October 12th, 2012


A Clearfile Question

Hello everyone! I come to you this time with a question. Does anyone have photos of clear files in action? I would like to see them opened and with stuff inside because I only see pictures of them in front/back of their design but I would like to know how resistant they are (since I've seen their prices reach up a bit I want to know if it's worth it since I plan to use it quite often when I get one).

That's all for this post, not very interesting but I have a collection update in the works and some custom posable Eeveelus I made in the excitement of the new upcoming Eevee merch. :3 So expect those soon.

To end this here is a pic of one of my favorite clear files. I love the night atmosphere it has. I need to get this one soon. After the Eevee craze of course XD It has a pretty cool back cover too.

Do you have any clearfiles you love a lot and that you use? I'd love to see all the different kinds there are! n.n
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Hello everyone! Introduction+small want :P

I've just recently joined this community, my first and only LiveJournal community actually. A close friend of mine stumbled across you all a little while ago and recommended that I check it out. Having said that, I've been watch all of your amazing posts about your wants and collections and I've just been so impressed! Pokemon has been such a big thing in my life and I've never imagined a place like this where like minded Pokemon fans can gather and collect this way! 

So first and foremost I would like to say thank you all for accepting me into your community :) I'd love it if I could get to know some nice people and help everyone find what it is they're looking for. My collection is very, very small right now as far as merchandise goes, and I hope to expand upon it with your help!

As far as my wants go.. I've been searching so hard for an affordable Growlithe Pokemon Center plush or canvas but they're all JUST barely out of my price range :( Growlithe and Arcanine have always been my favorite Pokemon and if anyone has a Growlithe for sale or knows of one please! I beg of you to let me know! I'm also searching for an American OR Japanese Magikarp plush, but only second to the Growlithe :)

Thank you all again for allowing me to join the community and taking the time to read this, I hope you all find what it is you're looking for or sell what it is you're selling :) 

P.S. To anyone that makes and sells hand-crafted Pokemon merchandise... Wow. Everything I've seen that was hand-crafted here has just blown my mind. You're all so skilled! xD
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Auctions! Lots of them.

Allright so I went on a bit of a shopping spree lately so it's time to get rid of some stuff that I don't need or bought on too much of an impulse! 

IMPORTANT: Due to an error with the countdown timer and any confusion it may have caused, I have extended the auction a few hours, It will end at 5PM PST. If this poses a problem for you please contact me.

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Also, a reminder: 
Pokemon Pathtags: 

LINK HERE:  Comment here for a Reservation
These should be here in a few weeks. I only have 18 reservations slots left. 
Reservations made after 120 mark are not guaranteed but please,
still comment there is a chance there may be extras or people who pass. 
I do NOT anticipate having any open sales for these, reservation only. 
Also, the reservation comments help me to decide how many to order for next years tags!

IMPORTANT: Due to an error with the countdown timer and any confusion it may have caused, I have extended the auction a few hours, It will end at 5PM PST. If this poses a problem for you please contact me.

ur are special

eevee collection 2012

SO...the verdict is out! this year's pokemon center "eevee collection" will feature brand new what we call "pokemon center plush" - the pokecen's own brand of regular plush - of each eeveelution.

along with my favourite goods yet out of all the eevee collections. these releases are staggered between the 10th and 23rd of november!

some items not pictured:
-a "die-cut sleepy eevee pillow". that means cute shape of eevee but not a large plush of it like we saw with wailord and snorlax, etc. will be adorable :)
-deck sleeves of each individual 'lution
-mini pouch and vanity pouch

under the cut for bigger!
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of course it'll all be up for pickup! :D more details on that to come later.

Looking for tags

Hi everyone Ive got some strange wants  I'm looking for tags mainly canvas tags I'm looking for:
pachirisu canvas
aimpom canvass 
buneary canvas
Cherrim canvas
i am also looking the canvas bags from the recall tomy plush
Plusle and minun 

( I dont want plush just bag)
Im also interesting in knowing other tomy plush that where in this style with the bag.
And again any jirachi items I'll buy.

Collection update and quick sale!

Good afternoon, everyone! I'd like to bring a small update along with an item looking for a new home!
I've received quite a few things, so I thought I'd share!

Please be warned of terrible flash-photos ahead!

correctionupdato 009 copyi

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I am also looking to sell my Chillarmy messenger bag, as I simply have nowhere to put it.
correctionupdato 005 copy
I am looking for $30 OBO. Shipping will be $5.50 within the US, and I will ship internationally. 
Please note that I have used it a few times, so there may be very subtle marks on its surface: I have also put pins in the shoulder strap, so there are small holes in them, but they are barely noticeable. 
I have sales permission from lineaalba /denkimouse. I'd really like to give it a better owner! Please let me know if you're interested!

Thank you, guys!
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GETTO!!! + sales

OHMIGOSH YOU GUYS!!!! This just came in the mail today!

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Also I wanted to mention my sales are open again! I've had the plush and figures sections open for a month, but it has been a CRAZY month! I'll be adding the flats and misc. sections in at a later date :)

+PokeBox+ Stamps Group Buy?

Hey everyone :D

So I'm just looking to see if there is any interest in some +PokeBox+ stamps ^^ 

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At the moment, all 56 stamps are available for purchase. Each of them costs $5 (USD) plus what ever shipping is to me and then shipping to you (I'm willing to ship anywhere :3)

-I was granted Sales Permission by Allinia in 8/8/12
-Feedback is here
Other feedback can be found here (My personal journal, GSJ, and eBay.)


Weekend Sales

Just a quick sales post to hopefully unload some items. I probably won't be posting my actual sales page anymore, as I don't have time to do sales very often, so whenever I have something new to sale, I'll also throw some of my older items up for sale. I seriously need to get rid of this stuff, so don't be afraid to haggle.

I have some Pokemon Time bookmarks under the cut, as well as come clearfiles, cards, figures, and misc flats.

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I hope to post my early fall gets soon. I've gotten some amazing customs and a mini-grail!

My Entire Collection!

Hello everyone. I got a few new additions to my collection, plus, I started thinking, I have a lot of pictures of individual pieces in my collection here, but I don't have any of it all together. So I set them all up on their shelves nicely and took a ton of photos! Here is a preview. The rest are under the cut!


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Belated Intro from a New member!

Hello! I'm a new member in pkmncollectors, though I’ve been looking around here since like July! My brother is a member here (zaknal93) and he was the one who first showed me this wonderful place :)

 Anyways, as you can probably tell from my username, I'm interested in Eevee! and its evolutions (as are many members here). I’m also interested in Vulpix and Ninetales and any other adorable pokemon that shows up! :D

 I am currently living in the Florida Keys and loving it! I've been into pokemon since I was an infant because both my older brothers were really into pokemon - I was curious and watched them and eventually got into it!

My first pokemon plush was from a toy store and I believe it was a Jakks Happiny plush. :) Anyways I'm glad to be here and I hope to make new friends and new additions to my collection from the community!

Oh golly, I forgot to say anything about my collection, huh? Welp it's not much right now, just a few Tomy figures, marbles, kids, pokedolls, random figures, mini gachapon machines, and 2 metal figures! No pics at the moment since I don’t have a camera haha. Anyways that's it from me and I hope everyone has a nice weekend!  

offers ending soon! also wanted update <3

hey guys! just letting you know offers on my wailord water squirter and pikachu/raichu evolving plush end tonight at 11:30 GMT time! thats in roughly 4 hours from when this post goes up!

I still ahve plenty for zukan for sale as well <3 prices have been slightly reduced!


ALSO I have updated some of my card wants with the e-reader series holos I still need! I'd really appreciate it if you could stop by and have a look :D


I also still need these cards for my collection, in near mint and holo only! Not reverse :) If you have them for sale I'd love to know!

thats all from me guys, thanks for reading!

Dragon Vault Trades

FINALLY these show up when I went into the ONE Walmart in the area that actually gets stocked of Pokemon cards! >_< Anyways, I got 2 packs and wanting to trade through first (before I sell) to try and get the remaining ones.
*granted sales/trades permission on 07/20/11 by dakajojo*

Here's what I'm missing:

#8 Salamance
#9 Latias
#21 Kyurem (as the secret rare I DO have the 'promo' Druddigon and Rayquaza I will trade towards for this guy)

Here's my doubles:

#1 Dratini x 2
#4 Dragonair x 2
#5 Dragonite x 1
#12 Axew x 1
#15 Fraxure x 1
#20 Super Rod x 1 

One-Year Reintroduction

Guys! I've been on here for a year as of the 16th! Whhhhaaaaat?!? WHERE DID THE TIME GO?!? I feel old

Ahem. Anyways, cut to my reintroduction. The reason I'm doing this early is because I won't be home on the 16th to post. X3

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This is a rather short collection update that's missing some of my items, because I don't have much time. ^^; I really hope you enjoyed!~ This is such a wonderful community, I'm so glad that I have been able to be a part of it!~ <3

Oh, and I also have mini TCG sales of only holos/rev holos/promos

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Also, to everyone in the Toda GA: your packages have been shipped out, with the exception of risha_moon, roolax, o_0digititzdx_x, and nidoqueenpug. I should have them shipped either tomorrow or Monday. ^^
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Taking offers on whole Pokemon card set

I don't do anything with it other than watch it sit on the shelf. Would anyone be interested in the WHOLE set of the original, fossil and jungle sets of cards? I have all the holo, non-holos, rares, uncommons and commons, trainers, etc.
Some are even first edition! I'm not sure what it is worth :( So shoot me some offers.

Sorry, didn't think the music would pick up >.> It was really low :/

I also don't know why it is upside down :/ Thanks phone >.> Fixed! Thanks orangegarchomp <3
Technology is against me.

Link here: