October 9th, 2012

I Love Eevee Plush - Important Payment News!

Hello community!

I contacted my suppliers to get an update on the I Love Eevee HQ DX Plush and Keychain Plush (Wave 1) and apparently they might arrive slightly later than I expected due to unforeseen circumstances, although still scheduled to arrive by end November at the latest. This effectively means the plush may not be mailed to you within the 35-day limit as prescribed in the community rules! I have consulted Gin about this, and we have agreed together that for participants who wish to remain protected by the 35-day coverage, you are allowed to request for a temporary refund so that you can pay later and be covered. If you are interested, please leave a comment below and I'd attend to your request in time! However, for parties who are refunded and who have yet to pay, the full payment will be due by 10 November.  Any refund does not count as a cancellation! Payment will still be due by 10 November and anybody who pays late or defaults will be left negative feedback and have a formal complaint lodged with the mods.

Note that this is 100% optional. For those of you who have fully paid but do not find this refund necessary, please ignore this. =D This is a unique situation that will never happen again since the deposit system for Wave 2 means your final payment is combined with shipping and thus you are protected! I also insist on compulsory registered mail for all orders for your protection. ^^ Feel free to contact me anytime if you have queries! On my end, I will continue to regularly give updates as they come in.

Thank you for reading!

Metal Figures get plus one quick want!

Okay so a little back story, I found this fan made Pokemon drinking board game online a while back, and I thought, hmm, I should get some gen 1 starter metal figures to use as the game pieces! So today, I finally got my metal figures from myvampirelust19, and I love them! 

2012-10-09 13.34.42

Problem is, I'm missing a Charmander! So if anyone has a Charmander metal figure (preferably a different color that isn't silver, gold or bronze), I would be willing to buy it! I also have a Silver Charmander Keshimon if anyone would want to trade for that? If you need a pic, let me know.

Thank you!
blink mew luvs mewtwo, mew

SALE SALE SALE! Kids, plush, tomy, stickers, mini's ect! please shop!

Hey everyone I bring you many many items for sale!  I have too much!!!! and I need funds! and I have other things I want to buy! So i will provide links to my sale posts, i have so much i need multiple posts! to fit them in my journal! :P only cause I have been slowly taking a picture of every single item by it's self!  Now everything is still in my main/other sales posts, but i will update this and the other posts if you buy, you can buy here or there i really don't care which! :D

all the tomy's
0 Map(2)
the x ones are the ones sold

please take your time looking at all my pages and hopefully you will find something you like!

Main sales which have Plush, KIDS, Stickers and mismatched things
Tomy figures
MINI  figures


[Here are my rules ect!]

I reserve the right to change prices as I see fit, as they are from my personal collection, I might even take items away!

I also have a cat and a 1 year old, so things might happen to the items from the time I list them to the time you buy them, things happen, and I will refund you the money if something were to happen to the item in question.

Some rules to follow!(will add more if I see fit)

  • I was granted Sales Permission on 5/6/12 by http://l-stat.livejournal.com/img/userinfo.gif?v=97.1entirelycliched
    • Feedback can be looked at here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/mew_luvs_mewtwo/
    • Guidelines:
      All Pkmncollectors rules apply.
    • I only accept PayPal.
    • We have 1 cat so there may be a little fur on plushies but she doesn’t mess with our stuff.
    • I ship from the US and will ship anywhere, though out of country will cost more!
    • (IF I do ship overseas, I am not responsible for custom payments, this could happen!)
    • Prices are in USD and do not include shipping unless otherwise indicated.
    • Buyers must pay all fee’s *PayPal and shipping*
      Shipping will be based on the weight of your order! I have a scale! :D
    • Payment is expected within 24 hours, unless otherwise agreed upon.  Or I will leave negative feedback!
    • I will only hold for 24 hours, do not abuse this or I will take all holding away!
    • Please send payment to: link815 (at) Comcast (dot) net
    • Haggling is accepted, but I reserve the right to refuse any offer.
    • I will trade, offer away!(working on a wants list)
    • I am not responsible for anything that happens once the item/s has been shipped. If this is a problem then please ask for me to add tracking/insurance, though it is your responsibility to pay for them.
    • I reserve the right to not sell to anyone I don’t deem fit.
    • I do have a small child at home, so I will not tolerate anyone backing out of something they have committed to buying.  I don’t have the time for that. (Unless there are extreme reasons for it, such as medical, family death, ect.  My son and I are very accident prone and seem to either walk into walls or get sick often so I understand things happen, just don’t make a habit of it.)

If you say you are COMMITTED its final.
If you have any more questions please ask in appropriate thread, and/or PM me.

Now to start the sales! Plush

*I might not have them priced well so please feel free to make offers!*

Spinda Hasbro tush tag only
$25.00 obo

Giratina large Plush banpresto with tags great condition
Pokedoll for size reference:D
$70.00 OBO
Chatot $8.00
Charmander $12.50
Booty arceus
Banpresto Arceus tush tag only
Grottal $10.00
Mewtwo $15.00 OBO
Eevee $15.00
Pollywhirl clipy beanie

KIDS        Feel free to offer!

1.00 or free with any other purchase

tomys prices are negotiable some are kinda crazy so just offer what you think is fair!, Will probably accept any offer!  Each picture is a different Tomy.  I had a lot of doubles, triples ect... so I have them organized in a box in the order they appear in the pictures.

Alakazam 1 and 2
Each $4.00

Pikachu 1 and 2
$2.00 each

Togepi 1, 2 and 3
$4.25 each

Psyduck 1  is $2.00
Psyduck 2 is $4.00 because it's in great condition

Golduck 1,2 and 3
$4.50 each

Blastoise 1, 2 and 3
$3.00 each

Pidgey is $2.50
Pidgot 1 and 2 are $4.25

Ivysaur 1, 2, 3 and 4
$5.00 each

Venusaur 1, 2, and 3
$5.00 each

clafairy 1 and 2
$4.75 each

Clafable 1 and 2
$3.25 each
Wigglytuff 1 and 2
$5.00 each

Drowsey 1, 2, and 3
$2.50 each

Gloom 1 and 2
$4.75 each

Raddicate 1, 2 and 3
$3.75 each

Hypno 1, 2, and 3
$2.50 each

Zapados 1 and 2
$6.25 each

Hitmonchan 1 and 2
$3.00 each

Slowbro 1 and 2
$7.00 each

Vennomoth 1 and 2
$5.50 each

Primeape 1 and 2
$2.00 each

Slowpoke 1 and 2
$5.00 each





Mewtwo faded

Snorlax with to much sun











Richu *might be a booty?*


Damaged Dragonite no anttena
$1.50 or free with a $15 dollar purchase from any sales/auctions

Mankey                                                                                                  Jigglypuff

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Fixing Clearfiles?

Hey community, I could use some advice. I just got my Gym Leader clearfile in the mail, and it all seven kinds of bent to hell thanks to overseas mail. Is there anything I can do to right that? I don't have my camera, but it is pretty bad... any techniques?
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Pokemon - Flap Flap

Re-intro and sales plug.

Hello! I am Rythen and I collect Pokemon!

You may have seen me around, but I've been absent lately!
See, I got a new job, and my time management skills were never amazing, and so I've gotten... well... lazy in keeping up with things!

I shall, however, be making more of a conscious effort to be more active here around the comm.

My main collections consist of:
And other fighting types!

Also a little of her on the side.

To the cut!

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And, as promised, I have finally made a sales update!

It should be noted that my next shipping day is on Friday. From then I will only have one shipping day a week due to my new job not being near a Post Office like my last one (and giving me far more evening hours than morning)
happy meowth

Drowning in Plush!


I am a little overwhelmed with the sheer number of plush I have. I decided to focus my collection more and get rid of a lot of the random plush I have of 'mons I don't personally adore. So... I am selling a whole lot of them right now priced to move! (Please give them good homes and enjoy them!) I haven't been adding to my collection at all for a while because I felt like there were just too many plush in my house. Out with the old!
Sales Permission Granted by denkimouse 6/10
All PKMN Collector Community Rules must be followed!

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Zoroark and White/Black 2

Does anyone have an extemly cheap zoroark pokedoll like really cheap? I dont care about tags or anything and used is ok,but not really used? Oh and a collection update in a week or so. How is everyone enjoying black and white 2? What team do you have already? I have a servine named tomoko,an Azzumaril named yoko,a lucario named yoda,a growlthie named koga,a ratticate named squeak,and a soon to be umbreon named lupis.
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Tokyo Pokemon Center...help!

Hello my fellow Pokemon collectors! I come to you today in need of assistance. See my dad's good friend and colleague travels to Japan often, and has agreed to pick something up for me at the Tokyo Pokemon Center! The only problem is that he knows nothing of Pokemon so I have to prepare a 'business plan' as to which plushies to buy, where it is etc etc. So I need your help as to which Pokemon plushies they have in stock! I am mainly interested in canvas plush and pokedolls and any stock info would be appreciated. He is going on the 19th so any stock info for October would be great! Thanks again and Happy Pokemon Collecting!
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UK BW2 events or preorder bonuses? Also: Coins

I was wondering if any UK pkmncollectors know if there's any benefit to pre-ordering the games from GAME or Gamestation? Any chains doing promotional items, etc? I am really envious of the scarves for US customers. It's so cold here, I'd totally use one!

I was gonna go and buy it later at the weekend, but thought I'd ask just in case. :)

Also, I have two boxes (so 90) blind packed Japanese TOMY metal coins/tokens from the 90s and I was wondering when a  good time and day is to do a live opening? I'm only after a few pokes, so the rest are up for grabs. I'm going to lay them out on an old chart of the original 151 to show what each one is. I'll be able to send these as letters, so postage would be crazy cheap.
I want to tentatively suggest Sunday? Any thoughts on time/timezones?

Pics are from the store I got them from, I haven't opened any yet.

The packaging is really spiffy! You also get a booklet in each of the rules. If you want one saving for you, I can open it super carefully. Every package has three coins, one of each type (rock, paper scissors) so two packs mean two people can play.

HP seems completely irrelevant but I've not really examined it. I assume it's for a stalemate (two rocks).
sad K

has it been a year already?

It's hard for me to believe, but today marks one year since I joined this wonderful community. c: In celebration, I figured I'd put down White 2 long enough to do a little before-and-after collection update. :P

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In closing, I still have a rather large wants list to add to my pile of Mewtwo stuff :3 If you've got any of these, let me know and we'll talk out a deal. :P
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Dragon Vault + Bootie VIP Sale

Hey everyone! Dragon Vault came out today and I made sure I called my local store to see if they were in! They were however they mostly had just Latios and Latias for their promo selection. If, for whatever reason, your locals store don't carry this wonderful set, I can pick you up a package for $15 shipped (not including PP fees) within the US. If you're outside the US, just ask for a quote.

I unfortunately didn't get the whole set withe the two packs I bought so these are the cards I'm looking for. I AM NOT LOOKING TO BUY. TRADES ONLY PLEASE! If you are looking for other cards other than this set, just send me your want list.

Dragon Vault
5 / 20 - Dragonite (have in JP)
21 / 20 - Kyurem

And now for the extras in both English and Japanese!
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Also, I have gone through a nightmare with an eBay transaction and if you're on my flist, I'm sure you know what what I mean. There was a lot on eBay with 'VIP' cards that had BEAUTIFUL artwork on them. I bought them instantly and the seller gave me very bad Chinese bootleg trading cards instead. I had to ship the cards back (with my own money) and they sent me the 'right cards'. These are still not the right cards even though they do say 'VIP' but they look NOTHING like what the picture was on the list and I got about 264726472627 dups. So, I bring them to you now in case anyone might be interested. As far as I know, they are CHINESE(?) BOOTLEGS but unique all the same.

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A tiny collection update~

A parcel from raz2b just showed up today with four new items!

Thanks to that, I've finally forced myself to make up a page for my only trainer collection... N!

( Click above or this fake cut to see~ )

It's by no means anywhere near complete, and I doubt it ever will be, but I love it nonetheless.

I've got a ton of other things on the way, though, too~ Expect my next collection post to be massive in comparison~! If I can survive the photoshoot
>w< Anyway. Thank you for looking, if you did!

Collection Update - New MPC Leftover Sales

I've had a few packages from SMJ over the last few weeks, so I thought a collection update was due. Also I'm selling off the leftovers from the newest MPC set.  For starters, I got this year's Halloween Banpresto Chandelure which completes the Litwick line, more below the cut! :)

Also my site is all up to date:

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Too much everything!

Hi everyone~!

I have way too many things I would like to show/tell/ask, so this post may come out as very incoherent, but hopefully it won't bother people too much.

Under the cut you can find:
Some new Eevee gets
A question about plush cleaning
A small Eevee Canvas comparison
A question about AG Eevee plushes (I need a bit of information from some HC Eevee collector)
New (unintended like always. :D) mini collection
My new collection site
And for last I would like some help with recognizing a lot of keychain figures (possible booties?)

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RC Emolga for sale

Hi comm

I recently came across (and bought) a TOMY R/C zekrom from poliwhirl from the same series as my RC emolga, so now that I am getting it, and based on the fact that I no longer collect emonga , I decided that its the time for my cute RC electric squirrel to go to a new home where it will be loved, and maybe it will also hang with more emolgas

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Small sales

Cilan and Pansage Figure, 2 bookmarks and 3 stamp figures!
All previous items have been shipped! Sorry for the small delay. I moved and the post office here is AWFUL! The 24 hour machine is NEVER in service, the employees are useless/rude and they close early because they want to go home (had them lock the door in my face one day because the closer called in sick and it was time for the only employee there to leave). Now with school and work it makes it almost impossible to get there >.> Anyone else have P.O. horror stories? I don't want to be alone D:

Cilan and Pansage NIB-$35
Gengar stamp (missing bottom, still will stamp)-$2
Meowth stamp-$2
Pikachu stamp-$2
Bookmarks- $2 each

The stamps are not pre-inked. They work well with stamp pads though.


shoe not for sale :P

What Time Is it? GA TIME! Payment 1, Payment 2,& Payment 3!


The invoice is here:  http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/poliwhirl/38570164/113030/113030_1000.jpg
Spreadsheet here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ApvV2M2kFVGTdGY4ZTd4SkFpSWVaUnE4aHJwd25SN2c#gid=0

-Please pay within  48 72 hrs.
-Send all payments to: swadloon[at]ymail[dot]com and please make sure to include in the title: GA time payment 1 - username.
As kawaiiouji  pointed out it is "ymail" and not "gmail".
-When making payments make sure it's sent in "Goods"
-Also comment saying you paid and what country you're from.
  One moment, fixing things.   I'm very sorry for the problem we had, have it now corrected and fixed so everyone's totals are correct. Because of that you guys get an extra day to pay.


The lot originally costed $409.89, but due to the calculator the we were short a bit and had $406.8. Poliwhirl was nice to cover the cost, and we hope you don't mind but we added the "$0.24" to make up for it.
We are doing shipping factor. Meaning is that each small plush will pay 1 part of shipping, medium ones will pay 2 parts and large ones will pay 3 parts of the shipping.
The spreadsheet is now updated here: https

Please pay to: swadloon[at]ymail[dot]com and please make sure to include in the title: GA time payment 2 - username.
As kawaiiouji  pointed out it is "ymail" and not "gmail"
You have 48 hrs to pay.

The shipping is by EMS so the plush should arrive this weekend ^-^ That is all!

As far as I can tell, all the plushes are in good conditions themselves, but most of the hang tags and some of the tush tags are damaged :<

Shipping is via airmail from Hong Kong, and takes 1-3 weeks depending on where you live. Once the package is shipped, I will mark the shipping date on the spreadsheet so you have an idea when to expect the package to arrive.

Just add $2 to your total if you want tracking, and include in the memo that you add tracking.

Please send all payment to: swadloon[at]YMAIL[dot]com
PLEASE make sure to include IN THE TITLE AND MEMO
 GA time payment 3 - your username, make sure your address on paypal is right as this is where I will be sending your stuff to. If you need to ship to another address, please include in the full shipping info in the paypal memo.
I don't need a list of items you won, but please, it's very simple to type a few words and it made my life much easier. In the last payments over half of you doesn't do so and it took me a lot of time to check which are your payments :<

Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ApvV2M2kFVGTdGY4ZTd4SkFpSWVaUnE4aHJwd25SN2c#gid=0


Hey everybody! I'm not so much of being online, but looking at my collection I really want it to be complete, so I came here :D. The only ones that I've missing are: Magmar, Voltorb, Electrode, Golbat, Machoke.
I know they are extremely rare, and lot of people is looking at them. Just hope I have a chance. I'm from Chile. In case it is possible to get any of them, I have no problem with shipping issues (I know it is not cheap to send me here). 

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