October 24th, 2012

tfg collection update + mewtwo auction bad up date

Hello! It's been a year since i joined, and since finding elekid and sabrina it's going to take more time, i'll do a tfg collection up date. Thanks to everyone who traded and sold this figures to me :)
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And finally, do you remember my mewtwo groundbreakers tfg auction?? well, after more than three months the winner never paid :( so i'll reauction it this saturday.


Thank you! :)

poster GA payments + other

Hey POSTER GA PARTICIPANTS! Here are your shipping totals, your final payment for this GA! These totals are 3$ in supplies and fees per person (2$ bubble mailers and stuff to hold things stiff inside them) plus the shipping cost to you according to the USPS calculator, something i never get to use, ever! how fun!\

please send payments to denkimouse (at) gmail.com. make the subject Poster GA with your username to help me out.

eeveelutiongirl 8.00$
emurii 6.00$
ladylale 7.00$
clairefable 8.50$
storms_in_orbit 6.00$
schenzi 13.50$
bandanna_boy_17 6.00$
nasija 13.50$
angela_samshi 13.50$
lyndsaygorawr 7.00$
lugidog 8.00$
inversefun 6.00$
byakuya 8.00$
methuselah31010 6.00$
smonda 6.00$

i am still missing almost 30 payments for pokemon time plush shipping. good news everyone! i go home thursday and will try to have 100% of all non-combined poketime orders off to you lovely folks by monday! let's trying hard! but you gots to pay shipping first!

somehow i cannot get these three members to pay AT ALL. if you are willing to step in and claim their items, speak now. it is that same time again for negatives to be dished out for nonpayments :(

lunglock: Ponyta, Dragonair = $66 + $14.50 = $80.50
animecatmew: Growlithe = $33 + $9.50 = $42.50
rodry99: Dragonair, Growlithe = $66 + $14.50 = $80.50

probably will be my last post to the comm before i head home, unless some major news makes me eat those words. i wish! see you back in japan comrades! i promise pics of the 400+ takara tomy eevees!

until then, have some memory lane about the other two major eevee invasions i've had so far.

eevee country one and two
(151 pokedolls)

canvas eevee release day 2009 here
(something over 350 canvas dolls)

pokedoll charm questions

Hi comm,
Does anyone know how much common pokedoll charms sell for?
I have heard rare ones go for $20 but I was hoping to get them if im allowed for a lot cheaper!
Im not commiting to buying anything but just wanted to know.

Also how long have there been pokedoll bootlegs on ebay? I bought two plush in 2009 or around then and wanted to know if they were legit without them labelling it 'legit'.

Thank you all so much for your help! :D

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Pokemon Center Plush

Hi everyone,with all the new eevee stuff coming out and all I was wondering what everyone's wanting to get? I want the takara tomy and pokemon center versions of the plush! How can you not love that blue little fishie-doggie thing? (sorry guys had to edit it! Accidentaly posted something that was gainst the rules! My bad)
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New Member and wants :)

New here to pokemon collector’s . Love this site been getting some awesome pokemon stuff from some of your great members. I’m actually new to pokemon really never collected the cards when they were popular in school (or watched the show please don't kill me ) and just recently when my girlfriend got me the game Pokemon Black (she’s a pearl fan something about poffins and contests) been playing the game. I see why it’s so awesome favorite pokemon Flareon. Her whole family collects and they’re eevolution fans Vaporeon, Jolteon, Leafeon, and Eevee fans. I’m barely getting started but since Christmas is around the corner, time to buy the GF and in laws presents !

( I would post pics of what I want but don't know how to do the embed thing if someone kindly comments on how would really appreciate )

if you can help me cross off my Christmas get list would really appreciate it too :)

Johto Dex Charms 2009 – flareon and Vaporeon
Vaporeon bell plush
1st Gen Zukan Set
Eevee 2006 Tail Charm
Eevee 2009 Small-Sized Plush Tail Charm
Eevee 2009 Life-Size Plush Tail Charm
Leafeon 2009 Canvas Plush
Flareon 2009 Canvas plush
Leafeon 2008 Laying (Mattari) Plush
Leafeon clear file
Pokebox espeon and galaceon charms

I think I met the rules and stuff for my first post (xbox achievement unlocked lol)
and that is it for now but cool things pop up all the time (can feel the burn in my wallet that's a coming lol)

Second Sales/Offers

I recently brought a lot on eBay which included a jirachi pokedoll not minky though :( and all the following items were included (i would of  group auctioned them but found lot with 10 min to go) and I wanted to offer them to the community i don't know how much they are worth so offer away. Please wait till threads are up

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Recent Gets, Auctions, and Sales~

I've gotten so many new things since the 9th, so even if I'm not ready for all the work of a full collection update, I still have to show off what's new~

We already know I've got this little guy, but now...

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And with all that aside... Regular sales!

My sales page is finally up and ready, so please feel free to check it out.
I'll gladly combine shipping between sales items and any auction or group buy items, as well.

For the auctions, please don't comment until threads are up ;w;
Okay go~
Bids go in auction threads, anything else goes anywhere else :>


Hey everyone. I have a simple want today. 

I really want to get more clearfiles, I love them since they're nice to look at and can be stored easily. I'm a massive fan of anything that can be used to look at decent art. 

I have a few so far and looking to expand.. 

I'm pretty poor atm so i have a few things i can trade or i can work out prices for when i get paid, whatever is good..

I'm looking for pretty much any clearfiles but i have to like it to purchase/trade for it, but offer away and show me what you have ^^

There's a few im looking for though. they are:

Johto Canvas Art clearfile
Champions League Tournament Clearfile
Cyndaquil Pokemon Time Clearfile
The BW2 Male Trainer Clearfile
BW2 Pokemon Centre Clearfile

Thanks for your time ^^ let me know what you'd like to do! I'm going to do a collection update on the weekend since my Cyndaquil PlushPlush Arrived! it's amazing ;D;
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New Get's =3 And pokedoll tag wants

Hi all! Long time no post... I've been so stinking busy with y new job and school D= But anyway, I wanted to share some N themed gets with you all!

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Anyway I'm still looking for pokedoll tags! I want to have a whole binder full of them!! Just lemmie know which pokemon you have and we can talk. Thanks!

Enjoy my zubat! (rough sketch)
I chase you because I Lav you <3
genesect, desu, uguu

Pokemon Plastic Model Kits- Assemble!

Hey there everyone, it's been forever since I've posted but I just got back from a trip to New York last week and got some awesome stuff and want to buy a load more, it seems. Me and my husband went to NYCC for our honeymoon this last weekend, and we got a plastic pokemon model kit by BanDai which was super exciting. Enjoy some nice picture of it after the cut!
Otherwise, we are looking for more if anyone has any they want to part with or know of some good leads for getting them. We are looking for Typhlosion specifically, and maybe Zekrom/Reshiram. Just let us know what you have/willing to sell/have seen.

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If you don't have any sources I'd appreciate it if you would share any experiences with the kits you've had/favorite ones you have assembled/or if you just let them hang out in the box and get valuable!
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A Teensy Update and a Question, but Not in that Order!

Hi guys! I come to you today with a question:

What's the best way to find out about all of the merchandise for a single pokemon, or what pokemon were made for a line of merchandise? Is it just relentless searching of ebay, amazon, yahoo, and more? I find that googling "(pokemon name) merchandise" gives me a few results via images (web search tends to give me information pages like Bulbapedia), but it only gets me so far!

Anyways, I have just two more things to add to my general collection I forgot about last time, and a little update on one of the plushies you may have already seen.

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Reminder for Eeveelutions and TFGs auction!

Just a quick reminder for the following auction of Eeveelutions and unreleased TFGs:

Auction end at Thursday, 25th October at 9:00 pm (GMT+8), which is about 24 hours later! It's about Thursday morning (9am for GMT-8) in the US timezone.
Many of these items (including the Umbreon Jakks and Marill line zukan) are still around their starting prices at $10! Click here or on the pics above to go bidding! /ouo/

If you're already bidding on the items, you can always combine with stuff from my sales too ;)
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What am I?

Hey pkmncollectors! I come to you today with a question. You see, about a year ago I picked up what I thought to be a booty eevee pokedoll at a swapt meet for $6. Ive had him on my shelf since. Just recently Ive been carrying him around and thought "I wonder what he is? :o "  so I went to searching, the closest thing I have found that matches is the eevee plushplush (I didn't even knew one existed.)
So my question, what do you guys think this mysterious vee is?


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looking for!

would anyone happen to have one of those "dot" campaign N figures up for sale?  I know I should have grabbed it when I saw it on Yahoo Japan, but stupid me waited too long.  T_T
Thank you for any help!

An Introduction from a Newbie

Good evening everyone!

I am, obviously, a new member in the community. I'm very happy to be here! My goal by joining is to hang out with collectors and hopefully learn more about collecting, and also to make new Poke-friends. <3

I will try my very best to keep this introduction short. :'| GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION, GO!

To start, I am a 21-year-old girl living in (French) Québec, Canada. C: I first experienced Pokemon in my childhood. I used to watch the show when I was little, and my very first Pokemon game was Pokemon Yellow, with my GameBoy Color. Sad story, that same Pokemon Yellow cartridge died some months ago. :[ I found another one though, thankfully!

I found this cool community via HappyJolteon! I was looking, out of curiosity, for a Reshiram plush on Google, and I stumbled across one of their sales posts. When I saw their Reshiram/Zekrom plush set, I just couldn't pass it up. I purchased both, and after looking around a little, I found a link to this place. This LJ is now my new wallet black hole. I check daily for new sales. And stop myself from buying everything that even mildly interests me. > __ >

I like using a lot of smileys and SOMETIMES CAPS FOR AMUSING EMPHASIS. :'D But I assure you I am not immature or annoying (maybe). I am actually very timid and I will most likely lurk and just check for sales posts. x'D Spend all the money.

Like I said earlier, my goal is to learn about collecting, in general and as a hobby. I personally LOVE the Pokemon plush toys and they are the merchandise I buy the most. Only very recently have I diverged into keychains and figurines as well, but plush toys are still my major want.

So... I understand people here like pictures. :'U I took pictures especially for this post. Of some of the things I have. My room is a complete MESS, and I feel like I have so many things that I couldn't snap a picture of everything I have. x'D So I took pictures of the most available things I had right now. I hope that'll be enough for now! Maybe this will motivate me to continue fixing my room to put up everything I do have in terms of Poke-merch.

One thing before you check the pictures — please know... I am not a collector per se. I just buy things because, I LOVE THIS POKEMON, I WANT THIS TOY. x'D I want to change that, though! Sadly, I do mean that... I believe a majority of what I have are bootlegs. X: I didn't necessarily buy them all from eBay, some I bought from anime conventions. Some of them are also from before I even knew about bootlegs. So with that mind, I apologize for any hardcore collector's eyes that will burn from these pictures. I give you permission to educate me on how to spot bootlegs beyond their obvious flaws. x'D


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Hopefully, I will be motivated to fix my room and put up my little newbie collection up better, instead of scrambled pictures. This isn't all that I have, I actually have few more handful of plush everywhere. If I keep searching, I might just end up finding my old 1999 Pokemon plush. I remember having Charizard, Eevee, Jigglypuff, Bulbasaur, Psyduck, and Meowth. :3 I also remember having HUGE pillow-friends sort of plushies of Pikachu and Charmander. They're very old though, and they moved between our duplex and our house since they were storage items — I'm not sure where they are now. :[ Maybe I'll find them again, though!

That said, I'm very happy to be here. <3 I hope to learn more about collecting and getting a better eye for bootlegs and fake merchandise. I'm very eager to learn.

And so, my closing question: what attracts you guys to collecting? Coming from a home where buying things — especially 'duplicate' or 'similar' things — is a little taboo because SPACE, HOMG, how do you explain the desire to collect? How do you justify the prices of some Pokedolls, such as some Pokedolls going over $100? To you, is collecting just something that can't be explained, or is there a reason why you're attracted to it? I'm really curious to know! <3

And finally, to close this... I'm happy to meet you guys, and I'm excited to hang out!

EDIT 25/10/12: Thank you so much for everyone's warm welcomes and even HELP with my questions above! <3 I'm even more happy and excited to be here. C: I've loved all your stories and discussions about collecting, and now I'm even more excited to dwell into the topic and hobby more.

Also, I would like to thank PikaFreakRachel for reminding me we only live once. And for ultimately being the one convincing argument I needed to break and buy myself the cutest talky Oshawott plush ever made. My wallet doesn't thank you, though (but it will surely forgive you).

Oh my Gawd, I am so excited to receive it. This is the only thing I HATE about buying online. The waaaaaaait. ;3; I think I'll jump on the unboxing bandwagon and record it when I unbox it once it gets here. x'D I haven't a talky plush since the old talky Pikachu, so homg. I can't wait to get it.
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Wants and Inquiry~

Hey guys. I'm just posting a little wants post for the night.
I'm hoping to do a collection update after I get settled in and the Eevee hoard passes. 
Anyone else really excited? What excites you most about it?

Anyways, on to the wants! It's all Pikachu related this time. ^__^

Pika Pair tail charms, frame, and cushions! 


My biggest is the Cushions. Thanks for looking!

Exciting Collection Updated!

Recently I have come into possession of a card I've needed for quite some time now for my Eeveelution Collection, and I am so happy to finally have it! I actually got another card that I didn't even know I needed :P. I didn't even know of it's existence until just a couple weeks ago lol some Eevee collector I am.

The two cards I received were the English Umbreon* and Regionals 2012-2013 Jolteon promo!

Click the banner below to be taken to my website and check out the scans of my new and old cards! :)

Also, I now have a Facebook page for my collection, so if you want to "Like" it, feel free to do so. Link......here  

On a sort of, kind of, unrelated note. I can't wait for that 3 ring Eevee binder to come out this November! I will be so happy to finally have a binder that reflects my collection AND comes with some awesome looking promos :)

eevee collection

Thanks for looking everyone!

Yoshi! :)

Best Wishes Season 2 Bath Salt/Soap figure box & extras sale

Ok, I had recently received my soap figure box I've ordered back in September last week (This is my first time ordering a box/case of anything). I got the figures I wanted, and even had some extra figures & NIP bath salt balls left over as well. And I've been meaning to make a post about these sooner, but of course personal issues arose and halted everything. So now I have some pics to share with everybody on the comm. Anyways, here's the photos!

The sealed soap/salt figure box!
- Quick Question: I have been here on the comm for a little over three years now, but I'm curious to know why the community has come to calling the figures "soap figures" if they come out of bath salt balls? XD

The individual packs (there's 15 of them in all).

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Thanks for reading/viewing!