October 25th, 2012

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Weeding Auction! Umbreon+more eeveeloution canvas' plus more!

As you may of known (since I've bought a lot on the community) I've got a big collection. Don't know how big? Well, it's kinda ridiculous and I hope to post the results after these sales :P But if you need more of a visual I am looking directly up around my desk and going "oh god wow how could this have happened"

HOWEVER I have WAY too much stuff and it's gotten cluttered. I'm here to sell what I've decided I don't actually want or need. I hope you can give all of my stuff good homes and I'm sure you can!

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Chibi Ninetales

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Hi community! Just wanted to put a reminder that my auctions for "Sir Snorlax" sculpture and Signed Pokemon Worlds Poster ends in about 8 hours. Sir Snorlax has no bids yet, and is looking for a home! Also a reminder to my sales. Haggling is welcomed! Trying to raise some funds for a mini grail. :)

Chibi Charm

Auctions and Sales post >HERE<  or photo above.
vappy moving

Collection update! and Sales plug

So I have had quite a few new additions to my collection since the last update. I even went and made myself a collection website, check it out here http://miniokamicollections.webs.com/ That site has everything from my current collection to my wants and whatever else lol. Be ready for whats under this cut it won't be short XD *IMAGE HEAVY*

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Sales plug here :)

I do plan on adding new things to my sales soon I hope

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quick wants and reminder selling electric lugia

hello comm(:

just a quick wants post haha.
anybody has these kids for sale?


sorry for being so boring but there is a second thing(:

i'm selling a big lot here, including a electric lugia!


if something i posted in this post is illegal, please let me know! > standard disclaimer haha
Xous Articuno

Articuno Sales, help my blue birdies get to a good home

The time has come where my little blue birds are just sitting around taking up space, and I'd love for the last of them to go somewhere nice. I was granted sales permission a LONG time ago (couple years) and have just found these guys while cleaning house. The prices listed are merely suggestions, please feel free to haggle. I'd much rather see them go to someone who will appreciate them than try and squeeze every last penny out of anyone. Thanks so much for your help, and I hope you find something you like!

1) Prices do not include shipping
2) All payments should be paypal if possible, but I will take Check or Cash as well (Paypal is cheetor586@yahoo.com)
3) If you are interested in the condition of an item, please ask. I will be honest, I'm not trying to rip anyone off.
4) Please haggle, I love haggling, and you'll get a good deal.
5) I do have sales permission, I just haven't been on here in a LONG time.
6) If you want to take the whole lot, a discounted price will be negotiated.

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Casual Shoto

What is your most favorite pokemon?

Hi everyone :D
I am kinda new to the community and I learn a lot of awesome new things ^-^ I noticed all different preferences in merchandise and also in the "favorite pokemon" choice :) I noticed that the Eevees are very popular also ^-^
I was wondering: What is your most favorite/favorites pokemon when it come to merchandise, like which pokemon you wish to see coming on the next wave of merchandise? and why :)

My most favorites pokemons are:
Because they are cute <3 and have a cute personality in the show :3

I don't collect them but when I see a cute plushie of one of them I can't resist <3

And you?
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Flats and other assorted things sales post!

Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a lovely morning/day/night/etc. =3

I recently got a box from Y!J and I only wanted a few things from the lot, so the rest is for sale!

There's a Jirachi clearfile, Pokemon "Bromide" holo cards, as well as these Pokemon "Tretta" coin/chip things, and two MIP toys.

Here's a preview pic!


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Intro, collection, and wants

            Hey people new to the community finally after having my wife buy things for me on her LJ ( lady_avii ), I have made my own. I have been a Pokemon fan since I was in the 5th grade and collected a lot of Pokemon cards that are lost in my parents house some are prolly in good condition but because I have 3 younger brothers wanting to play with me a lot of them aren't in good condition and lost. I love playing the Pokemon games and recently bought fire red, leaf green, sapphire, ruby, emerald, soul silver, black, and black 2 and white 2 versions. Also I have started a small collection of Scizor, Terrakion, Kyogre, and Gyarados things and I am mostly trying to find anything Scizor. I have just recently started to do some sculpting and I am a major noob at it but it is fun. Well I don't really know what to say in these but I try my best so thanks for reading haha.

Below the cut is my current collection. Then wants. 
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Slugma pile + Maggy

Slugs and Snails!

It seems like there's been a lot of wants/sales/GA posts lately and not enough collection posts!

Hello! I'm Jade! I've been a member of this community since late 2009, but I wasn't active for the first couple months or so, so I suppose more like mid 2010!
I collect lots of Pokemon! Tumbleweeds, lava slugs, bug turtles, rock monsters, derpy fishies and aliens are my main collections, but I also tend to collect things that I think are cool, which is a lot of stuff.
I'm also an artist, like many members here! I make sculptures and sew things sometimes.

I'm going to focus on my most favorite collection! I seem to get the most joy out of getting things for this collection and I hope to someday complete it! Only one more thing and it will be complete in my mind.

Now onto the show!

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I hope you folks enjoyed my pictures! I miss this community a lot and I'm sad that I'm not as active as I used to be. I'm hoping to change that though!

Big, silly, spur of the moment purchases!

Alrighty, so I'm kind of a newbie to this community, and I want to learn more about the people involved here. I am kind of shy, so please forgive me V__V...
This is a post about a BIG, ridiculous purchase I made, of which took a depressing toll on my wallet. So heres the story, I was feeling down because I had just made a suckish grade on my college math test, and on top of that my boyfriend and I were fighting. In attempt to cheer myself up I was scrolling through ebay, looking at Pokemon plush (of course). At this time I hadn't joined PKMNCollectors yet, so I was not privy to the cost of some plush. Upon scrolling I came across a HUGE Blastoise, he was so pretty and big, and he was listed at $20 with "free" shipping. So I thought, why the heck not, I don't have a Blastoise yet, and just *BAM* purchased him, turns out it was a bait and switch scam, and the shipping turned out to be $43. =____=; By the time I had realized what had happened, the deed had been done, and the seller deleted his/her account. So, in all his expensive glory, here is the Blastoise (I am honestly surprised it actually got here and wasn't just a money grabbing scam). *Lugia Pokedoll for size reference*

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Small pokedoll figure trade/jellicent mpc & a small beasty GA.

Hey all! I bought a few pokedoll figures for the squirtle & pikachu but I was wondering if anyone would be willing to trade a psyduck one for my torchic? I might be open to selling it if no one is interested so I can just buy a psyduck but I'd really prefer a straight swap, I'll consider swapping for my meowth too since it's not in my main collections. I'm after a male Jellicent mpc plush too that i'd prefer to trade right now for aswell. 

Note: I opened the boxes carefully just to check everything was in order. 

LOOK AT DAT FACE. So in love with this guy. I actually thought he would be smaller and lighter even though I've seen some comparison shots, I let out a weird noise that could be seen as a maniac giggle on the bus whilst opening him..

Anyways, I was bidding on a lot of plush but since I already have a raikou & suicune already I thought i'd GA it:


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Updates On +PokeBox+ Stamp Group Buy

Hey everyone!

It really sucks to let you guys know that the lot we had our eyes on we sadly couldn't get enough claims before someone else had bought it ;-; Thank you all though for claiming and trying to get others to join!

Anyway, if you're still looking to add the stamps to your collection, I would suggest finding +PokeBox+ on Facebook. I know they have  quite a bit of their sales there. And also, around December they are going to be doing a preorder for the stamps, plus they have some new things coming out for the new year ^^

Although it did work, I learned quite a bit from this :3

Thanks for putting up with me!


PS original GB was here 

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Payment still needed for mine and Schenzi's MPC GB

Hi guys we are still missing final payments from a few members.

please can happycupcake and sugarc0ated still need to pay.

please go to the link to see how much to pay and where to pay


this is very important as if schenzi does not receive payment within 30 days of the original post then as the rules state she can sell them on so if you want your plushes...PLEASE pay ASAP!

Croagunks for sale again!

Hello everyone, I have a few Croagunk items for sale. :)

*Sales permission was granted by denkimouse around summer 2008
*I ship from the USA
*Paypal & money orders accepted
*First come first serve, can hold items for 10 hours max if necessary
*Shipping prices are based in the USA, just ask if you are an international buyer for a different price!

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Thanks for looking! <3


Since JapanVideoGames alot of the time has banpresto plush for cheap, I thought i'd let the comm hear that they have some of the Eevee promition keychains up for preorder incase some people missed out on earlier ones here on the comm! :D