October 14th, 2012

Staryu Pokedoll

Zukan GA Payment 1 :D

We won! :D
Discounts on the house!


Spread sheet is here:

Send your payment to erickdelgado13@hotmail.com.
Please leave in the memo your username, what you bought and payment 1
(If not I will refund your money!)

Once you have sent the money, leave a comment saying you have!

Thank you everyone for your help :D!
Now, I'm going to go to bed. 
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Cheren and Unown Items

So, I've decided to start collecting Cheren items and Unown items.

Problem is, I have no idea where to start! What is even available for Cheren and Unown? I did a quick eBay/Y!J/Pokevault search and came up with a few items like the dot sprite and Pokemon mate campaigns for Cheren, and a charm and figure for Unown, but what else is out there?

I've got one zukan of A-G Unown coming, so I would assume there are all 28 in Zukan form?

Are there charms for every type of Unown?

Are there any other items for Cheren other than the dot sprite and Pokemon mate items? Also, what kind of dot sprite items came out for Cheren? I followed Pokemon mate pretty closely for the Submas before, so I think I know all of what came out in regards to that for Cheren.

Do you have any other info? I know nothing! 8D

I'm not really looking to buy right this second, unless you've got a great deal on something, but even if you just direct me to your sales post to show off what you've got, I'll keep you in mind in the future when I start my collection~
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Noppin log in trouble?

Hi all, is anyone else having trouble logging into Noppin right now? It's not recognizing my log in info or email for lost password. I'm trying to bid on a grail with ~40 20 minutes left so this is rather frustrated, argh :/
Pokemon - Growlithe/Arcanine Love
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Magnets, Bottlecaps, and MORE!!

EDIT: 11/3/12: stock updated with what's sold, added medallions for sale.

I have a nice big set of Pokémon Master magnets, Thai Mirinda bottlecaps, a plush, some figures, and random flats for sale today! Come and see! :D

I was grandfathered into sales permission with the start of the community.

-Paypal only
-No holds past 24 hours.
-Shipping is from the USA. Insurance is optional, let me know if you want it.
-Willing to consider trade offers for Growlithe, Arcanine, Vullaby, Mandibuzz, Mienshao, Stunky, Skuntank, and Tepig, Pignite, and Emboar stuff. MY WISHLIST: http://s19.photobucket.com/albums/b181/thegreenmooseofdoom/2011%20Wishlist/ Also looking for a patterned Growlithe PT bookmark and a PT Tumbler!!!! Please help :D

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TO ORDER: Comment with items wanted and your shipping location. I'll give you a total asap, payment is due within 24 hours of receiving a total. I'm shipping items out next week probably Tuesday! Thanks for lookin'!

+PokeBox+ Stamps Group Buy!

Hello lovely people of PKMNCollectors! Today I bring you many stamps from the amazing artist +PokeBox+ ^.^ 

Rules an Important Info!
-I was granted sales permission by allinia8/8/12
-My feedback can be found here
-Each stamp is $5 before fees and shipping!
-I ship from the US (53589) and will ship internationally.
-There will be TWO payments. First payment will be your item(s) plus shipping to me, second payment will be shipping from me to you.
-Paypal only please.
-Pay with in 48 hours once the totals are up!
-I will be claiming 30, 42, and 47. 
-If you have any questions ask away ^.^

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And these are not self inking stamps meaning you need the ink pad and such~

1. youngsterjoseph
2. roxiired

3. roxiired
4. smonda
5. smonda
6. akeyma
7. nyx_sama
8. akeyma
9. mizuhokusanagi
10. abbeymew
11. chaos_21
12. jadekitty777
13. chaos_21
14. roxiired
16. toda
17. squeakaree
18. roxiired
19. midnitesilven
20. basketbears
21. pegasus2010
23. akeyma
24. nasija
26. tyltalis
27. nasija
28. nasija
29. shinji_wolf
30. xlittle_sanx
31. tyltalis
32. midnitesilven
33. lucario
34. nyx_sama
39. squeakaree
40. squeakaree
41. shuuichi_chan
42. xlittle_sanx
44. akeyma
45. youngsterjoseph
46. sakenichi
47. xlittle_sanx
48. akeyma
49. myvampirelust19
50. myvampirelust19
52. lucario
53. abbeymew
54. kitsufireheart
55. basketbears
56. akeyma

Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle plush

So, for some reason, even though I already have at least one plush of each of these three Pokemon, I decided I needed one more of each. However, I am looking for specific kinds, so I was wondering if you guys could help!

I would like to get a "matching set." By that, I mean I am looking to find all three of them from the same brand/set (for example, all Canvas plush, or all UFO plush). But, I only want sets that came out in 1999 or earlier. I am not looking for Play-by-Play ones, though.

So, do any of you know of any sets include all three of them that match this criteria? If only there was a Hasbro beanie Charmander, then my problem would be solved. >_>

sales sales

So in preparation for the continuous onslaught of Eeveelus merch (why all at once?!?!) I've weeded my collection and have some leftover items for sale. Please keep in mind I just want this stuff sold and am so SO willing to haggle! Also I have my list of wants on my collection website so if you'd like to trade go here: http://joltzapvire.weebly.com

With that said please direct your attention and clicks to this pretty preview picture :D

Re-Introduction My collection

Hello everyone! Hope everyone's day is going well. :)
I have been a member here for over a year but I haven't made a post in a LOOOONG time so I will start off with an introduction.
My name is Lyndsay and I am 20, will be 21 in December! (WOOT!) I have loved Pokemon all the way back when it first started in the US!
Charizard stole my heart way back than and I can say till this day is my number 1 favorite pokemon! (Although my collection of Charizard is quite lacking D:)
I also really like dragon type pokemon! I would definitely be a dragon master. xD lol
As a kid I didn't really collect...I did collect the pokemon cards and still do to this day! (I have THOUSANDS now)
I actually didn't really start collecting pokemon till I joined this wonderful community! :D Thank you everyone for being so amazing! <3

Now time to share my collection thus far! :D

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Thank you for looking/reading. n.n
Will Be default later

Pokemon pumpkins, and deciding on some grails.


Haha, I snagged this picture yesterday. Pokemon Pumpkins? Either these have been a thing for a while and I live under a rock, ooooor I have the coolest grocery store ever.

And recently I've decided I want to work towards getting something amazing, so I've decided to come up with some grails.

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I have a feeling I'm going to have a lot of grails though in the future. I'm still not sure what's rare and what's not, and as I quest for a plush of every single pokemon, I have a feeling some will be nearly impossible to get my paws on.

Also, all my images (Apart from the first one!) were found off of google, so I'm sorry if I happen to snag one from someone here. Just ask and I'll take it down. ^^

Thanks guys!
Silver hugs kotone

Sales+ Best Offer on Lapras Purse

Please help me get rid of some of this stuff. I will accept haggles on everything but the Felt Friends since I made them and put hours into them.

Click on the images to go to my sale and best offer pages.


I am also selling my Lapras Pokemon Time Purse. It measures about 6" by 12" and is Brand new
Shiny Corsola Pokedoll

Pre Made Custom Plushies for Sale?

Hello community!
Just asking to see is anyone has an custom made plushies for sale.
I'm mainly looking for fish pokemon (Since almost none of them have plushies) :

If anyone out there does, please leave a picture of the plush, and a price and I'll get back to you.
I also may not be able to afford the plush right now, but leave me an offer any ways.

Thank you!

A Long-Overdue Pokedoll Collection Update!

I have had quite a long break from Livejournal lately (but not from collecting) - and I have decided that it's time for me to come back ^_^ I hope that some people still remember me! <3 For those who don't know me, I collect Pokedolls!

The release of Black and White 2 has led to the release of lots of cute new Pokedolls and merch!  I have quite a few new things that I have added to my collection! Please look under the cut to see!

(Some of my pictures have mystiously flipped upside down! I will fix them! <3)

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With all the new additions, my Pokedoll collection site, Amity Square, is now up to date - please take a visit! I'm considering a website overhaul, so I'm also open to any advice on improving my site! ^_^ The URL is http://www.amitysquare.co.uk (I love to swap website links with people too!)

I have also updated to Pokedoll Directory - which can be found at http://tinyurl.com/Pokedolldirectory 
At the moment, the directory only contains information about normal release dolls. tags and fabric - I'm now working to add DX, Oversize and Mini dolls too  - I hope that people will find it useful! 
I also want to add ticks for the other dolls that have been released in the US with the newer rectangular tags - if you have any, please let me know so that I can add them! <3

It's so nice to be back - Happy Collecting Everyone!~
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Minun? TOMY Coin Live Opening in an Hour!

Hi guys, In just over an hour, I'll be doing a live opening of 90 TOMY Japanese Coins!
The link for the stream is here: www.ustream.tv/channel/pkmncollectors-live-opening which is at the moment aimed at my aquarium with the sound off because I'm eating my dinner in a moment.
If you want to hop in and start chatting I'll be there soonish, but I won't start opening until 7pm UK time (or I have one viewer that isn't me). You'll have to excuse my voice today - I have a cold and I'm all stuffed ub in by head. :'( Also terribly British.
I'll post pictures of the coins when I can in the comments here, and they will go on auction tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who turned up, it was really fun to open them and count the stacks! I am sorry you had to put up with my coughing. I'll post pics and totals below shortly.

If you would like an empty packaging or the boxes (all mint) kept for you please let me know or I'll just throw them out in the recycling next week.

Anyone know what this 9" Minun is? The hands should be sewn on the chest. He's a sort of ribbed velour. Tush tag is cut, sadly.

(no subject)

So I think I'm pretty much satisfied with my Pokemon Collection. I still buy things here and there, but not nearly as much as I used to! So now, I'm just trying to clear out the things I know I want to sell. Eventually I may be selling my small Glaceon collection.

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happy swadloon

Where do you buy your packaging? + MPC question

A quick question to everyone who regularly sends out packages.
  • Where do you get your packaging supplies? eg: bubble wrap, boxes, styrofoam, packing peanuts, toploaders, carboard, etc. I know that it is cheaper to buy these items in bulk, but where do you guys source these things? online? in shops?
  • Also, for those people who have a postal weighing scale, what brand / model do you recommend?
Finally, unrelated to packaging, but... what fabric are the MPC plushes made out of? minky? Thanks in advance for your help!

Store Display Question-Gamestop Target and others...

Just a few general question(s) to community members on displays for video games (such as cardboard boxes etc.) or Pokemon merchandise in general that wouldn't be made of expensive materials-

+Can places such as Gamestop Target etc. deny you of getting the display after the game has been released for a reasonable time? If so, what sort of policies should I ask for/about so that I know in the future? If they can't deny you what's the best way to re-approach obtaining a display?

+What are some ways that you've gotten said store displays? I.e. friend, you worked their etc.?

+Is it bad manners to try and "buy" the display and/or politely petition the assistant manager/store manager to have the display? What would be the right way to go about it, if it isn't in poor taste??

Any feedback would be great!

I've gotten displays before from Gamestop when I knew people who worked there, but I'd like to know ways of approaching other branches of Gamestop or any retail store. Thank you all in advance for your responses! Also, I know I haven't posted much recently at all as I did get some stuff a while back, but I hope to post pics sometime this week (if I don't get swamped by school and work lol)
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Let's try another one - New Nasija GA!

Hey guys....sorry to have deleted the Ditto GA post so suddenly, but somebody just purchased the lot while I was almost finished with all the threads.....so sorry about this ;_;
So, I come here to you with another GA! Now hopefully this won't go the same way X'D

This GA has some really rare and neat stuff, like Pokemon pins and so on!

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Friendly Neighborhood Spinarak Wants +Collection site!

Hello all!

I love spinarak and have finally decided to give in and start collecting him. :3

Throw all your spinarak stuff at me, please! :)

I already have the tomy, normal and clear kids, and the normal hasbro figure, but I'd be willing to accept doubles on the kids though! :3 

Also please let me know if anyone has any of these they'd be willing to sell: 

Check out all my wants here: http://goldenrodcitycollections.weebly.com/wants.html

Also, that's the beginnings of a collection site! It's got some images, all my wants, and is simply overflowing with witty commentary! x3

Thanks everyone! :) 
Halloween Witch Chikorita by magicalondi

An annoying wants post~

I know, I know it's getting old by now,  but Halloween's steadily approaching and I still want something special as a decoration!

It's the Halloween Pokemon Center Clearfile from 2009!( that's not too long ago, so come on luck>.<)
Not sure what else I can say about it, searched on Y J high and low, but no luck thus far. I'd pay more than you would expect for a clearfile though :3

If anyone is interested, I also lowered my sales prices to the point that lowering them any more is not an option, so make sure to check out for some pretty cheap prices!

(clickity on picture for instant teleportation to the nearest Pokemart!)

To brighten up this post a little and in celebration of the upcoming Eevee promotion: Tell me what your favorite Eeveelution is! :D
Mine is definately Glaceon. It used to be Espeon because of the nice design and because it learns Morning Sun, but changed to Glaceon once Gen IV grew onto me. Ice is like my favorite type(tied with grass) and with her there finally was a more graceful looking ice type after all that time<3(not counting ones with water type mixed in). Alsooo is there any particular type you'd like to see getting it's own Eeeve? For me it would be Ghost by a long shot! Although the implication of such an evolution would be quite unfortunate. DX
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