October 3rd, 2012

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Merch Question?

EDIT: Answered, thank you all so much! <3

Hey guys, I have a quick question! This Charmander diorama - I've seen this ONE posting of it on an foreign site, and I think it is darling... but what IS it?? Is it common, uncommon, even rare? Is it official, even? I dunno, but I keep seeing it and I'm so darn curious! (EDIT: click for big size)

adeku uguuu kawaii

posters GA reminder!

this GA ends in about ten hours. we have not quite made the starting bid cost, so if you want your poster, up your claim, or claim some more!

i am working hard to get a big collection update posted before i go home for a couple of weeks, but natural lighting has not been on my side. bah! a sneak peek... i just love therian form boltykins!! pardon the bad lighting, hey, its 4:50 AM!!

thanks folks!
Casual Shoto

First package from Sunyshore :D

I am so happy right now :D I don't even one to go to my class later for an exam just because I want to enjoy my new pokedolls :D:D!!!!
The other day I saw someone (can't remember the user name) positing her/his packaging from Sunyshore and I just liked the idea :) so here I am! It's also my first time ordering from Sunyshore and probably not the last ^^
First It was 8:30 when I heard in my sleep that annoying "ding dong" yayyyyy -_____- they usually pass around 3 and when I am super tired they come in the morning....so with my messy hair I open the door :D and it's the mail man with 2 packages??? XD I was so confuse cause I got something yesterday that was telling me to go to the post office cause I have a package there too, but anyway :D It was a big and a medium package.
I start opening the medium package cause I think it's from Yahoo Auction since I got 2 small pokedolls from there and then I realize that "sunyshore" stamp and went oups ^^'

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Hi everyone, I'm not quite sure if this kind of post is allowed, so please let me know if it's not so I can delete it!! Anyway, I've had a question for a while, a couple years back I got two Zukan figures that were my first ones, a noctowl line and a dewgong line. They had a fairly big base, and were all about the size of Tomy figures, except for hootoot that was tiny. Lately I ordered quite a few Zukans from here and both the Pokemon and their bases were super small. Is this something that all Zukans have now, or is it just the specific ones I got, like my Gothita line? Also does anyone know what kind of size a furret line zukan is and a lunatone/solrock zukan? Thanks <3
Mienshao Walky

~Kung Fu Weasels Collection Update~

It is finally that time, after many months of procrastinating preparation, I think I'm ready to show off my karate chopping weasel collection! I've been collecting them ever since they were first announced, yet I haven't made a collection feature EVER. That is about to change today! Step right up and witness all the purple, creams, yellows and reds!

~Here's a tempting sneak peek~

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puella magi

Reintro & MEGA Collection Update!

Hello, it's been a while since I last posted I think, well collection-wise. I did post earlier in September about meeting up members at a con, BUT ANYWAY...

You can call me "Min" or "Mignonette" (or a deconstruction of the two). Ignore my LJ name, it will change sometime in the future to something totally not weeaboo and something I made up when I was 16. I live near the Gulfcoast and started posting here last April, but have lurked longer. I love to collect the Unova monkeys and they are the main collection. I have three minor collections: Minccino/Cinccino, Yamask/Cofagrigus, and Elgyem/Beheeyem, with some stragglers. I also want to collect Marlon, but we'll see how that goes! My holding back was mostly a combination of moving back home from college and then waiting for stuff to come in the mail…yeah, it got pushed back.

But that means more goodies to show!

Follow the cut to the...

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Lots of MPC GA!

Everyone, everyone! The MPC plush are finally here! :D I'm super excited. They're so cute and soft! At first, I wasn't too crazy about MPCs, but looking through these... I kinda want to keep them all. :P I may have to start collecting these in addition to Pokedolls.
Anyways, payment info will be posted soon! If you know you won't be able to pay for a couple of days or will be out of town or something, please PM me so I know what to expect. Thanks, everyone!
(blurry) Pic related. <3


A few wants (mostly red gyarados!!! plush)

Hey there everybody! It's me nidoqueen pug with a few wants today! Please contact if you can help!
This is the one I want the most ever ever ever!!! I dont care about used,tagless,pets in the house or anything! I'm alittle worried about affording this one since my parents dont really wanna help but I'm gonna try! In fact, today I worked for over two hours cleaning the house for some money! Wish me luck and maybe someone will give me a good price!
  Red Gyrados 
Secondly is the nidorina plush! You can tell by my user name! I don't knpw much shes worth though!Nidorina

                                                                                                                                                                            The clefable is a close third! Thanks for reading everyone!Clefable
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Magikarp Plush

Hello everyone! This is my first post ever in the lovely Pkmncollectors community. So far my experience here has been wonderful ^-^ It’s one of the most stress free places on the internet in my opinion. I have seen other people post their wants on here and getting good tips and advice. So I’m going to give it a shot :)

I am looking for any Magikarp Pokemon Center plush for 3 years now *yeah 3 years*. I have never had any luck with eBay bids and was devastated when I recently lost in a bid war to a sniper. It crushed my heart because I had held my hopes high that time. Its the feeling of finally close to accomplishing a life long goal and suddenly it got snatched away from you just like that ._.

I am interested in the U.S version to the Japanese version with or without tags to the shining gold Magikarp. But for now I really want to get my hands on a Magikarp Pokedoll. I would really appreciate it if someone could lend a hand or two in helping me find one. It would mean the world to me!

I am willing to pay up to $50 dollars for a clean tag less one that I can cherish and call my own. Thank you so much~

*I swear my jaws dropped when I saw this picture... i would buy them all x3*

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New apartment + battrio sales round 2

First of all, thanks for the wonderful poster GA! I was so happy to be able to sell the lot to the comm. I'll ship the package to Gin as soon as possible ^__^

Next, even though I haven't had the patience to organize my collection properly, let me show you a few pictures of my new apartment and all the Pokemon in it :3

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I also updated my battrio sales, there are still about 400 different coins available! I reduced some prices, marked which ones are already sold and even took some new pictures to make everything clearer! I also added a special offer: buy $5 worth of coins, get one $1 coin free! And don't hesitate to ask for discounts, I'll be happy to lower the price if that makes you buy a lot of coins :3