October 5th, 2012

Mew Giddy

Unexpected Israeli Gets!

As I mentioned in my last post, I moved to Israel about a month ago, and have been concerned about the lack of Pokemon merch. Well, about a week ago I found out about a sci-fi/fantasy/ANIME convention going on, and went yesterday and today. :D

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Anyhow, since I'm only in Israel for 5 months, I didn't bring much of my collection, just a Snivy plush and custom Poke-hat for the middle-eastern sun!
 photo DSC00032.jpg
My usually full Poke-room is pretty modest atm, but I do have a Blaziken figure in the mail. I'm really glad I've got a room to myself, so I've got extra shelf-space. :>

Meme time: show off your home-away-from-home collection! What did you bring with you? Did you find/buy anything while travelling? How do you display it (if you do at all?

nejikuro special


i have been building up new electric goodies all summer! i now present them to you in this...!


be amazed! be paralyzed! bring a friend!

and realize that this is the very last time you shall ever see an update from me that stars this setup....

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next major update incoming....RAICHUS!!, of course!!!! how about
new genga from ep 14?
new genga from DP?
new mirage plush?!
new custom plush?!
other new VERY rare goodies!!!

see you next post :D off to the airport right NOW!

Halloween Plush Ending Soon! Plus Moltres Wants

Hi Pkmn Collectors! A reminder that our store BattleAxe is selling some awesome merch for the spooky season, including some Halloween themed Pokemon plush! Check out our eBay auctions by clicking the picture below. Most are ending in the next 24 hours. Last chance to get one before the end of October!

And as always I am looking for those last few rare items to complete my Moltres collection. These are a few that have been especially hard to find:


These items in particular I have had next to no information on, and thus have been very hard to find. I will pretty much pay an arm and a leg for most of this stuff. There are also a few less rare things I'm still trying to get my hands on. You can see all the rest of my Moltres wants here: http://s711.photobucket.com/albums/ww114/Moltres93s_Wants/

Thanks for looking!

151 badges GA Bad news

I'm sorry to tell to the GA participants, the lot was BIN'd...
Kriscarmi and I knew that many pokemon of this generation are not very popular, that's why we hadn't decided to make a GB.

Edit : firevie PM me an another link to THE SAME holder. I'll see if kriscarmi still can do the shipping/bidding. But we have only 24 hours

I must be dreaming... (+ Wants: Rainbow Series Pikachus)

I just couldn't believe my eyes when I saw these available for preorder...
Pokemon Center Pokemon Time Pokedoll Plush - Dragonair / Hakuryu
I don't even know what to say... I am seriously in shock! I stared at the pictures for like 10 minutes straight. xDLook at Growlithe's wittle face! It just screams "hug me!" xD
And Dragonair looks so majestic and lovely! Why are so many nice pokemon things coming out lately?
I hope this isn't too old of news to all of you- but I just found out right now and I am so excited! 
(Edit: See http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/13200141.html for more information on these!
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Thanks for reading!


GA questions + super huge collection update (:

hello comm ;p
so here I am again, after my two months working vacation on an island closeby (:
it was my first work experience and it was kinda hard haha ;p
but man, it's nice to get payed ;o 
hmm, those where the good times..

now that i'm home, its time for me to go study *blech*
some things have changed, but i still love pokemon (:
that's why i've decided to buy myself a lot of coming home gifts yeahh.
due to little time and such, I didn't do a collection update, but here goes!

secondly, i'm thinking about selling my stuff, but shipping is kind of reaaalllly high here -.-
soo are there other options?

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Crabs and Spiders Collection update! And a question...


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As of late, I've been second thinking collecting Kabutops. It's not really a crab even if it's previous evolution is a Horseshoe crab. I /could/ give it up and weed out my tiny collection to just Kabuto, but I have a feeling I might regret it later...
Has this ever happened to you? How do you weed your collection? Rather, how do you /decide/ to weed it out?

GA questions....allowance?

EDIT: In the GA are 80+ figures, mostly jakks ones :D
Some seem to be rare ones, and I would be claiming two of them X3

Hey all, I recently found a really cool GA not too long ago, and there's about 28 hours left on it....

Anyways, the price went over my (small) budget, so here comes my question:

May I ask somebody to help me GA a lot that isn't mine? I don't have sales permission, so I would be doing threads, but I honestly don't know how the spreadsheets here work..... Can somebody explain that part to me?

I can link the GA if it's allowed, I would like to claim two things :3

If this post isn't allowed, please let me know and I will delete it right away, thank you :D

Looking for US middleman or co-host~

So I just recently found two beautiful little lots on eBay...
D: But I'm up in Canada and the seller doesn't ship internationally!

If it's GA'd, I'm looking to claim either Cranidos and Shieldon, or Uxie and Drifloon. (Or Cranidos and Uxie if anyone's up for the task of doing both! That might make my current GA count 3 though so maybe let's avoid it.)
I'd gladly run the threads, so what I need is somebody who can place the bid.

Failing that,
If anybody's able to stay in relatively good contact to middleman this for me, I'm quite willing to bid for a whole lot, or split one between us, depending on how high the price gets.
In the case of just splitting, I would also be interested in Starly, Chingling and Pachirisu, or the Green Burmy, Celebi, Servine and Phione.

... OR I'd gladly just buy a Cranidos or Uxie Jakks if anybody here has one for a relatively low price! I have a soft spot for Jakks plush (it was a Mime Jr one that started all of my collecting!), so if you've got others as well, I may buy them in bulk. :>

Thanks in advance for any help~

MPC GB payment 1 Due!

With the current exchange rate, 18 claims means the plush will be $4.45 each before paypal fees!

Please send your total to vailo@fastmail.fm with your username in the comment (not subject line).
Lots will be BIN'd as soon as enough money is in!
In the event that we aren't fast enough, refunds will be sent back immediately.

1 Plush = $4.94
- abbeymew
- chaos_21
- squeakaree
- kittay752
- scarsofsunlight
- slak0th
- sleepyslowpoke

2 Plush = $9.57
- lugidog
- o0vailo0o

3 Plush = $14.24
- sugar0coated

4 Plush = $18.83
- rhys107


mpcs 2



Hello again everyone! After this Im going stop posting for awhile,I was wondering if anyone had any REALLY CHEAP espeon,bayleaf,or muchlax items? It's my best friends birthdy and I want to get her several gifts! Please and thank you. If this psot isnt allowed please tell me, and I'll. delete! Thank you!
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Limited Edition Pikachu 3DS coming to Europe!


Taken from the Escapist:

"For those of you who prefer bright yellow to white, Nintendo is also releasing the striking Pikachu 3DS XL in Europe sometime this year. Launched in Japan just shortly before the NA release of the 3DS XL, the unique Pikachu variant of the handheld was only available to those who pre-ordered it from select Pokemon Center stores. "

Nor word on whether it will be available in the USA or other countries (Aus plz!)


Lots of MPC GA Final Payment Due!

Hey everyone! I'm excited to say that I've calculated the shipping for this GA, and they should be on their way to you very soon! Please look at the payment info below and follow the instructions very carefully. Not following the instructions may lead to your payment being refunded and other problems. ):
-When you send the payment, please put either your username or the items you won in the memo. Putting "payment for GA" or leaving a blank memo just leads to lots of frustrations as I don't know who is paying what. If this happens, I'll refund your payment.
-You must mark the payment as "goods". Payments marked as gifts or anything else will result in your payment being promptly refunded. 
-If you need extra time to pay, please tell me! I'm a lenient person and won't leave neutral or negative feedback if you manage to tell me in advance, but having me hunt you down and saying "sorry, I don't have the money right now" a week after this post isn't okay. ):
-These packages don't include tracking or insurance. If you'd like to have it on your package, please let me know and I'll be more than happy to add it to your total.
-Please send payment to lonewolffxt(at)hotmail(dot)com within 48 hours. Please do it? It makes life easier for everyone!
Read the rules? I hope so. Now, without further ado, here is the spreadsheet.

Please comment here or PM me with any questions! I'm glad this GA was a success!

I took a less blurry picture of our lovelies! Here you go! 

EDIT: The 48 hour deadline has passed, but I still haven't received payment from many of you. If you know you haven't paid, please see your inbox, as I have PMed all non-payers. I'm giving non-payers an additional 24 hours before negative feedback is left. ):

Toda GA Payment 2 and Extras!

Hey there guys!~ So, here are the payment 2 totals for anyone involved in the Toda GA! I know I said I was going to post this last Tuesday/Wednesday, but a lot of personal issues came up... If you're terribly concerned as to what happened, you have the right to PM me if you are a GA member.

I have a lot of text with notes to you guys and rules on how to send payment 2, so please read everything carefully!

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Beast wants: Raikou and Entei Keshipokes and Chou Gets

I was finally going to buy keshipokes of Raikou and Entei today. I already bought Suicunes a couple of months ago, but I wanted the full sets :) But - AnimeRaro had sold out of set 9 because I had waited too long :S

So does anyone have one  they could sell me? I know Polevault-Brian's are a bit more pricy than AnimeRaro's so I wanted to check with you guys before buying his :) 

These are the ones, just exclude Suicune :) But, speaking of Suicune, does yours stand on 3 legs because one is shorter than the others? :P I always wondered if that was normal for that figure.

beast trio-keshipokedp9

I'm also looking for Raikou and Entei's Chou Get's if anyone happens to have them :D

Thank you for reading, have a lovely weekend <3 

(PS. hope my picture isn't huuge, please tell me if it is! I haven't figured out who's website the pic is from, all I know is that "Sacred Field" is a wonderful place :) If they're yours please tell me if I should remove it)

Tomy Collection Extras & Wants!

I'm new to the community so I'd like to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Dylan and I've loved Pokemon for almost as long as I can remember. I started "collecting" about a month ago even though I've had toys and games since they were first released. I've recently been on a quest to acquire the first two generations of Tomy Pokemon figures, and that's what brings me to livejournal. I wanted to show you all what extras I have that are still decent, and tell you about the ones I need to finish my collection. I DO NOT have sales permission. So to start, these are the figures I have lying around.

These are the extras I've acquired since I've been collecting the first 250 Tomy figures.
These ^ are all in very good condition, near mint condition with no major signs of wear or markings. Mankey has a very small paint chip off his right hand and the Mew in the back is in perfect condition except for what appears to be hot glue on his head. It looks like he fell in it, but I was afraid to try to remove it. Hitmonchan sometimes doesn't want to stand. All are Tomy. The Mew, Goldeen, and Mewtwo in the front are Auldey Tomy. (I strongly thought about putting them in my collection because they're AULDEY! But in the end, I have a stonger emotional attachment to the ones my parents bought me years ago :) )

These ^ are in good condition, but have been showed some love over the years. Some are worse than others bot nothing too serious. A scuff here, a run there, except Doduo. I forgot to put him in the first picture. He has a black mark under his base, but other than that he's great. The rest have there own stories i.e. Ivysaur has red edges on his leaves, Kangaskhan had a chip in the paint, one Venonat won't stand, ect. All are in pretty fair condition. Again all are Tomy. Raichu and Meowth are Auldey Tomy.

And last but not least is the bad bag ^ lol. These are a mix of Tomy and Auldey Tomy with multiple scuffs, missing paint, and what appears to be mew's orange wig. (sharpie maybe) I plan on painting them all shining and putting them with my collection. I'll update pics when I get done, though I probably won't start for a while. I also have a restoration project with broken Tomy figures missing arms, tails, ect. I'm molding new parts with clay, BUT since it's hard to identically mold a part and paint it perfect they will all be personalized Pokemon. (Non shiny but individual paint scheme fanfic Pokemon) I'm excited about this. Pictures when I'm done, whenever that will be lol.

Gen 1
-Beedrill (bidding)
-Nidoran Female (bidding)
-Nidoran Male
-Rhyhorn (I think mine is bootleg)
-Pinsir (I think mine is bootleg)
-Kabuto (bidding)

Gen 2
-Porygon 2
-Raiku (bidding)
-Suicune (bidding)
-Larvitar (bidding)
-Pupitar (bidding)

-Mime Jr.
Thanks guys for making my first PKMNCOLLECTORS post awesome! :)

Long time no Seaking..

Hi Everyone! It has been a long time since I have made a post on the community, there are lots of new members I notice, and things are bustling as usual!
And I bring from my long absence, a small sales for you guys, including a MWT (red tag) Glaceon Pokedoll and a MWT Skitty Pokedoll!

I have had to force myself to seperate with some of these much loved items from my collection, as my small house just can't accomodate it all anymore! But I decided I would do a small sale now, and then another one next week probably, which will include more Pokedoll's and plush (Leafeon Pokedoll amoungst others)

Its very hard to see glaceon go, but I know she will find a good home on here!

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