October 4th, 2012


Major Raichu Want and Victini Question

The Want:
I've been looking at the Raichu Canvas for almost a year going, "Do I have to have it?" The answer is, "Yes, yes I do," but now that I've made up my mind, it's harder to find! So, does anyone have one that they'd like to sell? A US Seller would be preferable, but I'm not too picky. The tag (whether it is there or not) and its condition are of little concern to me. As long as the plush is clean and in good condition, I'll be very happy. I'm new and only have one feedback so far ( http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/razeasha/ ), so if you need additional feedback, feel free to ask. I have Ebay, Etsy, and feedback on the egl_comm_sales feedback database to which I can link.

The Question:
I really like the Victini Canvas plush but was also told that the Pokecen one is very lovely. The Pokedoll one also looks cute. I was wondering if there was a Victini collector out there who happened to have all three (or even just two of them) and would be willing to send me a picture of the cuties together, so I could look at what they looked like side by side and make up my mind. (You can tell I have trouble doing that, can't you? XP) The MPC and 7.5" Chibi Banpresto ones also look cute. Does anyone have an opinion on these? It's just more difficult for me to visualize things. You have no idea hoe many times peoples' pictures on here helped me get a better idea of what something looked like.

Thank you everyone, and I hope you are all having good days/mornings/evenings. Y'all always make my day better!
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WANTED: PokeTime and Bell Plush

Hello, everyone!
I've come to post wants for my main collections: Pokemon Time (plush) and Bell Plush :D

I SO regret not getting these guys when they first came out! :( They are such cuties!! I have caved in to the PokeTime craze and am now collecting all the plush~

Oh man, do I LOVE bell plush!! My goal is to collect every bell plush :D I started this year and I have managed to get 12 so far. I am looking for MIB only!

**The ones marked out I own. They are Vileplume, Clefairy, Machop, Caterpie, Poliwhirl, Electabuzz, Dratini, Psyduck, Pikachu (set 2), MewTwo, Gloom, and Dragonair.

If you guys have any of these, I will pay well! Thank you all! ♥ I’ll also be making a re-introduction post very soon~

Happydance GA!

Hey guys, it is me once again with another group auction. I am starting to really get into these. This GA is partially hosted by me, and the other host is actually  shirohikarikaze . Shirohikarikaze received sales permission from entirelycliched on March 2nd, 2012. 
My feedback is here.
shirohikarikaze feedback is here.


I will be claiming the the Buneary Pokedoll for $15.

I will be doing the threads/spreadsheet while shirohikarikaze will be doing the bidding/shipping.

Do not bid until all threads are up.  Threads are up :D Bid away.

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Collection update: marbles omg SO MANY MARBLES

I love pokemon marbles. They are my favorite Pokemon merch to collect. My collection was okay, but nowhere near a complete set of the original 150 glass marbles.

And then I saw a listing on eBay for somewhere around 200 marbles for a good price.

So I pounced.

And they arrived yesterday!

Ah they're so lovely! And all stars too!

But the question is, will this set complete my collection?

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Get Your Wallets Ready - Tomy is Making Plush of ALL the Eeveelutions!!

Please delete if I'm repeating this, but although we all know that Tomy is doing an Eevee plush and a talking one, I did NOT know that they were doing the WHOLE LINE!! As seen on the JapanVideoGames pre-orders I stumbled upon 

Looks like they share the release date with Eevee of Nov 30th... Too bad there aren't any pics I'm really curious to see them!! Either way, figured it would be worth informing everyone (that they are going to be broke after this HUGE promo ends >_>) 

EDIT: This pic was discovered on the Tomy site, but with a date of Oct to be released. Perhaps JVG posted the date that THEY would receive the stock in? Either way, it looks like these might be it:

adeku wave it off!

poster GA! totals for PAYMENT ONE

we did indeed win our rare TCG posters!! with a teeny discount, too, that took care of the shipping cost.

total raised: 447$. total owed with shipping: 440$.

please send your total to denkimouse (at) gmail.com and please:
make the SUBJECT GA: (your LJ name)
make the NOTE a copy of your won item/s from your total.


payment two will be due a week or so later, and will be shipping to you from lewes DE :)

schenzi: Cyrus ($10), with discount $9.84 = USA: $10.43 / Non-USA: $10.52

clairefable: Greta ($10), with discount $9.84 = USA: $10.43 / Non-USA: $10.52

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and this is a final reminder to these three folks before a negative is left. please pay for your dot sprite charms. please go to the payment post ASAP!

jenksss: Timburr, Scrafty, Cobalion ($10 x3) +$5 shipping = $35
dragonrider49: Axew, Fraxure, Haxorus, Druddigon, Hydreigon ($10 x5) +$7 shipping = $57
sakenichi: Mienshao ($10 x1) +$3 shipping = $13

all other dot sprite charms are on their way! please enjoy, they are so cool :D

thanks all!
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Seeking your Poison

... Types!

Hello there, I'm just in the neighborhood to do some birthday/early christmas shopping and I'm wondering if anyone has some goodies to offer that feature the Koffing line? Also seeking Magmar's line and any character goods that feature Ghetsis.

If there were none made, then whoops! Forgive me, I'm a little behind the times on this stuff aha.

I'm not so much interested in plushies for Koffing, my buddy has most of them and I can't recall which she doesn't have. But anything else under the sun, I'd like to get my hands on.

Off the top of my head I know she has the charm set from the rerelease waves, a luggage tag, some cards, battle coins and i think only part of a zukan? She's got a whole mess of the metal figures too.

But anything else you can think of, please post with a price! I am looking to get items in bulk

You would be shipping to California, in the US of course!

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What Pokemon do you want to see in the next wave of Pokemon Time?

We've seen a lot of interesting and adorable choices for Pokemon Time characters. What Pokemon would you like to see the most?

Obviously I want to see Gloom, but I'm most interested in the Pokemon people normally *don't* collect, but would want if they were Pokemon Time-ified.

The one I want the most is Magmar. He would be so cute! ;o;

Maybe he would look like his Pokemon Snap self?

Who do you want to see? :D
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Pikachu Tea Kettle Cleaning and Safety

kettle 004

I've been sick these last few days, so when my Pikachu tea kettle came in I wasn't as excited as I wished I could have been. I didn't get a chance to open it until today since I've been bedridden. Now that I have, I can't believe how gorgeous it looks! It makes me wish I would have bought more from the Pikachu kitchen line.
I know quite a few people from the community bought the kettle specifically so I thought I'd inform you on how I clean my kettles in case some people were nervous about using the Pika kettle.

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Lillpup Promo Want

Hi, everyone!

I have a want today that's probably going to be a long shot. ^^;

I'm looking for this English Promo -

It comes in a box set with a deck, booster packs, and Reverse Holos of Stoutland and Herdier. I'm looking to either buy/trade for Lillipup on it's own (or with Herdier and Stoutland). Or to divide the box set up with someone. I have no need for the deck...and I could possibly keep the booster packs but all I'm really interested is is the Lillipup line cards.

I think there are a few different decks you can get...I'm not sure how many combinations, but these are the pics I've found online - Link and Link2.

So! If anyone has the Lillpup (with or without Herdier and Stoutland) that they're willing to part with or would be interested in dividing up the box set with me, please let me know. ^^

Actually, while I'm doing wants, I'm also looking for these two cards:

Liepard from Freeze Bolt and Purrloin from Plasma Gale.

And I'm also looking for the Servine card from the 2012 McDonald's promotion.

~ Risha

Natu Collection Start :D

Here's just my start of my small Natu/Xatu collection :)


Currently, I am looking for anything else you guys might have Natu/Xatu, especially the Zukan! I'm willing to trade for anything off my sales! Sales here: Salesss

Thanks guys!

EDIT: I had recently won a Natu and Xatu Tomy figures on a Tomy group auction, but I have only seen one post that the host won, but I have not seen any further post about where to send payment to. I don't know who hosted it, and no one had replied to any of the comments I posted so I don't have any record to it in my messages. Lemme know guys :)


Hello again everyone,I was wondering if you guys would do me a favor? I have a charizard plush and I'm curious to what exactly he is. If you read my previous posts you saw my dad got him off the side of the road. Any info would be appreciated. His styrofoam holding his neck and arms is broken so they hang a little and he has a big rip in his tail covered with duct tape.And say If you need a pic of him please! Thank you! Ok, here he is! c
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Possible MPC GB

Hi Guys and gals. I found this lot and was hoping to GB it, I would be willing to do the threads and such and need someone to help with the bidding and shipping.
please let me know if you'd like to help out as I really want to get my hands on Sawsbuck! 


thanks :) 

Will Be default later

Collections update!

Hey guys! So I've started my plush collecting journey. One plush of every single pokemon--no matter how big or small! I think I'm doing pretty well!
Pokemon =D
My newest additions are:
Miu the Meowth
Snivy (Who's actually going to go live with my boyfriend--shh it's a suprise ;) )
Boo, the bootleg Raichu
Factory reject Glaceon (Who's going to live with a friend of mine)
Rooski the Hasbro Raichu
Nathan the shinx (Who's my new nightly cuddle-buddy!)

I also have a Tepig pokedoll and a Drillburr Jakks plush which'll hopefully be on the way soon!

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Thanks guys!


Hi community,
this is meant to be an introduction post but I have been lurking around for just over a month. A few of you have already met me. I have already bought a minccino canvas plush and chikorita metalswing charm as well as a shaymin charm from the community. I will need to make a collection post, which leads on to questions:
* how do you get photos onto a post?
*how do you make an LJ cut?
And more questions to come (sorry) 
I hope to make lots of friends and collect lots more pokemon.
My favorite pokemon are the eeveelutions, mainly espeon, minccino and deerling, as well as anything else cute.
I hope you accept me in your community.
Pupstergirl :D
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hello everyone :)  o0vailo0 and I would like to offer you lovely people two group buys by the same seller both are sets of 10 MPC  plushes!!
set 1 

group buy set 1
set 2 
group buy 2

o0vailo0 will be shipping from Canada and will ship internationally and gained sales permission from entirelycliched on May 31st 2012 feedback can be found here  http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/o0vailo0o/ 

- I will be dealing with totals and posts o0vailo0 will be buying/shipping
- We are not responsible for items lost in the mail.  If you are concerned please pay for insurance.
- There will be three payments: lot price plus internal shipping, shipping to me and shipping to you
- Paypal only

Each plush will be $6 before internal shipping 
There will be three payments 1. Plush   2. shipping to o0vailo0o   3. shipping to you 

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in-case figure GA update

I would like to apologize to all participants of me and saberalter's in-case GA as well as thank you guys for being so patient with things.

Even though most people sent their first payments very quickly, unfortunately a couple people have still not paid me which is why things have been dragged on for so long. In the past, I've usually waited until I got the last payment in, but I am having difficulty even getting a hold of one of them so I think it may be time to move on. The amount owed isn't actually that substantial, so despite the last couple missing payments and a bit of a loss on my part, I have gone ahead and requested shipping because it would just not be fair to make everyone who has paid wait any longer. Please get ready for payment 2 when I am invoiced in the next week or two. :)

Thanks again guys!

Big Introduction

Hello community. :) I've been a regular lurker here for about a month and I finally decided to join for real. Actually I asked to join twice. The first time a week went by and I didn't hear anything so I tried again thinking I might have miss-clicked or something. I hope I didn't bother any mods.

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This is the longest post ever, but I had fun looking through all my stuff and reliving the memories of how I got them, etc. Hope you guys enjoyed it too if you managed to read all of this. I'm looking forward to participating in this community. It seems like a great place and I love seeing everyone's collections grow. Until next time!

eevee eevee everywhere!

Hello again! It's me fluffydrifloons, and today i come to you with some questions about all the eevee business! As i have never witnessed this time of the year as a plush collector i have absoloutly no idea how it all works! ^_^
So on to the questions!
1. Which companies release eeveeloution merch?
2. Do you have to pre-order everything, or will they still be available when they come out?
3. Does the pokemon center release merch too?
And my main question is
4. Does anybody know if they will be re-releasing the canvas-loutions?
I am seriously dying to know!
Thanks so much guys, and sorry for the boring post!
Happy pokemon collecting!

EDIT- I will also be posting a gets post soon as i have been quite busy recently with my purchasing. It will also include some praise for two lovely members. All will be explained...when my packages arrive =D

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Kachiki Sabi


Ok guys, anyone who's recently purchased from me...I'm so sorry! Your stuff will be shipped out tomorrow early morning! I promise!!! Thanks to everyone being so patient! I just got attacked with nursing exams so I'll finally be available during PO hours =_= (I wish they were open longer)
I was trying to make this post less boring and clever...but I can't think of anyway to do that :/ So be creative!

♥ Halloween Cupcakes Auction ♥

Poke 009

All I can say about these guys is that I love Halloween so I had to do some Pokemon cupcake charms inspired themes. So these six guys you see are all up for auction! Look under the cut for more details and pictures. ♥

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As well as the cupcake charm auction I am also offering some custom slots! ♥ For your own one of a kind cupcake or ice cream charm of any Pokemon of your choosing. I have 10 slots open at the moment. Take a look under the cut for more details! ♥

Poke 001

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