October 30th, 2012


Dat Hidden Charizard GA Payment 2!

Hi all. I just got the shipping invoice for the GA after it arrived at the warehouse, so it's time for payment 2!

This post concerns:

ifawx(won Regigigas)
tryndamere(won Snover, Arceus, Suicune, and Chansey)
freekites(won Groudon)
aarux(won Weavile)
abbeymew(won Darkrai, Oshawott, and Tepig)
tiirabird(won Squirtle)
at_the_porno(won Skymin, Munchlax, and Snubbull)
kitsufireheart(won Pachirisu)
midnitesilven(won Cyndaquil)
joltex(won Axew)
sleepyslowpoke(won Infernape)
atlantia_rai(won Back Snivy)
miss10(claimed Meganium and my co-host =P)

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Umbreon Pokedoll: How does one identify the fakes?

The reason I am posting this is because in the past couple of weeks, I have bought two umbreon pokedolls off amazon, and while both turned out to be fake, One of the sellers asked me to help them figure out how to identify fake pokedolls. I thought this was pretty classy of them and wanted to help them out, but I don't know that much about eeveelution pokedolls and their releases.

I know the one I got was a fake because the fabric was shit, it had that classic bootleg red banner tag (the one with no barcode and no black shadow on the letters), and the details and tag were poorly sewn.

Here's what the seller sent me in an email:

"I wanted to follow up to get your insight because I noticed that feedback was left for this item claiming that it was not authentic and so I wanted to see if you could help give me more information on this ... I have pulled the product from our inventory and will monitor to make sure that no other items get listed because we certainly only want to offer official products and this is frustrating because we told our buyer rep the exact same thing and he assured us that this item did include both the tag sewn into the doll and the hang tag that had the official pokemon logo and trademark.

Any information you have on how we can better identify and know which products are legit would be helpful because we can keep an eye out for different merchants that only offer dolls that fit that specific criteria ...

Also, please accept our sincerest apology .... we would never have purposely offered or sold you something fake and feel as mislead on this entire transaction as you since we received an incorrect item from our suppliers."

So other than the tag being wrong, what kinds of things can I tell them to help them identify the fake umbreons? The tush tag itself is the american pokecenter tag with a copyright of 2010, so any comparison pics and stuff for what tag it's supposed to have, as well as what the correct release is would help. So far, of all the pokedolls I've bought on Amazon, only the Umbreons have been fake, where as all of the reviews on this particular one claimed it was legit :/

I think that some of the sellers don't sell fakes intentionally, and this could help with making sure that at least one more seller will be able to stop selling fakes and be more aware of their product.

ur are special

IT IS TIME.............Eevee Collection 2012

EEVEE COLLECTION begins, and Eevee Madness continues!

This is your all out information post. Please read the following points before asking any questions in the comments. Failure to read the post (AKA commenting with questions I already answered) will elict a loud frustrated sigh followed by a "Please read my post" comment.

First, General Updates:
★Your long awaited Pokemon Time Plush are on their way to you as of today or early tomorrow. Thanks for your patience and prompt payments!
★This does not include order combined with Pokemon Center Eevees!
ORDERS INCLUDING TAKARA TOMY EEVEELUTION PLUSH may suffer some delays. Tomy seriously dropped the ball on what may be their most popular plush EVER, and many stores (including Pokemon Center) were understocked, or not sent stock at all. All the other orders I placed that I did not already physically pick up are on backorder. I should have them all in the next week or so, but there may be more of a delay, depending on if and when Tomy gets their butts together.

Tomy got their butts together. All our Tomy eevees are in!

Eevee Collection Information
★You can combine with any Sunyshore order that is "PROCESSING" or "PENDING".
★To combine, just mention "combine with #ordernumber" in your new order's note.
★I will automatically combine them and send your 3.50$ combined shipping refund.

I am currently only picking up what is in Sunyshore! Cups, plates, and things not pictured may or may not be stocked later on. The plush are quite a challenge by themselves and I don't have space to pick up the entire collection right now. The plush are what sell out first and whose prices skyrocket later, so it is most important to me that everyone get their plush right now.

★The TCG goods come out November 23rd, long after I hope to have all plush on their way, therefore I will be picking them up normally.

★Other Pokemon Center pickup goods will also return around that time. My apologies to everyone waiting on non-Eevee stuff. It will come back! We have seen what happens when people do not get their Eevee Collection (canvas!) plush right away (500% price increase!) so this is my top priority.

★Once the full set deal is sold out, it's sold out. It is a limited offer. My apologies.

The goods...

Sleepy Eevee Pillow Cushion Hopefuls List

I will try to get as many of these adorable cushions as possible. Please read the rules before commenting to claim a slot for a Sleepy Eevee Pillow Cushion.

They are 40$ each. Shipping/handling/fees are expected to be about 20$. Subject to change.
★Exact size is currently not known. Assume it is pillow sized.
★I will continue to pick them up until they are sold out, but I can only get a few at a time depending on their size. Do not put your name on this list unless you will be prepared to pay anytime after November 10th. I will comment to you with a total if your number is up and I have your pillow. This could be as late as the end of November. Keep that in mind!
★Now that you have read all that, reply to the comment below to add your name to the list. Comments made elsewhere will not get your name on the list.

Hopefuls List:
01. papaiyacoffee GET! Total: 60$ PAID!
02. espie GET! Combined Total: 55$ PAID!
03. austerlitze GET! Combined Total: 55$ PAID!
04. allinia GET! Combined Total: 55$
05. wutastic GET! Combined Total: 55$ PAID!
06. winterwish GET! Combined Total: 55$ PAID!
07. irethsune GET! Combined Total: 55$ PAID!
08. chaos_21 GET! Combined Total: 55$ PAID!
09. vaporeon99 GET! Combined Total: 55$ PAID!
10. mana_mihara GET! Combined Total: 55$ PAID!
11. squeakaree GET! Combined Total: 55$ PAID!
12. toastly GET! Combined Total: 55$ PAID!
13. sugar0coated GET! Combined Total: 55$ PAID!
14. littlezorua GET! Combined Total: 55$ PAID!
15. em_lemon GET! Combined Total: 55$ PAID!
15. austerlitze GET! Combined Total: 55$ PAID!
15. at_the_porno GET! Total: 60$ PAID!
15. ibburger GET! Total: 60$
20. aleyina GET! Combined Total: 55$ PAID!
21. chatsy GET! Combined Total: 55$ PAID!
22. meijiatron GET! Total: 60$ PAID!
23. ruenis GET! Combined Total: 55$ PAID!
24. whitekyurem GET! Total: 55$ PAID!
25. pogaf GET! Total: 60$ PAID!
26. mizuhokusanagi GET! Combined Total: 55$ PAID!
27. craftyscrafty GET! Total: 60$ PAID!

Hello My Fellow PokeLovers! :]

As an avid pokemon card collector/trader and fan of pokemon since childhood, I look forward to what is to come from joining! Bare with me, I am new to the world of online communities and will do my best not to break any rules/regulations! I cant wait to buy, sell, and hopefully make good friends along the way!! (and hope hope it was okay to post this directly to the community page) Looking forward to meeting you all! :]

Still searching for Pokemon Center Kyurem plush

Hello fellow collectors :)  As the title says, I'm still looking for the 16" PC Kyurem plush.  I really love this guy, and he's the last plush I need to complete my Tao Trio collection.  If you could help me out I'd be so grateful!  I'm willing to pay $140+shipping for him since I want him so bad.  I use PayPal and can pay immediately.  I am located in the U.S., and open to buying from international members as well.  Thanks for reading, and an early Happy Halloween ^_^ 
FOUND!  Thanks hicke-chan! <3

Eeveelu Pokedoll Second Chance GA Payment 2, Payment 3

I just realized what a ridiculously long name this GA has lol. Anyways, Payment 2 is here. This covers the cost of shipping from Noppin to atlantia_rai + PP fees. Shipping is $27.90, so divided per plush it is $3.49 before fees. Everyone's totals are listed below.

Sorry for the delay, everyone. Payment 3 is here and includes shipping and materials from atlantia_rai to you. She ships from a smoke-free home in Canada. Pokedolls will be shipped in bubble mailers and all the tags will be properly protected. International mail is sent out via airmail and US mail is small packet ground. There is no tracking, as it's expensive in Canada. If you would like a different method of shipping, feel free to message atlantia_rai. Once the packages leave her hands, they are no longer her responsibility.

Payment 3 Info:
1. Make payments out to element_dragon_magic@hotmail.com. In the subject line, write "Eeveelu Pokedoll GA Payment 3 - your username" and put your item in the memo box.
2. Payments are to be in USD.
3. Payment should be submitted within 48 hours of this post, but preferably earlier
4. Once you have paid, comment below saying so

creamedice (Eevee, Jolteon) - $11.50
h1n1vulpix (Leafeon) - $7.50
nyx_sama (Espeon) - $10.50
rykerr1 (Glaceon) - $7.50
sugar0coated (Umbreon) - $11.50
happy swadloon

Rare Shiny Kids & Super-Rare Purakoro Dice!

Hi, comm! My latest gets - shiny kids and purakoro dice! I won't be keeping most of these, but I thought they should have their 5 minutes in the sun first!

For those who don't know, shiny kids were produced mostly as a Daisuki Club lottery prize, and there are only 200 of these made! Ever! So they're really quite rare. Pracoro / Purakoro / Puracoro dice are from this old old dice game that I don't know how to play, but their dice are incredibly detailed, with 3 poses per Pokemon, and they come in All Sorts of Colours! Many of these are super-rare because they not only come in multiple colours (like the metal figures and the rubbery / plastic figures), but they also come with different POSES? How's that for complicatedness?

So please follow the link to my journal, and feel free to ask me any questions you may have! (Things I never knew existed have appeared in this box - I got these as a lot, and half of it was covered. Like, since when did Surfing Pikachu have a Purakoro dice?)

Images below are preview of what you'll see in higher quality (with explanations!) at my journal.

Big Auction Time! 1/1 Scale Cyndaquil Plush, Go!

It's time for one of those sales that only comes once in a blue moon!  Here is an official, 1:1 scale, soft and cuddly Cyndaquil, looking for a new home!  Perfect as a cosplay accessory, display plush, or just pretending that you have a real pokemon waiting for you at home.
This little beast stands at 13" tall, and was purchased from the New York Pokemon Center (now known as Nintendo World), roughly around 2001.  Since then he has known many happy years of sitting on my shelf, safe out of harm's way.
  • He is in near-mint condition, stain-free, tush-tag only.
  • He comes from a smoke-free, PET FRIENDLY HOME, and will be carefully cleaned of all possible shed fur before being shipped out.
  • He will be shipped from New York, shipping prices adjusted according to weight and location.  I do ship internationally.
  • Sales permission given by denkimouse years ago.  Feedbacks are here and here.

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  • aleyina


Some items came in today. So let's get ready to bid!
All blocks are NEW!!

All community rules apply
No sniping
BIN is still available if a bid is placed
Shipping in the US is $3.50 and $5.50 international. That's for all the blocks you want! :)
Auctions end Saturday November 3rd at 7:00PM EST

Countdown here:
You can combine with my sales. May raise shipping
Ctrl F is your friend ;)

CLICK for bigger image

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CLICK for bigger image
Backs of items. Have side images, too!

CLICK for bigger image
Charm set-$10
Pokeball (comes with extra legos and stickers) $1
Cut out- free with auction win. New Vulpix pose!

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Misc Weeding Auction/Sales


Continuing on the theme, I have another round of weeding auction/sales.

Secondly, for all those who participated in my rare zukan auctions, all of your packages have been sent!

Thirdly, for those who are buying/participating in my sales/auctions. To help with decreasing the shipping cost/item.

I have taken pics of most (if not all) of the figures I am planning to sell. They are all pictured HERE
Most of the figures are $1-2, if any interest you. Let me know.

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It's my birthday!! Still seeking these plush! ;~~;


Now~ Cressalia and Mismagius pokedoll.
and maybe the big takara tomy suicune plush, the diamond/pearl version
then maybe vulpix/raichu canvas? yes? no! no! no! noo! bad citrus bad! XD

If you know anyone selling them here in direct sales, please let me know.
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GA reminder and sales

First a reminder:
The Plush Stairs GA is still going on. There's a couple plush without bids and many are still at quite low prices, so now's your chance to get nice and cheap Banpresto plushes! The Daylight saving time ate an hour from the auction, so I decided to change the ending time a bit. It's only half an hour earlier than before though, so it shouldn't be a problem. And everyone will have their max bids in well in advance anyway, right? No last minute bid wars, thank you. :)
Click this link to go to the auction:

On to normal sales now~!

I just got another package from Japan today (cute Eevee magnet, Umbreon Amada stickers and some shiny Kids and a charm get~!), so it's sales time again for all extras~! I did much measuring before this post and I should be able to ship all items here at a reasonable $1-$5 price depending on the weight. And for bulk orders there's the free shipping option. :)

I'm also open to custom shiny repaints again. Barring very small items, I should be able to repaint almost anything here. I really liked painting those magnets/clips, so if anyone wants a black Charizard, purple Vaporeon, or blue Mew, ask for a quote. The painting price depends on the pokemon and item, but it'll be somewhere between $3 and $7, usually $5 + the item price. I painted a Vaporeon and Raichu beforehand and they are up for sale too.

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Gauging interest/ Eeveelution TOMY figures reservations

Hi everyone!

As many other collectors in this community are exited for the current Eevee promotions, I am exited about it as well! Eevee and it's evolutions are just super-adorable and I think that that it's a very good "investment" to collect them. :)

Now, for the main thing I am posting. I want to complete my Eeveelution TOMY figure collection.

I am planning to buy the package with the whole Eevee evo family but there is a problem; I already have Eevee, Jolteon, Glaceon and Leafeon (I am hence missing Vaporeon, Flareon, Espeon and Umbreon)

So, is there anyone who would like to have the extra figues I don't need? Payments are not required until I receive them though. They will be $7 (shipping to me + fees included) plus the second payment; shipping form me to you. :)

I have obtained a sales permission by dakajojo in 2009. My feedback can be seen here;

"Interested" slots
JOLTEON; tayran

EDIT; Going to do my homework and then head off to bed. If this post is againts the rules somehow please delete it.^^' (I probably won't be around to do it myself sadly)
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How do you deal with 'impulse' buying? A discussion :)

Hi everyone in the comm ^^ 

It's been great seeing posts everyday about auctions, sales and commissions ~ a dream for all pokemon fans! But maybe also not so good for the wallet, as I'm sure some of you would agree... >.< So I was wondering, how do people keep a level head when a new adorable plushie pops up or the ultimate GA comes out of left field?

For me, there's something I can't resist about plushies~~ So.... fluffy... want! But I'm also well aware that I can't have everything, so these are the two questions I ask myself before I hit that 'Comment' button:

1. "If you passed this by in a shop, where they were selling heaps of these, would you still get one??"

2. "Would you sell it if you had to (for extra money/more space)??"

If the answers are, "Yes, of course" and "No, why?!", then I know I'm going to be very likely to keep it for a long time and that it would be a very worthwhile investment.

I'd love to hear how people deal with their own 'impulse buy' dilemmas or decide between a number of expensive wants. Or maybe you've already got it under control~~ that's cool too :)

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Collection Group Picture + Wants

Hi everybody. C:

Since my last post, where I mentioned that I had a lot more stuff than what I'd just shown, I got my courage in both hands and scavenged my entire room to find all my Poke-plushies to show you guys. I did get some group pictures to show off!

I still have to show off my figurines and keychains, and I even have a bajillion things coming in the mail. And I just keep buying. Lol. I've bought so many things right now that I don't even remember exactly WHAT I'm waiting on. x'D Every package will be a surprise! :'D

Don't think I'm getting anything this week though. ;__; Saaaad. I could seriously use some happy Poke-merch right now. x'D Stressful work life is stressful.


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And that's it for now! I have a lot of stuff coming in the mail, and I'm hoping to show them off and jump on the 'unboxing video' bandwagon when I get some of the really exciting ones (to me anyway). xD I'm so excited you gaaaaaiz. ;___; Confound these Pokeymanz.

And so, with that, I'd like to share some of my wants! Please know that I'm not a hardcore collector and I'm still somewhat ignorant, so I'm not sure exactly what I'm looking for. I'm usually only aware of the plush toys and some of the charms/straps. So if you have anything related to the Pokemon/line mentioned, please don't hesitate to show me/tell me. :D I'm also ignorant and don't know prices, either, so please bear with me if I ask you if I can buy your rare figurine for $2 when it's worth $20. x'D IT HURT ITSELF IN ITS CONFUSION.

I have some items from those lines coming in the mail, but I'm sure someone will show me something I haven't bought. xD Hahah.

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Also, for those of you with some good knowledge: I found out recently (thanks to a video from Denkimouse/Gin, I'm pretty sure) that they made a little remote controlled Emolga toy. I think it's the cutest thing ever and I love one.

I found one on Amazon from Direct Japan. My question is: does anyone know this seller? Are they legit? I have no idea what the toy is worth, so I don't want to think this is a good deal and end up getting a bootleg or malfunctioning toy, or what-have-you. :/

Can anyone help me out? Do you think I should take the risk, or will I end up being a bootlegged product? Do they even bother to bootleg these?

Thanks a lot for the help in advance, guys! C:
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