October 15th, 2012

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Collection weeding :(

I hate collection weeding, but I just can't afford/keep up with/have room for everything :(
Please give my babies a good home :)

Torchic kid mint-$2
Turtwig kid mint-$2
Bunneary kid mint-$2
Girafirig kid near mint-$2
Bannette tomy mint-$5
Sableye kid scuffed-$1

Cilan/Pansage figure NIB-$35
Pikachu stamp-$2
Poliwhirl bookmark-$1

Adorable talking Emolga plush-$50
Emolga pokedoll-$20
Emolga keychain-$6
Vulpix KFC plush-$5
Pikachu calculator-$3
Pokedex (needs new battery)-$7

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Mew - Thank you

Mew Mew!! Derr's Collection!!

Heya guys!! It's about time I posted my collection post, which I haven't done for a long long time. I know some people have been waiting patiently, and I'm sorry! But now is finally the time!! I hope everyone enjoys!

For the many newer members who don't know me well, or at all, I'm known as "Derr", a hardcore mew collector. Mews are my life!!! I love mewlings very very much, and I always chase the dream to have all the mewies in the world! I've been a member since the VERY BEGINNING of the community!!!

There are some things I wanna point out about the following collection update. All photos were taken around July, so many photos are slightly outdated due to the rearrangement of various shelves and display layouts. Some items are not displayed because they are new (post-July), plus my card collection will not be shown because it's on a haitus. There are a LOT of photos, over 150 about, so this thread will be image-heavy. I went to great lengths to make sure I get as much detail as I could manage.

Also, due to lack of time, I am opting out of added text to go along with the images, unless it's pretty important. I hope you don't mind looking at just photos rather than reading possible helpful descriptions. I'm very sorry, I wanted to write a lot of descriptions, but.... meh. ;v;

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To make this a little more multi-purpose, I have a favour of anyone who could lend a hand translating Japanese instructions. I have a mew bead figure that needs to be put together, however I was never able to read the instructions. I scanned them and would appreciate any assistance... please and thank you!!

--> Image of bead instructions.

Thank you everyone, I hope my collection was enjoyable to look at. ;v;
mijumaru, cute
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Plush and Figure Sales/Offers

So I stumbled upon a store that sells stuff from Japan (mostly 2nd hand though) and guess what? They have Pokemon! So it's SALES TIME!!

Come and check out my haul! Looks like there are some pretty rare plushes here. Also I've got some spare TFGs and figures that I'd like to let go so please take them! :))

Here's a sneak peak!

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pokemon - vaporeon happy

Collection Weeding Sales

Hey Pokemon Collectors! Here are some collection weeding sales!
Included are some items from my personal collection including a custom YY plush and a vaporeon 2008 eevee promo round charm! Also some things I'm amassed over the last few months in lot sales at great prices. Please take a look!

- I accept paypal ONLY. All payments should be sent to keymonster06@hotmail.com
- Items come from a pet/smoke free house
- Shipping days are Monday and Tuesday
- I ship from USA 97223 - I would prefer to not ship internationally, but if you do live elsewhere be prepared to pay a little extra.
- All sales final


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Before Japan Sales - aka Sales Post Update!

Just realized it's now less than a week til my trip to Japan (Osaka to be exact :D), I accidentally transferred too much money out of my paypal two weeks ago so I come with a before Japan sales update!

Updates include zukans, plushes, some random items, and price cut on existing items! (including NIB kids from $2.5!)
Shipping starts at $2 for figures and $3-4ish for plushes.

Haggling is welcome if I say OBO, and on old items :3 (but please be reasonable!)


Please note that I will try to pack as and ship as many of these as possible, but FYI I might be unable to ship until I get back from Japan ^^; If you are in hurry for getting your items please let me know first!

(Click this fake Cut to the SALES!)

Velboa PokéDolls

Hihi community, today I come to you with a silly little question.

Does anyone else out there actually like the velboa PokéDolls? It seems like it's always "minky this, minky that".

I just don't think the velboa PokéDolls get the love they deserve. :c

Thank you for reading, leave your comments below! Until next time, byebye sayonara.


Hello everyone! I was wondering if antone knew anything about a pikachu vcr? Please and thank you! Is everyone enjoying BW2? Oh and, out of curosity what pokemon merch do you guys like? Im mostly into plushies and a few figures! Have a great day today!
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Up for offers: 1/1 Chikorita Plush

I've come to the conclusion that I have to give this beautiful plush up, so my 1/1 Chikorita plush is up for offers. 

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Offers will start at $100. She may be auto-bought for $200. Offers will end Friday, Oct. 19th at 6pm EST
I was granted sales permission on 06/07/2011 by denkimouse, feed back can be found here

I will be accepting paypal only, I can ship internationally, and please note that chikorita comes from a pet-friendly come (but its ontop of a very high shelf where the cat and dog cannot reach her xD)

Although it is not my first choice, I will be open to doing a payment plan with the buyer if the offers exceed the starting price of $100. I want her to go to someone who will really cherish her in their collection, and I understand she is a big investment to make. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or comment here! 

Also, please note that I do not have chikorita with me at this moment so I cannot calculate shipping costs until after the buyer wins (I will be traveling home this weekend to pick her up). She is a large plush, so be aware that shipping may be a little costly. 

pokemon:gloom pokedoll
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Dot sprite charms are great! And, quick wants

I received my dot sprite charms and gahhh! they're adorable. C: Has anyone been getting the free wallpapers?

I hooked my 3DS up with dotsprite Archen and metal charm Archen, and dot sprite Scrafty is on my phone (he matches the yellow PokeCen Pikachu case). I have Bisharp and Garbodor and am trying to decide what (if anything) I will do with them.

What have you all done with your dot charms? :D

On that note, does anyone have metal charm Scrafty and/or Archen stickers for sale? I want to keep blinging out my 3DS >83;;

Dat hidden charizard GA: Good news everyone!! WE WON!!

Hi. We have won the GA with BIG discounts! We raised more than enough and won it for the starting bid plus fees. ^^
Here are everyone's totals as well as the invoice:

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Please send all payments as "goods" to danielsard-at-gmail-dot-com and leave your username and the title of the GA in the memo, as well as the plushie/s you won. I can't accredit your payment if I dont know who you are!!!

Make sure to pay the proper amount if you are in the US or not in the US.

And please remember to comment here saying that you paid. Thanks!

October Commissions (Open)

Click the banner above to go to my shop.

Click the images above for bigger pictures or for more examples go to my deviantart page http://hottiehulio.deviantart.com.

Hey guys I am only gonna have 2 custom plush slots open for October. I am selling some stuff at a craft fair at the end of the month so I need time to work on some stuff to sell there too. ;D

I've had sells permissions since sept. of 2010. ;3

First ever middle-man service for you!

Hello all! So there is a very great and famous shopping website of my country. I shocked when I saw they are selling BW Pokemon plushes! :D
And I wanna help you getting them. :3 You can also see this as a digital pick-up service.

The ones in stock are:

These 3 are all big size Tomy plushes of the Unova starters and Pikachu. (About 35-40 cm) Please note they are the European versions. I haven't noticed any difference between the Japanese and EU ones. (Only paper and tush tag)
They are made of kinda ''short haired'' minky. (I have the Snivy myself)

And there is more!:
The cute talkies of the Unova starters by Tomy! They all speak their English names. (I've heard you can also switch them to German, French etc. but I'm not sure.) All are minky. (I have the Japanese Oshawott)
Unfortunately no talking Pikachu's are available. :(

Important info about the prices, payments and handling! Read carefully please.
- I've granded sales permission on 8-8-2012 from allinia
entirelycliche told me it's okay to do this ''pick-up'' 
- 1 Plush per person.
- Each big Tomy plush is $37 including fees
- Each Tomy talking plush is $47 including fees
- I ship worldwide from the Netherlands, Europe
- Shipping for 1 plush Worldwide is 17,10 Euros (About $22) without PP fees. I know it's a high cost but that are the rates in my country. :(
- If you live in Europe, shipping will be less if I'm ok, just ask for a quote. :)
- There will be 2 payments:
  First payment: The price of 1 plush. You have to pay in advance since I can't pay all the plushes from my own money.
  Second payment: Shipping from me to you.
- There will be no cost for shipping all the plushes from the website to me, because any order larger than 20 Euros will be shipped for free. ;) (One plush is always 20+ Euros)

Since this is my first middle-man service and I have school too, I'm opening 5 slots. :)

If anything isn't correct about this post please tell me since this is my very first time I'm offering this service. >//<
And if you have questions ask them too please! :D
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Hello! A small introduction :)

Hello everyone! My name is Vicky, and I've been a fan of Pokemon nearly my entire life. It would be my whole life if it existed before I was born! Ha!

I've been glancing at this community for quite a while now, but I didn't have any sort of collection so I just looked at all of yours with admiration. That's changing now! With the amazing amounts of merchandise out there, I decided to start small with my absolute favorite pokemon: Gastrodon! Well, Gastrodon and the adorable little Shellos too. I just have a few pieces right now, take a look!

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I look forward to expanding my collection, but I might need some help since I'm not very familiar with all the different brands and types and everything else, really! My research has turned up plenty of things to go after, but there's always those few barely-ever-seen items. We'll see how it goes :) Anyways, I'm so happy to have found this place and feel free to drop any comment :)

Gets, Victini Pictures, and Wants!

I've gotten a few things from the community, Etsy, and Mbok, and thought I'd share. I also took pictures of my Victinis in a basket! There are six images total, so I think that might count as image heavy...

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LJ is being kind of weird, so if my post messes up, I'll try to fix it asap. Also, I could have sworn we had a "gets" tag, or do I just use the "collection" one?
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Joltex & Schenzi MPC Final Payment

Hey guys, been a while since a payment update for this lot.

Let me first explain everything.

There has been no payment from noppin to schenzi so with this the payment from that has been added. it adds to an extra $1.25 per plush people have ordered. so here is the final payment that everyone needs to make

rhys107= $8.09 = PAID
abbeymew= $5.59 = PAID
joltex = $6.84 = PAID
shuuichi_chan = $6.55 = PAID
neeko48= $6.55 = PAID
kitbug= $6.55 = PAID
happycupcake= $6.55 
sugarc0ated= $6.55
chaos_21= $7.80 = PAID
vaporeon99= $7.80 = PAID

Royal mail says it estimates up to 5 days but please note on average for people outside the UK it could be around 10 days.

Please make this Payment to kuja_hippo@hotmail.com and include your name and what you are paying for in the subject and message.

Also please post on here when you have paid. canrhys107andchaos_21please note this is payment for Schenzi's other GB too so you only need to pay once for this shipping lot
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Would you like fries with that?

Everyone has the same weight of postage to pay, which makes my life super simple! I have a stinking cold so my Mother is handling the postage entirely on her own for this one. She really is very patient with us all. :)
Mum scanned the badges for you so we have a clear view. Look at that Clefairy, it's horrified! Mew and Chansey don't exactly look happy, either.
Pokeman badges
You can use this for wants!

UK Participants, your postage is $3.99
European Participants, your postage is $4.83
Everyone else, your postage is $5.83
  • Put your USERNAME in the memo
  • Pay as "goods"! "Gifts" will be refunded.
  • In the memo: Explain and describe where in the photo your badge is "2nd on third row down, pink horrified creature" etc. Mum doesn't know any Pokemon apart from pikachu, Mewtwo and the eeveelutions.
Ready? Payment to lizwoolley@blueyonder.co.uk

There is no rush to pay if you need a few days, but just let me know! :) I would rather hold something than worry if you're coming back.
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Secondly, I now have the Pokebox quotes for absolutely everyone but I need a little time to work out fees, countries and everything else so I will post them tomorrow! I will also PM everyone who has not been PMed! LJ has a limit of 30something messages each day so i got unstuck trying to get your quotes out.
I will also be auctioning off my coins from last night's opening.

Thirdly, please be careful if you have spied this lot on eBay!

It looks so delicious with those bell plush and mixed keyrings… BUT… I messaged the seller as the title is rather strange: [redacted]
Thinking it would make a simply amazing GA based on the photos, I asked:
"Hello, is this an auction for 50 of one item, or a mixture of items like shown in the photographs?"
The Seller replied:
"Hi,Thank you for message.Yes,This is an auction for 50+ of one item!whole sale.Hope to deal with you! Thank you"

I don't know if it's a misleading listing, or if the seller just didn't understand the question. Others have messaged them and posted their replies in the comments. :)
You might get 50 Pikachus, you might get what's in the picture. Just be warned.
Glasses Shift


Today I've got some hand-drawn production art up for sale!

Yes, they're all original hand-drawn pictures by the anime animators which makes them all one of a kind. They used to be drawn over to create cels but now the anime has switched to digital, genga are becoming increasingly rarer.


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I'll be doing another collection update of my Slowkings around Christmas time, and expect to see quite a few Team Galactic production sketches when I do that as well~ 

Also, people who ordered custom coasters from me, I apologise about the delay. The fabric printing company has finally shipped out to me and they're in the post at the moment, so as soon as I get them I'll ship them right out to you the same day. I'll send you all PMs once I've got them shipped. Thanks for your patience! ^^

Looking for Smiletar and Grumpytar.

Greeting community. I come to you with another wants post.  So my birthday is in about a month, and I decided to treat myself this year, My dad's good friend is going to give me a substantial amount of money, so I decided to come out of the closet when it comes to the fact I'm hunting these guys. 

First up I'm looking for the amazingly grumpy Larvitar Plushplush which I like to call the Grump Potato, Ever since I found out he exists, I just wanted to hug him! I've done some research and saw 3 that sold on the community in the last year, 1 for $85, 1 for $185, and 1 for about $250; so I'm confused to how much is a good price to pay for him. He is up on Y!J but he is a whopping 26000 yen. The only way I can get him is from SMJ, and I would need to put in a $70 deposit, and pay a $28 commission which would put him at $428. I assume this is way to much especially since it hasn't sold for 3 months now. 
grumpy pie

Next up on my wants list is the adorable 2001 Movie Promotion Larvitar UFO. The last one to sell was about $70 on Y!J, so I'm willing to pay about that amount. I'm looking for both atm, so whichever one shows up first I'll buy, but I'm mostly interested in the Plushplush. I'm looking for them in good condition, and don't care about the tag as long as they are fine.