October 11th, 2012

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Newbie Greeting

Hello everyone! I just got accepted the other day! I'm new to livejournal, so I'm sorry in advance if I make mistakes!

My name is Kathryn, I'm 19 (20 in November!) and I go to college at the Texas A&M campus in Galveston (not the main campus!) but I'm from the Dallas area. I've been a Pokemon fan since I was reeeally young, and fell in love with the show, but I didn't really start getting into a lot of the merchandise until a few months ago (except for my figures and cards! And a pikachu plush and a Tokepi figure that sways and talks, but I'm still trying to find those.)

I'm going to apologize now, but I really only know the original 151, and a few Pokemon beyond that, but I'm learning! My favorite Pokemon are: Gastly, Haunter, Gangar, Ratatta, Eevee, Caterpie, Ponyta, Rapidash, Vulpix, Onix, Poliwhirl, Growlithe, Garyados, and, of course, Pikachu! (Wow, that's a lot... is it obvious that I'm horrifically bad at picking favorites?)

I got my first "okay, I know what I'm doing and I'll try this Pokemon collecting thing" plush about a year ago, and have been getting a new plush every-so-often ever since, but my very best friend (who showed me this community!) has showed me a lot of plushies and so I'm making more of an effort to find the one's I like!

I have a small collection of plush, and a decent sized collection of figures - I won't be able to post those at the moment because I didn't bring them to college with me, but around Thanksgiving I'll get something up!

(I hope that's not too big! If it is, please tell me and I'll fix it!)

My Chikorita, Chika, was my first "okay I sort of know what I'm doing" plush! I got her at my third anime convention.

The custom pikachu is Sammy, and my best friend made him for me! (I think she posted the story on here, actually...) He's my second plush!

The mew is, unfortunately, a bootleg, which I found out later, but her name is Kitty (mew... meow... Kitty) and she's my third. I got her at last year's JapanFest in Houston, and it was before I knew what different Pokedoll tags looked like.

I got Smile, the lying down pikachu, at this past A-kon!

And, lastly, Pumpkin is my most recent purchase, and my very first "I heart Pikachu" plush! I've checked that she's legitimate; she's the one with the blue heart key chain!

That's all, I hope this wasn't too long!
Kachiki Sabi

Shipping Update and Updated Sales

Hey guys! Everyone who participated in my Shiny, Shimmery, and Clear auctions, I've shipped everything out this morning :)

I've updated my sales and added the leftovers from the auctions to my sales

I've also decreased prices on everything that's in my sales. So everything is for sale HERE
Pokemon - Starly

Lots of birdy wants

Since I have been really good with saving my money I have given myself a pokemon merch budget haha.

First on my list is the Pokecen Pidove Plush, US or Japan version doesn't matter. Doesn't need a swing tag but should have a tush tag at least. I'm hoping not to spend too much on him as I had bought one previously for a really good price, but I'm pretty sure he has been lost in the mail ): Hopefully partying it up with all the other lost mail haha.

I'm also just after any pidove line & starly line merch(wingull & murkow line to a lesser degree) in general. I may even buy stuff I already have, esp pidove because I have a friend that loves pidove too! Here's sort of an idea of what I'm looking for:
Pidove line zukans
Metal figures
Metal & plastic charms
Misc gaschapon & chou
Pretty much open to anything

There are also a few non-bird wants that aren't crazy urgent but I still want them haha.
Keldeo pokedoll
Winter/brown darling mpc
Cherubi jakks plush

Please note that I live in Australia, so if you could provide shipping if you offer a price :D If they're smaller items I'll probably be more interested if you have a couple of items as it gets expensive to ship a bunch of little things, however theres still a chance I'll buy them regardless haha.

Collection Site Completed!

After procrastinating on my collection site for about 3 weeks, I finally worked up the energy to take all the pictures, write out the text, and finish up the details. Now I bring you Sweet Leaf featuring favorites such as Leafeon, Kakuna, Ditto, Pokabu, Cyndaquil, TFG, and more! Come check it out and feel free to ask any questions or give suggestions. I'd love to know what everyone thinks about it <3

Click Tropius to visit!

Japanese TCG sales/trades?

To start this post off: If anyone can provide any high-resolutions of VS packs or e-card5/ADV/PCG era japanese booster, I would be very very much grateful. Hunting down real packs to buy only from the wrappers has proven to be something I am close to give up on. Alternately if anyone has any of those spare foil wrappers for sale, I would gladly take them for my collection. Otherwise it seems printing them and sticking them in the appropriate binder is less a hassle.

Now, card sales.

From my TCG collecting obsession, I was wondering if any of you would be interested in lots of common/uncommons from BW 1-7 and a  few older series. Would, say, 50 100 cards for 15$ be fair? I was looking to get rid of my extras and pondering making random lots.
I have pre-BW for sale. 100 cards for 10$ if anyone is interested, plus whatever postage may end up being. You also get 5 rare holos on top of that, which means 105 cards~ IShipping will be around 7$ since I will have to buy bubble mailers plus cost of shipping itself.

If anyone has any common/uncommon/trainers in bulk (or wants to trade rares for lotsa cards) from
-japanese base
-Rocket Gang
-trainers from Leader's stadium (gym1)
-Challenge from Darkness
-Neo 3-4
-pokemon web (in my dreams)
-e-card series
-ADV 1-3/4
-Flight of Legends FRLG
-Rocket Gang Strikes Back
-Golden Sky-Silvery Ocean
-Holon Research Tower
-Holon phantom
-Miracle Crystal
-Offense and defnse of Furthest Ends

I have a  few specific wants for a few unmentionned series, but would very much love to trade or get lots if possible :D
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Collection weeding and sales

Okay, time to do a new sales post! Last time I had mostly small and flat things, but I add some metal figures, stampers, tomys... all kinds of relatively small stuff now.
I also did some collection weeding. I realized that I don't want to have only one or two figures of an eeveelution; I want a real collection or not collection at all. So I'm going to sell my Vaporeon and Flareon Zukan pieces, a Flareon metal figure and some other Eeveelution stuff.

I also do custom shiny repaints!
So if you see anything in my sales, which you would like as a shiny version, ask for a quote.
The price depends on the pokemon and item, but it'll be somewhere between $3 and $10. I may not be able to paint very small items.
You can see examples of my work here

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Corphish Pokedoll for Trade + (Offers?) + Happydance GA Update

First, I would like to give an update on the Happydance GA. We did not raise enough money to place a bid. For that, I'm sorry :(. I wish you all best of luck in future group auctions.

Secondly, I have a 2005 Corphish Pokedoll for trade/partial trade (towards something that I want from my wants list) or offers if requested. I was granted sales permission on Wednesday, October 4th from dewott. My feedback is here. I ship from Oklahoma, USA.

Corphish Pokedoll

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+ Pokebox + and Coin Auction on Sunday!

Hi guys!

Some of the Pokebox members were yet to receive quotes - we had to buy some special packaging for you because the fans and clear folders are huge! The calendars are huge AND heavy. They weigh nearly 400g unpackaged! That's a can of Coke! They're soooo super sturdy! All stashed and held items are included in the postage amount.

Anyway we now have quotes for nearly everyone! :) Missing quotes are for people with strangely shaped packages (oo-err). We'll need a couple of days to buy boxes.

Please read the spreadsheet carefully: Click here AFTER reading the rules.
  • The amount to pay is in the blue square in your row!
  • Pick the correct region to pay! eevee_kins for example paid the "EU" amount despite living in America. This cost me money to mail out.
  • If you ignore any of this I will refund your payment and tell you to read again.
Payments are to lizwoolley@blueyonder.co.uk 
I will be sending out PMs to as many people as LJ will allow today, then more tomorrow.
When this is over I will be leaving negative feedback for cancelled orders and unpaid postage.

TOMY COINS: I will be doing a sealed TOMY Japanese Coin opening this Sunday at 7PM GMT - (2PM EST, see timer for confused folks).
There's about 90 Coins to open! These coins are quite fancy. There are also colour variants - I opened one pack at random, and found a turquoise coated Seel! Much like metal figures.

I'll be using my spiffy new webcam and chatting whilst I do it. I'm going to use Ustream which only requires basic sign-up and no confirmation email. You can also comment on the threads on the post I make at the time if there's a coin you want.
I can either offer coins at a set price, or have an auction. Which do you think I should do? I quite fancy a live auction IN the chat for any of particular interest. Auctions will be held on the comm to make it fair for people who can't join. :)

Crisis Core, Zack Fair, Final Fantasy VII, feathers

Newbie greeting and wants!

LugiaHello everyone! My name is Courtney and I am a twenty year old college student from Portland, Oregon. I am majoring in Anthropology, work in a chocolate shop, and absolute love Pokemon! I am relatively new to the collecting scene, but rest assured that I have been a Pokemon fan since the very beginning.

Although I would love an extensive collection of every Pokemon, the ones that I truly love are:

Anything Team Rocket related

My favorite Eeveelution is Umbreon without a doubt.

I hope to be an active participant and productive member for the community, and look forward to getting to know all of you! Unfortunately I just moved to Portland, and my small collection is nowhere in sight. The only Pokemon merchandise I currently have is a DS with some Pokemon games. XD However, one of the reasons I am here is to try and remedy that situation! I will definitely post some merch pics in the near future. Thank you for being patient with me, and I sincerely apologize for the lack of pretty pictures.

My Pokemon related hobbies consist mainly of making and buying plushies. I love plushies. <3

Thank you so much for reading!


Post full of TCG-ness!

Hi, Everyone!

This is a multi-purpose post of card-ness!

1) Today I bought two Dragon Vault blister packs. ^^ I got all the cards I wanted except Haxorus, which I was able to trade for. :D To complete the set, I'm only missing Latias and Kyurem. I doubt anyone has Kyurem to trade since that's the Ultra Rare, but does anyone have Latias? I'm also kinda looking for the promo stamped Druddigon and maybe the stamped Latios/Latias too.

Here's my available cards from the set:

#1 Dratini x1
#2 Dratini x1
#6 Bagon x1
#7 Shelgon x1
#8 Salamence x1
#12 Axew x1
#14 Fraxure x1
#15 Fraxure x1
#16 Druddigon x2
#20 Super Rod x1

Also, does anyone know how many different wrappers there are? I have Haxorus, Rayquaza, and Druddigon. And I might be getting Salamence and Dragonite soon.

2) The TCG GA arrived! I was really surprised to see this package so soon. It was an awesome surprise. I was a bit appaled at the packaging though. O: I didn't take pics but the cards were in SOFT sleeves inside cardboard inside bubblewrap inside a large envelope. All that is great except the SOFT SLEEVES...I was like WHAT?!?! I immiedately took my Mew out...inspected it and put it in a hard case. All the cards arrived in excellent mint condition and have been place in hard cases.

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3) Korean Dark Rush

Last Sunday, I opened 1/3rd of my Korean Dark Rush booster packs on my Livestream. Thanks for those that watched! ^^ I pulled a Tornadus EX in my first pack. lol. Which was funny to me 'cause that was the only EX card I got when I opened my Japanese Dark Rush campaign packs. The stream ended abruptly after opening the 11th pack in which I got an Entei EX. It was said that "the pure awesome-ness of Entei 'caused the internet to die." lol.

I ended up opening the rest of the packs that night and pulled a Raikou EX...which I was very happy about. :D I didn't get any fullarts but I'm happy with the Entei and Raikou EXs. :D The Tornadus is up for sale/trade, btw.

I was going to post pics of all the cards (including duplicates) I got, but I think I'm going to wait until my next (and last for now) Korean box arrives. I was wondering if anyone else has any Korean Dark Rush cards, though. I'm looking for a few to complete my Pokemon lines.

(Also - random...this must have been the week for EX cards for me because I bought a Keldeo box and got a Terrakion EX in one of the Dragons Exalted packs. :D)

4) I'm not sure if anyone else collects foreign cards as much as I do, i but I noticed last night that I have Jungle Meowth in 7 different languages. I'm wondering if anyone knows how many languages that set was released in? I'm pretty sure I'm missing Korean and Porteguese...but I'm not sure if there's more than nine. I also have Eevee in six (missing Japanese, Korean, and Porteguese (I think)).

5) Some TCG wants (would prefer to trade, but might buy):

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Also looking for the purple (multi-colored) Mew and Team Rocket TCG coins.

And English versions of these lamincards (actually any language other than German since I already have those. XD!) - http://i46.tinypic.com/98h6kn.jpg

Thanks for reading!

~ Risha

Looking for Totodile line/Lucario line items.

I have about 35 dollars to spend and I want it to go to my collection, which has grew some. 

I currently have:

Dile canvas.

Dile zukan (on the way) 

and Lucario Pokedoll. 

I waited a few days to see if anything in people's sales interested me, so I figured I'd post this, mainly wanting plush/figures/charms. :)

(If this is considered another wants post, im sorry, tell me and it'll be gone) 

(..lol these are at the bottom of all my posts.:D

Pokemon BW2 Display Box Offers

Hi, everyone! I managed to pick up a second set of these sweet BW2 display boxes from Gamestop today, and I'm going to be putting them up for offers. I'll stop accepting offers after 24 hours with no new offers. (: They'll start at $8 for both!

Here's a picture of both of them, and another that's a size comparison photo. That's the display box sitting next to the actual game. As you can see, it's pretty big!

Also, Lots of MPC GA participants: Your packages will be shipped either tomorrow or this weekend. I had to wait for the money you all sent to transfer to my bank account so I could actually pay for the postage + materials. ^^; So rest assured, your little cuties will be with you soon! 
I'm also calling both Paperoid and Usagimakeup. Paperoid, I haven't received your 3rd payment, and Usagimakeup, haven't received your 2nd or 3rd. I've sent PMs, so please respond when you can!

Wanted: Vulpix merch

Hello! I am currently on the lookout for the following Vulpix items which, I am lacking from my collection. If any of you has any of these items for sale, or ever come across anything I have pictured, please let me know! I would be forever grateful ^_^ 

new eeveelutions

Sales Update!!! and a big thanks!!

Hello everyone. I am adding more to my sales page as I have the time to. I have a ton of TCG for sale, so I'm starting it out by adding some old TOPPS, burger king, and 1st movie cards to my sales page. All are up for offers, so if interested in one, just shoot me a message and I'll send close ups. I'd also like to thank everyone who has purchased stuff from my recent sales. Mostly everything is gone already. ^_^

Alright, I bring to you some super awesome old cards!!!
You can find these at my journal HERE: http://eevee-evs-lover.livejournal.com

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Over Run with Pokemon! Please buy them! <3

Hello!  So despite the fact that i should be asleep, for my sons speech evaluation tomorrow morning, I need to move my inventory out!  I have great feedback *link located in the rules* and will provide extra pictures!  I have things priced at dumb prices so please just offer your best offers on the items! 

I have Tomy's Kids, Mini Figures, Plush, Stickers *black and white* and cards that are unlisted because my old scanner is on the fritz.  Though today my son broke the good camera any extra pics will be taken with a phone camera :/ ugh!  If you have any card needs let me know and I'll dig through them!  I have so many to get rid of though i'm look for good offers on them, and unless your buying my near mint first edition mewtwo base shadowless then more than one card should be bought! lol.  But have a look around my links and comment here or there with questions!  Please i'm pretty much taking any reasonable offers! I need this stuff out! :D especially if my son is going to need speech therepy or something for his hearing! *it's not a bad thing I just will need space for a table to work with flash cards and such.

pictures of all the different figures *they are links* :D so have a look! and buy buy buy!~
0 Map(2)
the x ones are the ones sold

please take your time looking at all my pages and hopefully you will find something you like! Click the pics to take you, the title or the actual link any of the three will take you to the places you want to see! :D

Tomorrow i will be putting up a post specifically to Stickers!

Main sales which have Plush, KIDS, Stickers and mismatched things
Tomy figures
MINI  figures


[Rules ect]

I reserve the right to change prices as I see fit, as they are from my personal collection, I might even take items away!

I also have a cat and a 1 year old, so things might happen to the items from the time I list them to the time you buy them, things happen, and I will refund you the money if something were to happen to the item in question.

Some rules to follow!(will add more if I see fit)

  • I was granted Sales Permission on 5/6/12 by http://l-stat.livejournal.com/img/userinfo.gif?v=97.1entirelycliched
    • Feedback can be looked at here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/mew_luvs_mewtwo/
    • Guidelines:
      All Pkmncollectors rules apply.
    • I only accept PayPal.
    • We have 1 cat so there may be a little fur on plushies but she doesn’t mess with our stuff.
    • I ship from the US and will ship anywhere, though out of country will cost more!
    • (IF I do ship overseas, I am not responsible for custom payments, this could happen!)
    • Prices are in USD and do not include shipping unless otherwise indicated.
    • Buyers must pay all fee’s *PayPal and shipping*
      Shipping will be based on the weight of your order! I have a scale! :D
    • Payment is expected within 24 hours, unless otherwise agreed upon.  Or I will leave negative feedback!
    • I will only hold for 24 hours, do not abuse this or I will take all holding away!
    • Please send payment to: link815 (at) Comcast (dot) net
    • Haggling is accepted, but I reserve the right to refuse any offer.
    • I will trade, offer away!(working on a wants list)
    • I am not responsible for anything that happens once the item/s has been shipped. If this is a problem then please ask for me to add tracking/insurance, though it is your responsibility to pay for them.
    • I reserve the right to not sell to anyone I don’t deem fit.
    • I do have a small child at home, so I will not tolerate anyone backing out of something they have committed to buying.  I don’t have the time for that. (Unless there are extreme reasons for it, such as medical, family death, ect.  My son and I are very accident prone and seem to either walk into walls or get sick often so I understand things happen, just don’t make a habit of it.)

If you say you are COMMITTED its final.
If you have any more questions please ask in appropriate thread, and/or PM me.

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GA time for suction cup figures

I have shipped out everyone's package. Thank you so much for your support and participation in this group auction.

It's such a wonderful October 'cause I just found two of my wants in a lot! It's GA time!

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