October 13th, 2012


Legitimacy Check?

To lighten the load when I do my next collection update, I decided to start putting up pages for what I already have while I'm waiting.

That would be fine, but I've realized I've forgotten all about one of my plush.

I'm pretty sure it wasn't ebay, but I've completely lost track of where I bought my Korotto Manmaru Azelf, and whether he's legit or not. @__@

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So yeah. I love him either way, but since I've fallen into the habit of sorting my collection pages by Official, Custom, and Other, I just need to know which heading to use.
Any help's appreciated <3

In other news...
I haven't forgotten about the MPC group buy! My service is just being unusually lazy this week. :/ I'll be posting with totals the moment they're finally ready to ship!

Auction Update/Reminder

Hey, all! I just got a lot in, picked what  wanted out of it and put the rest up in my auctions! I'm extending the end date of the auction because no bids were made, so head over there to see all the goodies!!

There's Jakks, hasbro, TFG, kid figures and more! Even a clear Jolteon kid~

So check it out!


Click this to head to the auctions~

holymotherof Sales + weeding entire zebras and bisharps collection!

Hey guys so I got my amazing and ridiculously large Noppin box yesterday and picked out everything I wanted to keep so the rest is up for grabs! I also included the rest of my previous eBay lot here to sell individually.


A "shipped" price only means shipped within the US.
Priority is given to those who want to buy the entire LOT, as opposed to individual items. I'll be waiting 24 hrs from when I post this to see if anyone is interested in any lots first and then after that I'll open lots up for individual sale.
I only used recycled packing materials, sorry! However since this is such a large sales post I may end up buying some.
I protect paper tags to the best of my ability. (I have never had a tag reported to me arriving bent when it was protected!)
Offers for items end whenever interest dies down (so it's subjective).
Feel free to ask about item conditions and what not. Though if there's glaring damage I will most likely have mentioned it already.
If you ask me a question that is clearly already answered in the rules, I'm going to direct you back to the rules and whatever item you were asking about goes to the next person!

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Accidental blastoise "collection" and auction shipping status!


While organizing stuff, I realized how much blastoise family figures I actually have. I thought its funny so I thought I should share:

So we have:
Blastoise Zukan from Special set 1
Blastoise Zukan from Special set 3?
Warturtle chibi stamp
squirtle/blast swing keychain
Blastoise in case figure
the rest are all either FCS or battle museum

Sorry, forgot to add the charms in this photo.

Secondly and more importantly:

To all users who have sent in payment for my eeveelution auction and zukan auction, all of your packages have been sent :)

And for those who havent yet or have questions, please let me know.



Hey, guys. I am starting to make a 2-year reintroduction post. Woo, time has flown by so fast. Before doing that, I am searching for some of my high priority wants, which are:

A MWT Serperior Pokedoll - looking for one that will be $45 shipped (No online stores like ebay, thanks)

Zapdos zukan - $35-$40

image credit to autumnrain

and any one of the Retsuden stamps of these guys (not sure about the values, but they are pretty rare I think):
Dratini/Dragonair/Dragonite - $10-$15?
Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres - $10-$15?
Espeon $30?
Altaria/Swablu - $10-$15?

image credit to happyjolteon

I may afford up to 2 of them. So if you are also looking for something, please show me your list and perhaps we could make a trade happen. Thanks for your reading. Have a nice weekend!

Another reminder ;-;

Hi! <3
I just wanted to say that there are STILL three slots left for my hair clip commisions! I also still have the pikachu crochet plush available and ALL of my premade clips! I was hoping there would be takers as Manifest, and anime convention is coming up so I was hoping to have more money for that, so I decided to make another reminder :)

The hairclip commissions & pikachu crochet plush are riiiggghhhtt

Here! http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/12958130.html

Vaporeon Bootleg Warning + Also need a UK Middleman!

Hey guys, sorry to post so soon, but I found this and just had to make a post. I know that some of the DX Bootlegs have become really popular lately, but I wanted you guys to know that bootleggers aren't above ripping off just large companies. I found this image today on a Facebook page called Anime Fans Against Bootlegs.

The sign reads, "I am NOT for sale on eBay. I am a handmade, one of a kind plush created by BabyLondonStar."
Some eBay sellers have been using this artist's image without her permission, and she clearly didn't make these plush. I'm not trying to tell anyone how to collect, but just know that at this point, the bootleggers are even ripping off individuals and not just companies, and I think that' pretty darn sad. ): Just wanted to spread the word.

Also, if you live in the UK, could you lend me a hand with an eBay listing? Got one. Thanks, Gothybeans! <3


Piplup wants and plush cleaning

Hello PKMNcollectors! I hope you are all doing well!
First I just wanted to show you my clean Piplup Pokedoll. I bought him from placetohide in used condition for a really good price. Also one af the first things I bought here back in late winter/ early spring
It's a bit difficult to tell the difference in the pics because he wasn't too terribly dirty but he needed cleaned anyway
photo (1)
You can kinda tell that his "buttons" are kinda yellowish

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Also a couple piplup things I'm looking for are the reversible pokeball plush, Japanese or American Pokedoll with at least a butt tag but both would be better, and the sitting piplup kid and the regular standing kid (don't know the names of the sets)
I have about $20 to spend atm I have no clue what a mwt Piplup Pokedoll goes for (most of the ones on ebay are booties)
Have an amazing rest of the weekend!

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GA updates and Coin Opening reminder

Pokeman McDonalds Badge GA - It was shipped to me shortly after everyone paid. I haven't received it yet. Please don't worry. If anything goes wrong I can get a refund through eBay.

Magnetic Pokeball GA - I got the shipping quote so I've given it to lucklessprince to work magic on and turn it into spreadsheets. I should pay for it tomorrow when my bank unlocks my debit card. Again. Long story.

+ Pokebox + members please look at (link). Shipping charges and info! I have the final set of quotes to calculate from GBP to US Dollars. I don't usually spend time on the internet at the weekend, but I will try and get them done for tomorrow night.

Speaking of tomorrow night...
TOMY COINS: I will be doing a sealed TOMY Japanese Coin opening this Sunday at 7PM GMT - (2PM EST, see timer for confused folks). The coins will then be auctioned off with photos on the comm, probably shortly after.
I will be using Ustream (link) which does not require a confirmation email. See you guys there!

Black White 2 Auction Reminder

Hi all! Just a reminder that my auction for my Black2 White2 Scarf ends tomorrow! Please click the link or picture below to go to the auction! http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/13328821.html

indiffernt quagsire
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Felt Buddies, quick commissions

Hay there,

I have a week off and I "felt" like being creative so I made a few of these:

I'm selling these, and 6 commission slots that will be fulfilled by next week :D

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Also, I have an extra +pokebox+ umbreon up for Trade Only,

I am missing the pokebox Espeon and Leafeon and would very much like to trade or buy them if anyone has them!
I would also do one of these commissions for either!
articuno, pokemon

Auction reminder!

Just a reminder that the auctions on these kids


end tomorrow at 10 pm EST! Flareon and Porygon have NO BIDS. Shaymin and Masquerain are for sale at $2 each, and Magikarp has already been sold. Click on the picture to go to the auctions, and happy bidding!
OP_Riolu [best combo]
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DIRECT SALES + possible pickups?

Hello :D it's been a while! I've recently been to the Pokemon Center after a whole summer and wow, the new Pokemontime stuff is lovely.
I have some direct sales for you today! Includes plenty of Poketime stuff! I am also gauging interest for another round of pickups, so check the link below.

Click my new mascot chilling on my tv for direct sales!. ;)

Or click this link to my sales!

If you're interested in Pokecen pickups, I have updated my pickup entry. Take a look! :) thank you all!