October 2nd, 2012

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Pokemon Wrapper Purse

Hi there everyone,
Okay, I got a camera for my birthday last April and finally decided to take some pictures. Anyway this was a project that took a couple of months to complete. It's a small purse/wallet made from the Pokemon booster pack wrappers. :) I thought you guys might enjoy it, so I wanted this to be the first thing I shared instead of collection post. It's mainly made from the black and white booster packs. I found a few Fossil, Legendary Collection, and e-reader packs in a tin and decided to use them hence a nice Zapdos and Alakazam squares. The first thing my mother said to me was, "So you've been saving trash since you were 10?" Yeah, I have. Well I hope everyone enjoys this post and please leave some comments and feedback. ;)

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dancy gatr

Quick sales reminder and shipping update

Just a boring old reminder, here:

The sales in the above link ^ still have lots left, and all the offers there including a pokemon uno deck and a kyurem forms deckbox end in 3 days!

Also, all items purchased from that post already and now will be shipped wednesday of this week.

One final note:
Is there anyone looking for a Vaporeon pokedoll? I still have one I'm looking to sell, I put it up for offers a while back with no interest, so I thought I would ask this time before I go putting it up. I have a few other things I was considering letting go of, but not 100% sure yet. Those would be my Chatot pokedoll and my Altaria pokedoll. I'm a bit attached to them, but could use the money. Just let me know if you are interested, and if there is enough interest I will put them up for offers soon!

Thanks everyone!

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Massive collection showcase, bit of Pokebox info. :)

+ Pokebox +
We have sorted everyone's bags out, combined them with saved kids and stamps that you asked for, and it's ready!
BUT! I'm sorry, most people who ordered flat items, we do not have big enough packaging! We are going to buy some because the folders, desk pads and fans are far bigger than expected. The last thing you want is a crumpled fan!
We just have to find somewhere that sells extra large envelopes. The fans are 11" long (I know, I was surprised too!) and the folders are bigger than A4!
People who ordered only charms or small items, your postage totals are ready, click here for the spreadsheet! Payment to lizwoolley@blueyonder.co.uk and your items will be posted tomorrow.

Secondly, Schenzi 400 Kids GA participants, if it was paid for, it was posted. I've had  total no-shows on payment other than rhys107, who were truantdurant andkitnabarii.
I don't usually name and shame, but I believe they may be failing to pay other people too.

Thirdly: Pokeman Badge GB members, I need you to pay for your badges! Please check the replies your claim comments for the amounts to send.  If you don't pay in the next 18 hours I will release your claims!

Thirdly, I have finally got a collection to show you! Aaah! I am so happy! I love photographing things and this was really fun!
Last month I won a mixed lot form jesslyra on eBay, and whilst I won't keep some of it... I couldn't resist. How many Pokemon cna you spot in the image?
Speaking of spots... Can you guess what's in the second photo?
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I also finally gathered up my plush collection and took some photos. :D I explained every plush that is special to me, and lots of detail pics.

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And last but not least, WANTS! I am looking for the 18" or bigger Play by Play Charizard. I bought one from pikachux last month for about $30 but it never turned up, so I still really want one please!
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Last of my stickers and cute little figures!

Hello everyone! It's been a busy year for me, I relocated to Hong Kong and opened my own little business selling stickers and custom things. 
I'm sure some of you remember my stickers, and I'd like to get rid of the last now to make room.
I also bought some cute little official figurines of which I'm selling half - look below the (IMAGE HEAVY) cut to see!

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EDIT: Had to rush out for work, please bear with me :) Sorry for the inconvenience.
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today's question(:

hello community, 

i've been thinking about ga'ing al lot lately, but the shipping prices in the netherlands are extremely high.
so my question is: to al dutch people,  which method do you juse to ship your goods?

it's a large package, as seen on the photo (:


Smaller Card Pages?

I've been collecting Pokemon cards more, lately, and I'm annoyed by my card pocket pages.

It seems like most 9-pocket pages (even in the old Pokemon card folios!) are sized to snugly fit 2.5 x 3.5" trading cards. Pokemon TCG cards are a little smaller than that, though, and my cards slide around in the pockets and I don't like how insecure that feels and how messy it looks to have extra space around them...

Do they make pages that are sized a little smaller to more snugly hold Pokemon cards? My Google-fu is failing me... I used to store them in a card folio with black vinyl pages that held them pretty tight, but I'd like to move them to my Southern Islands binder, so if I can find loose card pages in a smaller size, I'd be thrilled.

Thank you!
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Payment 2 for both GAs!!

Hello there!
Payments 2 are due for both Qick over 150 pan stickers GA AND the Deco Cara Seal holder GA! I again combined shipping to make it cheaper for all of us, and I even got the weights of each lots from Noppin again! 
IMPORTANT NOTICE!! slothyshroom, you have still not even paid me for Payment 1 from the GA, and if you do not send payment within 24 hours, I will have to leave you a negative!!

Please read the rules before you decide to send payment!

- The payments you have to pay are in the BLUE column!
- Once you pay, please leave a comment that you paid and edit the spreadsheet!
- Please pay me within 48 hours from now, NO EXCUSES!!! Negative will be left, if you do not pay!!

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Thank you for your attention! <3

Zorua and Zoroark

Where'd it go?

So I'm just interested in asking a question, I was wondering what ever happened to that Phoenixfoxx Practical items GA that was up awhile ago, I could have sworn I sent a payment but I haven't heard anything about it since anyone know what happened with that?

Also I plan on doing a little collection update coming up as well :)

I also want to ask for those of you that saw my TRU update post, would anyone here be interested in me possibly doing pick ups someday? If this is not allowed please let me know thank you. I DO NOT have sales permission yet so obviously I CANNOT do any pick ups just yet. I simply want to see if I should ask Gin and the other mods in the future if this would be possible. From what most people said their TRU is nothing like the one I have here so I just would like to help out the community. Let me know what you think :)

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livestream aftermath zukan sales!

Hey guys! So with the help of some lovely comm members on livestream, we turned this...

into this!

phew, thats a lot of zukans!
Now this was meant to go up on Sunday, however I fell ill :( so I only managed to do it this evening. As an apology for the delay, I've reduced a bunch of the prices!

of course, a bunch of the zukan are already reserved by people in the stream, and they get priority. 
For people that have reserved, you have 48 hours to claim your reserved zukan! After that, they will be reoffered to the other members.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ANY ZUKAN THAT ARE CURRENTLY CLAIMED, please post letting me know and you will be added to the back up list in case anyone backs out. 

without further ado, here we go!

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Spin! Spin!

Tiny tiny customs~ + A little preview!

So today i'm bringing you these MINI furrets c: They're so tiny, they're about the size of my fingers!

So tiny they're incredibly hard to photograph with my phone!

And they could be YOURS!
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And SOON, shiny_vulpix and yours truly are bringing you people these AMAAAZING auctions, for rare Latin American stuff:
(Preview includes everything that wull be up for auction later!)

Keep your eyes peeled!


Hello everyone! This is nidoqueenpug here! I'm new to this community and still have alot to learn. I've been wanting to join for awhile but just now did it. I've loved pokemon since...forever! It's one of my favorite hobbies,even though some people dont understand why a highschooler likes a "cartoon" . Well thats me I try to be nice and funny all the time and some people say I'm brutally honest but whatever! Well there is this thing I've been wanting for a long time now and it's the shiny gyrados plush. If anyone has info I would love it and love to buy it for a decent price! It's hard to get alot of money when youe under 18. So please help out if possible! Well these are my babies! (not icludig,books,figures,or clothes) There are 44 of them and are all very special to me. They're all very ;oved and the newest is an Arcanine and the oldest is the marril. Some  of them are official pokedolls,some are from walmart/target, and a majority are bootlegs. I got them before I knew there was such a thing. Oh,well. Thank you for litening! Have a great day or night!
~ Nidoqueenpug aka Brooke
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Oshawott PokeDoll

Just Recently, I got refunded from Sunyshore because they were all out of Oshawott PokeDolls. I would like to buy one for $20 USD or less + shipping, since Gin sells PokeDolls for $20 each. I'd prefer for it to be MWT and Japanese Release (Not even sure if there's an English release, but either way I'm only looking for Japanese Release PokeDolls).

Any help hooking me up with one of these would be appreciated- thanks! :]

Quick TCG Want! (UK Members, Help?)

At this point, I'm convinced that North America won't be receiving more booster pack promos (at least until Dragon Vault and MAYBE Boundaries Crossed), so it looks like I'll have to turn to those in the UK for help! Especially since last time I posted about it, no one had really seen it... At the time, I wasn't really up for paying the shipping from UK, but now I will >_>

The above packaging is just a stock photo, since the actual card is the one shown beside it, an actual promo. 
I don't need the outer packaging, as long as I get the booster, sample pack, (both in wrappers) and promo card... The Petili can be kept (I have a ton^^)

Lemme know if anyone can help!

Kachiki Sabi

Here's my GRAIL it never fails it makes me want to wag my tail

skip to the chase I want to scream GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIL! Ok so super holy mother of grail for me has reared its ugly face...I NEED! So I'm adding BIN prices to my kids auctions!

click the banner to be transported! Please take them away! I need this grail! My precious!
Also, my sales are still here: http://doryphish333.livejournal.com/1176.html take that stuff away! I need it out of the house!
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Reintro and Sales

hello everyone (it's been a while) I decide to reintroduce myself some of you might remember me, I'm Riyko and i'm a Togepi/Togetic/Togekiss collector (i currently don't have any pictures of my collection). Sadly i'm parting with some of my collection as i'm moving to Chile and decided that instead of putting it in storage where it won't hidden away and unloved, i've decided to sell what i'm not keeping.

Which brings me to my sales, I have tons of togepi/togetic/togekiss items for sale as well as some friends plush and charmander items. You can find my sales by clicking the banner below

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Collection Update! NYC pre-release party?

So it's been a while since I've posted an update, mainly because I can't spend money anymore =p But my boyfriend spent a good two trips to Nintendo world showering me with pokedolls. I already made one update on the first round a while ago, so here's the second and a few other small gets! (McDonalds phanpy, attack minccino kid, and Riley pan sticker could now be present with us today =( )
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Also! I've posted before but no one really responded-- is anyone else going to be going to the NYC pre-release party this Saturday? I'd love to try to meet up =D How hard will it be to get in? I'm scared =o
Eevee Collection
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Just wanted to say sorry to anyone who saw my earlier group buy post - I decided to cancel it right away due to unclear rules regarding claim pricing and also due to fishy information from the seller of the lot. I apologize for any inconveniences I may have caused!

Also, expect a collection update/re-intro from me soon! <3