October 10th, 2012

more zukans?! updated sales?! potential new customs?! oh my!

hey guys! Its me again <3

well, I shipped the first bunch of zukans out today! yey <3 Just as I finished up at the post office however, I saw a poundland (UK dollar store) across the street and decided that (as I need more mailers) I'd go and check it out. My jaw dropped when I found this...

needless to say, I bought as many as possible!

Unfortunately, I decided not to livestream this one as there were nowhere near as many this time, and I'm kinda glad I did...the pulls were terrible :( Only got one giratina, shaymin and mamoswine! Bah.

In any case though, new zukans for sale! Plus offering the leftover zukans now as well as some new goodies for offer <3 come check it out!

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add Deerling Shikijika シキジカ Sesokitz to my collection :D But now?! XD

Hello Guys,

i collecting about 45 Pokemon - the most at TCG only at moment. But since last day im looking for Merachdsing with Deerling :D it looks like so cute i think. So i add it now to my collection! The most one what i like is the pink version. Mow i have only 3 Merchadising of it: The Museum Figure and the 2 TCG whate are released. Have anybody more for me?! :D

Hello everyone!

Hi, I'm new to this community and was hoping to introduce myself and ask a couple of questions. I've loved Pokemon ever since I was a little kid and my first plush was a Squirtle, actually it was a whole bunch of Squirtle plushes that worked as a little candy bags as well as a plush and one large glossy one that I think is supposed to go into water that I got during a Christmas party. From that point on I've always collected little plushes whenever I could find them but I really got determined to start collecting seriously when I bought a Lapras pokedoll at Epcot. That plush basically encouraged me to go on a mission to catch all my favorites.

I'm currently out to get at least one item of each of my favorite Pokemon, I have most of them by now but I've been having problems finding a Jolteon plush and an Umbreon plush that are legitimate and not just bootlegs. I really want official merchandise of the two and so when I saw the "I Love Eevee" campaign I was super excited! This leads me to my question, I've found a couple of websites that claim to sell "I Love Eevee" merchandise but I'm not sure if they are reliable. Do you know if these sites are reliable? If they aren't do you know of any that are reliable? I'm currently just looking for Jolteon and Umbreon and I'm just looking for the plush keychains of each and the plush DX versions of each, I know that most of them haven't been released yet but some o the sites offer pre-order options.

Thank you all so much for reading this and for helping me out! I hope to get a camera soon and show how much I've collected already. Thanks again and it is a pleasure to meet you all!

Here is the list of websites I'm unsure about:



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Toys'r'us Pick-Ups maybe?

Hiya I was curious to those who saw my TRU update on their stock if there would be any interest in possibly doing pick-ups there? I will re-update on the stock eventually and see if they have anything that interests our community here. I DO NOT have Gin's permission yet to do pick-ups I just would like to see if I should try. And I also want to show a little WIP sculpture to everyone here. Please check under the cut if you are interested :)
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Heres a Sales plug too....


Quick Sales + meetup? Maybe?

I have some Pokemon Centre stuff up for sale

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Also, I was wondering if anyone living in the Tokyo area would like to meet up? I have a long break starting on Friday, so I have nothing to do for Sunday - Tuesday. If any of you are free, why don't we meet at the PC and maybe hang out together for an afternoon? I'd be glad to meet you!

gets and grails!

You know that feel when you want to make a gets post, but you're waiting on that one thing? Many random gets below! Including GRAIL GETS!

If you have any information about this ANA pin, please let me know. I bought it on eBay, but the seller didn't know anything about it. Larger pics and all my other new gets under the cut.

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Altaria and Chatot doll offers ending reminder and update!

Just a quick reminder that my Altaria and Chatot pokedoll offers end tonight at 11:00PM EST! (countdown timer can be seen in the original post linked below)

Click the picture above to go, or here!!

Side note: I have been through some pretty personal struggles in this past 2 weeks, so please bear with me. If you would like to know specific details, feel free to message me, but I am not going to post it here in the open. Those expecting packages, they will go out on Monday. Thank you for your cooperation. <3


Hello! My name is Jay, I am 15 years old, and have just been accepted into the community! I've been floating around here without an account for a while, after I saw a post on here of someone's collection and GA's of other users. I don't really know much about LJ, and I probably joined only because I wanted to be part of here, but maybe I'll learn along the way. I can't even recall the first time I've been exposed to Pokemon, now that I think about it. My first plush was a 1996 Tomy Pikachu, that looks like the one in Pokemon yellow, but I haven't been interested in collecting plush until two months ago. Hence, my collection is very tiny..(I have been buying overpriced pokedolls on eBay and Amazon)

I love pokemon/pokedolls that are dragon type, or based of a flying reptile. What I'm hoping to get right now is a Kyogre, Groudon, Chatot pokedolls, and I know they have been released in the kiosks last week, but I live in SoCal, so it would be very difficult for me to get there... Anyways, I hope to have a bigger collection and share with everyone, and I believe that this community will help me achieve that!

Here is my current collection:

My Tomy pikachu is off on a business trip with a five year old (hopefully he will come back soon)

Okay bye! :D

Clear Ash and Mew Zukan

Hey guys!
Just a quick one today.

So I got a little over excited when I found the gacha pokemon zukan boxes in a local shop!
(I live in a really small town, so wasn't expecting them!) I kinda bought a few too many... But "Hey Why Not!?" They probably won't be having any more so I snapped a few up while I could...

This is where it gets really silly. Almost all of them were ALL ASH AND MEW!?

Is the Ash/Mew Zukan common? It isn't possible that the box contained only Ash/Mew, as a friend also bought lots and got several others! (Arrrgh!)

Sorry if its your picture! Its the only one I could find! And my camera battery is out :(
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Auction reminder! plus a quick question.

Just wanted to remind you all that my auctions are ending in about 23 hours. Auctioning Lord Wail, Sherlock Eevee, and 1 custom sculpture slot. 

Click >>here<<

Also I was wondering about the charms I made in my other post a few days ago. Are the prices to high? Or should I work on getting more experience before I do commissions? I did make a few other octillery charms in different colors and a vulpix cupcake. Can see that post here.

How do you mail posters? I have some I would like to sell, but not entirely sure how is best to ship them. Tubes for posters I thought would be best, but the tube alone cost ~$2each. Is this how most people send posters?

Last is the sales plug, I have plush, pokedolls, and worlds 2012 merchendise.
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a couple of plush slots!

hey everyone, i've got some plush slots for you to take a look at over at my journal!
sales permission granted by former mod lineaalba april, 2010!
more examples of my plush can be seen over at my sewing blog 
thanks for looking!
(on another note, how do i look at all the past posts i've made on this (or any other) LJ community? i know it was mentioned on here a while back but i can't remember what it was. i would just like to use that to figure out the actual year and month i got sales permission, because i feel bad just putting an approximate year on all my commissions posts when i'm not even sure if it's right DX thanks!)
Chef, Charmeleon

A belated intro post

First of all, I'll tell ya'll a bit about myself to get intros out of the way

My real name is Brandon, but I prefer to be called Bacent (Bay-cent). Either one works, but I pay more attention to the ladder, so I may miss it if you call me Brandon.

I live in 30189 Georgia in the US, so if I buy anything from you and I forget to post my zipcode or anything for shipping to see how much it costs, it's on here as well. (Really forgetful here, so I'm always writing down notes about what I do online. If I forget to put anything in a post of mine in any of your threads, feel more than free to PM/Email/Contact me on skype about it. I'm online most of the time I'm at home)

My favorite pokemon by far are Charmeleon and Raikou. So if you happen to be selling anything with them, there's a good chance you'll see me post if I have the money to

I'm addicted to RPGs like Pokemon (Durr), Legend of Dragoon, Final Fantasy, KH Series, Tales Of Series, and a few others

I tend to type like how I talk, so my wording can be a bit confusing at times.

Feel more than free to get my Skype/MSN Messenger info if you wanna chat. 

And cause I don't wanna picture spam, I'm just gonna leave a link to my photobucket folder with pictures of my pokemon collection stuff with the password so you can all view the folder

http://s1114.photobucket.com/albums/k539/BacentRekkes/Bacents%20pokemon%20stuff/ (Password: Chefmeleon)

So here's a list of stuff I'm looking for:

Battrio Coins I Don't have - Promos. The ones with the ribbons on them. Unusual pokeballs (Like timer, safari, dive, ect. All the unusual pokeball ones). Legends.

Battrio Coin cases/holders (Like this one below. Holds about 20 coins and comes with a memory key)


Pokemon Tretta - I've only recently started hunting these down, so if you have anything Tretta related feel more than free to message me with a link to where you're selling them

Anything with Charmeleon or Raikou seeing how they're my favorite pokemon

I'm not much of a seller, but I might do trades in the future. But for now I'm just a buyer for when I have a bit of money to spend

But yeah, that's about it for now. I'm off to play my no-save walk-through of Pkmn Colosseum 
new eeveelutions

Almost everything $1 or less sales!!! Must See!!!

Hey everyone! I'm moving in January and have a lot of random stuffs I need to get rid of before I move. Feel free to look around and spend lots!! ^_^ lol

Sales can be found at my journal HERE: http://eevee-evs-lover.livejournal.com/


Milotic Pokedoll

New Collections: FISHIES

Alright, since the other day I was wondering what it'd be like to collect water types.
Then I realized there are more water types than any other type, and there's no way a 14 year old can afford all that.
So, I though of the next best thing: FISHIES!
Thats right! I'm going to collect Fish Pokemon :D

(Hurray for DreamWorld Art :D)
So many fishes!
I know this is going to be a tough collection, but I'm going to DIVE into it! :3
Right now I'm mainly looking for Kids, Zukans, and Plushies. Right now I can't afford everything people will offer me, (keep that in mind) 
Leave any offers and we'll work out a price :D

Also, expect a wedding sales soon of my old collections which include: Arachnid Pokemon, Combee/ Vespiquen, Poliwag/ Poliwhirl, and Jigglypuff.

Thank you!
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Newbie Intro + Collection Pics + Wants

Hey everyone!  I just got accepted to this community earlier today and I'm really excited about it!  I just thought I'd post to introduce myself and my collection!

My name is Gabby; I'm a 17 year-old who is attending college in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (though I'm originally from Rhode Island).  I've been a huge Pokemon fan since just after Gold and Silver came out.  I didn't really collect merchandise then, other than having some trading cards (no valuable ones) and a few big figures - Totodile, Chikorita, Pikachu, Lugia, Spinarak, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres.  I treated that Totodile like a teddy bear even though it hurt to hug him because he was hard and plastic >.<

I really got into the collecting mood last year when I got into shiny hunting in my Pokemon games.  I think I have 33 now across 3rd, 4th, and 5th gen games, with my most recent one being a shiny Ponyta that I got yesterday!  If anyone here goes on Serebii's forums, Pokemon community, or Shiny Hunters United, you might have seen me around.

Anyway, on to collection stuff.  I've always been a huge fan of plush but didn't discover the existence of Pokemon plush (POKEDOLLS!!!) until I happened across the Nintendo World in NYC and saw the Pokedolls.  I'm an especially huge fan of Piplup and Treecko, though the only Treecko item I have right now is a Pokedoll >.<  I then discovered Sunyshore when looking for a Keldeo Pokedoll, and my true collecting began!

I don't have good pictures of my collection together because I didn't bring all of them to college with me due to space issues.  I might have my parents ship them to me though because I miss my Treecko =,(

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I don't have a lot of money to be spending, but when I do I'm mostly looking for:
-Piplup Stuff (especially Piplup Pokedoll, who I cannot believe I didn't get in NYC!)
-Treecko Stuff 
-Sceptile Stuff
-ANY SHINY POKEMON STUFF!!!  Especially plush!  This can be for any Pokemon, but I'd especially like shiny Piplup, Empoleon, Kyogre, Sceptile, Treecko, or Lugia!

Well, I guess that's it =)  Thanks for reading everyone, I look forward to getting to know some of you guys!