 years ago on this day!

Lots of stuff to cover in this post! XD So for starters, don't forget about this TCG GA! It ends TONIGHT! I have a bit of suspicion that people will try to snipe at the end (because it's Ebay, of course), so we really need to raise as much as possible to win these awesome cards! Don't be afraid to bid your max amount!

Click the picture to go to the post

So, my next piece of this is my time with toda yesterday when I went to pick up the GA items and we hung out for a bit. Even if you don't want to read, you should skip to the bottom of my text because I got awesome cards. XD

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And here's an update on the GA items! Pictures along with brief descriptions of condition included!
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Thanks for reading!~
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News about the Mew Buddies GA + A Duckie want! =3

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is doing well! <3

However, I bring sad news though about the Mew Buddies GA.

I'm afraid we lost it, as we got sniped in the last few minutes and we only raised just enough for the starting bid afterxcuddleofdeathx and I raised our claims and such. Sorry guys. =(

In other news, I have recently learned there was a Ducklett Pokemon With You badge!

(pic from one of Sunyshore's photos)

So, instead of the AEON can badge of Ducklett I was asking about earlier (since it's most likely unavailable), I was wondering if I could snag myself a Pokemon With You badge of Ducklett instead here on the comm! Or should I wait until Gin's shop is open again? I'm just really wanting this badge. =3

And that's it! Thanks for reading! <3

A very weird plush get

So... I got this vileplume plush recently, and something's not quite right....

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Lastly, a sales plug to end the post. I updated my sales a few days ago, then within the 24 hours my post is already on the 3rd page ._. So check it out if you haven't, thanks! Click the banner to so :D

Plusle Pokedoll

Hello again!
I am terribly sorry for bothering you guys but see when I was five, my dad was cleaning out since we were moving and he gave away a plusle plush that I had. Now he is looking to make it up to me, as I am into Pokemon again, and wants to get a me a Plusle Pokedoll.
So I come to you wondering if anybody has one for sale?

Yeah so thanks for reading and happy Pokemon collecting!

Plush ONLY sales! Canvas, MPC, Pokedolls!

EDIT: Hahah sales permission granted by dakajojo 10/2011

Hey guys so I was hoping I could hold off until my enormous Noppin package arrives but since I bought a new shelf and rearranged my room, I just can't hoard this stuff in the corner anymore. The plush take up the most space so it's time for them to go!

PLEASE READ THE RULES FIRST! I will most definitely know if you have or haven't, especially if you ask for a domestic quote! I will also ignore your comment and move onto the next person if I find that you haven't read the rules!

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Eevee Collection
  • zoroark

Zoroarks and More GA Lost + Eevee/lution Pokédoll

Unfortunately, the Zoroarks and More GA was lost. D: We barely made enough for the starting bid, so we were easily sniped with literally seconds left on the clock. Sorry guys, good luck finding what you're looking for!

Also... I'm looking to buy a MWT Japanese 2008 Eevee/Eeveelution Pokédoll. I have Flareon but none of the others. If anyone has one for sale, let me know!

  • abailie

The Grandest Collection Update ever! (plus wants to complete my collection)

So it's aside from my first entry I haven't done any collection updates but since I've been getting a lot of Pokemon here (including some major grail gets) it's about time for one, beware this is heavy on the images. There are also a list of wants that will complete my collection of all the Pokemon I personally want to have in plush form after the update. 

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keldeo poster

So i went to game stop today to get keldeo and preorder for black 2. as i was getting keldeo a staff memeber asked if i wanted a free pokemon poster. my boyfriend got one too, but he gave me his cause he didn't want it~<3


check out your local game stop and see if they have one. ;3
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the most impossibly holy of all octograils (and normal wants :3)


This. *deepbreaths* This. Does any one have it?  It has the most interesting story behind it. Apparently, for a little while in Japan,  one could walk into a pokemon center with a lvl 65 octillery or higher in a D/P game and get a sticker and a headband (which mimics the in-game focus band).  There were only 10,000 of the headband given out, and I want to find one! 

Has anybody had any experience with this crazy little band? Please let me know if any of you have one you'd be willing to part with!  I don't even know how much they cost--I can't even find where one has been sold before!--but let me know and we can work something out! 

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Also just a quick shout out to caryh! We were in contact a couple of weeks ago about a trade, but you haven't replied even though I've messaged you a couple of times! Please contact me if you get the chance. :) Thankies!

Next time...a magnificent update! (tempted to make another octopus photostory!) featuring an octograil...stay tuned! <3 
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I come with wants!

Alrighty, I'm looking for some stuff - Mostly related to Hoenn Starters and the New Pokemon time bookmarks!

First up, a Mudkip Canvas plush. Anyone willing to sell me theirs?
Next, I'm looking for Torchic, Treeko and Mudkip kids and metal figures!
Also, I'm looking for the Multi Blastoise and Multi Venusar bookmarks from the recent Pokemon time promotion! I have both Dragonair bookmarks if you'd prefer to trade!

And I'm always looking for retsuden stamps, a Spinarak zukan and metal figures of Krabby, Kingler, Kabuto, Kabutops, Spinarak, Corphish, Crawdaunt, Groudon, Rayquaza and Kyogre!
  • lucario

Pokeman! McDonalds badges Group Buy

Edit: Aaand I just noticed Kangaskhan doesn't have her baby. Oh dear God, McDonalds what have you done?
Screen shot 2012-09-30 at 16.35.16
Screen shot 2012-09-30 at 16.35.25

These marvellous (official) vintage McDonalds pins are offered as a lot. Let's get them homed!

How to take part? Just read these rules:
  • This a Group Buy, meaning the amount you pay depends on how many badges are claimed. If all of the badges are claimed, they will cost $6.28 each including shipping to me. Then one small shipping payment to you.
  • Claim as many pins as you want... with the exception of:
  • One eevee-lution per claimant. You can have vaporeon or flareon but not both. This is to avoid resellers hogging the "popular" pins.
  • Payment is due 36hrs from now, or when all badges are claimed - Whichever is sooner.
  • If you cannot pay, negative feedback will be left.
  • I ship from the UK and I was granted sales permission in 2011 by Dakajojo.
Pidgeot: jesslyra
Growlithe: lucario
Chansey: slak0th
Mew: miss10
Clefable: mildgroove
Sandshrew: furrettails
Raticate: akeyma
Meowth: ichigobekon
Kangaskhan: arcanine5860
Machop: maractus
Arbok: aarux
Blastoise: smonda
Jigglypuff: maractus
Flareon: spideyroxas
Pidgey: oxymoronictonic
Clefairy: illumeee
Caterpie: ladylale
Nidoran F: umbreongirl
Charizard: miss10
Lapras: (held for lady_lapras to decide)
Vaporeon: eeveelutiongirl

Info post about Pokebox and my self-designed Umbreon charms tomorrow. All schenzi items paid for by Friday have been shipped, the rest will be tomorrow.
Wooper &amp; Quagsire

Looking for something odd

Hi guys! Just wanted to make an odd want post...

A few years ago I went to France and was happy to see a Pokemon gacha box in Carrefour.  I peered through the balls and looked for green. xD So I got Rayquaza.  Problem was, when I put him together he was missing his bottom jaw!  You can imagine how derpy he must look.  Anyway, he is from this set   and I was hoping someone might have that piece, or the figure, for sale. : )

I will be making a collection update post sometime soon as I have acquired a LOT more stuff than when I first joined (sad wallet). Probably another want post too, as soon as I have more money >> 

Thanks for reading! 

giratina, origin

A long time without updated sale post

Hi community !

Hope you are fine ! In Frane all people are sick... *atchoum* (this is a french sneeze).

I update my sale post ! A long time before I did that. >_> It's a little update but with a lot of things !
A preview before the cut : (yes, today I sewed)
IMG_20120930_184433 Espeon Hat

I recently clean my bedroom. I supposed I had sell all my cards since June, but I find agaiiiiiin cards and cards and cards XD

I have a question to the community :
Did you already find something you forgotten a long time ago, and you loved, like that, randomly ?
I find a lot of thing in my bedroom like my first fakemon I drew. My old friend and me created one called "Grosse Flamme" ("Big Flame"), it was funny XDD And I find some EX cards from Emerald set O_o And a Blaziken EX I loved <3


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hat hold

Quick Wants Post

Good evening, my fellow collectors!

I come seeking things on this fair evening/morning/time-of-day-ing.

My main wants for today are:
= Sneasel Kid, Attack form (claws down)
= Sneasel+Weavile Zukan (DP Set 1) Base+Pegs ONLY (figures not needed)
And the following are all from the TCG:
= Kidd's Weavile (009/020) [Japanese]
= Kidd's Weavile (010/020) [Japanese]
= Rota's Weavile (089/PCG-P) [Japanese]
= Sneasel - McDonalds Promo (036/P) [Japanese]
= Pryce's Sneasel (043/141) [Japanese]
= Sneasel ex (103/109) [English]
= Rocket's Sneasel ex (101/109) [English]

I will also at least take a look at most Sneasel+Weavile items~
Location is US48825, by the by.

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Halloween Witch Chikorita by magicalondi

Sales sales sales and more sales?

I'm having a little headache at the moment so please bare with me if anything isn't 100% alright. Just tell me in the comments^^"

So basically I've updated my sales quite a bit, lowered prices on the items that were already avaible(some of them are ridiculously cheap, so make sure to check out!). 

(clickity click for many pretty things for good prices<3)

Also still looking for this precious little piece for my collection:
Willing to pay well for it, so don't hesitate~

Other than that I will go to bed now, but I will answer everything once I get back up. Good night fellow collectors!*yawn*

edit: P.S.: My discount for multiple purchases under 500gramms weight of course still is going on, so 5dollars off each additional item until you reach that weight!

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Payment 1 Due for Triple Tomy GA

Ok Guys payment one is due for theses lots here is a small break down of the fees from Yj to me!

Shipping for both = 65.74
fees for both= 23.00
processing for both= 3.00

total of =$91.74 so divided by 37 members who took part of the ga is = $2.50 each person

Note if you took part of both GA their will 2 payments for each lot.
Send money to
Add title of Triple Tomy GA lot 1 or lot 3 which ever you took part of. In the memo add what figures you brought for each lot and also add your username.

Now time for the break downs under each cut.

* Note extras are $1 EACH and their is a list in the bottom.

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