October 16th, 2012

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Pokemon of the Week!

Hello and welcome to Pokemon of the Week! Sorry it's a day late, oops. Let's get to it, shall we? Let's roll the 649 sided die!

This week's pokemon is!!!

#90, Shellder!!! Cloyster too, of course. :) Post photos of your collections, even if you only have one or two items of these guys!! Let's make a post with as much clammy merch possible! :D
Happy Klyde

Photos of I LOVE Eevee HQ Plushies

Hello community,

I'm hoping to do a collection update sometime soon, but first off I saw these photos on tumblr and I just have to share it with the community <33 (btw, these are the Banpresto HQ I LOVE eevee plushies that came out this month)

I hope this doesn't break the rules, just wanted to share the photos that's all

Also please don't ask me about where to get them, cause I don't know either and I'm sure most of the pre-order sellers has already closed their list.

(Just look at that face XDD)

Thanks for looking

Kachiki Sabi

Alright that's it...

...I need some freaking Dialgas in my life!!! D: I've fallen victim to his odd loveableness! I'm mostly interested in buying his pokedoll, no tag needed, but please not loved condition...Personally I find it gross :/ sorry.

Other than that...
Figures & Plush bring them this way!!!

All I have right now is the Jakks large sized plush (he is pretty big) the jakks figure and the tomy. I want moar! :D My sales are here if you're looking to do some trades: http://doryphish333.livejournal.com/1176.html I even have some shiny kids in there ;) But please! Give me your loveable space dinonaurs! : <3

dento being gay

sunyshore update!


Just some notices before we start!
★You can combine any of this stuff with your POKETIME PLUSH ORDERS! Please help me out by including your PT order in a NOTE in your Sunyshore order. Shipping discounts can be applied for your second PT payment due next week.

★Things not listed on Sunyshore (other PT goods, previous releases) are down right now since I can't confirm what's in stock until the 27th of October. Right now I can only list what I know I will be able to get. More stock will go up later on!

EEVEE COLLECTION stuff will go on sale shortly. I cannot combine them with PT plush since I don't have enough space for it all and need this stuff out before Eevee Collection comes in ;_; I apologize. Plush will be taken with unlimited reservations on the community with other items purchasable on Sunyshore. More details to come later!

SO! Pickup goods through the end of October, let's go!


These users still owe for PT Payment 1! Please pay promptly! If you are on here by mistake just let me know. CLICK HERE for payment instructions!

beckycuh: Growlithe, Dragonair, Ponyta = $99
lunglock: Ponyta, Dragonair = $66
rodry99: Dragonair, Growlithe = $66
animecatmew: Growlithe = $33

The PT Plush are awaiting my return in Japan and eager to go home to you guys! :D

Thanks comrades!
[Pokemon] Like a boss.

Another Wants Post Today

Hello again, everyone! Got some good tips today at work so I've got a little extra to spend and after losing a Metagross Zukan for the third time I'm looking for a little retail therapy. I'm currently looking for the items below or anything else with the pokemon listed that I don't own, please feel free to ask about an item if you have it for sale, thanks! I'm slightly less interested in flats but I can always be swayed but really neat ones. 

- Game Freak Artwork Clear File of Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza.
- Beldum kid in or with box and sticker.
- Beldum/Metang/Metagross Zukan (as close to mint as possible)
- Beldum/Metang/Metagross Pokédex figures
- Dialga Zukan (preferably not the 10th anniversary movie edition)
- Dialga plush (except the pokedoll)
- Mareep/Ampharos items (except zukan, Mareep PT strap and bookmark, Ampharos UFO and Canvas plush)
- Nice deck boxes~
- Customs of the pokemon above are also great!

Thanks again~!
You guys are always so awesome and I really appreciate your help!
pika cap2

sales post reminder

Hey everyone I still have some items from the last sales with some new items I didn't add s
last time so check em out 

1Paypal only 
2.I can ship outside the US
3.I can hold up 48 hours or longer
4.Haggle is OK 

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thanks for viewing

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Two Quick Questions!

Okay since it seems as my last post asking for comparison pictures to verify if my Spiritomb Pokedoll is real, I wish to ask again.

Also I have a weird question. I got my Meloetta Pokecen Plush today, and it has like foam in its chest and its stuffed really weird... Is she supposed to have foam or actual stuffing?

Also another quick question. Does anyone have a keldeo Pokedoll, or the Meloetta Pokecen Plush for sale/trade? I have an American release Darkrai pokedoll to trade(:

Phoenixfoxx Practical Item GA Arrived!

Heya! I got a big ol' box in the mail, guess what that means!!!

Attn: babycinnamon07bandanna_boy_17clair2522

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When you go to pay, please put your username in the title or memo part of the payment ;u;
All payments to snapankle dot hotmail dot com

And please please please leave feedback for the two of us!
Me (graywrabbit): http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/graywrabbit/

**UPDATE 10/17/12: There's quite a bit of packages, so I'm going to be shipping over the course of about 3-4 days, starting tomorrow. I'll update on the spreadsheet when I've shipped someone's stuff! Thanks.

Quick Want

Hello community! :)

I have a quick want, I am looking for the 2012-2013 Regionals Championships STAFF Jolteon Promo...looks like this

So does anyone have one of these beauties in mint condition that they would be willing to part with at a low price? I have the non-staff version, I'm just looking for the one with the STAFF stamp. 

Thanks everyone!
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poseable eel up for adoption + GA payment 2!

Hi all, I am putting one of my custom made plush up for auction today!


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The last half of my entry is a quick update on the in-case figure GA I've co-hosted with saberalter! Payment 2 is due so please look out for my comment with totals. Thanks for everyone's patience!

You may click the image to get to the original group auction page to find your totals in case you've missed the notification. :)
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The great Getsby: HEAPS of gets! and a 'Oh my god WHAT HAVE I DONE'

Okay, so first let's deal with gets! A mini grail or two in here, and some other cool stuff....

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And onto the OH GOD WHY part of the story, I got a small pokemon stationary and toys lot from YJ. Nothing big. According to the auction's picture, just a clearfile, some pencils and some kids and two or three small boxed items....
And it came in a box like this....




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