October 21st, 2012

identify this mystery eevee!

Hi all! 

I'm sooort of new here, but have been around for a couple of months now and slowly building my collection (thank you to everyone I've bought from!!) ^_^ I'm putting together a collection site so I'll eventually post that, but for now I have a question for all you Eevee lovers....!

Mystery Eevee

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Happy Hikari

Sales Update and Shiny/Clear Kid Auctions

Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know that I'm auctioning some shiny and clear kids this week :). I also updated my sales journal with hundreds of new kid figures. And of course there's still plenty of other stuff left...pan stickers, Tomy figures, plush, etc. For those of you who have previous orders: most of you have already received your packages but if not, your stuff has been shipped or is going out Monday/Tuesday (that only goes for international, every U.S. package has been shipped).

Auction preview:


Sales preview:

Auctions are here: http://samisales.livejournal.com/1250.html

Sales journal: http://samisales.livejournal.com/

Special item of your collection

Do you have a favorite item from your collection? Or perhaps something that isn't part of your main collection but is very dear to your heart. C: I would like to see some of those items! And hear some neat stories.

Here is mine.
That's right! My hasbro pikachu! I don't collect pikachus but I LOVE this one. It was one of the first pokemon plush I got when I was little and I have had it with me ever since. I use to take this with me EVERYWHERE I went. My favorite was bringing it with me camping. Pikachu has been in trees grass bushes...like I said EVERYWHERE. Lol I am surprised it has survived all these years and it isnteven in that bad of condition actually quite good! So this is very near and dear to my heart.

Now a part of my main collection


Well there is two but they go together. What I mean by this is my boyfriend got these for me! :D He knew that I really like charmander and cyndaquil so he got these for me as a surprise. Which I thought was super cute and now they are special to me. <3

Love to see other peoples special items from there collection or even just your favorite! :D tell me your stories. n.n
[Pokemon] Quagsire
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It's Sunday! Welcome to Pokemon of the Week, where a random weekly number is drawn and the pokemon whose's dex number matches it gets a whole week of dedication! Who will it be this week? Let's spin the wheel and find out!

Our pokemon of the week IS!

#455, Carnivine!!! I hope some people out there have some merch of this guy!! Share your photos and collections everyone! Educate others on all the fly-trap merch that ever was! :) Give it up for our pokemon of the week~!!
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Amazing in-case GA FINAL Payments - must read for participants

Hi guys, the Amazing in-case GA is finally here! Thank you all for being so very patient through the entire process. :)

As the last step of this GA, there are a few things to mention before shipping everything out, so I would prefer if everyone could take the time to read all of the info and answer any questions as clearly and quickly as possible so I can get these guys out to you asap. <3


(The pictures under the cut are a little big for the format of the community on LJ I think, so if you click the title of this post, it'll lead you to the page with just this entry - it might make for a better viewing experience for some of you)

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I've also had numerous questions about the extra figures, and I've decided that I just don't have the time to organize them all to be photographed to be put up for grabs immediately. After doing spreadsheets, making lengthy posts, and all of the hunting down of mystery figures, I need a bit of a break. I will still be giving first dibs to participants when I do make the post in the near future though (however I may decide to auction certain ones), so you guys will still have priority before I make them available publicly. ^_^
lovely arbok&lt;3 (by GeneralStar @ dA)

an exciting collection update!

Hey guys!  Ahhh I've been itching to do an update for the longest time now.  Been super super busy, but since I obtained my dream job, I no longer work 7 days a week. Which means I finally have the opportunity to make time for my hobbies again!  Yay!!  I've got some cool new things ahead, plus some super wanted wants and stuff :D

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Sylveon Pokedoll

Hi everyone! I'm Brittany :)


I am new to the community but I have been browsing around here and I'm super glad to be joining officially! Like I said, my name is Brittany and I am from Wisconsin but currently studying Graphic Design in Minnesota.

I have been a Pokemon lover all of my life :) I collected the cards (mostly just the cute ones, ha!) and have tons of mini figurines. I am in the process of re-watching EVERY SINGLE EPISODE so that's been taking up a lot of my spare time, ha!

But, my ALL-TIME FAVORITE Pokemon is Espeon by far. So, I am finally trying to start a better collection of Espeons and I am not doing so well. I have one Espeon kid (sitting pose) on the way and one Espeon charm courtesy of someone from here! I also have the Pokedolls of all of the eeveelutions and I love them! However, I would LOVE some more Espeon merchandise if anyone has any to sell! Feel free to comment on here if you are willing to sell anything Espeon-related :)

Some Espeons I am really looking for are:
an Espeon attack kid
an Espeon chou-getto
an Espeon clear kid
an Espeon pencil topper
an Espeon chupa figure
or any other espeon figures!

Also, please excuse my current lack of knowledge on collecting, as I am very new to this. I have read the rules of this community but if anyone has any advice, that'd be great! Thank you! Can't wait to get to know you all :)

LAST CALL SALES!!!! Everything $1 or less (except for 2 items!)

Howdy community!
This is my FINAL WEEDING SALES for a while (which means massive collection update coming soon soon soon!!!!!!!), and what doesn't sell here will.... probably be going in a donation bin or to my little cousin.
EVERYTHING IS $1 OR LESS, except for two items (A motion talking Mew and Pansage plush to be specific!)

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Thanks a lot you guys!
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Protecting Tags + Gauging Interest

Hey, everyone! Recently, I've begun to collect Pokedolls, and I'm just really obsessed with keeping them in mint condition, so I'm wondering how to protect the tags. More specifically, the old school red tags and the round/spiky Japanese ones. I use card protectors for the American ones. What would you recommend for keeping the tags in mint condition? Is there something I can put around them, or would you recommend detaching them and keeping them in a safe place?

Also, I'd like to put out feelers for how interested you guys would be in something I'm considering making. I want to make Russian nesting dolls for certain evolutionary lines. I want to know:
1. Would you be interested in purchasing these if I made them?
2. What do you think an appropriate price for these would be (keep in mind that I'd have to pay $11 for the blank nesting dolls on eBay)?
3. What Pokemon/evolutionary lines would you like to see?

If anyone is asking what a Russian nesting doll is, it's these. (:

Any help for either of these would be appreciated! I hope everyone had a good weekend. :D

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Charmeleon get - authentic??

So I was at the market today and picked this up..It looks real, but I can't find anything exactly like it on the internet. Apparently it was made by some Australian manufacturer. Thoughts?

As you can see, it's a gameboy case..

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Could somebody please give me an insight on this? Does anyone else have anything like this?