October 18th, 2012

Chillarmy - Shiny
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1 <3 Series, MPC, keychains, waza museum and fire starters Banpresto updates

The game arcade near my house updated their poster!

Usually, denkimouse posts with updates, but since she is currently in America, I hope it's okay if I post it.

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I know everyone is excited about the second wave of I <3 Eevee (along with everything else coming out everywhere!) but there are other cute things coming out as well :D

I can't wait for the Cinccino MPC in December and those fire starters are too cute!

What do you guys think? What are you the most excited about?

WE WON! Rush Poke Plush + Hat GA, Payment #1 Totals (All Paid)

Thanks for all the payments everyone, You shall see a post from me again in the near future with Payment #2

We won our GA and with discounts! Please pay promptly everyone o0vailo0o is counting on us :3, Thank you to all who participated you have all helped me achieve my goal of getting a mini-grail of mine :D.


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Please comment here to let me know if you have paid, Thank you!

Pokemon Center Store - Now Open on Amazon.co.jp!

Oh wow, of all the places, I heard about this from Siliconera :p Anyways, apparently Amazon Japan has opened up not just a Pokemon Store with Tomy items etc, but one also  with goods from the Pokemon Center! Older Pokemon Time goods (including the fancy ones), TONS of the newer canvases, Pokedolls, and so forth! 
North America (and the rest of the world) why don't you follow this and bring back the Pokemon Center online shop in some form?!

I do have a question though (since it looks like my Amazon account doesn't work for the Japanese one): are these even orderable? I heard from some people who import games/anime that some things are NOT allowed to be purchased in North America by Amazon.co.jp... For those who have made import orders off there, are there duty fees that get added on later? How is the shipping?

Hopefully this could be another way for some of us to get merch! I mean, look at all those Canvases that have been sold out in most places for a while!!
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Haunted Pokedolls display and first collections update!

Hey :D I can finally take pictures of my collection since I got the majority of my stuff in the mail :3 (still some coming XD but if I wait for them I will never be able to take a picture cause there is ALWAYS something coming in the mail :D).

First, I am a plush collector :) I collect all kind of plushies like Webkinz Signature, WWF, Douglas Cuddle Toys, etc. I don't know how it started but that day I found a video on youtube on "how to avoid fake pokemon plush" and it reminded me of my first "pokemon plush collection" I started in 2009 that was completely compose of fake plushes (I didn't know they were fakes). After being SUPER disappointed of the discovery of fakes in my "collection" I didn't want to look at pokemon again XD but that video was a new begining :D It was a video made by Brian for his store "pokevault". After taking the decision of buying a pokedoll, ONLY ONE, from his store to add to my plush collection, I choose Raikou :D But Raikou was WAY to cute than expected so now I have more than one pokedoll XD

I started to collect Pokedolls in April 2012 and that's my collection as October 2012 :)

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I have more pokemon merchandise at my parents's house :) they live at 300km from me sadly, but I am going to visit them at the end of the month and will take everything with me :D I have LOTS of figurines and older plush!
I might ask for a "seller permit" and sell some of my older stuff too :)
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Dice and Other Things GA - Payment 1!!!

Hey participants of the Dice and Other Things GA! WE WON! And with some fantastic discounts to boot. :D First payment needs to be sent ASAP as this is an eBay auction!

The spreadsheet can be viewed here!
Payment goes to nagainekowanagai[@]gmail[dot]com.
In the title and memo of your payment, please put "Dice GA Payment 1 - [username]" so I can keep track of payments easily!
Payment is due within the next 48 hours. If I do not receive your payment by then, negative feedback will be left.

I think that's everything. Thanks to all of you lovely participants for making this another successful GA! :D

Buy from Amazon - Yay or Nay?

Psyduck Amazon

Has anyone from the community bought Pokemon merchandise from Amazon? Particularly pokedolls?

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When looking to buy legit Pokemon items, should Amazon be treated like eBay (with bootleg filter mode set on full-blast)? Is there a function (like on eBay) where you can ask questions to communicate with the seller on Amazon before buying?

If anyone can share their experience with Amazon sellers (other than Amazon and JapanVideoGames), it would be most helpful! Any advice is appreciated :)
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Zombie Derp Charizard

So yeah. Last night a few of my friends and I went to this craft thing at the Union on Campus. Basically they supplied us with stuff and we got to use it how we want. There was this thing called Ugly Buddies so I decided to make a Charizard one.

Made out of felt and Buttons. This derpy Guy is completely made by hand.

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Still Looking for Pokecen Kyurem Plush

Hi fellow collectors!

I would really love to have this guy.  He's the last one I need to complete my 2011 Tao Trio plush collection.  I am looking to spend around $80-$100 for him if he's MWT, slightly less if he's missing the hang tag.  If you have one you'd be interested in selling or know someone who is selling theirs, please let me know.  I am located in the US. I use PayPal and can pay immediately ^_^  Thanks for reading <3
PKMN: Politoed Clap

grail get!! + GPON?


Hey guys! <3 Long time no post. I've been REALLY busy with offline stuff, but things are quiet again for the time being and I finally got some things in the mail worth posting about. C:

I really didn't expect to get my second grail so soon! But the people here are incredible and frogs are lucky. :D It's also about GPON because when I went to edit the pictures to post I remembered I had quite a few shots of Nate adventuring! So that's why this post is a grail get + GPON (Gratuitous Photos Of Nate) post.

I hope you enjoy! ♥

Big grails come in small packages!

But first... GPON! Collapse )


Now! GRAIL TIME. Obligatory singing because I've always wanted to be able to do it...

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So, that's that. Now my next grail is the clear Politoed Kid! Can this luck carry me through 3 grails in a row? WE'LL SEE.

But all this got me wondering... What is your smallest grail? Size-wise, not by the degree of want. I'm just curious since all of mine are really small items. XD

Finally, my boyfriend bought me something special for Christmas! And it's in my closet right now. I'm so tempted to peek. I know what it is though, and I'm eager to make a photostory for the grand opening but I GOTTA WAIT 2 MONTHS. Somebody sympathize with me. X'D

All I want is a Dragonite for Xmas...

Hey guys... I have a budget of about $30 including shipping and I'm trying to find Dragonite items for a XMas gift basket for my best friend.

If anyone has anything Dragonite related, please let me know!

I already have a Pokedoll sized Banpresto plush, the large pillow plush, the bouncy ball, the wind up model, pvc, (edit: a pog, the tomy keychain)

Thanks everyone ^^

Quick Plush update:)

Hello world!
So right now the computer my high school gives me has everything that's usually blocked unblocked, including livejournal! YAY! :D So i took this oppurtunity to do a plushie update. Click my complete 2004 gen one starter Pokedolls to look:)


You guys should also check out my sales, I've only sold one thing :o Thanks! And of course the wants list in case you are curious ^^
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Has anyone seen these plushes - quick wants post + clear files question

Hey everyone, I was looking through the poke plush project and I saw several that I would like to get my hands on.  If anyone has one of these at a reasonable price (I don't have a whole lot of money to throw around) I would really appreciate it!


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I'm starting a Glaceon collection, since he's one of my absolute favorite Pokemon and now is a great time to be collecting Eeveelution stuff =D  I've already ordered the new TOMY from Sunyshore and I'm also buying a pokedoll and a charm so once I get that stuff together I will post an update!

Also, I've been looking at kids and decided that I would love to get my hands on some!  I especially want shiny Treecko, but any treecko, piplup, glaceon, or sceptile would be great.

Finally... I've seen clear files on a lot of sites (especially around the community) and I was wondering if they were like regular folders or if there's something different about them?  

Thanks for reading!

Question about GA'S

This is the most idiotic question ever, but, is there a possible way to have 3 GA hosts, one for the threads, one for spreadsheets, and one to do bidding? I found a awesome lot of plush and a grail is in it. I could do the threads, and I have skype if that helps. :)
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PokeTime Shipping Payments!
I am starting to take them early because, why not? Just be sure you've paid for these shipping costs by October 27th!

How to Pay:
Make Subject "PT2: your LJ name"
Make Description: A copy of your plush order list (NOT "Thanks!" or "For PokeTime").

How to Combine with Sunyshore:
Take 3$ off your cost.
Make Subject "COMBINE PT2: your LJ name"
Make Description: A copy of your plush order list AND YOUR SUNYSHORE ORDER NUMBER!

Send to: denkimouse (at) gmail.com

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These payments have not been made at all! I've updated your totals to include shipping. Pay soon or contact me or I will be super grumpy!!
beckycuh: Growlithe, Dragonair, Ponyta = $99 + $17.50= $116.50
lunglock: Ponyta, Dragonair = $66 + $14.50 = $80.50
rodry99: Dragonair, Growlithe = $66 + $14.50 = $80.50
animecatmew: Growlithe = $33 + $9.50 = $42.50

Looking for eeveelution +pokebox+ items.

Hello all! I am a eeveelution lover, specifically espeon and was curious is anyone has any of the Pokebox eeveelution series items they are willing to sell. 

Particularly I am looking for the pokebox charms: 

Even more specifically I really want the Espeon, Leafeon, and vaporeon. 
I am not necessarily looking for any MIP, so if you are willing to part with one of these please let me know! 


Edit: I was able to purchase Espeon, Leafeon, Jolteon and Vaporeon. Thanks for all the help! (= I might still be interested in another vaporeon for a friend and possibly the other eeveelutions as well for myself.