October 22nd, 2012

looking to buy these plush!

looking to buy these asap with reasonable price! and no ebay and GA's. I will buy new/used/no tag/whatever condition!! These would actually be as a birthday present for me since I got some money earlier, and my bday is the 30th. I haven't been able to get these guys yet. ;;
Here is my purchasing feedback for those of you that don't know me: http://citrusfied.livejournal.com/692.html
-been wanting him since he came out! ;o; charmander canvas plush

- audino canvas plush

- cressalia pokedoll
 -mismagius pokedoll plush

Halloween Witch Chikorita by magicalondi

Insane mini-set deals!

Hi everyone just a quick notice, I really want to clear out my sales so I've put the items in small sets and lowered the prices insanely :O Hope you will like this!

(click piccie or here to be transported)

Also since this is the last chance to get it before Halloween, one more try~

Still looking for this awesome clearfile! If anyone would be willing to sell it at all, please let me know! I will pay as much as I can afford :D Have a nice evening everyone~<3
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Its been awhile, hasn't it?

I haven't really had anything to post about these past few weeks, since I've been busy between my job, playing White 2, and the occasional bidding on these glorious GAs that have been going on lately. 

Other than that, I've been helping take down the porch at my mom's house, and stumbled upon this...
photo (22)

The last time I had one of these was probably around my Kindergarten days.  
Which brings me to ask. Do you guys also miss the good ol' days, when Pokemon was still huge here?
Now that I am all grown up, and graduated, finding this filled me with nostalgia, and brings back so many memories. 

Do you guys have any good PokeMemories? If so, let's all share the nostalgia! c:

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Anyone want this before I return it?

I bought this from TRU the other day. I am gonna return it since the person I picked it up for doesn't want it, but thought I'd see if anyone else does. Its a 9 pocket portfolio for cards and features Arcanine and Milotic.  It cost $11 with tax and shipping will probably be around $6 or $7. (That's with all fees) Let me know :) I can even include the receipt to prove I am not profiting XD


Click for bigger pics!

Big Want. 2009 Pokemon Center Vaporeon Canvas plush

Hi again! I'm currently looking for one of these for my sis. she is a huge Vaporeon fan and I want to surprise her! (^。^) I understand how rare it is, So I am estimating its price would be around $150 to $300 because I saw another user get one not too long ago for $200 + postage. (moonliteumbreon I think it was) If anyone has one they are willing to sell let me know, That would be really nice =)

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Fandom Con UWF

Hey guys,
I don't know if anyone else lives in the Panhandle of Florida, but if you do there's a meetup opportunity this weekend! My school, the University of West Florida, is holding a convention called Fandom Con where Eric Stuart, the voice of Brock (in the American show), will be a guest along with some other popular voice actors :D There will also be a Pokemon TCG Panel focused on trading and battles! Here's the site for more info: http://www.fandomcon.com/

The con will be in Pensacola, FL on October 27-28 for anyone who's interested. I don't have a crazy awesome costume or anything but I'm hoping to throw something together slightly reminiscent of a Jolteon gijinka. Let me know if you can come and we can try to organize a meetup!
Linoone Line

Wants + GB + Question

Firstly, I was wondering if the community was going to have their annual Halloween contest this year since I actually prepared for it this time around. I'm not sure if I missed a post discussing the event and I'm blind or if its being skipped this year... I really hope we do one this year since I was really excited to see everyone's spooky entries since they made so much new merch to showcase. :[
Derp, they plan to do a contest as usual. 
Also, be on the look out for a mini sales update from me in the future. (Has to save up for Eevee explosion next month)

Lastly, I'm still waiting on more gets in the mail before I decide to make another update. So here's another want post, I've obtained a good chunk of it in the past couple months and I'm very happy about that. Thanks to everyone who helped me. :3
But I found a new love in the Zigzagoon/Linoone line and decided I want to collect all their plush and figures. :>
I blame it on Norman. Any help finding these items would be amazing! 

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Also, I still need 3 more claims on the exclusive MPC group buy! :O Conkeldurr, Tympole and Tranquill need some lovin' please give them a good home!

If you want some of these hard to find MPC's, now's your chance. They will be $22 shipped for US and $25 Int. shipped. :> 
If we can get every plush claimed these should get to me fairly quickly and to you! Lets make this one happen.

Screen Shot 2012-10-05 at 3.51.49 PM
Krookodile: SlothyShroom



An odd request and a question

Hey everyone! 
Does anyone have a Shroomish dex figure, or, more specifically, does anyone have the insert that goes in the base of the Shroomish dex figure? 
If you do, I'd appreciate if you could take a picture for me! In the case is fine because I don't want you to risk bending it by trying to get it out! But if I could get a good picture of what it looks like, I can try to photoshop one for the base of mine. ^_^

"Shroomish shroom!"

Also, what is the best way to clean kids and other figures? I've seen a few tutorials here but some of my figures that need cleaning range from "looks easy to get off" to "looks difficult to get off". So I was wondering what the best way to get off a variety of types of marks off without damaging the paint in everyone's experience is.

(If this request/question isn't allowed, I'll delete that part of the post.)

Lastly, a few wants!
-Flygon Zukan
-Flareon/Jolteon/Vapoeon Zukan
-Gardevoir Zukan
-Drifloon Pokecen clearfile
-Darumaka New Year's Items
-Darumaka bell charm with backing and without backing
-Drifloon bento eraser

Thanks for reading and have a great week! =)

Korean Eeveelution Box Opening + TCG Wants (including Foreign card collection pics)

Hi, Everyone! ^^

I've been meaning to post for about a week now, but I keep putting it off. BUT! Today my Korean Eeveelution Booster Box arrived. I was debating on Livestreaming and decided to open a pack on my own. As some of your might remember, I pulled an EX card in my first Dark Rush booster pack in the last stream. First Eeveelution pack...I pulled Leafeon Lv. X. :O I'm SO EXCITED! I don't have it recorded, though. lol.


(The Victini pack was a freebie sent from the seller. XD!)

Anyway! sorjei saw my tweets and convinced me I should Livestream for the rest of the packs...or for as long as my mom's internet will let me. Is anyone online right now to watch? If so, I can get the webcam set up and start streaming in next 15 or so minutes. The stream will be happening here -> http://www.livestream.com/maitaidelight (I'll update the entry to let everyone know that the stream has started.) Stream Over! Thanks to everyone that stopped by to watch and chat!

I have 11 Unopened Booster Packs if anyone is interested! There is a possibility you will get any of the 8 eeveelutions in a pack. When I bought my Dark Rush booster box, I got 3 EX cards....so far with this box, I have gotten two Lv X...so there might be another one hiding in a pack (not sure if there are always three ultra rares in a box, though).

rhys107 - Not sure if you wanted to buy or trade for the cards, but I have the complete Wurmple line and Calmpearl on hold for you.

Eeveelutiongirl - Not sure if you were at the stream, but I did get a few Eeveelution doubles, so I have those on hold for you and will be PMing you about the trade soon.

I'll have to make a post sometime of all the available Korean cards I have now. ^^

English wants:
(also will consider any RH Houndoom/dour cards or any foreign language cards of them.)

Non-RH Skyridge Houndour. Holo version Aquapolis Houndoom (also need RH but that's less important). Prerelease Dark Houndoom. Non-RH Delta Species Eevee. RH Promo Lillipup ( And maybe the RH Herdier and Stoutland that go with it.)

Also looking for McDonalds Servine Promo and Dragon Vault Latias (regular version) and maybe the promo version of Druddigon. Also the Dragon Vault Dragonite and Salamence booster wrappers


And, I'm not sure it actually exists since I haven't seen one but the Japanese Reverse Holo Reviving Legends Houndour and Houndoom.

And then foreign language Base and Jungle set wants (plus collection photos) -
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Thanks for reading!

~ Risha
cubone time

Pokemon Time stuff

Hello, everyone! Long time no post! I hope you're not sick of Pokemon Time. :D Well, I had to put a hold on collecting for a little bit and I'm still not back in full swing, but with all the cool stuff floating about, it was too hard to resist a little PT.

The Magikarp strap is too cute. I was going to get Growlithe, but instead I'll be getting his plush. x) I love all the Kanto Pokemon this time around. I pulled a Gengar bookmark, does anyone want to trade or buy? I guess $3 shipped? I haven't seen all the bookmark designs and I'm not after anything in particular, so just show me what you have for trading. :>

(Feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/alchemillapkmn/ Sales permission granted by entirelycliched Dec. 31st 2011)

Also, if you have a Pokemon Time Cubone strap (or clear file, sticker or bookmark) that you're willing to part with, please let me know!

And, for a bit more substance, a Caterpie Friends plush sitting in a tree (drying off after a wash). :P

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Question + want

Hi everyone. I come with a question and a want.

Does anyone use these type focus duffel bags? I was thinking of getting one, but wanted to know how people like them.duffle
I was also wondering if anyone had a spare marshtomp piece from the mudkip zukan, mine got lost in my move :(
Thanks! :D


Hello again everyone! I was wondering if anyone had any special secrets to washing pokemon plushies? My step dad let one our gross dogs get his mouth on my poor swoobat Shep! Any Ideas on washing with out fading or clumping thier fur? Also,I plan on doing a collection update soon,had a great couple of first buys! Thank you very much everyone! Have a great night or day! :)
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Quagsire Collection Web Page

To everyone who bought form me last week,
or commissioned a Felt Buddy, your items were shipped today.

I feel like maybe I show you all my collection too often XD I know I did an update last month but ...
(lol doesn't everyone love quagsires as much as me???)

What I wanted to share was a collection website that I have been working on for a while now. I was having some serious issues with the images earlier but I think it's working now. If you come across issues, please let me know.

Also, if you would like me to add your personal collection site to my links page please comment w/the URL here and what you'd like me to call it! I'd really like to see others pages :D

I made a special tab for my wanted items! It's been added to and re-vamped with offer prices so please check it out! and know what you think!

(Click Here For Quagsire's Quagmire!)

I hope to add a page for my Toxicroak soon too!

Also, the items outside my Quagsire Collection are going to go though a major re-vamp I think. I will be listing stuff on e-bay soon, but if you see something that is not quagsire (or Toxicroak) related and want to make an offer, please do. I'm not getting rid of all of it but you may ask. I know for sure I am going to sell my Ditto-chu's and a few of my charms.