October 17th, 2012

MPC Group Buy - Final payment! (Schenzi and ATP!)

Heyyyy there pokemon collectin' bros~! :3
Me and Schenzi are here to present you with the final payment for our Group Buy a little while ago! ^^ So before ya ask yourself, "Hmmm, the shipping seems a little off.. What gives? :0" I shall explain~! Instead of making this group buy have 3 payments, Schenzi went and paid Noppin with her own money instead of asking us for a payment for the shipping from Noppin to her. Insert some math here, and shipping from Noppin to her turned out to be $1.25 per plush! :D Sooo these shipping totals include that 1.25! I also rounded up a few cents (to the nearest .10) to makeup for the fluctuating currency changes, and because we don't bother with paypal fees! ^^
Soooo derpy explanation done and over with...
Here are the totals~! :3

Rythen: $6.60
PantherOtter: $7.85 PAID!!!
OrigamiGryphon: $6.60 PAID!!!
At_the_Porno: $6.60 (+ an additional $5 since I am buying something else from Schenzi! ^^) PAID!!! :0

Night_Requiem: 6.40 (its converted to your currency already! ^^) PAID!!! :D

Nasija: 4.60 (converted to euro! ^^) PAID!!!

Please make the final payment to Schenzi's paypal!: kuja_hippo@hotmail.com
Oh yes! And include your name and what you claimed in the subject and message!
Don't forget to throw us a comment when you've paid! :3

If ya guys have any questions, feel free to throw us a comment or a PM! :D Thank you!

MPC Group Buy - Payment 2 Due

This one!

We finally got our shipping invoice for the GB I'm running with abbeymew!
... And the payment form said they'd ship tonight if I paid before 2 am so I flailspazzed and paid for us already. :'D

But that said! Let's see what we've got~!

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If anything appears wrong, please, do not hesitate to let me know!

Since I've already paid this off myself, there isn't a super serious time limit, but, please understand that I do need my Paypal account somewhat refilled by tomorrow night.
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TOMY Japanese Coin Auctions!

Okay I have PMed all the remaining Pokebox people their shipping quotes, and I'll shortly be PMing all unpaid Pokeman Badge GB participants theirs. :)

And now, the results of my coin opening on Sunday! I REALLY wanted a 'chu or Arcanine... Nope! But I did get nine Charmeleons out of 90 coins, which highly amused everyone in the chat. :P

So far as coloured coins goes, there were six! I'll be keeping one Clefable, but the rest are up for grabs below!
Red: Eggsecute, Gloom / Blue: Charmeleon and Seel / Green: Clefable x 2

The rest were all single colour.
Silver top row: Dodrio, Magneton, Graveller, Weezing, Weedle
Silver 2nd row: Aerodactyl, Clefable, Charmeleon, Onix, Gastly
Silver 3rd Row: Starmie, Caterpie, Pidgey, Goldeen, Kangaskhan
Silver 4th Row: Machop, Dragonair, Jynx, Lickitung, Ryhorn
Bottom row: tentacool, Golbat

Normal coins will start at $1.50 to $2 each and coloured coins at $2.50 - I only have one of some of these coins such as Gastly, so don't hang around hoping I'll have more to sell later.
  • I received sales permission in June 2011 form Dakajojo
  • I ship from the UK, and postage will be sent as a letter unless you grab a lot of coins together. :)
  • Bids are in $1 increments.
  • Auctions end in one week!
  • Coins will be shipped out within a week of auctions ending.
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Reminders for Plush Offers

Just a quick reminder that offers for pretty rare plushes will end in around 14 hours!! Some are still in pretty low prices and some don't even have offers at all like Mudkip and Raikou Pokedoll! Click here or click the picture below to get transported.

Also do check out my RedBubble portfolio! New designs since I last posted! Especially some ghost Pokemon perfect for the season!! :D

Here are some samples:

That's all! Thanks guys!

indiffernt quagsire
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Auction Ending, Trade Wanted, and commissions almost done ;)

Reminder that my collection weeding auctions are ending soon:

Also! you may put in an offer BELOW starting price if you so wish, and it will be considerd!


Also, I'm still looking for the Espeon +Pokebox+ charm. I have an Umbreon to trade, or I will pay for it, please make me an offer :)

(HAVE ^ )                                             (WANT ^ )

I'm almost done with the "Felt Buddies" check under here for a preview:

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Shiny Starter plush!

Hello everyone! I am sure you were all waiting to hear news about the shiny gen 5 starters. Well, I just saw Brian post on facebook that he got them!
This is his picture. Just look at that tepig! <3 I hope this is not old news, but I knew people would like to hear about it!
Clear desu

Reminder middle-man service and looking for Jakks Gallade.

Just a friendly reminder of my middle-man service. 
You can get the big Unova starters + Pikachu and the Unova starters Talkies made by Tomy. :D

There are still 5 slots left. If there is no one interested, I have to quit it for this time.

Click on the link for the original post and the important info! http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/13390329.html

And...is anyone selling a Gallade Jakks figure? I'm looking for it for some time and I really want one. If you are selling him, please let me know so we can talk about the price.^^

Thank for reading! :)

Larvitar = Bootie?

Hey everyone-- 
I've been looking for that reknown McDonald's Larvitar plush and found this: (warning: big pics!)


It looks legit to me, but the seller is offering two--one at 7" and 9". They are selling lots of plushes, which seemed like a red flag to me. It's Best Offer, or buy it now at 39.99$, which seemed odd. It's from Thailand. Anyone have insights? 
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Another Magikarp want(s)...

    How is everyone doing? No surprise, I'm getting very into this community. I just love it here :) When I joined, my want list only consisted of a Magikarp PokedollMagikarp small but now it's pretty much never ending Magikarp small.Magikarp smallMagikarp small.
I have a case *I call it The Fish Tank* set up for my future Magikarp collection so they will be loved and cherished.

   I saw a Magikarp kid a while ago on here but I was too late. I would pay around $2 plus shipping.
Regular Magikarp Kid
Attack Magikarp Kid
Magikarp attack kidMagikarp kid
I am also looking for the Magikarp/Gyarados and Shiny Magikarp /Gyarados charms. I would still be interested if they are in used condition :)
Magikarp charm
And my smaller wants... for now~
Magikarp Zukan $5 total
Gyarados Zukan $9
Gyarados Kids $5
Magikarp Pokedoll Magikarp small $50<---- giving up on him soon so I can spend the money on smaller Magikarp wants
Basically any Official Magikarp and Gyarados merchandise at a good price. Shouldn't be too many ^-^
Shining Magikarp and Shining Gyarados 2009 clear file $15 total
Shining Magikarp and regular Magikarp friends 2009 clear file $10 total
Shiny Magikarp and Red Gyarados plush! *Hey a girl can dream
Shiny Magikarp Sleeves
Please let me know if you have one you want to get rid of~ Thank you for taking the time to read :D
All images from http://fushiginomori.netau.net/other.html
Chibi Ninetales

Awesome gets, Sales, ?

Okay, so I've seen that my pattern of post is mainly of gets. I think I will try to make one of those awesome photos stories with my next gets post as I should shake things up a bit. I was to excited when I received these to do a photo story thus, it is a simple gets post. 

Anyway, Come see my new additions to my collection!
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So thats about it for "Gets" I am waiting on a few other packages, plus a whole bunch of goodies from Y!J. That will be for another day though. 

I do have a small quick sale (custom charms) and my sales post. Prices reduced as I would like to get them to a new home! I am open to haggling!
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And last are my questions. I seem to always have questions. @_@
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That's all I have for you guys today. Thanks so much for your time, I know its a bit lengthy. But hey, Pokemon are always worth the time. ^_^
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Shiny Bulbasaur Plushie Auction Reminder!

*UPDATE: The Dat Hidden Charizard GA has been paid for! Please keep an eye out for Payment 2 in the future once it arrives at the deputy warehouse! ^^

Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing well. =3

I'm just posting a reminder for my "shiny" Bulbasaur plushies up for auction! They are official and still at a good price to have them at! =O

They both end tomorrow at 8 pm EST! Click the pic or the link to be transported to the auction!


Hello, a want, and advice!

Hello, everybody! My name is Caitlin, and I'm a budding collecter looking to expand her collection. I mainly (and casually) collect Pokemon Cards (I have about 4000-5000), but I'm looking to start dishing out a bit more money to collect some of my high wants. Some of my most favorite Pokemon include Zapdos, Lugia, Celebi, Altaria, Drapion, Empoleon, and Cofagrigus, although I like many more. My most favorite game is currently BW/BW2, along with SS. My most favorite character is Colress.

I also have three plushies and a poster or two, but I don't really think that counts :P There are some pictures under the cut (I'll update with them), because I heard that you guys love pictures. I'll also try and collect some of my favorites out of my collection.

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Anyway, the main purpose of this post is asking for a want and some advice. Basically, I'm a big fan of Colress/Akuroma, and I'm looking to purchase his Japanese FA card. So, first question - do any of you happen to have an extra floating around? I'd be willing to pay a pretty penny for it. I also wouldn't mind trading along with a payment, although we would have to do that via PM as I don't have sales permission yet.

While I'm at it, how does one price cards? I'm at a total loss, haha.

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I also took a look over at some other sites (such as Ebay, et cetera), but they are all going for over $45. My question is this - if there are none floating about, would it be worth paying the $45+, or should I just go for a booster box for $10 extra? Granted, that means I'm not necessarily guaranteed Colress, but then I could possibly auction off (not here, of course) the cards I get to raise money to go and buy the actual card. And then I would have the added bonus of having whatever's left over from the auctions. But I suppose that all depends on the contents of the box.

Anyway, I greatly appreciate any help at all, and I'm exited to start becoming part of this community! :)
Pokemon Crossing

2 Quick Wants

Hello everyone! I hope this post finds you well :D I have recently acquired 2 separate zukan with no bases. They are the Alteria line as well as the Blaziken piece from his zukan line (Normally comes with Combuskin and Torchic). I am not concerned about having the correct base, but I would prefer to have pegs that fit the zukan (ex: no Blaziken floating above his base on a long peg intended for flying zukan). I know that Swablu needs a peg that he get wedged into. If anyone has any pegs or bases for sale, or has an idea where I can purchase them that would be very helpful.
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Shipping updates for my buyers!

Hi guys!

Letting you know that your stuff is being mailed out! I am CRAZY SORRY for it taking as long as it has. I didn't have time before I left like I thought I would, and now that I'm back to work, my schedule doesn't line up at all with the postal times ): But never fear! Your merch is being mailed out, and will be arriving soon, so thank you so much for being patient!! You helped a lot with my trip, and it couldn't be more appreciated :D

I have a ton more merch to post up eventually, so look out for more sales!

Thanks again, lovlies!!

Plush Identification Help

I came across a picture of a Chikorita plush today, and I was wondering which one it is:

It appears to be just about a foot tall based on the size of the Pikachu plush it is next to. I can't seem to find it on the pokemon plush project website, so I was wondering if one of you could help. Thanks!!