October 29th, 2012

question and wants xD

hi !
im just back from short trip to thailand last week
and i found this at small store near my hotel..
takara tomy dancing oshawott?
this one so cheap >< only 270baht or equal with 8USD, come in sealed pack
its same with this 

now the question is this the original one?
cos i only find this inside the store and its hiding on the bottom of the rack D:

[more details]

WANTS ! <3

[wants xD]
does anyone know is this shirt still available at pokemon center japan?
and this shirt from what event? and.. is this shirt come in adult size?
if yes id really like to have one, please contact me if u have / see one in adult size. thanks !


Hi! I'm new to this community, but I hope to be here for a while. I recently started collecting Pokedolls. This is easier for me then most because I live in the Seattle area and am therefore close to Pokemon Center kiosks. I would like to do kiosk runs for people to earn a little extra cash, although I'm not sure how to start.

But I'm getting off subject. There was recently an anime convention. One of the vendors was selling a bunch of plushies, including Pokedoll plushies. Now, these plushies seemed very legit. However, some things are casting doubt on them. I would like a few second opinions.

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who is this guy? + figures info

Hello everyone!!

I got my marshtomp zukan some time ago which is this one:

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Also, i bought this figures:

but don't know if they are the same as the "pokemon in case" figures i have seen in GAs, or this are call diferent? since those are a pokemon, and this ones are like little scenes, are they the same size? there is a coin in the pic but i don't know what size is that coin :P or wich company made them, weight? how many of this are? like a set of 10? i haven't recieved them yet and searched for info but didn't find any and the seller has ship them but don't answer my questions :( so any info is super appreciated.
Sylveon Pokedoll

A Few Chou Get Wants

Hello everyone!! I recently received my first Chou figure and now I am in love. Of course it was Espeon :) and now I am looking to start a chou collection because they are just so adorable!! Some of the first ones I want are as follows:

-An Umbreon Chou Get
-An Eevee Chou Get
-A Mew Chou Get (I found one on a sale and posted a comment but still waiting to hear back.) Seller commented back and I got the Mew! :)

AND I am also looking for these:

-A Lugia Chou Get
-A Charizard Chou Get

Because my boyfriend saw my Espeon and said "I WANT ONE!" And he loves Charizard and Lugia so if I can get those for him, he would be one happy man. 

Let me know if anyone has any of these for sale or if you know of anyone selling them, I would really appreciate it. I did try to look at all the current shops with not much luck, but I could have missed some. Also, if you have ANY chou gets you are selling, let me know what pokemon they are and I may also be interested, but just warning, I am mostly an eeveelution, horse-like, cat-like and dog-like pokemon lover :)



Hey there! It is my first time posting here. At first I am sorry for my bad english.. xD
I am from Germany and I have started to love Pokemon in primary school but I am collecting some things for only a few weeks. I got only plushes when I was a kid.. I think I am still a kid. xD
Here are my plushes ^^ (Sorry for the bad quality)

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Chibi Ninetales

Red Gyarados GA Reminder!

Hello, everyone!
The Red Gyarados GA ends in less than 1 day 12 hours! Some of the plushies up for auction are still at decent prices~ including the super rare Shining Gyarados plush!

Come check it out by clicking *HERE*

Or by clicking on the picture.

Bidding ends on October 31st at 8am Eastern Time Zone. Countdown timer *here*

Quick Question!
How often do you find a marill pokedoll mwt? And a lickilicky pokedoll mwt? Those are two I am in search of ATM. And what is a good price range for them?

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Collection Teaser and to my east coast members!

LOOK! I'm almost done putting all my items up! I love how it looks. I smile every time I come home <3 Collecting makes me so happy!
I will make a better collection post soon. Just right now, here is a teaser ;)


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To all my eastern buddies, please be safe out there! It's already dropped to 21 degrees here and is snowing. They are saying 17 inches?! I think that is a lie, but I do live in the mountains of east TN :/
I've got most of the items shipped out. I haven't shipped yours if you are on the east coast for obvious reasons. I want you and your items safe! So to FL and NY customers...yours will be shipped at a better time!

I hate being broke, but love collecting. <3 <3

Big sales update!

Hey everyone - just made a pretty big update to my sales!

I added over 40 more figures, including a big talking movie Lugia and a combat Nidorino, and a bunch more stuff, like copy of FireRed with package and manual.  Check it out!


Click the banner to go to the sales : D

To those who bought from me in the past two days - I should be able to start mailing things out this coming Wednesday/Thursday/Friday.  Hurricane Sandy is coming through and I don't feel comfortable driving to the Post Office just yet.  Thank you for your consideration!
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how do i display my pokemon all togther?

  Hello everybody~

a while ago i got my room repainted and im very slowly putting stuff back. as i'm putting my stuff back up i was thinking of getting a display case, shelf, or something to hang all of my pokemon plushies together.


i want to put them all together to see see if i can make room because all the new eevee stuff is coming out plus i wanna see all of my poke plushies all together.

i need your guys help of examples by showing me photos of how you display your pokemon and if you could, please tell me where you got the furniture so if i like it i can buy it and display my pokemon stuff.

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Quick sale's and a recent get.

I am no longer going to play pokemon competitively so I am taking apart my deck and selling it off. But on a good not it gives me more money and time to focus more on collecting dragonite, gengar and snorlax items. :) So I am putting them up for sales. I was granted sales permission by alliniaon Aug 2012.

But to make things less boring.. with fall here and the weather somewhat cooling. I wanted to get a hoodie for the weather. So I bought this beauty.
I thought it was somewhat appropriate for the pkmn com since there is a pikachu controlling dr robotnik from the inside. lol. it is super comfy and warm. So I really hope the weather gets a lot cooler where I am from. XD
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 Thanks for looking

Small Collection Update: Sigilyph and Others

Hi everyone! I haven't posted too often, but I've been a member for just shy of a month now and I've already purchased way too much... I've been wanting to post pictures of my stuff for a while, but I was trying to wait until it all came in. Turns out it's never all coming in. I have an endless stream of packages and I can't wait much longer. :)

I wanted to try my hand at collecting a single pokemon rather than all of them like I'm doing with my Tomys so I've decided to start collecting Sigilyph. It just seems relatively unloved and it happens to be one of my favorite from the 5th gen. It's just so cool looking and the sprite in the game is so big and it moves so much, it just looks scary and awesome. Also, since it has so little merch it won't be too hard or too much of an investment to get it all. This is what I have so far:

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I guess that's it for this update. I have more coming, but I'll wait to post it. For now, my wallet has taken a huge hit. I was wondering how you guys budget your money for pokemon purchases. I need to get a budget in place...

Newest Gets, and shipping update

Like absolutely everybody else, My two newest Pokedolls have arrived~

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In other news, mostly everything's shipped. This last run drained my bank account entirely, and my bubblemailer order hasn't come in yet, so there will be a couple days delay shipping my kids auctions. But. Everything else from MPCs, sales, and trading has been sent out.

As for the Canvas/Pokedoll/Hat GA... FJ's being lazy again. :I
I requested shipping as soon as the items arrived at the service-- back on the 23rd. But so far, nothing. I'm hoping to get the invoice by tomorrow morning! And still nothing. :I Maybe Wednesday?
I feel kind of terrible for this, because they're seriously a great service, but all you guys get to see is them at their slowest. I swear it's not normally this baaad. xD
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Poketime tins! :)

I have a new batch of Poketime tins - some for direct sale, the specials are up for quick auction!

The post includes nearly all of the tins in the set :) Check them out!

Click the pic or this link!

They can obviously be combined with my direct sales or the current pickup items :) (check your replies if you're one of the people I did pickups for, I got the items today!)

Pokemon Gym Badges.

Hi guys;

I was looking through some posts earlier and saw that someone had some "gym badges" that were in their Pokemon collection. They looked metal/3D/jewelled-sparkly/shiny.

Does anyone know anything about these ones? I saw some on eBay, but they were not what I'm looking for..

Perhaps someone is willing to part with theirs and sell?

Any information is appreciated. ^__^

Thank you!