October 23rd, 2012

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Quick auctions for Eeveelutions and TFGs

Just a quick auction for some (rare?) items! Including Eeveelution jakks and some TFGs from the unofficial series 83c

Auction end at Thursday, 25th October at 9:00 pm (GMT+8)! It's about Thursday morning (9am for GMT-8) in the US timezone ;D Ended \ouo/

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If you're bidding on the items, you can always combine with stuff from my sales too ;) Added a few new items this time, and lowered price for some items as well!

Click here or the preview pic below to the sales!

Last but not least, let me show you my newest get:

Finally my girly Snivy shopkepper found her one true love - an elegant shiny Snivy! *u*

updated sales with new raichus, item showcase and expo?

Hey guys! It's me again <3

Firstly, I updated my sales with a few more raichu items I've decided to let go of. Please come and check it out! I've also made a big lot for anyone debating starting a raichu collection. Also got more misc stuff for the non raichu fans :)

If anyone wants to pick up anything off of me at london MCM expo I'd be happy to do that as well to help you save on shipping :)


Secondly, I was cleaning my shelves when I found this item...as far as I know only I and denkimouse own one of these each (and I sold the other to her) and I'm wondering if there are any other similar items people might know about?

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Finally, is anyone here going to be at London MCM expo at the end of this week? Let me know if you are :D should be a good time!

What Pokémon would you like to see made into PokéDolls? (Discussion)

I thought this was an interesting question to bring to the community today. Most of the more popular Pokémon have been made into PokéDolls, but what are some of the less popular Pokémon you'd like to see made into PokéDolls?

Personally, I'd love to see them make a Goldeen PokéDoll. I've loved her ever since Pokémon first came out, and I think she'd look so cute in a round PokéDoll form. ♥

I look forward to hearing all of your thoughts.

Have a great week everyone! Byebye sayonara~ ♥
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applejack BOUNCY!!

hey! it is me.

hey guys! i am still a thing, look!

just some info:
to my 14 participants of the POSTER GA! i will have your shipping totals up by tomorrow!!! and will have them sent tomorrow too, if payments come right in! these posters are amazing!

takara tomy eevee orders are going crazy! the buy all one is free deal has ended at this point, but only because i already have to bring FOUR HUNDRED DOLLS!!!!!!!!!!! into my tiny apartment. i can MAYBE put some more deals up later once things settle down and everyone's poketime plushies and eevees are on their way.

more eevee news: eevee collection (different from tomy eevee plush and banpresto's i <3 eevee, just be sure you keep it straight!) stuff WILL be up for preorder soon as well. i may consider letting that stuff be combined with some tomy eevee plush. we'll see how overflowing my place is when the time comes!

just don't worry about what day or what time. i do unlimited slots now, so there will never be that problem again. just remember the tomy dolls are out on october 27th and the eevee collection dolls on november 10th. i would order before then only since i can't guarantee they won't be gone from shelves quickly!

many goodies have been getting announced lately. genosect is getting a hyper size MC figure, along with arceus and charizard, charizard is also getting a new tomy plush, and tomy is restarting its suction cup chibi figure line with many popular BW pokemon. no pics or anything yet.

but there is also this cool new artwork from creatures, going to be put on binders, sleeves, boxes, etc!

check out more of the art here.

thanks comrades!
Kachiki Sabi

Dialga Want + shoutout

I'm very interested in this beauty!

Please let me know if you have one you'd be willing to sell. I w don't need the ash figure or the base (but it'd be nice to have) but I'm looking to do about $10-$13 shipped, otherwise I'll nab the one of the ones I've been eye-in up elsewhere.
Thanks! :D

Also anyone hear from whitewolflarka? I sent them a few PMs asking if they shipped things from their auctions yet (I won the 3 pearly legendary beast keychains and broken clear suicune tomy) and haven't gotten a response. It's been 3+ weeks since payment was sent, and I understand it's coming from Europe but the no communication makes me worry. Any info is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Looking for eeveelution +pokebox+ items

Hi! I'm new to this whole website I was referred by a popular seller on Etsy so I could find something he isn't selling anymore. I am an eeveelution lover especially Espeon & I was wondering if anyone has Flareon & Espeon charms. I cannot find them ANYWHERE & I really really love them. I am also open to any payment types, like I said I really want these charms xD

Heres a picture of them: il_570xN.377395840_ssf7

Thank you so much!

Looking for Halloween Pikachus :3

Hi all! I'm from Australia and I'm a recently new member to the community. At the moment I'm enjoying keeping up to date with the latest pokemon news and auctions :D I'm pretty new to pokemon collecting and am learning new things from you guys every time I visit :)

I just have a couple of wants that I've recently become obsessed with: the 2010 and 2011 Halloween Banpresto Pikachu plushes

Don't they look adorable? :3

If anyone has these on hand and is willing to sell, let me know ^^ Mint condition would be preferable. I'll see how much I can pay but will only be able buy things late next month (due to exams and all that jazz XD) On a side note, I'll be turning 18 this Friday so I guess these pikas fit into the theme of my birthday month!

That's all from me for now >.< Thanks for reading!

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D-Arts Mewtwo Announced!

(Click for a bigger picture)

Tamashii Nation announced the first Pokemon D-Arts figure, Mewtwo! (& Mini Mew? Anyone be nice enough to translate?)
Release date of March 2013, at 3990 yen.
For those that aren't familiar with the D-Arts line - It's a highly articulated jointed figure.

I'd say there's a good chance it'll probably be a webshop exclusive, but that's not for sure!
With this announcement, what other pokemon do you think they'd make?

(Thanks PlasticJoint for the info)

Wanted: Vulpix Tin

Hello! Today, I am on the lookout for a Vulpix tin, which I think, is quite new. I missed out when they had one on PokeVault and, missed an auction for one the other night on eBay. I would prefer not to spend over $20 (hence why I haven't bought the one on eBay). Hopefully someone here will have one up for sale ^_^ Thanks~! 

Chibi Ninetales

SALES!! and important note for A-lot of Metal Figures GA

Oh My Gosh!  A mini grail has popped up!!! I lowered prices on things, and will be taking offers for Sir Snorlax OOAK Sculpture. (I will not make another like him!) Also taking offers for my signed Pokemon Worlds 2012 poster. Help me raise the funds for my mini grail. Check out the sales below!

Chibi Charm
 lady_avii's sales

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**Notice! To ALL participants of A-Lot of Metal GA. I have made a calculation error. The auction end time has been changed to October 27, at 12am HAST, instead of October 26, at 12pm HAST. Timer on >auction post< has been updated.**
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Wants List! Needs More Archen!

This will just be a permanent post updated with things I want~

My main collection is of archen. Anything archen-related that I don't have, I want. This includes official stickers/flats etc.

Please note, I live in Australia, so please include the shipping price with the price of the item if you have it.

Current Archen Wants

Archen pokemon kids figure

Archen rev holo and normal cards; any languages accepted. Mint/near mint cards preferred.

Of course, if you have any archen things I don't have listed here, feel free to mention them to me along with your price~ (cheap) customs are loved too >_>

Everything Must Go Sale!

Hey, everyone! I have decided that I really need to get some of these plush out of my room, so I've cut some of my prices and have started to take offers on most of my Pokedolls that I have for sale. If you buy today, I can ship tomorrow, and I'm offering discounted shipping by not charging for materials. Please come have a look, and feel free to ask questions. Thank you!

♥ Plush Sale! Absol + Swampert Pokedoll Up For Offers! ♥

Poke Plush Sales 002

It's been a long time since I've had a sales, but I've been going though my collections and I realized that I sadly don't have any room for these guys. So instead of just putting these in storage I thought it would be better if they went to loving homes. Since I have no room for them and rather not put them in storage that means everything must go! Take a look under the cut for more info and pictures. ♥

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