October 19th, 2012


Grail get! And new wants...

Obtained! A beautiful shiny Roselia kid! He's such a stunner...I love the colors so much. As the first shiny I caught in the game, Roselia means a lot to me, but I think he's also one of my favorite shinies, period.


Now that I have him, I'm moving on to my next grail--the elusive shiny Gyarados kid. I know it's super rare but for whatever reason (probably because of its popularity) it's proving to be even more difficult to find than most shiny kids, so I'm prepared to pay an arm and a leg for that one.

There are also some other kids I'm having trouble finding, so here's a short wantlist:

Shiny Kids:
✩★Gyarados★✩ -major want!

Hard-to-find Kids:
Kingdra (both versions)
Starmie (Kimewaza)

If anyone has the above for sale, please let me know! Also, there are other kids I'm looking for but aren't as high on the priority list so if you have other kids for sale, I'd love to see a list/pics! There are still some common ones I need but would prefer to save on shipping for those and buy them in lots.

One (well, two) last wants--I'm looking for legit copies of Pokemon Emerald and Leaf Green for GBA. They don't have to look brand new, but I prefer the labels be in tact and such. There are so many fakes on ebay that I just don't trust it--I'd much rather buy from the community if possible!

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Boundaries Crossed - Coming November 7th

I just saw this posted on Facebook! http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-trading-card-game/bw_series/bw7/

Is this the English version of Plasma Gale or another expansion? (EDIT: consensus is this is Freeze Bolt and Cold Flare) I've been holding off buying the two Plasma Gale Victini EX cards since I want to collect mainly all the English versions. Currently I have every English Victini card and one Japanese card that was never released in English(might not be legal for playing the TCG?).

Here is a preview of some of the cards:

Here are the highlights:
  • More than 140 cards in all
  • Four powerful, never-before-seen ACE SPEC cards with unique game-mechanic and card design
  • Six more Pokémon-EX cards and six full-art Pokémon-EX rare Ultra cards
  • New Pokémon, new forms, new Trainers, and new locations that match the upcoming video games, Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2
So what do you guys think?

Some new sales and Xmas 2004 clearfile for offers!

Hey guys, I just wanted to let everyone from my previous sales know I have shipped everything out as of Wednesday! Thanks so much for helping me out! There are only 2 packages that have not been shipped because I got payment after I shipped everything else off so I will be shipping those 2 packages out with my upcoming post office run after this sales post.

Sales permission granted by dakajojo10/2011

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Left Over Auctions Sale of Awesome~

To everyone that has bought items from me, I have received your money and the packages should all be shipped out on Monday! :)

Anywho, I still have quite a bit left over from the auctions and after buying the Lotta Pikachu Collection set of figures on Y!J auctions and it costing way more, I need to get this stuff out :P. 

Prices are negotiable!! 


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Question - January Kids?

I checked through the kids and info tags but came up with nothing. I might just be terrible at searching, of course. Has anyone seen pictures of the Genosect Arc kids set?

I'm seeing that there's a Zangoose in the lineup (among more popular ones like Leafeon, Jolteon, Flareon and Glaceon!), so I'm wondering if I should try preordering a few boxes, or if it's just going to be a rerelease of earlier figures.

Any help would be great, thanks~

Strange wants

Hi everyone Ive got some strange wants  I'm looking for tags mainly canvas tags i have already posted this list already but I thought id give it another go I'm looking for:
pachirisu canvas
aimpom canvass 
buneary canvas
Cherrim canvas
jirachi Japanese minky pokedoll tag 
wailord pokedoll tag 
hoho Japanese pokedoll tag
i am also looking the canvas bags from the recall tomy plush
Plusle and minun 
( I dont want plush just bag)
Im also interesting in knowing other tomy plush that where in this style with the bag.
And again any jirachi items I'll buy.

Edit:thanks for showing interest and telling me it's against the rules I would hate to cause a problem thanks:0)
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Payments 1 due for New Nasija GA!

Hello there guys!
It's time for our first payment for the New Nasija GA!!! We bid more than what we bid + shipping, so there will be slight discounts as well!!! =D


- Payments are in the BLUE column! 
- Please EDIT the spreadsheet, add a yes that you have paid AND your location, so it will be easier for me to calculate shipping, when the box arrives to me!!
- Once you do that, please write me a comment that you paid as well!
- MOST IMPORTANT THING!!!! Payment has to be sent WITHIN 48 hours, NO EXCUSES or Negative will be left!!!! ALSO, nasija HAS to receive my payment for this before Monday, because she has a business trip the entire next week!!!!

Now you can go for the spreadsheet!

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Thank you guys! <33
Piplup Innertube

Fishie Wants: Kid Figures

As many of you know, I collect fish Pokemon :D
Right now I'm looking for the kid figures (since they're generally cheap)

If any of these pictures belong to you and you would like me to remove them, please tell me ^_^

If you guys have any of these for sale, please let me know :D

POKEMON - Wartortle walky
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turtle sales

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☺ Sales permission from dakajojo 7|20|2011
☺ PKMN Feedback~ http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/3kame/
☺ Old Feedback~ http://turtles4sale.livejournal.com/453.html
☺ I ship from 23464 USA anywhere in the world, pretty quickly
☺ I have dog & cat, there may be hair inadvertently
☺ I re-use shipping supplies at no cost to you, please pay for new (ask)
☺ Shipping starts $1.95 in USA and $3 international for most items
☺ If you have special request for wrapping, packing (box?) etc. let me know
☺ I take Paypal jeweledturtle [A] yahoo.com, you pay fees. Please include your user name and items somewhere on the PayPal form
☺ I can also take Amazon giftcard or ?? just ask!
☺ If you want immediate feedback please give me a link to your feedback once you have paid
☺ Not selling to anyone banned from pkmncollectors or videogames4sale, Or anyone I don't like
☺ I can't be responsible if Postal Services loses your item (I will provide proof of shipping).
☺ If you ask for a quote you have 24 hours to claim the items after I get the quote for you, if I don't hear from you they will be sold
☺ Haggling is ok, but only if you are buying more than 3 items, or if I accidentally grossly priced something
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Commissions + Wants

Hello there pkmncollectors!  I come bearing commissions and wants! 
I'm doing ACEO commissions, which are basically art cards the size of Pokemon cards.  If you're interested, click the Espeon below to be taken to the information page! 

I was granted sales permission from dakajojo on 5/22/11! 
Also, thank Arceus, my wants list has been shrinking! 
Things I'm still looking for include: 

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And that's all for now everyone!  Thank you so much for looking! <3

Long-Due Collection Update!

Gah, I feel a little bad for never posting. ^^" I just guess I'm kinda paranoid of being given the n00b-stamp for...over-activity? Yikes.
Oh, well. Back to the point, I've finally mustered the muse to make a collection update! Yay! Although, I'd have to admit it hasn't grown in the last few weeks, I have gotten a lot of new things since my last post!
I presume you're sick of my yakking, so I'll get to the pictures lol.

All of my little amethysts (wow I've really lost it now) together<3
Sorry for very, very crappy picture quality. -.e

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Suicune Stampin' GA - Payment 1 Due

Hi, everyone! The invoice is in. We got giant discounts - the total bid was $255 and the invoice is $53.45. Payments are due in 24 hours. (48 hours at the most.) No exceptions.

The spreadsheet has everything you need - the amount you owe and the email address to send it to. 
Please put Suicune Stampin' GA - [username] in the subject of the paypal line.
The spreadsheet will be updated once akeyma confirms that you have paid. (Note: there may be a slight delay because akeyma is working a lot this weekend. Please don't panic!)

To chespin, rainyan and pacificpikachu - I need either your postcode (if your shipping address is in the US) or your country (if your shipping address is outside the US).

Thank you for helping to make this GA a successful one!

Summoning GA co-host: Dat is just what I want

Haha, I cannot figure out a phrase to express my feeling when I see this lot. I found the first one a couple of weeks ago but it ended too soon. This time we have seven days! Yeah you heard it right. So, any tempted potential co-host? Throw me your feedback and let the party start! Oh, excuse for leaving behind the most important thing almost. I will not claim anything but may decide to bid on to help. I will prefer to making threads/spreadsheets because I am in college and it takes me one week to ship out the item generally. So overall I am a bad shipper. (Sad face)
Feel free to shout out the Pokemon you found in this lot 'cause I am doing the same thing right now.

Darkboltage Friends

Hello everyone hope you're all doing great! Today I bring you pictures of the adorable coolness of Jolteon and Umbreon. I made these semi-posable figures in part because of all the upcoming Eevee merch, I can't wait! (and because I've been wanting to make a posable figure for some time now XD) So, I hope you enjoy these photos!

More (big!) pictures under the cut! :3
*Note: The Jolteon is based on an OC which is why she has "point" markings, and different coloured eyes and pawpads.

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